Saturday, October 31, 2009

Excellent weather

Boy howdy were I glad I turn that faucet on last night. It was 24 degs, what everyone know will freeze idle water. Slept all night long up to 6:20am when that damn dog wanted out. It was still very dark out there and he were gone....like a bullet...out there in that field hunt'n rabbits just like them coyotes do. That dog worries me!!!

Spent way too much time on Mr Wells chat thingy this morning. Now I got to postpone one of my chores for the day. Since the vacuum cleaner is out, I'll go ahead and vacuum all the carpet. That may turn into the only chore I do today......like that idea!!! Have 4 forks left in the drawer, so dishes can wait a couple more days. Trash is bagged, but I can toss that outside for a day or so. Don't want to overload myself with too much work ya know.

Will be back later.............

Knowed I shouldn't'a ate them 6 pieces bacon, 3 "el grande" big'um eggs and a big scoop of the chili. Put old Billy Bob out like a light. But I did get half the vacuum'n done before I laid down. Now that I'm back up, do I or don't I?

Got a phone call from the windshield fix'n place....winders are in. Told them I would be there Tuesday morning at 8am. Now all I got to do is figger out how the hell I gonna do that. To be there at 8am, I got to leave here at 5am and at 5am I am grouchy as hell and have only one eye open. Probably gonna just go Monday evening and sleep in their parking lot. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Gonna have to put the dogs on Waynes porch so he can baby sit.


  1. Great news on the window or is it windows? ) being in. and I bet letting Wayne dog sit is going to cost you a round or two of golf huh?

    Sounds like a plan to spend the night close to the fixing place. If you like me, you hate having to jump out of bed and take off driving right away.

    BTW, if you have Google Earth running, did you take a look at your current location on it? Looks like to me the pictures on it have been updated. Is your house in the pictures maybe?

  2. Yeah Ben, they updated the pics on Google Earth, but I'm not there. It says 2009 but I been here since 2006....so who steal my house???