Saturday, October 3, 2009

what old folk do

I'm back....Jack....

I got to think'n......what do all these old retired folks do? I know what this old fart does, but I ain't like most retired folks. Do they sit on "da porch" sip'n coffee or are they watch'n tv sit'n in that old wore out "Lazy Boy" recliner. What time do they get up in the morning? Do they eat breakfast or just drink one them hi protein energy drinks? Not that I'm get'n old or anything like that, just curious.

Now, let me tell ya what a retired full timing RV'n feller does. Since he ain't got no home, he's liv'n on the streets.

Speak'n of living on the streets....did I ever tell ya bout the time? It were back in 2002 and I were in Port Aransas camp'n right on the beach when right bout 2am, someone was bang'n on my door...with a freak'n five cell flashlight....BAM, BAM, BAM. I swings open the door gonna beat some arse, when I see this sheriff look'n guy an' his buddy stand'n there. "You can't park this Winnebago here", he tells me. Winnebago??? Does "this" look like a Winnebago? I look 'round, not a car in sight. A mile down a deserted beach. What the hell??? Then to top it off, he says I have to move before 8am. Why the hell he tell me this at 2am???

Ok...where was I....oh yeah, full time living in an RV. I tried keep'n my house in San Antonio for 3 years, but it got broke into every time I drove around the block, much less take a trip somewhere. For what I lost in "stuff" and vandalism, I could'a bought me a brand new motorhome. What I did soon as I sold the house.

I travel between 5000 to 7000 miles a year, staying no more than a month in one place. If I don't like where I'm at....or it rains, I simply go somewhere else. But I been "somewhere else" too many times. I get up any time I want, as long as it's before sunrise....usually 'cause I gotta go pee. I eat any time I want and what ever I want, drink all the coffee I want and take all the naps I want. I don't have schedules other than those required to meet up with someone.....like my daughter in Houston.

I were watch'n that National Parks program on PBS... what got me to think'n.....what if ya took a National Park tour? But....after I seen some them places, I think I need to keep my feet on level ground. I see that guy stand'n on that rock with nothing under him but "dead". I get all nervous think'n if that was me stand'n up there, that rock gonna fall.

How long I will be able to continue this lifestyle I don't know. I been places I thought I would never see and been places I'll never go again. Picked out my favorite places to visit and picked out places to avoid. Ya can't do this sit'n in an old wore out "Lazy Boy" recliner.

Pancho Villa coming soon to a theater near you......


  1. Gosh, BillyBob... I sure like the way you are thinking. I enjoy reading your blog, and your stories are hilarious!

  2. How come it is, that you are always running afoul of the law. Were you always a loose cannon? or just liked to twist the tail on the monkey.

    Do you plan on making it out to the Slabs this year?

  3. Yep BB, I understand your RV life style, you got the nerve to do it, while others just sit and wish. Congratulations and don't let the turkeys git ya down. Wilie said it best, On the Road again, just can't wait to git on the road again.

    Stay well my friend.

  4. sheesh, bbob you dont got the corner on the market on sitting around drinking coffee. You just make it a full time profession.

    Today I did nothin but sit and listen to George Strait and a few others and drink coffee. Oh yeah , I played my indigenous Flute too. ( I know your envious of that)lol

    But you are doing just fine the way you are. I wonder though why those turkeys wanted you to leave. doesnt the constitution garuntee you the right to enjoy your motor vehicle anywhere anytime? I think they need an education.

    Thumbs up to you keep it up, and one day you can park at my place.

  5. Thanks Karen....I'm just a silly guy.

    River...I'll be camp'n on Rayhound Rd...bout a block from Canal Rd. Be there in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

    Don't take no nerve Ben...just a desire to be "on the road again".

    OGT...ya can't just park any ole place ya wanna. City council people don't like RV'n people, so they make up crap to harass us into either leav'n or renting a hi dollar RV space. Although, RV people spend a gazillion dollars in their stink'n little towns.... 'specially if the got a Walmart.

  6. Man BB,, you better put on your lifejacket, get your umbrella or pull up and head out. I just looked at several different radar/weather stations where you are. and
    RAIN.. blame it on that dammed low pressure system that moved into the US across Mexico.

  7. Your harassing cop story is repeated quite a bit in the vandwellers forums (people that travel or live in their vans). Even though we are more stealth by virtue of it being a van.

    Looking forward to Pancho Villa...