Saturday, October 31, 2009

Excellent weather

Boy howdy were I glad I turn that faucet on last night. It was 24 degs, what everyone know will freeze idle water. Slept all night long up to 6:20am when that damn dog wanted out. It was still very dark out there and he were gone....like a bullet...out there in that field hunt'n rabbits just like them coyotes do. That dog worries me!!!

Spent way too much time on Mr Wells chat thingy this morning. Now I got to postpone one of my chores for the day. Since the vacuum cleaner is out, I'll go ahead and vacuum all the carpet. That may turn into the only chore I do today......like that idea!!! Have 4 forks left in the drawer, so dishes can wait a couple more days. Trash is bagged, but I can toss that outside for a day or so. Don't want to overload myself with too much work ya know.

Will be back later.............

Knowed I shouldn't'a ate them 6 pieces bacon, 3 "el grande" big'um eggs and a big scoop of the chili. Put old Billy Bob out like a light. But I did get half the vacuum'n done before I laid down. Now that I'm back up, do I or don't I?

Got a phone call from the windshield fix'n place....winders are in. Told them I would be there Tuesday morning at 8am. Now all I got to do is figger out how the hell I gonna do that. To be there at 8am, I got to leave here at 5am and at 5am I am grouchy as hell and have only one eye open. Probably gonna just go Monday evening and sleep in their parking lot. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Gonna have to put the dogs on Waynes porch so he can baby sit.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Grease bag

What is it with this froze water hose again? Holy crap, it was 19.6 degs this morning. Didn't let a faucet drip last night 'cause the weather man say it was gonna only be 34 degs. Oh well!!!

I ain't gonna do nuttin today unless it gets warm and I absolutely have to. Was gonna go mess with "that jeep", but then I got to think'n....it gonna be there tomorrow. Speak'n of mess'n with that jeep, old Billy Bob ain't no jack leg backyard mechanic. But it do remind me the time....the drag races was tomorrow (1958) and there was a little knock'n sound in my souped up Ford flathead engine....that the one with 3 Stromburgs sit'n on top it. Well, I drop a nut down the manifold what went through the "hi lift" oversize intake valve right in there on top one them 60 thousand over size hi dollar rac'n pistons. Good thing it didn't start. By 4 am all was back together, nut in it's rightful place and made weigh in by 8:30. Boy howdy was I a grease ball that day. Came in 3rd place G gas.

Ok....gotta go outside and sip a cup on "da porch"....back laters

Well that didn't last long....freak'n wind started blow'n and I was cold. But I did readjust the steering box in "that jeep".

The rest of the day will be spent doing what is my bestest pastime ..."nuttin".

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Froze water hose

Yee gads.....is this really true??? My temp thingy say it were 20 degs. when I roll out them warm covers this morning. Had'a be below 28 for my water hose to freeze up. Got just enough water for my coffee.

Turn both them elect heaters on last night 'cause I knowed it was gonna be cold. Was nice a cozy all night long. That is till I had to go outside to hook up the waste water hose....for the RV'ers out there, that would be gray water.

Boy howdy is it ever gonna be a beautiful day. Sun shin'n, no wind and already up to 37 degs. Don't ya just love the desert???

About that package I got in the mail yesterday. There were this electronic temperature thingy in it that ya just point it and push the button. A little red light come out and it tell ya what the temp is where that little red dot happens to be (infrared laser light). I been gonna buy one them for years. Thank ya Uncle Ben. Oh yeah, that wifi antenna sure will come in handy. Better try it on my other lap top before I screw up something in this one. I'm good at screw'n stuff up.
But, at least I'm also good at fix'n stuff what I screwed up earlier.

Back later....check back...................

How bout a big ole pot of chili???? Ok....pooof, ya got a big ole pot of chili. Old Billy Bob be one them magic fellers ....just snap my fingers and it's done.
Now....how the hell I gonna eat all that in two days???
Snuck me up a sample bowl....boy howdy...Billy Bob, ya did it again. Perfect!!!

Now what I gonna do???? Sheesh, I need to go outside.

Well, I didn't go outside for very long. It's still only 48 degs and the wind started blow'n and clouds started cover'n up my sunshine and I ain't gonna go outside no more today.

So, here what I been do'n. Broke me out some that Super Clean ya get at Walmart and started clean'n the ceiling....Boy howdy, that sucker is dirty...nickertine...fly poop....cook'n grease....finger prints (how the hell them get up there) and just general everyday crap. Being an old fart, don't expect me to finish today....or matter fack...tomorrow either. Ain't like wash'n a car what ya gotta do all at one time.

Ok, back to back break'n work......later for sure.......

Later for sure.....got 16 foots of ceiling spank'n clean. Only 16 more feet and I'm done. Then come the walls, winders and cabinets. Then shampoo the carpet....have me a brand new house, just like that.

Let me tell ya bout that chat thingy on the Field Lab. Boy howdy, I don't get it. "that's all I have to say bout that"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow in da desert????

Snow in Deming 2006

Ok, thats it, this crap sucks. Would you believe it was 60 degs at 4am and now at 11am it's 35 degs.????? Old pesky neighbor come over and say it's gonna snow. That's bull...it don't snow in the desert. But they did get snow in Albuquerque last night and this morning. That's 200 miles north of Deming.

Now, what the hell happen last night? I laid back on the couch last night and kept doz'n off. Went to bed at 9:30 and laid there for hours. Go figger!!! Didn't get up till almost 8am.

Guess I'll bundle up in some warm clothes and head off to town for a "that jeep" road test. Got all three my fingers crossed. Got me up a Walmart list and need to go to the hardware store, so it won't be a lost cause trip. "Put 'er on a hundred and let 'er eat". Did that with "Alice" one time on a trip to San Angelo Texas back in '02. Boy howdy you talk bout eat some gas. Rv's ain't designed for 75 mph on a dirt road.

Speak'n of dirt roads, did I ever tell ya bout the time....me and Vickie Lynn got on this dirt road down there in Big Bend National Park headed for Study Butte. Took two hours to go 18 miles or what ever it were. I named it "that road". That's how I found Terlingua...on our way to Presidio. There was washboard, big ole holes, washouts and just plain rough ass road, especially in a motorhome. Took a week to clean up all the broke stuff, sand and dirt. Boy howdy, that was fun.

Back later........

Ok, here's the deal. The jeep went down the road like a Cadillac....an old one. A really old one. It say I gonna go this way and then I gonna go that way....even though I only cross the center line one time. Got 'er too loose Billy Bob.

Poor old Lug Nut was off hunt'n or something when me and Sadie went to town. When we got back a couple hours later, Lug Nut was jump'n up and down like I been gone a month. He was so happy, he went back out in the cold (38 deg) to help me hook up the water hose. Just bout the time I was about to turn it on, Lug Nut jump right in the middle my back....knock me right down on the ground. Crazy dog!!!!

Yep, it snow in the desert. Little bitty snow flakes bout the size a pin head....more like little bitty sleets. But it don't matter what they are, it's freak'n cold out there. Wind blow'n bout 25 mph. It's a blizzard.

Gonna bake me up a cake here in a little bit. Need the extra heat from the oven. Gonna be a pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM YUM Boy Howdy....that sounds good.
Ok...cake in da oven. Here what ya do....put three great big eggs on top the cake mix and steer it up real good. Then ya add 1/3 cup some kind of oil....I used vegetable oil 'cause the motor oil is outside. Then ya open a can of crushed pineapple in there and steer it all up again....ya might have to add some flour like I did to get the right consistency....bout like cake mix. Throw it in da oven and ya done. Three fingers crossed!!!
Pic later.

Speak'n of three fingers....I knowed a guy what cut a finger off on a table saw. He was a computer programmer. Anyhows, we used to get around the barbie grill drink'n a beer or two and that when we says, "hey three fingers, bring me a beer". Just thought you should know that.
Did I ever tell ya bout old "one eye"???? Hmmmmmm, wonder what kind of nick names women call each other.There it are, just like was was tell'n ya. Now come the hard decision....what corner to start on, or should I just go hog wild and cut me a chunk out the middle?

It were Christmas at Billy Bob's house today. Boy Howdy, I been want'n one them thingy's for years. Lug Nut done been hav'n a blast chas'n it around "da house". Ain't gonna tell ya what it is until tomorrow....naa naa naa.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter blues

Holy crap, what was that weatherman think'n? It was 30 degs. when old Billy Bob rolled out of bed this morning. Broke out another elect. heater last night just in case, and it were a case of "just in case". I would'a died had I depended on that heater in the other room. Nice a cozy all night long.

