Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lost in the desert

Went to bed early last night, mostly 'cause I was sleepy and got up late this morning mostly 'cause them damn leg cramps and had'a take a whizzzzle.

Boy howdy, we gonna have a beautiful day. Although it's still freez'n cold out there, it gonna get warm purdy quick. Try'n to read the forecast is kind'a hard since it's for Alpine and I ain't in Alpine, but I do know what the temp is here....54 degs at 9:20am. One deg under freez'n.

Ain't got no plans for today to speak of other than maybe do laundry and swing over to "old town" and see what goes on come Sundays. In the mean time, I'm hungry. Ain't no Betty at the Grub Shack so's I got to cook my own. Maybe a great big breakfast taquito....sounds good to me.

Got a think'n last night....what the hell ya gonna do in Terlingua for two weeks? My original thought was to go out to the Field Lab and offer up my services as "project construction supervisor", but JW set me straight on that idea real quick. He say, "no way Jose" what I'm think'n meant "hell no Billy Bob". Them weren't his exact words, but that what I heard. But he did tell me there was an opening for a "cheerleader" ....little short skirt and pom poms.


Took the kids for a ride this afternoon....long ride....on some of the worstest road in America....both of them. I was on one road what had rocks as big as basketballs scattered all over the place. Good thing I have that damn lift kit on the jeep. Then we attempted to climb a mountain....what was straight up. How the hell they make a road up the side a mountain? And why?

Went an look see some property, 10 acre size, both very close to the paved road...easy access. But one them suckers way too far from the Grub Shack....13 miles to be exact. The other one is only 2 miles and it has a creek run'n through it....boy howdy, who would'a ever thought?

Turned them two hunt'n dogs loose and "pooof" they was gone....like greased lightning...cut'n through the weeds and brush in pursuit of anything alive or moving. I figgered they was gone...never see 'em again...eat up by coyotes, but nope, here they come, tongues hang'n out and pant'n up a storm. Crazy dogs!!!!

Took my camera with me, but forgot to put the little card back in it....so, no pics. If I'm not too busy tomorrow, I'll retrace my steps and take some for ya.


  1. Well BB, you know that them artists don't like to be disturbed while they working, somethin about blocking the creative juices, so they say. I just figured it was because when, not if, they screw up they don't have any witnesses, so's later they can say it was planned that way. You probably missing Wayne and the golf course anyway, spend a few more "vacation "days and then go home and shoot some of them golfs, hope yu get a real fat one for halloween.
    Don't ferget the safety sticker!

  2. Hey BB , put little miniature cowbells on those dogs so you can keep up with them and warn off any wildlife they might happen upon.

    And check the weather out in the Baja area of the Pacific, looks like there is another storm that "may" bring some weather your way bout mid week.

  3. http://www.weather.com/multimedia/videoplayer.html?clip=15527&from=hp_main_tab3

  4. Ah shoot Ben, that little storm ain't gonna be nuttin by the time it get here. Maybe a little wind (20 to 30mph)....maybe a little drizzle of rain. It ain't like I ain't seen any rain in the last month. Sheesh!!!

  5. See that jeep did come in handy after all.

    That is one of the drawbacks I have in looking for property out there...no high clearance vehicle to go take a look.

    I think someone should set up a business taking people like me for tours, it could be a little profitable side business, maybe Ryan could do that on the weekends.

    Have you ever been to the annual Terlingua chili cook-off? It is coming up here shortly and the gentlemen sure do seem to get a kick out of it...google it and you will see why.

  6. A creek running through the property sounds nice. Yes those are some crazy dogs. They keep it up, they will get eaten up.

    love you dad!

  7. I just bought that piece with the creel running through it Bbob.

    calm down I'm just kidding!!!lol
    you better take ms bel for a ride though. She all but asked you, you old fart.