Tuesday, June 30, 2015

News from "da house"

Well shoot, there' a reason I'm out of bed at this time of day....6am. I could give ya all the reasons, but ya only gonna git one this morn'n. I got me a doctor appointment later on an' I'm all excitis bout what we gonna argue bout when I get there. Ya see, the last "test" sciatic nerve block injection did not work. I been think'n for the last two weeks what I'm gonna jump his ass over....but then I got to think'n, I'll just sit back an' see what HE got to say.

The lumbar block injection has been decided on since the sciatic nerve block didn't do nuttin to relieve any pains. This is called choice. Now just how great would it be to get the injection today? Ha....we gonna just have us a talk an' schedule my next appointment.

Boat modification construction is complete. This sucker is ready for a few coats of automotive spray can paint.
I jut took this pic while it was still "holy cows" dark outside. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be all out of focus an' a low quality photo. But who the hell even cares?

This is just gonna have to do. I ain't gonna wait for the sun to come up for another photo. Now, take a close look at that photo. Don't ya think it look like the Mississippi river boat is smaller with the 1/2 inches modification to the hull?

Speak'n of "a close look". I super glue my freak'n glasses lens. I don't come off with denatured alcohol. It don't come off with acetone. It don't come off with sand paper neither. Off to Lenscrafters in the next couple days for a set of new glasses. I hate vision inspections just to get a prescription. I have insurance....only costs me a $35 deductible. I'm using 4 year old spares....."oh lookie there, I cain't see shit".

Before I forgit, we talked bout this acid reflux before. I take a daily acid reducer for the last 8 years or so....give or take. At $4 for a bottle of 50 Ranitidine (Zantac), I'm think'n I'm do'n Ok. I mentioned a couple weeks back that I thought I could have a stomach virus an' I'm think'n I was right.  Last couple days, I ain't had me no acid reflux an' I ain't puked neither. Thanks to 6 cans of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup an' a big box of Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats with a gallon of ice cold milk. Last night I eat up a plate of hamburger steak, mash taters an' mac an' cheese.

Speak'n of eat'n, Sadie Mae an' this "damn cat" are get'n along much better. But Sadie Mae is still boss an' she tell that cat a thing or two.

  I missed a good shot of my "kids" lay'n in a camp chair together. Most time when Sadie Mae is lay'n in a chair an' the damn cat jump up there, Sadie Mae rolls her eyes an' goes finds another chair. Yesterday she didn't do that. They both lay there together for a good 10 minutes. Then Sadie Mae says..."this shit sucks"....heads for another chair.

Speak'n of that "damn cat", have ya ever hear of a cat named Leonard? To test what it sounds like, stick yer head out the door an' holler..."Leeeonard!!...git in da house". See what I'm talk'n bout? Sounds good don't it? He grow'n too.

While we're talk'n bout cats, let's talk bout them dad gum fleas. Ya see, I put some generic Frontline on the cat. Same ingredients. It don't work to keep fleas off him. He rub his head on my chin...a love hug. Now I got fleas in my beard. Ha ha, not really, I comb 'em out with a flea comb. Next I will try Advantage II, but I got to wait another couple weeks for this stuff to wear off. 

My freak'n mater plants are grow'n a hunnert mile a hour. I'm gonna have to put up a 8 foot 2x4 to hold 'em up. Well maybe they ain't grow'n quite THAT fast, but they sure are get'n tall. Cain't wait for that first thick slice mater sammich.

Ok, that's it for today. Cain't think of nuttin else to write about. Shoot, I got to get back to the "old" Billy Bob. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Same Ol' Same Ol' at Billy Bob's house

As each day passes, the old Billy Bob comes up with new aches an' pains. Part of get'n old I rekon.

Those dad gum mater plants are giv'n me a hard time. The afternoon hot sun bear'n down on them an' the hot temps had done some damage. Bottom leaves turned a yuky yeller color an' began to shrivel up. We moved the mater plants. They now receive a "cool" morn'n sunshine up to bout 3pm an' then they are shaded for the next 3 hours by the awning. The last 2 hours of daylight, they receive additional sunshine before the sun goes down. Miracle Gro has been added to the daily watering. They began to perk up.

Do ya see what I see????

Since my last post on the repairs to the Mississippi river boat, I ain't done a thing. Will update ya on progress when I decide to do some progress.

The flea situation got so bad we had to give Sadie Mae an' that "damn cat" another Dawn bath. "Sally da house" was bombed. Black flag was sprayed on stuff. These fleas has got to go. The Sentry flea kill'n stuff don't seem to be work'n too well. Reviews were 50/50. It contains the exact same ingredients as Frontline Plus in case you're wondering. Possibility I may switch to Advantage II.

Cat is do'n good. Sadie Mae rolls her eyes an' says...."Oh God, there's that cat". 

I builded a pot of beef vegetable noodle soup in the pressure cooker. First mistake, I left the meat too long under pressure (1 hour). Next time it will be 30 minutes. Then I placed 3 week old carrots in it. Then I was short on beef stock. Then I added CAN vegetables. Then I added 3 packages of McCormick beef stew seasoning. In the world of cook'n, this should be a perfect pot of soup. Well, let me tell ya right now....it ain't.