Pesky neighbor Wayne come over bout 7:30, all bundled up....gloves and stuff. He took the dogs for a ride around the park in the "open air" golf cart and when he got back, he was almost blue from the freez'n weather. Brrrrrrrr!!!!

Looks like an inside day for the rest of the morning. Won't be in the 70's till after 3pm.....according to the weather guy....what was wrong last night......by 8 degs. There ain't a breath of a breeze out there, so maybe I'll jack up "that jeep" and see why it's so hard to steer with the key off. More on that idea later. Hmmmm....sounds like work to me.

Speak'n of cold.....it seems like every time old Billy Bob has to put on a jacket, he get the blues. Did ya know I have a 7 year old snow ball in my freezer. It used to be the size of a professional baseball, but now it's about the size of a pinto bean. How the hell can a snowball get out a plastic baggie??? What the hell a snowball got to do with the blues????

Well I want you lookie here. Went outside in the cold, jack them front wheels off the ground and start look'n . Holy crap.....now what wrong with this jack what keeps put'n the tire back on the ground? Anyhows, the steering binds at center travel....that ain't right....right??? Then I takes this steer'n rod loose, what falls right on top my head with a "thud"....not like a watermelon...I know someone gonna say that. Yep, steer'n wheel still binds center of travel. Got on the internet, what I very seldom do, to check price of a new steer'n box. Holy crap...$300. Then I find this forum bout fix'n jeeps...hot dog someone tell me what to do....adjust the box. Did that and no more bind. Road test still to come. If'n it stays in one lane, old Billy Bob done fix it.

Now.....someone explain to me how a snowball can evaporate and get out that "sealed" bag?
Turned out to be a perfect day. Bout 75 degs, no wind and beautiful body warm'n sunshine. Can't beat that with a stick!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Windy and not very warm

Well crap.....I were plan'n on do'n something today, but the winds have caused a major decision change. Don't take much for old Billy Bob to get out of work. This comes from years of experience.

Stayed in bed this morning 'cause it were warm in there under the covers and it were cold in "da house" (50 degs). I could run the furnace all night long what is a waste of energy to heat a space ya ain't in. The way I see it is, why heat the bathroom if ya ain't gonna sleep in it?

Boy howdy let me tell ya how cold it gonna be for the rest of the week. It gonna be in the upper 30's tonight and I want ya lookie here...thursday low of 34 with a high of 54.....brrrrrrrrr.

Back later.........................

There comes a time in every mans life that he has to break down and "do dishes". When ya ain't got no more clean forks in da drawer, it's time. Speak'n of do'n dishes, do ya know why women have smaller feet than men? It's like this, men with long feet can't get close enough to the sink, what causes a back strain, what causes hours of health giving relaxation in the easy chair. Now a woman, with her cute little petite feet can get right up there to the sink....no strain no pain and still have plenty energy left over to vacuum, take the trash out and start dinner. Men were poorly designed and meant to suffer all the days of their lives. Probably has something to do with that damn apple Eve gave to Adam.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holy cows, did ya see that sunrise this morning. Ain't seen one like that in a long time...cool huh??

Set my alarm for 6am....yeah...golf game....and the damn thing didn't say "nuttin". Slept in till 6:20 when I jump out of bed think'n I was gonna be late for work. Weren't a thing wrong with the temp at 45 degs 'cause I knew by the time we got to the golf ball swak'n place, it would be in the 50's.

A few years back, one my sons give me this little .410 Snake Charmer for my birthday. It used to have a plastic stock on it, but when it broke, I broke out the table saw, impact wrench, some screwdrivers and built me a new one.
All it does is hang on the wall above the driver seat in "da house". Illegal???? Maybe by a few inches. Fun gun!!!

Just got back from the golf course and let me tell ya....old Billy Bob swak'n them balls for a mile. Struck me up a great score of 84. I be tickled pink...not "girlie" pink though. Poor old pesky neighbor Wayne don't "no nuttin" bout swak'n golf balls. Hits 'em like a girl. I can say that 'cause he'll never know I said it.

Here it is 1pm and it's hot outside.....bout 90 degs if'n ya stand'n in the sun. But ya know old Billy Bob ain't gonna be stand'n in the sun. Gonna take my lunch out on "da porch", sit in the shade and enjoy a beautiful day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back in Deming

Whipped in Deming yesterday afternoon right about 4pm. Backed "da house" into her berth just like I knowed what I were do'n. Damn, I'm get'n good.

For those that didn't see yesterdays update, windshields are on order and insurance covered...less my deductible of course.

Woke up this morning to "cold"....it were 38 degs right bout sun up. And to top that off, another cold front headed this way to be here thursday....highs in the upper 50's......brrrrrrrr. Now that makes me think we need to do something bout this global warming.

Speak'n of global warming, let me tell ya bout sav'n fuel. Since Texas uses 10% ethanol in their gasoline, my gas mileage went down 12% for my "trip across Texas". That tells me that I used 2% more gasoline with ethanol than I would have with out it. How the hell can using more fuel help with the global warming thing? I'm think'n this ethanol law has something to do with "lin'n pockets". What ya think????

After 4 loads of regular wash'n. I broke out some my winter blankets and took off for the laundry room with 'em. I gonna be sleep'n in some sweet smell'n blankets. Did a little much needed house clean'n, filled my face with a couple meals and laid down to take a nap. Ha....here come old pesky neighbor Wayne with a brand spank'n new golf bag.
Not one then cheap things ya get at Walmart, but one like Tiger Woods and all them other professionals carry. I rekon I'll just pay for his golf game tomorrow and be square....maybe buy him a Whopper an' fries. Naa....that's too much.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Holy cows...it's cold

Good morning all you wonderful people.

My God, it's cold in Van Horn. Woke up to 39 degs., dogs whin'n, big ole trucks pull'n in and out, freak'n trains go'n by...all night long. Yeah, old Billy Bob hav'n a good ole time.

Have an appointment for after while at a glass fix'n place in El Paso. Boy howdy!!!

Talked to pesky neighbor Wayne while ago. He say...."ya wanna go swak some gold balls"??? So it looks like I gonna be swak'n balls first thing come Sunday morning. Can hardly wait. Did you know that we played a round a couple years ago with "snow" on the ground?? Talk bout hard to find your balls.

Ok, just a little update where Billy Bob at. Will see ya down the road.

Let me tell ya Boy howdy....arrived at the glass fix'n place and was gonna park in that big ole park'n lot the nice lady said them big 18 wheelers park in. Yeah right....I just blocked half their driveway and blocked in 3 cars. You know that I'm right at 58 feet long...right??? Went inside and got right to business. When the insurance lady asked what happened, I told her bout that big ole truck what was haul'n rocks. Damn, big ole trucks. In less then 2 hours, I was back in the cockpit rev'n that big ole 8.1 Chevy Vortec on my way to Deming New Mexico. In right bout a week, I'll be back in El Paso get'n brand spank'n new windshields. Yeeee Haaaa!!!

Back in Deming......I have to say it's good to be home. But it's been a wonderful trip....black cloud and all. First trip I been on in a long time that I was comfortable and felt good. Them surgeries can take a lot of ya if ya don't follow rules and take your meds. I must be heal'n up just fine.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne come over with a big grin on his face. Didn't say a word bout "happy to see ya", but I can read this guy like a book. First thing he did was take the dogs for a ride on the golf cart. Speak'n of ride the golf cart, had to go to the new neighbors down the road to retrieve Mr. Lug Nut. They have two female dogs and I think Lug is "in LUV". At least I know where to find him when he don't come home. Crazy dog.

That about it for today....I'm beat.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Now what???

Boy howdy was it ever dark this morning. And a mite chilly....46 degs.

Was sit'n outside last night just "think'n". "Billy Bob?" (Of course I answered..."WHAT???") Then we got into this conversation on "old age" what got me to think'n about tomorrow and next week...next week being a few years down the road. (Hmmmmm....I think I've had this conversation with myself a few times before) Us older folks still dream like we was younger folks, but at some point, reality sets in. "Ya can't do that stuff no more". To some, this may sound like BS, but when ya knock'n on close to 70, it ain't no BS.....it's reality. And it's sad.

When I was a young man in my late teens, I had a dream to travel the country in an old covered wagon, camp'n out under the stars, fish'n, hunt'n for food, cook'n on an open fire and an old ugly dog to keep me company. The closest I came to that dream was my old motorhome "Alice" and my ugly dog Boudreaux. Put 40,000 miles on Alice in the three years we were together and never looked back on a bad day. Then I had this dream to build me an old "miners" shack out in the desert somewhere. Sit on the porch and "spit" in the yard. That dream turned into a newer motorhome, what my oldest son calls my shack. So's I had to have another dream...a shack to put my "shack" in and a porch to spit in da yard. So much for dreams!!!

