Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter blues

Holy crap, what was that weatherman think'n? It was 30 degs. when old Billy Bob rolled out of bed this morning. Broke out another elect. heater last night just in case, and it were a case of "just in case". I would'a died had I depended on that heater in the other room. Nice a cozy all night long.

Pesky neighbor Wayne come over bout 7:30, all bundled up....gloves and stuff. He took the dogs for a ride around the park in the "open air" golf cart and when he got back, he was almost blue from the freez'n weather. Brrrrrrrr!!!!

Looks like an inside day for the rest of the morning. Won't be in the 70's till after 3pm.....according to the weather guy....what was wrong last night......by 8 degs. There ain't a breath of a breeze out there, so maybe I'll jack up "that jeep" and see why it's so hard to steer with the key off. More on that idea later. Hmmmm....sounds like work to me.

Speak'n of cold.....it seems like every time old Billy Bob has to put on a jacket, he get the blues. Did ya know I have a 7 year old snow ball in my freezer. It used to be the size of a professional baseball, but now it's about the size of a pinto bean. How the hell can a snowball get out a plastic baggie??? What the hell a snowball got to do with the blues????

Well I want you lookie here. Went outside in the cold, jack them front wheels off the ground and start look'n . Holy crap.....now what wrong with this jack what keeps put'n the tire back on the ground? Anyhows, the steering binds at center travel....that ain't right....right??? Then I takes this steer'n rod loose, what falls right on top my head with a "thud"....not like a watermelon...I know someone gonna say that. Yep, steer'n wheel still binds center of travel. Got on the internet, what I very seldom do, to check price of a new steer'n box. Holy crap...$300. Then I find this forum bout fix'n jeeps...hot dog someone tell me what to do....adjust the box. Did that and no more bind. Road test still to come. If'n it stays in one lane, old Billy Bob done fix it.

Now.....someone explain to me how a snowball can evaporate and get out that "sealed" bag?
Turned out to be a perfect day. Bout 75 degs, no wind and beautiful body warm'n sunshine. Can't beat that with a stick!!!


  1. Im sittin here thinking of what to respond to your post this morning BBob. All I can say" I dont know how a snow ball got out of the baggie and out of the freezer.lol or what it has to do with the weather. Im just sitting here laugh and chuckle.

    I think you might have got brain frost. it'll thaw.

  2. Ditto that OGT.
    It's practically arctic here in SFBay area. Gusty cold breeze. eeeek.
    Hummingbirds going sideways.

  3. It evaporated. Either that or it's going into the parallel universe, whatever that is. 48 here in East Texas this morning, poor young maters, got green uns on the vine hoping they stay long enough to turn sorta red at least. Supposed to quit rainin for a whole two days ya! hoo! Thinkin about going back to Oregon coast where it only rains 300 days a year.

  4. Yes Ice will evaporate in the freezer.
    And Bob from Athens pick the green maters , wrap them in newspaper and put then in a box or the like and store them somewhere , like under the bed. Check em every once in awhile, most of them will ripen. Don't wrap more than one in each piece of paper.
    Done it often here with late season maters, it does work.

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  6. There is a man in a black suit and tails. he goes into the freezer and asks the audience if they see a snowball in the baggie. then he puts the snowball in the freezer. and SHAZAAAM!! no more snowball

    Its Magic!!!