Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Storm....what storm???

What you talk'n bout a storm gonna hit Terlingua? Ya been watch'n too much TV and believe that carp??? Old Billy Bob tell ya when there gonna be a storm and it ain't gonna be today.

I rekon I slept pretty good last night with all that wind blow'n....don't remember a thing. Woke up this morning to a few clouds.....everywhere.... and no sunshine.

Wait'n on an email from a glass fix'n place in El Paso. May have to run down to town to call them on the phone. At least I don't have to get an inspection sticker now....it would never pass. Gonna have to make up a "story" to tell the insurance company how both my windshields need replaced. "Ya see, it's like this. I were driv'n down the road, minding my own business and this big ole truck haul'n rocks pass me up. Rocks was fall'n everywhere and bounc'n all over the road. Before I could stop, both my windshields got slam'ed with them big ole rocks". What ya think???? Sounds good to me.

Had a visitor come by today from the neighborhood. Just sat out there in the yard look'n in the door.....at my two yummy dogs what didn't see him.

By the time I got a chance to shoot , he was off across the street....still look'n at my two yummy dogs. Finally took aim, pulled the trigger and here is the results.

Nice shot Billy Bob!!!

Oh yeah, before I forget, had another visitor. It were that dog what come up missing a few days ago. Surprised it was still alive....coyotes ya know. She played with Lug Nut and Sadie Mae for a while before I loaded her in the jeep and took her home. I think her name was Harley or Hurley....what ever. Didn't even think to "shoot" her like I did the other visitor. Old age ya know.

Well, it looks like another day has come and gone. Did ya ever notice how fast a day goes by? Poooof....gone....just like that.


  1. BB just tell em you dont know nuthin about nuthin. It's like my ol buddy Harold used to say " I wouldnt admit to swallowin a mule even if his tail was hangin outtta my mouth"

  2. I think you got vandelized Wink wink

  3. guess I am missing something here. Isn't major failure like that not covered in some way by the manufacture? I would start that way first. That looks like structure failure to me, not road damage.

    Just thinking.