Looks like it gonna be a great day here in the desert. Sun shin'n, clear skies and a breeze blow'n out the east.

Ok here's the deal, old Billy Bob done decided to hit the road for El Paso and beyond. Gonna miss my "vacation" time here in Terlingua, but I got things to do, people to see and places to go.
See ya up the road bout 200 miles....if'n I can get a wifi connection.
Adios for now............

See there what I told ya, old Billy Bob know some stuff. Arrived Van Horn, Texas safe and sound. Although, I did stop a couple times for the dogs to do whatever they do.

Oh!!! Speak'n of dogs.....we stopped at one them roadside picnic areas and poor little Sadie Mae got into a sticker burr patch...or something like that. She was covered from head to all her toes with "mean" stickers...Texas size. Took 30 minutes to get them all out plus all the wounds I received in the process. Boy howdy!!!

Old uncle Ben was right on what broke my windshield. The motorhome had twisted, I suppose that would describe it, when I put the jacks down to level. I was parked on rather not so level ground. I guess downhill two ways would describe it. Anyhows, when I raised the jacks to leave Terlingua, that one windshield went right back to where it supposed to be....almost. But the other one didn't repair it's self....still broke.....as Ben would say....Grrrrrrr.

Had to move "da house" three times to get a good wifi signal from the Super 8 Motel. Probably get run off by the local sheriff for park'n too close and not rent'n a room. I mean I'm close....50 feet. But what the hell, Billy Bob know how to deal with them sheriffs. "Oh, I was go'n over there to the gas station and my engine died.....right here. Wait'n on the repair guy ta show up first thing in the morn'n".

I didn't say one word bout "giv'n up" on dreams....sheesh!!! I were try'n to express the point that..."to let a dream die, is to die inside".

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Storm....what storm???

What you talk'n bout a storm gonna hit Terlingua? Ya been watch'n too much TV and believe that carp??? Old Billy Bob tell ya when there gonna be a storm and it ain't gonna be today.

I rekon I slept pretty good last night with all that wind blow'n....don't remember a thing. Woke up this morning to a few clouds.....everywhere.... and no sunshine.

Wait'n on an email from a glass fix'n place in El Paso. May have to run down to town to call them on the phone. At least I don't have to get an inspection sticker now....it would never pass. Gonna have to make up a "story" to tell the insurance company how both my windshields need replaced. "Ya see, it's like this. I were driv'n down the road, minding my own business and this big ole truck haul'n rocks pass me up. Rocks was fall'n everywhere and bounc'n all over the road. Before I could stop, both my windshields got slam'ed with them big ole rocks". What ya think???? Sounds good to me.

Had a visitor come by today from the neighborhood. Just sat out there in the yard look'n in the door.....at my two yummy dogs what didn't see him.

By the time I got a chance to shoot , he was off across the street....still look'n at my two yummy dogs. Finally took aim, pulled the trigger and here is the results.

Nice shot Billy Bob!!!

Oh yeah, before I forget, had another visitor. It were that dog what come up missing a few days ago. Surprised it was still alive....coyotes ya know. She played with Lug Nut and Sadie Mae for a while before I loaded her in the jeep and took her home. I think her name was Harley or Hurley....what ever. Didn't even think to "shoot" her like I did the other visitor. Old age ya know.

Well, it looks like another day has come and gone. Did ya ever notice how fast a day goes by? Poooof....gone....just like that.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Black cloud of doom

Holy crap, the sky is fall'n. Well, not really the sky, but my windshield.

Let's start from the beginning. On this Texas trip, I noticed a whistling noise over there somewhere on the passenger side, but I didn't investigate "closely" until yesterday afternoon. My freak'n windshield is coming loose...big ole gap right there where that whistling noise come from. The closest repair place I know of would be El Paso....so's, it look like old Billy Bob gonna be headed that way in a couple days. Boy howdy, talk bout losing sleep over something, this is it. Bad dreams bout driv'n down the highway and pooooof, there go my windshield... like a frisbee or something like that. When ya buy a $100,000 motorhome, you would expect the windshield to stay in place. I can find no humor in this 'cause I know it's gonna cost out the yang. Hmmmmm, wonder if it would be covered by my insurance?

Another beautiful morning, but I'm think'n it gonna get a mite warm today. This is perfect weather to be in the desert "do'n nuttin".

Coyote came up in the yard again last night look'n for something to chow down on. Lug Nut was tell'n him "git off my land" in dog talk, but he didn't leave till he see me come outside. Then he were gone.....out in the weeds somewhere.

Ok, gotta get this day underway.................

Well, things have gotten worse. While lay'n down to take a short nap, the driver windshield just up and broke. So, it appears I have more of a problem than just loose glass. Something structurally has either given away or was never right in the first place. Been online most the day looking for somewhere to get them replaced. So far it looks like Mesa, Az. One possibility in El Paso.
Boy howdy black cloud.

With all the time I've been online and cloudy skies, had to crank up the generator and hook up the battery charger. Bout an hour ough'a do it.

Sorry bout nothing humorous today, but I'm "mad"....like a dog. Way beyond angry. In fact, I'm so "pissed" I may just sleep outside on the rocks tonight.

Well, that didn't work. Tried call'n insurance co. but didn't have a cell signal. Drove down the road to where I had one 5 months ago and only had one bar. Finally got through to the "press 1 for english"...that was it....poooof, signal all gone. No real need to call them yet anyhows till I find where I gonna get new windshields. Should only cost me my deductible, what is still a hunk of change.

Anyhows, I'm gonna make me a big ole hamburger, sit outside and sip my coffee and call it quits for the day.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Homestead hunt'n

Boy howdy, let me tell ya.......I want you look outside all the sunshine, not a whisper of a breeze...it's beautiful. This is gonna be a good day, I can see it now.

Great big ole pick up pull in the yard last night...."hey, you Billy Bob"???? It were one them fellers what live up there round Ft Worth, or something like that. Nice feller down here work'n on his "shack". Not a little shack mind ya, one them big ole 4 bedroom jobber do's....well maybe not 4 bedrooms....something like 24' X 28'. Thanks for the visit Bill.

Yesterday when I posted about that "creek", I left out the details 'cause I wanted to. Ya see, it's like this, there ain't no creeks...only little dry washes what get some water in them when it rain. Then come to find out, the property been sold to one my bestest buddies in the whole wide world. Hmmmm, since we such good buddies, wonder if'n he would consider trad'n for a fully loaded, perfect run'n condition, never a problem, 1997 Jeep GCL 4x4 mountain climb'n sum a gun.

Got tabs on another piece of property from an inside source last night. Twenty acres only a mile or so from the VFW. "Papaw, that ain't no oak tree, it the American Legion". On a brand new graded road with no "creeks" to cross. Gonna be headed out to take a look after I get that other eye open. "don't forget the little card for the camera"

That was easy....just down the road a piece, like 5 mile e'zackly. Very nice road all the way. A little washboardy, but what the hell do you expect...blacktop??? Don't know if I was at the exact location, but everything looks the same. Lots of yucca and beautiful desert growth as far the eye can see. Only problem I see is "neighbors" 1/4 mile each way. One almost cross the street.

Now what ya gotta do Billy Bob is decide "what ya gonna do".

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lost in the desert

Went to bed early last night, mostly 'cause I was sleepy and got up late this morning mostly 'cause them damn leg cramps and had'a take a whizzzzle.

Boy howdy, we gonna have a beautiful day. Although it's still freez'n cold out there, it gonna get warm purdy quick. Try'n to read the forecast is kind'a hard since it's for Alpine and I ain't in Alpine, but I do know what the temp is here....54 degs at 9:20am. One deg under freez'n.

Ain't got no plans for today to speak of other than maybe do laundry and swing over to "old town" and see what goes on come Sundays. In the mean time, I'm hungry. Ain't no Betty at the Grub Shack so's I got to cook my own. Maybe a great big breakfast taquito....sounds good to me.

Got a think'n last night....what the hell ya gonna do in Terlingua for two weeks? My original thought was to go out to the Field Lab and offer up my services as "project construction supervisor", but JW set me straight on that idea real quick. He say, "no way Jose" what I'm think'n meant "hell no Billy Bob". Them weren't his exact words, but that what I heard. But he did tell me there was an opening for a "cheerleader" ....little short skirt and pom poms.


Took the kids for a ride this afternoon....long ride....on some of the worstest road in America....both of them. I was on one road what had rocks as big as basketballs scattered all over the place. Good thing I have that damn lift kit on the jeep. Then we attempted to climb a mountain....what was straight up. How the hell they make a road up the side a mountain? And why?

