Tuesday, October 6, 2009

where I gonna park????

Boy howdy am I glad it's another day. Yesterday was a total loss. One them "sit and feel sorry for yourself" days.

This morning has started off next best thing to perfect. Beautiful sunshine, a little 20 mph breeze out the southeast, not a cloud in the sky and I ain't got nuttin to do. Well, I say nuttin to do, but then I get to think'n bout all the mess I got to clean up, dishes piled up in the sink, trash to go out, restock the fridge, go get some pocket change, pick up my mail......holy cows, I'm tired already.

Still undecided where to go next. This is where "bust'n" a plan comes into play. I get myself all worked up and 'citis (excited) bout going fish'n and stuff, but then I get to think'n..."Billy Bob, all ya gonna do is sit on yer butt and drink coffee". What ain't a bad idea. But....it ain't no fun.

So today, I have got to decide where I gonna go. And then....when I get to Terlingua, where I gonna park this rig? I got a few offers, one being out at the Field Lab, but have ya ever been on that road with all those holes and washouts??? I know them big trucks go out there, but they don't sit 12" off the ground like I do. I'm think'n, just find a good road and camp slap dab in the middle of it. What they gonna do, put me in jail??? More thoughts on the way!!!!

Well shoot....I guess I better go off to town. I probably outta go to Corpus Christi and get me some "free" glasses. I say free 'cause it ain't no out of pocket $$$. Insurance ya know. Been a couple years, so I'm sure a new pair help me see better.

Ok....I'm out of here for a bit....don't go away!!!

The girls come by for a short visit. They was talk'n bout what they did yesterday, last week and all kind of girl talk....to each other. I tried to change the subject since they came to see me, but Dee Dee just kept right on flap'n...."did you hear bout this and hear bout that", to Peggy....not me. I rushed them out the door with a hug and a peck and said, "see ya next year"....Sheesh!!!

See there what I told ya? I'm back and had me a funny at the bank. Wrote up a check for "my change sock" and give it to the little girl. Cute little thang too. She ask "how you want that", to which I replied..."quarters". She got this look on her face.....like "...huh...". She says "what ya gonna do with $500 worth of quarters"? ....hee hee hee...heres the kicker...."wash clothes". I let her off the hook after she counted out 10 rolls of quarters. Silly girl. Ain't no way old Billy Bob gonna carry "that" bag of quarters.

Went off to Corpus Christi just like I said. Got me some brand spank'n new glasses....for free. Although, I did have to pay a $35 deductible at the eye check'n place. The eye glass lady says, "wow, you saved $324. Little does she know, I have to pay for that insurance.

Got back to the island in time to pick up my mail and then go stuff my empty belly at Old San Juan mexican eat'm up place. Had me three big ol' beef enchiladas, a pile of frejoles w/cheese, some mexican rice and and two homemade flour tortillas. Eat me so much, I feel like I gonna let off a phaaaart or what ever ya call'm. Boy howdy!!

Speak'n of gas, did I ever tell ya bout the time.....it were back in 1997 or there bouts. I was hav'n stomach problems.....every time I would eat, I would swell up and let off a big'un. Well, we went to this fancy Japanese restaurant where they cook right in front ya toss'n stuff in the air and mak'n funny sounds....ching chang chuie keeeya or some crap like that. Oh my, I begin to swell up an' hurt'n bad. I thought a nice easy "quiet" one would be ok since that cook mak'n so much noise. Yep, you guessed it....a rip roar'n loud one. An old lady sitting next to me turned bright red and calmly said..."Oh, excuse me". Boy did I ever get off the hook on that one.


  1. Hey BB, the road into the Field Lab is fine. I was down it just a couple of days ago and you shouldn't have no problem getting the MH down it. Shoot, if you don't believe me, stop at the hamburger joint there at the turn and unhook "that Jeep" and drive it.. Think you will be surprised at the condition.

  2. BBOB, my place is about 1.5 miles before you get to JOHNS place. about 1 miles west of the grub shack. ifn ya got trouble getting to his let me me know and I will give you dirrections.

  3. BB.. been reading your eating habits down there.. you not taking advantage of all the fresh shrimp and fish around you? Shame on you..

  4. BB, good thang that ol gal let you off the hook. Just remember tho if you do ever let one sneak out real silent like dont go twitchin your nose or anything like that to give yourself away cuz everyone knows "the smeller is the feller".