Saturday, May 8, 2010

95% humidity and sweat'n

Ok, here's the deal. Oh wait a minute, I have no idea what the deal is.

Sit'n here in 95% humidity sure do make ya wanna be somewheres else. And it make ya sick. And now it rain drop'n. And Lug Nut is whin'n he want inside. Boy howdy Billy Bob, don't ya just love the gulf coast???

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....we was get'n a hurricane. Just a little one mind ya. Well it rain so much it fill up the Gulf of Mexico so much my dock was under water.....and them electrical wires was smok'n. My first mate at the time wanted to inform the "dock master" that the wires was on fire, but old Barnacle Bill informed her that they would turn it off and then the A/C wouldn't work. And wading down the dock ya could feel them little electric thingys crawl'n up your legs....make the hairs stand up. Just thought you should know that!!!!

I broke my boat yesterday. Ya see, it was like this. I was drag'n a little rug back in "Sally da house" and my shirt got hung on the front of the boat....and stuff start com'n apart. The stuff I had just finished spending all morning put'n together. Rigging. After a couple hours of put'n it all back together, you would never know that a disaster had took place.
To prevent such an occurance of ever happening again, today I will be building a brand spank'n new shelf for "da boat". Ya see, it's like this. I got this big ol' hunk of 12 inch wide oak out in the VW storage shed that need to be used before it rots. And since everything in "da house" is oak, what better piece of wood would fit the decor????  Huh??? What ya think bout that?

I have to admit I've been slack on making my daily posts....but I got a good reason. I ain't done nuttin. It's either been too hot or I ain't been feel'n too great. Been do'n some heavy think'n bout what that damn doctor told me before I left Deming. Why the hell didn't they tell me before they cut me open that "it don't last forever". Now....exactly what the hell did he mean by that???

Ok....I got stuff to build. Kind of like build'n stuff out in the middle of the desert, but on a smaller scale.

Ok....now that I got that done....cut'n, sand'n and a couple coats of 5 year old urathane...the freak'n batteries are dead. I always like to take a pic or two when I'm do'n my best work. Oh oh....did you see them little air bubbles? What the hell....???? I suppose that means more sanding and a coat or two of urathane. Sheesh!!! Gonna take me a month to finish a simple little shelf. Can hardly wait.

Let me see....what else can I talk bout to stir up all my followers?? I could bring up the subject of "beer joints" again. Or maybe plumb, straight and on the money. Quality workmanship always draws my attention. As does "shoddy" workmanship. A man should always strive to do superior workmanship. But....don't be look'n at my boat. Boy howdy, I could use some my own medicine. Did ya know I put a window where a door supposed to go??? That mean someone gonna be climb'n through a window to go take a leak. Sorry ladies, but that's what men do.

Ok...gotta go do something.


  1. Shoot BB, you shouldn't atold no one you broke the boat, they'd ever never known.

    Glad you checked in and I know that humidity down there can sap your strength, hell ya gotta work just to breath that air. About the doctor talking to you,, hell, find another doc. Keep looking till you find one that tells ya in a way that makes sense. I like my doc real good AND she easy to look at, Her specialty is old farts!! Serously

  2. Now Billy Bob dont go starting any trouble...

  3. well takes to bad about the boat. but you'll fix it. right... how about you getting a facebook account so you can keep up and see your grandkids and talk to them. talk to Ang and she's going to call you. she changed her #. so keep your phone close.

  4. Shoot he didn't break the boat. BB took a 3 or 4 hour nap instead of working on the boat.

  5. I hope you dont pay any attention to the doctors they are just practicing anyway.