Went an look see some property, 10 acre size, both very close to the paved road...easy access. But one them suckers way too far from the Grub Shack....13 miles to be exact. The other one is only 2 miles and it has a creek run'n through it....boy howdy, who would'a ever thought?

Turned them two hunt'n dogs loose and "pooof" they was gone....like greased lightning...cut'n through the weeds and brush in pursuit of anything alive or moving. I figgered they was gone...never see 'em again...eat up by coyotes, but nope, here they come, tongues hang'n out and pant'n up a storm. Crazy dogs!!!!

Took my camera with me, but forgot to put the little card back in it....so, no pics. If I'm not too busy tomorrow, I'll retrace my steps and take some for ya.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

First freeze in da desert

Notice to followers......ya gotta check back and check back all day long 'cause I write all day long all day long: That's my job, that's what I do.

Boy Howdy, "damn I'm cold". Ya get that way when ya get to think'n it's gonna be a beautiful warm day and ya didn't look at the weather forecast.

Sheesh....I were up at 4am this morning and it were still pitch dark outside. Had the "belly rumbles" and had'a get up quick. After all that ruckus, I was wide awake and ready to take on a new day. Shoot, it's cold in here. Stuck a thermometer out the window....51 degs and windy. At least that black cloud ain't out there and throw'n buckets of rain on my head.

Talked to a couple locals yesterday about Leon. Seems poor old Leon had'a pack up and leave his little tent homestead. Set fire to everything before he left. Ya know he had health issues....right??? And he were a few pounds overweight, what ain't a good thing in 120 degs, specially since he didn't have a working air conditioner....in North Carolina they called "axin-dixins". Then old Leon was squat'n on someone else's property, bout 1/4 mile from his own. One feller told me the heat got to his mental facilities, what I would rekon means "he lost it". News is that he went back home to his darling wife. At least he didn't "croak"out here.
That's all I know bout Leon.

Went out in the yard and pee this morning. I hear tell that keeps the coyotes out the yard. Not that I believe it, but I like to pee in da yard.....man thing ya know.

Have ya ever tried to put cooked spaghetti back in da box??? Well that what it's like try'n to fold one these up. This is only half of it....the other half is in "da jeep"....all took apart. Yes I recycle....the whole thing.

Ryan come by the job site (above) in his little 4x4 thingy check'n see what I steal'n. Well Lug Nut done decided he was gonna go with Ryan...rid'n in the golf cart like he do with pesky neighbor Wayne. Dog don't "no nuttin"....that ain't no golf cart. (Papaw, that ain't no oak tree) Anyhows, I thought Lug Nut was gone...never see him again...coyotes done ate him. But here come Ryan back with Lug Nut just a smil'n from ear to ear. Crazy dog!!!

Chuck and Aunt Kathy showed up at the Grub Shack and we chewed some fat for a few minutes. JW showed up over there while I was laid back get'n ready for a nap. Boy howdy, I like my campsite. See everything going on.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Critter in da yard

Holy cows, what the hell is Lug Nut bark'n at??? Oh, I see, a coyote is loose in my yard, not 50 feet from "da house". This was last night ya know!!! I'm think'n he smells dinner...dawg dinner. Would'a got out the camera, but I were busy get'n Lug Nut and Sadie Mae safely inside. That was one persistent old coyote. He was mak'n a big circle, stop'n behind every bush, peek'n out an check'n see if I was still out there wav'n my arms, scream'n "git off my land" and throw'n rocks. Later I was serenaded by a whole bunch them things right over there.

Got up a bit chilly this morning....59 I think. Boy howdy did I ever sleep good last night. Speak'n last night, let me tell ya bout this great big white dually diesel pick up what pull up in my yard. Now most people just drive by and give me a wave, but this guy.....he pull up with them bright lights shin'n, goos'n that loud diesel engine and just sits there....Rmmmmmm Rmmmmm Rmmmmm. I were 'spect'n some "triangle" type person to get out.....you know the type, little bitty feet, skinny legs, broad shoulders, a big beer gut and a pin head. I got a word for them kind...."don't mess wid the popster".

Don't know yet what I gonna do today but I can guarantee, it ain't gonna be much. Although....I do need to check the steering on "that jeep". Gonna pull the stabilizer off and see if that's what caus'n it to "drag" around corners. Damn jeep!!!

Don't go away....there gonna be more later, so check back.

See there, I told ya so.....I'm back.

Took the dogs out for a run....in the repaired jeep....or I think it's repaired. Took one end off the stabilizer and now it's easier to steer. Seems it was binding. Took a ride down the highway as a practice run....steers fine but the vibration is still there. New tires soon as I get back to Deming.

Ok, bout the dog run. Them dogs cut across the desert like their butts was a fire. Zoom, they was out of sight. Hunt'n rabbits or anything that moves.
Took off on a road to nowhere and come up on old Leons camp. Naturally he's gone, but left some stuff behind. One them fold up canopy thingys with a gazillion arms. Hmmmmm, that just what I been look'n for. Not to use as a canopy, but for the pieces. I collect junk in case ya wanted to know. One more trip back out there with my fully charged portable drill and take that sucker apart. Now I gonna have me some brand new high dollar solar panel arms for raising them up for more efficiency.

Stopped by JW's for a few minutes, just in time to see Benita and "what's 'er name" walk'n up the road. Sadie Mae come unglued. She was gonna eat her a big ole longhorn cow. Little does Sadie know, but a longhorn would eat her lunch in a heartbeat. But she don't know that yet.

Windy this afternoon but a beautiful 73 degs. Sounds like a nap to me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Here I are there

Thursday Oct 15, 2009 8:30am....no WIFI as of yet....make my own ya know.

Well here I am in the big open expanse of Terlingua Ranch sit'n right cross the road from the reknowned "Betty's Grub Shack". (PIC)

When I heard the news that they had a gully washer here, they weren't pull'n no leg. It rained.
Picked me out a nice spot to park "Sally da house" till some this mud and stuff dries up a bit. Can't say it's the best camp'n spot, but it'll do till something better comes along. Gonna have to disconect "that jeep" and do some explor'n. Maybe find me a place where the dogs can run loose. They be "hunt'n" dogs ya know, not rope dogs.

Woke up this morn'n....nice and cool....way late...bout 8am and the Grub Shack was packed with bout 8 or 10 folks drink'n up coffee and shoot'n the breeze. By the way, today is the Grub Shack's first birthday. Happy 1st Betty. Was gonna go over and visit but my hair look like a hay stack and my back was kill'n me. (Altitude changes change the air pressure in my mattress from soft to stone) Have ya ever slept on a rock???

The sherriff come by last night bout 9pm shin'n them big bright lights on "Sally da house" like I was gonna steal something. Didn't stop, but I were ready for him if'n he say one word bout that expired safety sticker. "Oh yeah, I know bout that...just drove straight through from Deming, NM where the motor home has been in storage for the last year....gonna get one first thing tomorrow".

NO....I didn't find a place to get water yesterday in Alpine. Pulled into a motel what had a water spigot but when I ask the sweet lady at the front dest for water, she flat refused. She say that spigot is for "pay'n" customers, not someone that live on the street. I got 30 plus gallons, so I ain't skeered. The wifi was free though.

2pm.....there'a bouts
Ok, here's the deal. Moved up the road about 100 yards into a big ole lot for sale....still across the street from the Grub Shack. Set up the satellite dish and got me some internet. Got a great breeze blow'n out the west and some shade on the sit'n side of the coach. What more could ya ask for??? I be boondock'n!!!!

Seen JW earlier on his way to Alpine. Didn't have long to chat, but then there weren't much to chat about in a bunch of folks all talk'n same time. Will get up with him laters.

Oh.....forgot to do my laundry back there in Alpine. Now I have to go to Study Butte and pay $2 a washer and $2 a dryer.....as Ben would say....GRRRRRR.... Got one more pair of jeans, so I have bout a week fore I need to go. Did you see how much gas was back in Marathon??? Try $2.95 a gallon....sheesh!!!

Maybe laterz......

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Late git up an go

Well shoot, I was expect'n to get up at the crack of dawn and hit the road pretty soon there after. But, I slept so good last night I could have cared less if I ever got up.

Hope the hell it don't rain!!!! Nope, no sunshine, but then again, that makes for roll'n down "thunder road" more enjoyable. Hope the hell it don't rain!!!!

Sit'n outside last night, just before sunset, I says, "are ya gonna charge up the dash air"? What I did. That sucker gonna be put'n out little ice thingys.

