Friday, October 2, 2009

another rain storm

Yep, things are look'n up this morn'n alright. Did ya see that freak'n storm we just got?? But, I knowed it was com'n, so it weren't no big deal.

Woke up this morning, for about the 10th time, think'n, "boy howdy, why my hip hurt'n like this"? I hobbled to the coffee pot, keep'n a close eye for anything lay'n on the floor, tak'n little "baby steps" till there was enough light to see what I were do'n. All is good to go.

Nothing planned for the day, but ya never know. With the predicted rain for the week end, I'll probably just hang out around in "da house". Take me some naps and watch some tv.

Well shoot, so much for a nap. Got me a grocery list all drawed up to replace what's missing from the cupboards. I either eat too much, someone steal'n stuff or I don't go get groceries enough. Gotta go easy on buy'n meats......need room for the Blue Bell.

Dee Dee and Peggy just come by for a visit. My God, what happen to those girls. Five years surely don't make THAT much difference....or do it? So much for "island" romance.

According to the girls, it's gonna be an exciting week end. Car show at Island Moorings, the Galveston to Port A sailboat regatta and a chili cook off at Sharky's. Boy howdy, old Billy Bob needs to go somewhere. The campground is filling up for the week end festivities right now.
I'm so excitis (excited) I could pee.

When I lived in the City Marina, I was always right in the middle of the regatta for 7 years. Sailboats everywhere. Parties every night, what accounted for all the drunks everywhere.

One year, I had a little "island" girl danc'n on top my Jaguar. One the local, fat, cops come up and was gonna put us ALL in jail...'specially me 'cause I told him to "get the f*** off my car"....what he was lean'n on like he owned it or something. You would'a think I was a criminal or something. He got all irate and red face, pull'n out pepper spray and hand cuffs. A big crowd gathered up clap'n and cheer'n Barnacle Bill (old Billy Bob) on. Then there was more cops. Red lights flash'n, short fat cops run'n all directions. All turned out calm, after 30 minutes 'splain'n it was MY Jag, not some rich tourist....that is until little "island" girl fell slap off the dock into the drink. Boy howdy them was some good ole days.

For some reason I decided to make tacos for dinner. Went off to the store and bought all the mak'ns, plus all the other stuff I needed....Blue Bell of course. They didn't have any Taco Bell taco sauce, so I got the only thing available....LaVictoria. For shells, I chose Ortega 25% bigger than Taco Bell and everyone knows, bigger is better.
Back at "da house" I cooked everything up, cut up some maters, shredded some lettuce and cheddar cheese. Put the shells in the oven long enough for them to brown up a bit and commenced build'n tacos. Oh my, where are the onions??? Anyhows, LaVictoria taco sauce ain't Taco Bell. And Ortega 25% bigger ain't Taco Bell. Ruint 6 perfectly good tacos. But I ate them anyhows. Now I'm stuffed an' gonna lay on the floor.


  1. Yep, sounds like you got today fingered out. Say, between your naps, here is a suggestion for you for a place to stay on the way down to see John Wells place if you find the need. http://marathontexasweather.com/wcam.html

  2. Ben, Is that the place where the owner flies his helicopter all over the place?? I think that's the place I stay when I'm just driving through. Been there three times. Nice park.
    But, I'm going to Terlingua, not Marathon....and I ain't pay'n for nuttin. After spending the night in Sanderson....for free...I'll drive straight through to Terlingua.

  3. Sorry BB, don't know anything about no helicopter, I just stumbled upon that place while looking around the area for live web cameras. You met up with the family? Wasn't that on the to do list pretty quick? and I know you keep up with the weather, there is a hurrycane down south in the Pacific, that they forecast to move across Mexico and spread some heavy rains into the South ans west part of Texas..

  4. Did he use the pepper spray? or did he just pull it out as an Idle threat?

    And how did it go from crazy to lazy in 30 minutes. Geez cops are all the same. too much muscle and not enough muslce between the ears.

  5. Sorry bout your Taco attempt BB.. remind me later and I will dig up our recipe for the best Taco recipe ever.

  6. lol Ben, I got the best recipe in the world....all ya gotta do is use Taco Bell shells and Taco Bell taco sauce. Every time I try to save 10 cents, it costs me a dollar.
    Oh, did I ever tell ya bout the time....I pulled up to the Taco Bell drive thru when first mate Vickie Lynn says..."we ain't gonna fit". Have ya ever backed a motorhome out of the drive thru....????

  7. UH OH! Olaf coming west to east and BB going east to west. Now just where are they going to meet and who gonna back down?


  8. ole Bob from Athens said...

    UH OH! Olaf coming west to east and BB going east to west. Now just where are they going to meet and who gonna back down?"

    I been thinking that same thing my self, and where ole BB is headed , Big Bend out in the desert ,if it gets a heavy dew,, the dang dry crossing flood. I can hear him cussing now!! "BUT this is a DESERT!! Where did this flood come from?"( various other Sailor terms inserted here )

  9. LOL guys....old Billy Bob been through hurricanes right here in Port A. Had to wade through 2 feet of water over the docks to get to my boat. You think a little tropical storm like Oh'laff, or what ever, gonna skeer me into cuss'n an' such? By the time I leave Houston, bout two weeks, that little ole "sissy" storm gonna be gone and went.

  10. Sounds like you have your pick of things to do this weekend.

    Lol, I love your stories. You seemed to have been one heck of a hell raiser...

    Have you started recording your Pancho Villa stories yet?