Saturday, October 17, 2009

First freeze in da desert

Notice to followers......ya gotta check back and check back all day long 'cause I write all day long all day long: That's my job, that's what I do.

Boy Howdy, "damn I'm cold". Ya get that way when ya get to think'n it's gonna be a beautiful warm day and ya didn't look at the weather forecast.

Sheesh....I were up at 4am this morning and it were still pitch dark outside. Had the "belly rumbles" and had'a get up quick. After all that ruckus, I was wide awake and ready to take on a new day. Shoot, it's cold in here. Stuck a thermometer out the window....51 degs and windy. At least that black cloud ain't out there and throw'n buckets of rain on my head.

Talked to a couple locals yesterday about Leon. Seems poor old Leon had'a pack up and leave his little tent homestead. Set fire to everything before he left. Ya know he had health issues....right??? And he were a few pounds overweight, what ain't a good thing in 120 degs, specially since he didn't have a working air conditioner....in North Carolina they called "axin-dixins". Then old Leon was squat'n on someone else's property, bout 1/4 mile from his own. One feller told me the heat got to his mental facilities, what I would rekon means "he lost it". News is that he went back home to his darling wife. At least he didn't "croak"out here.
That's all I know bout Leon.

Went out in the yard and pee this morning. I hear tell that keeps the coyotes out the yard. Not that I believe it, but I like to pee in da yard.....man thing ya know.

Have ya ever tried to put cooked spaghetti back in da box??? Well that what it's like try'n to fold one these up. This is only half of it....the other half is in "da jeep"....all took apart. Yes I recycle....the whole thing.

Ryan come by the job site (above) in his little 4x4 thingy check'n see what I steal'n. Well Lug Nut done decided he was gonna go with Ryan...rid'n in the golf cart like he do with pesky neighbor Wayne. Dog don't "no nuttin"....that ain't no golf cart. (Papaw, that ain't no oak tree) Anyhows, I thought Lug Nut was gone...never see him again...coyotes done ate him. But here come Ryan back with Lug Nut just a smil'n from ear to ear. Crazy dog!!!

Chuck and Aunt Kathy showed up at the Grub Shack and we chewed some fat for a few minutes. JW showed up over there while I was laid back get'n ready for a nap. Boy howdy, I like my campsite. See everything going on.


  1. You lied BB!!! Said you were going to post off and on all day,, you ain't posted nuthing,, You having tooo much fun huh?

  2. Yo Ben, ya remember that feller from So. Carolina what got a spank'n from Ms Polosi for say'n "you lie"???
    I been go'n places all day long. Now tomorrow I may just kick back and sleep all day.....or maybe go to town and do laundry.

  3. Thanks for the update on Leon...always wondered what had happened to him. He must of been a little "off" to have set fire to his campsite. Wonder if he knew he was camped on somebody else's property and not his own.

    Billy Bob 51 degrees is not "cold" especially not in a motor home, try 18 degrees with heavy winds and camped in a summer tent...

    Would love to hire Ryan to take me for a ride in his mule so I could check out some properties.

    Has the sheriff been by this evening?

  4. Hey , I just got back from the slabs again just now. last night camping in the back of my truck it got down to 86 degrees by 8 pm I think I felt cool around 4 am but I was wrong. I woke up to mark my territory.

    Ms Bel. you know before Bbob leaves the area he will get into it with the sherrif. And of course it aint gonna be his fault either. lol! Its starts out. " All I was doing, minding my own biz when out of the blue....... fill in the blanks. lol