Took me some more pics last night.....old lady that told me "git off my land" just stared out a window....never said word as I creeped back over there to take some pics.

There ain't no use say'n no more. Go pay my rent for two days ($4) and get out of here.
See ya in Alpine....that is unless I stop off to look see something and stay a couple days.

Well shoot, it sure is discouraging................."that's all I have to say bout that" (GUMP)

Arrived Alpine after driv'n thru fog so thick ya gotta whip out a chain saw. By the time I got to Sanderson, it was pretty much clear and start'n get hot. Not so hot I would want to try out my brand new refrigerant in the dash air, but hot enough to open a window.

Got gas, fount the grocery store and almost ready to head south to Terlingua Ranch. Oh wait, I need some water....now where I gonna find water in the middle of west Texas desert wilderness??? Need to find a water hose lay'n in someones front yard.

Later y'all!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lay'n back in Langtry

See what I was tell you. "Black Cloud"!!!! That sucker followed me all the way across south Texas, up into the hill country and now sit'n right over me in Lantry. Rained from 2am up to bout 6am....not a big heavy rain like ya get down on the coast, but a steady serenade of rain drops on da roof. Not a freak'n ray of sunshine. JW ought to welcome me with open arms all the rain I gonna be bring him.

About yesterdays old homestead postings....them are building right in town. The adobe was built waaaaay back before.....in fact it was the home (and grocery store) of a feller by the name of Torres, Roy Beans contender for the position of Justice of the Peace. Read that on the historical sign out front. 1880, I think. You can still faintly see the painting over the door "Torres Grocerys".
For a little history of Lantry, give this a click. Langtry, Texas.

The other building, what is unlivable at this time, is built of construction you will never ever see again in your lifetime. Board and batten with no studded walls. Bet that sucker was cold in the winter. The outside walls are the inside walls. Will attempt to get some pics, but I ain't go'n inside to do it. Sheesh, you think I'm nuts?

Now I have a decision to make. Where I gonna park in Terlingua? From all the weather reports I been see'n, it better be on dry land and no dirt roads.....like the dirt road out to JW's Field Lab. Do you have any idea how long it would take to dig this big sucker out the mud???

Was a great feeling to sit outside last night look'n at cactus, old buildings, a few people walk'n down the street, listening to barking dogs and just lay'n back with a clear mind. I could live in a place like this. But, "My God, 60 miles to Walmart"???

Well, the pic tak'n didn't work out. Some old lady come out yell'n "get off my land". That took care that.

Since the old lady run me slap dab off her property, how bout another drawing old Billy Bob's Dream?
Now what ya gotta do is picture a 35 foot motorhome sit'n in there all covered up and protected. Then if'n ya look real close, Ya can see me sit'n out there in da patio sip'n my coffee and grill'n up a big ole steak on the grill. Off to the left is the "office", used for times when it's too hot or "God forbid"....too cold.

Holy crap Billy Bob, what the hell is that smell??? Opened up a box of long grain and wild rice with a flavor pac. Boy howdy does that stuff stink. Looked at the box and it says "best if used before 17 Nov. 02". Now they tell me after it half cooked. Fed it to the birds.....hope they don't die. Could there be the possibility I have more stuff that old??

Guess that's it for now....but ya never know. So keep check'n back.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Road Time

6am Billy Bob, it's 6am, what are you think'n??? Holy cows, why in the world would anyone be up at this hour know'n it's dark outside?

All night long I hear these little drop drop drop thingys hit'n my roof, what kept me awake half the night. I knows it ain't rain'n....just misting since 5 pm yesterday....so what the hell is that noise. Actually I know what it is but I would have to give a scientific answer to the problem, what I ain't got time to do. But if ya think about it for a spell, you will figger it out on your own. Just a hint...I'm parked under a big ole oak tree...."that ain't an oak tree papaw, it's an apple tree".

I forgot to mention yesterday that I broke out some tools and stuff and tackled the dash air again. Fount a refrigerant leak right there on that little low pressure cut out switch. Since I don't have any "O" rings, I just tighten it down a bit. ***hold on....gonna go outside and take a look**** Yup...same pressure as last night. That's the first indication it's fixed. So.....before I leave Garner State Park, old Billy Bob gonna charge that sucker back up. Come on hot weather!!!

Kind of got tickled last night when I read MsB's comment to blow the horn when I go through Del Rio. Does she realize how much horn blow'n I will be doing and the attention I gonna draw to that expired safety sticker? MsB, how bout I just wave out the window a couple time and call that good?

Get'n stuff ready for down the road. Oh crap, the front slide won't come in. Now what I gonna do?
I know, charge the battery, check the fuse, turn the operator with a big wrench and if that don't work, beat hell out it. Did all the above plus wobbled it from the inside.....now it in. Boy howdy did that ever "pucker the popster". One more thing to fix. As Ben would say....GRRRRRRR....

Ok, it's road time. Take down the satellite dish, hook up "that jeep" and be gone from here.
See ya down the road some where.

Hey, I want you look here what I found. Wifi in Langtry....so's ya can't get rid old Billy Bob that easy. Here to pester and torment ya with some more nonsense. Sit'n in the Community Center R/V Park.....lol....freak'n dirt and weeds. How bout this.....donation is $2 a night.

Back up a bit to Del Rio. They got one the biggest Walmarts ya ever see. The place was packed. A gazillion Mexicans and 4 white people. Hunters I suppose. Got a few items for my belly, dog food for the dogs and my meds....all in less than 2 hours. Didn't see MsB in there no wheres, but I know she was there. Now, the only thing left is to fill up the propane. Whoa Nelly, there's a place right there....slow this bug sucker down.....screech'n tires, "that jeep" try'n to climb up the back of "da house and a cop sit'n right across the street. Whipped right in there do'n close 30 mph. Boy howdy, what a ride.

Got back on the road all fired up to take me some pics of the Pecos River. Right!!! There was tractors, concrete trucks, all kind construction stuff. No where to pull off and a freak'n red light. My God was that ever a beautiful sight look'n down at the mighty Pecos. This makes 6 years I missed get'n pics. As Ben would say....Grrrrrrrrr......

Oh, before I forget, did I tell ya how cold it was this morning? Weren't 30 miles down the road and I had to turn the heat on....my feet was cold. Then another 60 mile down the road, it were get'n hot. Then the sun come out, what made it warmer. Now in Langtry, it's sunny and hot. Go figure!!!
Langtry CC R/V Park

Coupl'a abandoned homesteads

Sunday, October 11, 2009

you talk too much

Got a complaint that "you talk too much". Well actually, it weren't that I talk too much, it were that I write too much. Now someone 'splain to me how a little one liner can be too much??? It only takes a couple minutes to read what I have to say and if'n ya click on one the pics, that's only a minute more. So, the way I see it, I have taken up 5 minutes of someones time, what is .0034722 percent of their day. Well shame on me!!!

Ok, I give up. Every time I go to look at The Field Lab web cam, it don't work. Sheesh!!!

Boy howdy is today gonna be a goodern or what. It's 53 degs, not a ray of sunshine and it's snow'n in Canada. It ain't right I tell ya, it ain't right.

Put the hi performance chip back in "that jeep" yesterday 'cause it been run'n kind of rough. Will check it out when I haul the trash to the dumpster. But that's the least of my worries. I noticed while pull'n "that jeep" that it don't steer around corners like it 'sposed to do.....it slides. Make a screech'n sound...pull'n rubber right off them big front tires. That ain't right. Sure would like to "beat arse" the guy that sold me this piece of junk. But he were bigger me.

Off to the trash bin with a load. Boy howdy do "that jeep" run......just like before. Now get'n back to drag'n that thing around corners. Why would anyone put tractor tires on a car in the first place? Them suckers are 265/75/R16....tractor tires. My think'n is, tires that big are meant to look good to the younger generation, but to us older farts, they are just meant to "break something" and cause us to get grey hairs. Now I got to think'n one more thing, with the key in the lock position, it don't lock....so with that think'n, do ya suppose someone stole this jeep at one time or another and screwed up the steering wheel lock....and it's binding. How the hell do I gonna check that???

Ok, here's the deal. I gotta get out here tomorrow by 2pm or I gots to pay more rent. And, since I don't like to pull anchor before the sun comes up...likely chance that gonna happen....I have decided tomorrows agenda. Bout 150 mile down the road is a place called Langtry, Texas. That where the old Judge Roy Bean hung out....get it, hung out. He was "the" law west of the Pecos (river that is) and if'n ya spouted off to him, he hung ya.....right there on the spot. Been there a few times.....just rid'n through with the cattle drive head'n to the stock yards up in Abilene. Sup'ed me up a few drink and was on my way. Just like that!!!

