Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lay'n back in Langtry

See what I was tell you. "Black Cloud"!!!! That sucker followed me all the way across south Texas, up into the hill country and now sit'n right over me in Lantry. Rained from 2am up to bout 6am....not a big heavy rain like ya get down on the coast, but a steady serenade of rain drops on da roof. Not a freak'n ray of sunshine. JW ought to welcome me with open arms all the rain I gonna be bring him.

About yesterdays old homestead postings....them are building right in town. The adobe was built waaaaay back before.....in fact it was the home (and grocery store) of a feller by the name of Torres, Roy Beans contender for the position of Justice of the Peace. Read that on the historical sign out front. 1880, I think. You can still faintly see the painting over the door "Torres Grocerys".
For a little history of Lantry, give this a click. Langtry, Texas.

The other building, what is unlivable at this time, is built of construction you will never ever see again in your lifetime. Board and batten with no studded walls. Bet that sucker was cold in the winter. The outside walls are the inside walls. Will attempt to get some pics, but I ain't go'n inside to do it. Sheesh, you think I'm nuts?

Now I have a decision to make. Where I gonna park in Terlingua? From all the weather reports I been see'n, it better be on dry land and no dirt roads.....like the dirt road out to JW's Field Lab. Do you have any idea how long it would take to dig this big sucker out the mud???

Was a great feeling to sit outside last night look'n at cactus, old buildings, a few people walk'n down the street, listening to barking dogs and just lay'n back with a clear mind. I could live in a place like this. But, "My God, 60 miles to Walmart"???

Well, the pic tak'n didn't work out. Some old lady come out yell'n "get off my land". That took care that.

Since the old lady run me slap dab off her property, how bout another drawing old Billy Bob's Dream?
Now what ya gotta do is picture a 35 foot motorhome sit'n in there all covered up and protected. Then if'n ya look real close, Ya can see me sit'n out there in da patio sip'n my coffee and grill'n up a big ole steak on the grill. Off to the left is the "office", used for times when it's too hot or "God forbid"....too cold.

Holy crap Billy Bob, what the hell is that smell??? Opened up a box of long grain and wild rice with a flavor pac. Boy howdy does that stuff stink. Looked at the box and it says "best if used before 17 Nov. 02". Now they tell me after it half cooked. Fed it to the birds.....hope they don't die. Could there be the possibility I have more stuff that old??

Guess that's it for now....but ya never know. So keep check'n back.


  1. How far from Langtry to where your going? If it's 60 miles to WW, how far to a golf ball swackn place.
    By the time you get there all of tha rain they got will have soaked into the ground. you will have a dust cloud following you out to JW place.

  2. LOL River.....dust cloud. Just received an email from JW...the road was swamped last night.
    No hurry, no worry.

  3. Your prolly rite! you better stay off the dirt roads. my best guess would be close to Terlingua I think there is a Rv park close to where they have the chili cook offs.

    The farther from wall mart you get, the closer to real stores.
    Have good time.

  4. yea, BB,, you don't want to stick that land yacht you drive around in. I bet you could park it right there @ turn off to Terlingua Ranch in their big ole parking lot.Across from where John eats all the time. ( the Ranch headquarters not open any more anyway) maybe have John ask for permission. Not like you gonna be there forever. Then you just a short drive to John in that DAMMED JEEP. :-)