Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Last Day in Port A

Who say ships don't park in RV Parks

Here it is. The last day in Port A. Not that I'm really excited or something like that, but it sure is gonna be good to get away from 90% humidity, sweat drip'n off me, sand everywhere (in "da house"), beach bored, high prices and too many freak'n tourist. Progress has had it's way of turn'n a quaint little fishing village into an expensive tourist trap "paradise" for the rich and famous.

This morning proves to be a wonderful looking day. Only a slight breeze, a few morning clouds and a moderate temp of 86 degs....LOLOLOLOL......right, moderate.

Last night I made the mistake of "attempting" to repair a slight water leak on the water heater....what I knowed about for the last two weeks. That's right Billy Bob, go break something when ya know all the stores are closed. Twisted that drain plug right off. Now what ya gonna do???
Turn the water off of course. What I did. With old Billy Bob know'n some stuff, I took a hacksaw blade, split the busted off drain plug and removed it in 5 minutes. Plumbing sell'n place in the morning.

Still have no idea where I gonna go. North is the only thing I know at this time. San Antonio??? I rekon I'll just hook up and head up the Interstate a couple hunerd miles. Pull into a rest area and ponder the possibilities. No hurry, no worry.

Ok, I got stuff to do......laterz

9:30am....well that took care that. No leak and made reservations for Garner State Park for 4 or 5 days, maybe a week. Got the slides pulled in, check all that stuff like oil and air, pick up dog poop in the yard....well actually I didn't pick it up, I raked it in the holes Lug Nut dug try'n to catch a fiddler crab.

Speak'n of fiddler crabs, did I ever tell ya bout the time....it were back in 64' or there bouts, I went out on the town and got rip snort'n drunk. Drove down to the beach an' went "fiddler crab" hunt'n....they was everywhere...throwed them in the back seat. Bunches. Then I got really tired, worn out and sleepy so's I crashed (passed out) in the back seat with all them crabs. Weren't long and the sun come up....and I hear the sound of water. Holy cows, there water in the car....salt water...big buckets of it. And I were "stuck"....in the rising tide. People started show'n up with boards, chains and a big ol' WW2 6x6, or something like that. That was the end of my fiddler crab hunt'n days and the end of a beautiful 1956 2 door Ford Crown Victoria.

Now back to important stuff. It's freak'n hot. Still have a few little things to do, but no hurry, no worry.

Ok.....it's time to be "on the road again" Will post as I can.

Break time. Been on the road a couple hours and a half and Lug Nut says...."STOP!!! I gotta pee". Pee'd right on that big ole truck tire sit'n next door. Took'em out on the grass to drop a log, but all they was interested in was some little bug critter run'n for his life.

Don't ya just love Texas rest areas?? Free wifi, grass to lay down on and take a nap, .....ah ha, I just spied a hat lay'n on a picnic bench over there. Snatch that sucker up in a minute....I like hats. Keeps this long ass hair out my eyes.

Bout half way there to Uvalde, where I gonna spend the night at Walmart. Do my grocery shop'n, fill up the gas tank, bout $150 worth, and eat me up some Chinese buffet....that's the place I said I would NEVER eat again. But I sure do like Chinese.

Hat snatch'n time and sign'n off.....see ya down the road.
LOL....oops, the owner was lay'n on a bench tak'n a snooze. So much for free hats.


  1. Bbob, for what its worth I think you left too early.

    chili cook off in the first of november in terlingua. I know youve been boondockin in Quartsite Arizona before and know that place starts hoppin the 3rd week in November. I'm gonna hit Quartsite before Thanksgiving I think to see all the cool things they sell at the worlds largest swap meet. they all move to tucson 2nd week in Feb.

    If you havnt been to the arizona caverns 50 miles outside of kingman you goto go. Its on route 66 on the seligman turnoff.

    Keep us posted!

  2. Dang water heaters,, I had the same experience once, ended up just replacing the whole dang thing cause it had sand deposits in the bottom, now days, I got an added on pipe I can drain it outside with out having to drag out a long hose to run through the house to the front door.

  3. Ben, forget the water heater. It were the 1956 Ford Crown Victoria I was look'n for comments on. Sheesh!!!

  4. OH, the sand barrier reef you made outa your 56 Ford? Sorry.

    Almost happen to us down on SPI with our Ford Ranger PU, wife's fault not mine!! I was in the bed of the truck drinking poptops!!,, Just told her to take one of the beach access paths to the beach, turn left.. Hell, I didn't look to see that the tide/surf was WAY up, she tried to pull into the soft blow sand and buried that sucker in a heart beat!! Finally some locals came along and jerked us right out.. Dang near lost that truck right there.