Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holy cows, did ya see that sunrise this morning. Ain't seen one like that in a long time...cool huh??

Set my alarm for 6am....yeah...golf game....and the damn thing didn't say "nuttin". Slept in till 6:20 when I jump out of bed think'n I was gonna be late for work. Weren't a thing wrong with the temp at 45 degs 'cause I knew by the time we got to the golf ball swak'n place, it would be in the 50's.

A few years back, one my sons give me this little .410 Snake Charmer for my birthday. It used to have a plastic stock on it, but when it broke, I broke out the table saw, impact wrench, some screwdrivers and built me a new one.
All it does is hang on the wall above the driver seat in "da house". Illegal???? Maybe by a few inches. Fun gun!!!

Just got back from the golf course and let me tell ya....old Billy Bob swak'n them balls for a mile. Struck me up a great score of 84. I be tickled pink...not "girlie" pink though. Poor old pesky neighbor Wayne don't "no nuttin" bout swak'n golf balls. Hits 'em like a girl. I can say that 'cause he'll never know I said it.

Here it is 1pm and it's hot outside.....bout 90 degs if'n ya stand'n in the sun. But ya know old Billy Bob ain't gonna be stand'n in the sun. Gonna take my lunch out on "da porch", sit in the shade and enjoy a beautiful day.


  1. love ya shake charmer, long time ago I traded sumthing got a Thompson Contender. took the 44 barrel ( I think it was) and had it fixed to load 410. Yep charmed a lot of beer cans and turtles with it. DA father-in-law at the time cut the barrel off his and a cop buddy told him it was real illegal, dumb A beat it up with a sledge hammer and tossed it in the Houston Ship channel.

    Glad you got some golf balls wacking in today. Did ya Buy Wayne his whataburger?

  2. WHAT???? Billy Bob woke up late??? I can't believe that!!

    I am sure you were tickled pink (not girlie pink, lol) jajajaja to be playing golf again.

    Not much into guns but your snake charmer sure is pretty.

  3. nice handy work there Bbob. I bet that thing is more fun to shoot like that anyway.

    I'll be sending you a pic of what I just bought in an email.

    some day Waynes gonna see everything you wrote. but have fun until then. lol

  4. http://offgridterlingua.blogspot.com/2009/09/fire-power.html?showComment=1256541908170#c3956577565784297968

    instead of an email just copy and paste that into your browser I posted a new pic of the latest addition.