Anyhows, I gonna spend the night there at the Community Center, or something like that, park'n place. Ya donate what ya want, what is usually bout $5 or so. Sounds good to me!!! Last time I were there, the whole park'n area was "mud"....old black cloud ya know. If'n ya never been to see the "Jersey Lilly", ya got stop by next time you're pass'n through west Texas on US90, go'n either way. You won't believe the big ole canyon what runs through there....magnificent. All the Indians are gone though....Southern Pacific took them to Florida or some place like that. Give 'em room and board and free subsidized healthcare.

For my dinner tonight, I gonna build me a big ole juicy burger. Did I tell ya bout the pork chops I fed to the dogs. Boy howdy, don't know what I did, but that dinner sucked. The pork chops were fine....it's all that stuff I cooked them in what sucked.

Till later....probably morning, after that I may be off line for a few days. Too much hassle set'n up the satellite dish.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

ho hum day

Have ya ever had one them days where ya don't feel like do'n anything? You know what I'm talk'n bout....get up, look outside at clouds, cain't find your shoe, forgot to water the coffee pot, neighbor dog bark'n, only one eye open.....then ya know what I talk'n bout. The perfect mak'ns of a day of "do'n nuttin".

Old Billy Bob done went and stayed up till 2am last night. Don't ask me why 'cause I don't even know. Wouldn't ya know it, right at the crack of dawn, Lug Nut was say'n....."wake up, I gotta go pee". That's when I noticed...all the above.

Campground was really active last night, all the way up to midnight. Cars and pick'um up trucks cruis'n up and down the street, headlights shin'n in my windows, hoots and hollers, wimmins laugh'n and dogs run'n loose all over the place. You would think that after dark, people would make preparations to "GO TO BED". Sheesh!!!

Ain't gonna do a thing today but sit on my butt, drink coffee and look at stuff. Oh, while I think of it.....all them taters I throwed out there last night are all gone this morning. Speak'n of taters, taters piss me off. I buy a 10 pound bag and in a week, them suckers is sprout'n little arms and feet and stuff. What with that?

Did all my email stuff, along with the blogs....even cranked up JW's web cam to see nothing. What with that??? He say 7:30 to 9am....well...?????, where it at???

Here it is a few hours later and while I was out there sit'n in my fold up easy chair drink'n coffee and such, I got to think'n. "Billy Bob, are ya gonna let your last dream die"? I think I talked bout this one time before, but my dream to build my "shack" still stands.

Not a shack for me, but a shack for "da house. A 40 foot by 16 foot shelter.

Not just a shelter, but with a 24 foot by 12 foot front patio and storage room.....air conditioned of course. Here is a couple of my old drawings. No changes have been made.

Friday, October 9, 2009

5am black cloud

Here I was lay'n in bed minding my own business, snor'n up a storm, when I hear it. It were that damn "black cloud" what follows me everywhere I go. And it were say'n, "piss on you Billy Bob". I jump up think'n....the windows...the windows in the jeep are open. Out the door I go....damn, that rain is com'n down and it cold. Got to the jeep and surprisingly, all windows were up. But it was too late. Old Billy Bob was drenched to the bone....freez'n cold.

For all that failed to check in yesterday, go back and do so. Speak'n of check'n in, has anyone seen MsB? She seldom misses writing something in the comments section. Comments are good.

Oh, before I forget...say my first critter last night. The dogs were the first to see it...."bark bark, oh look...a skunk". Run inside to get the camera and a flashlight, but when I got close enough to get a good shot, that skunk done raise his tail up and says..."hissssss hisssss" look'n right at me. I didn't know skunks talk but I sure knew what he were talk'n bout. No pic of course.

Ok....took me a quick nap since I got up wayyyyy too early. A bit chilly here in the camp....62 degs. Rain has quit but there's mud everywhere. You know, the kind that sticks to doggy feet then gets tracked all over the carpet. Looks like a carpet shampooing is in order when I get to Terlingua. (got my own shampoo machine in case you're wondering)

Boy howdy, it too cold outside to sit and sip a cup, much less go swim'n. Gonna make me a trip around the park and see if I can catch me one them game warden fellers. I bet he would know if there any fish in that river. A few days ago I post bout "free" fish'n in Texas State parks....well that has changed. (not 'cause of Obama' change) Seems it was an incentive to get people to camp. Ended Aug 31th. Now, I gonna have to go buy a fish license or sneak. Got caught sneak'n one time.....late in the evening with a whole bunch of fish. That game warden gave me a good talk'n to....boy howdy did he ever. Gave him a sob story bout how I was out of work, the kids was hungry, was wait'n on my disability check and had to borrow a fish pole just to catch something to eat. He let me off the hook, but took all my fish with him. Nice guy.

Now we talk'n. Rode all around the park and see why so many people come here to camp.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

280 mile down the road

Garner State Park in
"da hill country"

Yesterday afternoon, I arrived at the Walmart Arms R/V Park and Resort in Uvalde, Texas, just in time to get the last available prime camp'n spot in the park. Right up against the grassy knoll...or what ever ya call it. It were grass, that's all I can tell ya.

What do ya eat for breakfast? Steak.......
"yummmm yummmm eat'm up".

Now let me 'splain why Lug Nut and Sadie Mae is eat'n steak for breakfast. I went in the grocery store to fill out my list of "stuff". Then I got to think'n, this is the last Walmart ya gonna see for the next three weeks, so ya better buy extra. Boy howdy did I ever buy extra. I got enough food to last six months.

Got back to "da house" with all that stuff and started put'n it in it's designated spaces. All was fine until I open the freezer. There was no room at the Inn. Pulled stuff out, rearranged, and still no room. Someone had left a container of Blue Bell ice cream in there tak'n up valuable space....I know, eat it. A half gallon, are you nuts??? The steaks, the dogs got. The mixed veggies are in the trash. The thick slice baloney is in the frige thaw'n out. The taco shells got ate. ...and still no room.

Speak'n of taco shells, I made me up another big batch of tacos for dinner last night. With Taco Bell taco sauce. Still not the same as them little tear the corner off squeeze jobbers, but it'll do.
As much as I ate last night, along with the ice cream, I could care less if I ever see another taco.

Gassed up this morning (55 gallons) and headed up to the propane sell'n place. There is no way I gonna get "da house" and "that jeep" around that corner. Plus the guy that owned the place had an "attitude". Let him know real quick bout that stuff. I were down the road with him stand'n there all red face.

Arrived at Garner State Park just before 11am. Checked in and the nice lady assigned me a good sight, right close to the Frio River....well I say close, it's a walk down a big bank, thru trees and bushes, over boulders bigger than "da house" and when ya get there, there ain't much water. Pics later.
Anyhows, the assigned spot wouldn't fit "da house". So I took the one next door. Then I had to make two trips back to the check in place and get new thingys to go on the windshields. Sheesh!!!

Took out my compass to check if I can see the satellite from my yard. Yep...right up there over them trees 'cross the street. See??? It work'n good...online in 20 minutes.

Ok....I got things to do and places to see. Back laters.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Day in Port A

Who say ships don't park in RV Parks

Here it is. The last day in Port A. Not that I'm really excited or something like that, but it sure is gonna be good to get away from 90% humidity, sweat drip'n off me, sand everywhere (in "da house"), beach bored, high prices and too many freak'n tourist. Progress has had it's way of turn'n a quaint little fishing village into an expensive tourist trap "paradise" for the rich and famous.

This morning proves to be a wonderful looking day. Only a slight breeze, a few morning clouds and a moderate temp of 86 degs....LOLOLOLOL......right, moderate.

Last night I made the mistake of "attempting" to repair a slight water leak on the water heater....what I knowed about for the last two weeks. That's right Billy Bob, go break something when ya know all the stores are closed. Twisted that drain plug right off. Now what ya gonna do???
Turn the water off of course. What I did. With old Billy Bob know'n some stuff, I took a hacksaw blade, split the busted off drain plug and removed it in 5 minutes. Plumbing sell'n place in the morning.

Still have no idea where I gonna go. North is the only thing I know at this time. San Antonio??? I rekon I'll just hook up and head up the Interstate a couple hunerd miles. Pull into a rest area and ponder the possibilities. No hurry, no worry.

Ok, I got stuff to do......laterz

9:30am....well that took care that. No leak and made reservations for Garner State Park for 4 or 5 days, maybe a week. Got the slides pulled in, check all that stuff like oil and air, pick up dog poop in the yard....well actually I didn't pick it up, I raked it in the holes Lug Nut dug try'n to catch a fiddler crab.

