Saturday, October 24, 2009

Back in Deming

Whipped in Deming yesterday afternoon right about 4pm. Backed "da house" into her berth just like I knowed what I were do'n. Damn, I'm get'n good.

For those that didn't see yesterdays update, windshields are on order and insurance covered...less my deductible of course.

Woke up this morning to "cold"....it were 38 degs right bout sun up. And to top that off, another cold front headed this way to be here thursday....highs in the upper 50's......brrrrrrrr. Now that makes me think we need to do something bout this global warming.

Speak'n of global warming, let me tell ya bout sav'n fuel. Since Texas uses 10% ethanol in their gasoline, my gas mileage went down 12% for my "trip across Texas". That tells me that I used 2% more gasoline with ethanol than I would have with out it. How the hell can using more fuel help with the global warming thing? I'm think'n this ethanol law has something to do with "lin'n pockets". What ya think????

After 4 loads of regular wash'n. I broke out some my winter blankets and took off for the laundry room with 'em. I gonna be sleep'n in some sweet smell'n blankets. Did a little much needed house clean'n, filled my face with a couple meals and laid down to take a nap. Ha....here come old pesky neighbor Wayne with a brand spank'n new golf bag.
Not one then cheap things ya get at Walmart, but one like Tiger Woods and all them other professionals carry. I rekon I'll just pay for his golf game tomorrow and be square....maybe buy him a Whopper an' fries. Naa....that's too much.


  1. I absolutely agree with you about that dammed ethanol

    I drive a Toyota Prius Hybrid Electric. IF I can find gas with out the dammed ethanol, I can get near to 50 MPG, when I have to use that blended crap it drops off to around 43!! How the hell does that help the environment? I think it is a ploy of the gas company lobbies t filling their pockets.

  2. Does that golf "bag" come with its own trailer? I don't carry that much for a month long trip. I guess that shootin golf takes a lot of ammo for them shootin irons. Better get some of them florescent balls for the snow.

  3. brrrrrr, its cold there. last time I was out near rancho lobo it was windy too.

  4. The least you could do is supersize Wayne's french fries.

  5. Hey Bbob, we were talking bout fire arms on my blog before and I recall you mentioned a little 410 shot gun.

    Well, I decided on a 410 after we talked. so Just happend I met a guy the other day who need to sell one.

    You ever seen a shotgun, rifle, survival foldable 410/hornet 22 before? They were made for the USAF and stowed into the ejector seat as a survival weapon for those who had to bail out in the wilderness. This little thing is so versatile and compact, and it gives the right kind of fire power for small game/birds. The 410 says can take hollowpoint riffled sabbots too. Thats a pretty big slug what do you think that can take down?

  6. Anony.....don't know much bout "guns".
    My son gave me a little .410 for birthday years ago. It's called a snake charmer, so's I guess it would take down a snake with no problem. It had a plastic stock, what broke, so I made a pistol grip to replace it. I'll put a pic on the blog.
    I would rekon a big ole slug that big would take out a big bully with a knife.