Thursday, October 8, 2009

280 mile down the road

Garner State Park in
"da hill country"

Yesterday afternoon, I arrived at the Walmart Arms R/V Park and Resort in Uvalde, Texas, just in time to get the last available prime camp'n spot in the park. Right up against the grassy knoll...or what ever ya call it. It were grass, that's all I can tell ya.

What do ya eat for breakfast? Steak.......
"yummmm yummmm eat'm up".

Now let me 'splain why Lug Nut and Sadie Mae is eat'n steak for breakfast. I went in the grocery store to fill out my list of "stuff". Then I got to think'n, this is the last Walmart ya gonna see for the next three weeks, so ya better buy extra. Boy howdy did I ever buy extra. I got enough food to last six months.

Got back to "da house" with all that stuff and started put'n it in it's designated spaces. All was fine until I open the freezer. There was no room at the Inn. Pulled stuff out, rearranged, and still no room. Someone had left a container of Blue Bell ice cream in there tak'n up valuable space....I know, eat it. A half gallon, are you nuts??? The steaks, the dogs got. The mixed veggies are in the trash. The thick slice baloney is in the frige thaw'n out. The taco shells got ate. ...and still no room.

Speak'n of taco shells, I made me up another big batch of tacos for dinner last night. With Taco Bell taco sauce. Still not the same as them little tear the corner off squeeze jobbers, but it'll do.
As much as I ate last night, along with the ice cream, I could care less if I ever see another taco.

Gassed up this morning (55 gallons) and headed up to the propane sell'n place. There is no way I gonna get "da house" and "that jeep" around that corner. Plus the guy that owned the place had an "attitude". Let him know real quick bout that stuff. I were down the road with him stand'n there all red face.

Arrived at Garner State Park just before 11am. Checked in and the nice lady assigned me a good sight, right close to the Frio River....well I say close, it's a walk down a big bank, thru trees and bushes, over boulders bigger than "da house" and when ya get there, there ain't much water. Pics later.
Anyhows, the assigned spot wouldn't fit "da house". So I took the one next door. Then I had to make two trips back to the check in place and get new thingys to go on the windshields. Sheesh!!!

Took out my compass to check if I can see the satellite from my yard. Yep...right up there over them trees 'cross the street. See??? It work'n good...online in 20 minutes.

Ok....I got things to do and places to see. Back laters.


  1. you got hughes net? How u like it? Ifn this boost phone doesnt come in good on my place I think that will be the other option for me. I dont want to hook up to phone line.

  2. Yes....only thing I like about it that no matter where you are, you got internet.

  3. Hey BB you can practice your short game on the putt putt range right there in the park!

  4. BB...tune in 7:30 to 9AM for the live webcast featuring The Sunrise Show and Breakfast with Benita...