Speak'n of fiddler crabs, did I ever tell ya bout the time....it were back in 64' or there bouts, I went out on the town and got rip snort'n drunk. Drove down to the beach an' went "fiddler crab" hunt'n....they was everywhere...throwed them in the back seat. Bunches. Then I got really tired, worn out and sleepy so's I crashed (passed out) in the back seat with all them crabs. Weren't long and the sun come up....and I hear the sound of water. Holy cows, there water in the car....salt water...big buckets of it. And I were "stuck"....in the rising tide. People started show'n up with boards, chains and a big ol' WW2 6x6, or something like that. That was the end of my fiddler crab hunt'n days and the end of a beautiful 1956 2 door Ford Crown Victoria.

Now back to important stuff. It's freak'n hot. Still have a few little things to do, but no hurry, no worry.

Ok.....it's time to be "on the road again" Will post as I can.

Break time. Been on the road a couple hours and a half and Lug Nut says...."STOP!!! I gotta pee". Pee'd right on that big ole truck tire sit'n next door. Took'em out on the grass to drop a log, but all they was interested in was some little bug critter run'n for his life.

Don't ya just love Texas rest areas?? Free wifi, grass to lay down on and take a nap, .....ah ha, I just spied a hat lay'n on a picnic bench over there. Snatch that sucker up in a minute....I like hats. Keeps this long ass hair out my eyes.

Bout half way there to Uvalde, where I gonna spend the night at Walmart. Do my grocery shop'n, fill up the gas tank, bout $150 worth, and eat me up some Chinese buffet....that's the place I said I would NEVER eat again. But I sure do like Chinese.

Hat snatch'n time and sign'n off.....see ya down the road.
LOL....oops, the owner was lay'n on a bench tak'n a snooze. So much for free hats.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

where I gonna park????

Boy howdy am I glad it's another day. Yesterday was a total loss. One them "sit and feel sorry for yourself" days.

This morning has started off next best thing to perfect. Beautiful sunshine, a little 20 mph breeze out the southeast, not a cloud in the sky and I ain't got nuttin to do. Well, I say nuttin to do, but then I get to think'n bout all the mess I got to clean up, dishes piled up in the sink, trash to go out, restock the fridge, go get some pocket change, pick up my mail......holy cows, I'm tired already.

Still undecided where to go next. This is where "bust'n" a plan comes into play. I get myself all worked up and 'citis (excited) bout going fish'n and stuff, but then I get to think'n..."Billy Bob, all ya gonna do is sit on yer butt and drink coffee". What ain't a bad idea. But....it ain't no fun.

So today, I have got to decide where I gonna go. And then....when I get to Terlingua, where I gonna park this rig? I got a few offers, one being out at the Field Lab, but have ya ever been on that road with all those holes and washouts??? I know them big trucks go out there, but they don't sit 12" off the ground like I do. I'm think'n, just find a good road and camp slap dab in the middle of it. What they gonna do, put me in jail??? More thoughts on the way!!!!

Well shoot....I guess I better go off to town. I probably outta go to Corpus Christi and get me some "free" glasses. I say free 'cause it ain't no out of pocket $$$. Insurance ya know. Been a couple years, so I'm sure a new pair help me see better.

Ok....I'm out of here for a bit....don't go away!!!

The girls come by for a short visit. They was talk'n bout what they did yesterday, last week and all kind of girl talk....to each other. I tried to change the subject since they came to see me, but Dee Dee just kept right on flap'n...."did you hear bout this and hear bout that", to Peggy....not me. I rushed them out the door with a hug and a peck and said, "see ya next year"....Sheesh!!!

See there what I told ya? I'm back and had me a funny at the bank. Wrote up a check for "my change sock" and give it to the little girl. Cute little thang too. She ask "how you want that", to which I replied..."quarters". She got this look on her face.....like "...huh...". She says "what ya gonna do with $500 worth of quarters"? ....hee hee hee...heres the kicker...."wash clothes". I let her off the hook after she counted out 10 rolls of quarters. Silly girl. Ain't no way old Billy Bob gonna carry "that" bag of quarters.

Went off to Corpus Christi just like I said. Got me some brand spank'n new glasses....for free. Although, I did have to pay a $35 deductible at the eye check'n place. The eye glass lady says, "wow, you saved $324. Little does she know, I have to pay for that insurance.

Got back to the island in time to pick up my mail and then go stuff my empty belly at Old San Juan mexican eat'm up place. Had me three big ol' beef enchiladas, a pile of frejoles w/cheese, some mexican rice and and two homemade flour tortillas. Eat me so much, I feel like I gonna let off a phaaaart or what ever ya call'm. Boy howdy!!

Speak'n of gas, did I ever tell ya bout the time.....it were back in 1997 or there bouts. I was hav'n stomach problems.....every time I would eat, I would swell up and let off a big'un. Well, we went to this fancy Japanese restaurant where they cook right in front ya toss'n stuff in the air and mak'n funny sounds....ching chang chuie keeeya or some crap like that. Oh my, I begin to swell up an' hurt'n bad. I thought a nice easy "quiet" one would be ok since that cook mak'n so much noise. Yep, you guessed it....a rip roar'n loud one. An old lady sitting next to me turned bright red and calmly said..."Oh, excuse me". Boy did I ever get off the hook on that one.

Monday, October 5, 2009

hot and humid....sweat everywhere

After all the abuse directed at old Billy Bob last night in the comments section about bringing a dead cat to life, I'm think'n maybe I need to reflect on the present instead of my mischievous, silly, funny and adventurous boy hood days.
By the way River, how you know bout "Fred da duck"????

Speak'n of Fred da duck....I even wrote a little poem bout him...wanna hear it???

My Duck Fred

I love my duck
I named him Fred
He watches over us
While we are off to bed

He has shiny white feathers
A scar on his back
His beak is taped shut
So no quackity quack quack

Someone had left him
On the side of the street
With both wings broken
No shoes on his feet

Some caring soul
Placed him in my yard
For me to take care of
And my dogs to guard

I look through my window
At this pitiful duck
Out there laying in the mud
What terrible luck

Yes, I love my little white duck
The one I named Fred
I'll keep him forever
Where ever I tread

Now, back to reality. Boy howdy is it ever hot in Port A. Well.....it's not really hot (87.4), but the humidity is like 90%. Sheesh Billy Bob, why do you go places like this??? Of all the places in the US to visit, I'm in Port Aransas sweat'n like a stuffed hog. But I ain't gonna be here long. Pull'n out Wednesday for ???????. Just check the weather for Houston......yeah, might still go there....and it's gonna be a hot one there too. Look'n in my little money bag, I got's just enough to make it there, play a round or two and still have three dollars left. Sounds good to me!!!

Back later........don't go away


I was barefooted running at break neck speed across the corn field
with two of the older boys hot on my heels.

Them two boys had done got them a "good" whoppin from Moms
because of me "tell'n" on them.

I was headed for the only sanctuary I was safe in,
the briar patches down by the creek bank,
scream'n "MOMS" all the way.

I knew my way in and I knew my way out.
My feet was tuff as leather and no sticker burrs or thorns was gonna slow me down.
Even that "old ugly dog" wouldn't go in there unless he was foller'n me.
Them boys was out to get even, but ain't no way they gonna catch a bolt of lightning.
They was throwing ears of corn, rocks and sticks and cussing like sailors all the ways.
But this day was not their day to get even.
I started screaming..."MOMS....MOMS" "I'm gonna tell moms"
and they back off in the corn field and let me be.

I could see them hiding out there in the corn field, waiting for me to come out,
so's I stayed in there for hours.

Just me and that old ugly dog, talk'n and schem'n up new adventures.
I caught me a red fox one time in that briar patch.
But turned him loose real quick when he bite the crap outta me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Spanish Fandango

Last night, while I was think'n......I got to think'n bout my old grandpa. I loved my old grandpa.

Way back in 1951, my grandpa sat me down many times and told me stories. Too bad I didn't write them all down. He was a musician. Played the piano and a plunked out some beautiful tunes on the guitar. Now....he were play'n the guitar one night, a tune what got my attention. His fingers was mov'n like they was chas'n a rabbit. He called it "Spanish Fandango".....something I never heard. If I recall, he told me it was a tune he made up or composed...something like that, while he was homesteading in New Mexico before it became a State. Don't know the validity of his story, but I been believ'n it all my life. Anyhows, he taught me that song. Think'n it would be lost forever, I taught it to two of my sons.

For some unforeseen reason, I typed "spanish fandango" into Google.....whoa, up jumps all kinds of links. YouTube sites, what I clicked on right now. There it was, just like he taught me almost 60 years ago. Boy howdy was I ever excited.

