Friday, October 30, 2009

Grease bag

What is it with this froze water hose again? Holy crap, it was 19.6 degs this morning. Didn't let a faucet drip last night 'cause the weather man say it was gonna only be 34 degs. Oh well!!!

I ain't gonna do nuttin today unless it gets warm and I absolutely have to. Was gonna go mess with "that jeep", but then I got to think'n....it gonna be there tomorrow. Speak'n of mess'n with that jeep, old Billy Bob ain't no jack leg backyard mechanic. But it do remind me the time....the drag races was tomorrow (1958) and there was a little knock'n sound in my souped up Ford flathead engine....that the one with 3 Stromburgs sit'n on top it. Well, I drop a nut down the manifold what went through the "hi lift" oversize intake valve right in there on top one them 60 thousand over size hi dollar rac'n pistons. Good thing it didn't start. By 4 am all was back together, nut in it's rightful place and made weigh in by 8:30. Boy howdy was I a grease ball that day. Came in 3rd place G gas.

Ok....gotta go outside and sip a cup on "da porch"....back laters

Well that didn't last long....freak'n wind started blow'n and I was cold. But I did readjust the steering box in "that jeep".

The rest of the day will be spent doing what is my bestest pastime ..."nuttin".


  1. HOLY SNAP!!! 19. somthin degrees? Did they move deming closer to Alaska or something? You got heat tape?

  2. OGT...don't need no stink'n heat tape if'n ya remember to open a faucet fore it get too cold. Next few days are look'n up....30's/60's

  3. You better get them hoses reeled up Bub. the frost is on the pumpkin. You need to roll out that electric blanket and crank it up.

    G-gas what car did you have with a Flat Head....Those were the days.

    Back row at the drive-in fogged up windows, I can see it all now.

  4. LOL River, don't have an elect blanket, but I got a bunch of heavy blankets.
    The flathead was in a 1946 Plymouth business coupe....no back seat. Why didn't they make cameras back then?
    Shhhhh, some these folks may not know what a drive-in is.
    Did I ever tell ya bout the time...1950 powder blue Studebaker ....plumbers daughter ....hehehehehe

  5. BB,, running water WILL freeze, youn ever seen pictures of Niagara Falls frozen solid.. unhook that hose and drain it is the safest .. as for your house water, don't have a clue.

  6. When it get down to -10 degs, then old Billy Bob gonna buy me one them electric blanket, a heat tape and make me a frosted pumpkin pie.
    Don't need to do anything different than I am....sheesh!!!
    Niagara Falls....hockey puk

  7. My brother had an old ford with a flathead in it one time. He totaled the original engine and got a new one from Sears (Believe it or not). He left the hood off after getting the new engine in and it came a rain. He kept trying to start the engine later and the starter wouldn't turn it over so they tried towing it to start it. Finally after pulling the heads he found enough water in one of the cylinders to keep the piston from going all the way up. When they pulled it it caused the rod on that piston to bend. He made lemonade from that lemon though by starting a car club named "Rod Benders" and mounting the rod on a wooden stand. It never had over two members though. Him and my cousin.