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob......we'll see!!!

Holy cows.....old Billy Bob gonna be mak'n some travel changes. There's "water everywhere". From the weather forecasts for the Houston area, it's gonna be a wet one all next week. Rain'n there now. Just talked to daughter....see says the weather sucks and has sucked for the last two weeks. So......do I go to Houston or not? Probably not. I guess I could find me a nice State Park somewhere and do some "free" fish'n. You did know that fish'n in Texas State parks requires no fish license....right?
Well shoot, I did some research on this and I'm think'n maybe I lied. It was a one year deal and from what I understand, it were over Aug. 31st.
But I did find a State Park that has fish'n, a river for my little 1 man blow up raft, and trees to sit under drink'n coffee. Garner State Park, just west of San Antonio and 25 miles north of Uvalde. Right on my way to Terlingua. Sounds good to me.

Here is a sample from my old web site Billy Bobs Place.


If ya ever lived on a farm, ya go a cat. We had this big old "tom" cat that would'a make a lion cringe.
Been an animal lover that I am, I spent many wasted hours tormenting that poor old cat. He didn't sleep
anywhere he thought I might pass by. He would walk in a big circle just to avoid being within my reach.
I think ya get the picture. I loved that cat and he was gonna be my friend or else.
Well it came down to "or else".
I caught him sleep'n close to the heater stove one cold night. I snuck up on him real quiet like, and pow,
I jump right on top him. You would'a though a "bob cat" been turn loose in a pack of bark'n dogs.
He bit me, clawed me and scratched me, from my ankles to my head. I was a scream'n. I was in severe pain.
That cat done eat me up.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

what old folk do

I'm back....Jack....

I got to think'n......what do all these old retired folks do? I know what this old fart does, but I ain't like most retired folks. Do they sit on "da porch" sip'n coffee or are they watch'n tv sit'n in that old wore out "Lazy Boy" recliner. What time do they get up in the morning? Do they eat breakfast or just drink one them hi protein energy drinks? Not that I'm get'n old or anything like that, just curious.

Now, let me tell ya what a retired full timing RV'n feller does. Since he ain't got no home, he's liv'n on the streets.

Speak'n of living on the streets....did I ever tell ya bout the time? It were back in 2002 and I were in Port Aransas camp'n right on the beach when right bout 2am, someone was bang'n on my door...with a freak'n five cell flashlight....BAM, BAM, BAM. I swings open the door gonna beat some arse, when I see this sheriff look'n guy an' his buddy stand'n there. "You can't park this Winnebago here", he tells me. Winnebago??? Does "this" look like a Winnebago? I look 'round, not a car in sight. A mile down a deserted beach. What the hell??? Then to top it off, he says I have to move before 8am. Why the hell he tell me this at 2am???

Ok...where was I....oh yeah, full time living in an RV. I tried keep'n my house in San Antonio for 3 years, but it got broke into every time I drove around the block, much less take a trip somewhere. For what I lost in "stuff" and vandalism, I could'a bought me a brand new motorhome. What I did soon as I sold the house.

I travel between 5000 to 7000 miles a year, staying no more than a month in one place. If I don't like where I'm at....or it rains, I simply go somewhere else. But I been "somewhere else" too many times. I get up any time I want, as long as it's before sunrise....usually 'cause I gotta go pee. I eat any time I want and what ever I want, drink all the coffee I want and take all the naps I want. I don't have schedules other than those required to meet up with someone.....like my daughter in Houston.

I were watch'n that National Parks program on PBS... what got me to think'n.....what if ya took a National Park tour? But....after I seen some them places, I think I need to keep my feet on level ground. I see that guy stand'n on that rock with nothing under him but "dead". I get all nervous think'n if that was me stand'n up there, that rock gonna fall.

How long I will be able to continue this lifestyle I don't know. I been places I thought I would never see and been places I'll never go again. Picked out my favorite places to visit and picked out places to avoid. Ya can't do this sit'n in an old wore out "Lazy Boy" recliner.

Pancho Villa coming soon to a theater near you......

Friday, October 2, 2009

another rain storm

Yep, things are look'n up this morn'n alright. Did ya see that freak'n storm we just got?? But, I knowed it was com'n, so it weren't no big deal.

Woke up this morning, for about the 10th time, think'n, "boy howdy, why my hip hurt'n like this"? I hobbled to the coffee pot, keep'n a close eye for anything lay'n on the floor, tak'n little "baby steps" till there was enough light to see what I were do'n. All is good to go.

Nothing planned for the day, but ya never know. With the predicted rain for the week end, I'll probably just hang out around in "da house". Take me some naps and watch some tv.

Well shoot, so much for a nap. Got me a grocery list all drawed up to replace what's missing from the cupboards. I either eat too much, someone steal'n stuff or I don't go get groceries enough. Gotta go easy on buy'n meats......need room for the Blue Bell.

Dee Dee and Peggy just come by for a visit. My God, what happen to those girls. Five years surely don't make THAT much difference....or do it? So much for "island" romance.

According to the girls, it's gonna be an exciting week end. Car show at Island Moorings, the Galveston to Port A sailboat regatta and a chili cook off at Sharky's. Boy howdy, old Billy Bob needs to go somewhere. The campground is filling up for the week end festivities right now.
I'm so excitis (excited) I could pee.

When I lived in the City Marina, I was always right in the middle of the regatta for 7 years. Sailboats everywhere. Parties every night, what accounted for all the drunks everywhere.

One year, I had a little "island" girl danc'n on top my Jaguar. One the local, fat, cops come up and was gonna put us ALL in jail...'specially me 'cause I told him to "get the f*** off my car"....what he was lean'n on like he owned it or something. You would'a think I was a criminal or something. He got all irate and red face, pull'n out pepper spray and hand cuffs. A big crowd gathered up clap'n and cheer'n Barnacle Bill (old Billy Bob) on. Then there was more cops. Red lights flash'n, short fat cops run'n all directions. All turned out calm, after 30 minutes 'splain'n it was MY Jag, not some rich tourist....that is until little "island" girl fell slap off the dock into the drink. Boy howdy them was some good ole days.

For some reason I decided to make tacos for dinner. Went off to the store and bought all the mak'ns, plus all the other stuff I needed....Blue Bell of course. They didn't have any Taco Bell taco sauce, so I got the only thing available....LaVictoria. For shells, I chose Ortega 25% bigger than Taco Bell and everyone knows, bigger is better.
Back at "da house" I cooked everything up, cut up some maters, shredded some lettuce and cheddar cheese. Put the shells in the oven long enough for them to brown up a bit and commenced build'n tacos. Oh my, where are the onions??? Anyhows, LaVictoria taco sauce ain't Taco Bell. And Ortega 25% bigger ain't Taco Bell. Ruint 6 perfectly good tacos. But I ate them anyhows. Now I'm stuffed an' gonna lay on the floor.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

back seat driv'n

There comes a time in every mans life when he has to "git in da back seat" and let someone else take the wheel. Today is one of those days. It's not that I don't know how to drive....
sheesh, who would ever think that?

There ain't a cloud in the sky, sunshine and beautiful, but it's been a "black cloud" day for old Billy Bob, hang'n right over his head. Let me 'splain what I'm talk'n bout.

It all started early this morning when I stepped on a double freak'n A battery. That's the one I throwed on the floor last night 'cause it were dead. You might be ask'n yourself, "now why would Billy Bob be throw'n a AA battery on the floor"? Well, it's like this....I knowed I would be walk'n down the hall this morning to make me some coffee and see it lay'n there on the floor, pick it up and toss it in the trash. Simple, but I don't see very well in the dark.
Upon stepp'n on that AA battery....what hurt like hell, losing all sense of balance, I fell off to the left , knock'n coffee pot, my CoffeeMate and a canister of sugar to the floor....right next to that GD dead AA battery. Still in an unbalanced stupor, I fell over the trash can trying to regain my footing in all that sugar and stuff. Then I turned on the light.....holy cows Billy Bob, now look what ya went an' done.

Then.... me and my golf'n buddy Ron showed up at the golf course. He says, "what the hell happened to you"? I had CoffeeMate in my hair, CoffeeMate on my pants and a big "thump'n" right there on my forehead. But then...."here comes Jones"... I fell slap out the cart on a hard left turn and Ron run slap over my favorite golf'n foot.

Then.... back at "da house", I commenced to clean up the mess I made earlier. Apparently that "thump'n" on the head dulled my senses....fell plumb out the door when my feet got hung up in the dog ropes. And I did all this before the first stroke of noon. Boy howdy, Billy Bob, you need to lay down.

So I decided to take the rest of the day off and let "someone else drive".