I'm still hav'n me stomach problems. Ever thing I eat I git me a case of acid reflux. Thank God for Alka Seltzer. I've lost some pounds in the last couple weeks. From past experience, it will take a year to gain it back.

Good news, temps have began to fall. For the next week we gonna have us some spring weather. Mid 80's an' lower 60's at night. I'm think'n I can handle that. 

Try'n to update......with Chrome

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I been sick...no posts

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well shoot, I'm gonna try to write a blog post.

I been sick like a sum-a-gun an' that dad gum right hip, it ain't no better. I git up in the morn'n an' I'm all bened over. This shit sucks.

I been try'n to lay off the aspirins 'cause they thin my blood too much. Got me bruise marks all over my arms. As a replacement, I been tak'n Tylemol 3's an' double up on Advil. Still ain't as good as the aspirin (2- 500mg Back an' Body). Damn, I hope this upcom'n lumbar block will help.

The Mississippi river boat is com'n along just fine. Frame members (ribs) have been added to the bottom an' planking has been started. Wanna see????
Preparations are being made.....it's gonna work.....maybe.
Ha, it's work'n pretty darn good.......yup.
I think I can deal with this....looks good from my house.

Now if'n I could only figger out how to remove super glue from fingers. Boy howdy I glue so many fingers together I ain't got nuttin to work with no more. Think'n I done removed bout 2 layers of skin get'n that stuff off my fingers with a razor knife an' coarse sandpaper. Ha, up to this point....no blood droplets.

The propane tank repair has been checked off the "Georgia fix it" list. If'n ya don't recall, two weld joints had broke loose an' the propane tank was dangle'n on the two remaining weld joints. Two 3/16  x 2 x 3 angle iron was drilled an' installed to replace the broken weld joints. No, it ain't a "redneck" repair. This is a professional repair by the supervision of none other than the old Billy Bob. "No Robert, drill the hole right here".

I bought me up some flea stuff for the "damn cat" an' Sadie Mae. Two days later, the cat is still got fleas. Think'n Sadie Mae has still got some too. "Yo mama" gifted me with a special flea comb....two rows of teeth the fleas get trapped in between. Then I stick the comb into a solution of Dawn an' regular tap water....kill them fleas immediately. Combed some of the Dawn solution on to the cat an' he do'n much better today. Think'n with the 8 dogs at "yo mama's" house, we have a flea problem. Yo Mama has 3, Robert has 4 an' the old Billy Bob has got 1.

Possible name for the "damn cat" could be Butterbean...or El Gato....or Bubba...or Gingersnap....hell, I don't know. I'm bout to give up on a name. But he sure do answer to "Kiddy Kiddy"...southern for the Yankee name of "Kitty Kitty". Comes a run'n ever time I call him that. He's also expanded his travels to the wide open spaces. Was up on Yo Mama's back deck yesterday 2 times an' checked out most the front yard long bout midnight. He attack 2 of the smaller dogs last night when he was all winded up....just play'n. My God, he do that attack stuff to a big dog, they gonna chomp him slap in half. This is one wild ass cat.....go a hunnert mile a hour.

No other important news at this time....unless dy'n of heat stroke is considered important news. 97 degs today if'n ya consider that hot. An' it ain't even July yet. But....we got us some cooler weather headed this way. Mid 80's daytime an' mid 60's night time. What ya think bout that? Ha, Arctic cold front.  


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sanded boat bottom

Ok, I done something yesterday, so I'm gonna write bout it. The dishes are warshed. That right there was a chore at my house, but maybe you think warsh'n dishes is easy an' not a chore you would write about. In my book, any time I got a job what take over 2 hours to complete, I got something to write about. I probly do dishes different than other people. Ya see, what ya do is pile a bunch of dishes in a pan of super hot water. Then ya take a break while the water cools down a bit. Ya wash 'em up. Then ya reload the pan. It's break time again....let 'em soak. In bout a hour or so, you got all them dishes warshed up. Simple.

I broke out the Mississippi river boat yesterday. Remember I tole ya the bottom had cracks in it? I sanded all that old paint off down to the wood planking.  How much paint did I sand off? Ha, looks like bout 5 coats....one of which was epoxy. Two 80 grit sand'n disks an' my brand spank'n  new sander an' I was done in nuttin flat....bout 3 hours.

 Now, bout that bottom of the boat, we gonna add 1/2 inch to it. A shit load of frame members an' 1/8th inch planking. Ya see, when the boat is in the water, the water line is too high,,,,right up to that black piece of railing thingy. The added 1/2 inch should lower the water line close to 1/4 inches. I ain't no freak'n engineer, so's I don't know for sure. An' I never get no engineering help when I need it.

Then I gonna sand all that bottom back down slick as a babies butt. Paint on two thin coats of poly resin to seal the bottom super water tite. Be strong like bull.....no more cracks. Then repaint.

Ok, I'm think'n maybe I got me some kind of stomach virus or something like that. Yesterday morn'n I feel just fine. But then later in the day, I'm sick again. Ate me some Alka Seltzer an' heat up a can of Campbell's soup. This morn'n, I'm so so....not sure if'n I'm gonna die or not. Rekon in bout a year or so, I'll gain back all the weight I lost. This freak'n hip is kill'n me....damn!!!

I like your questions Louie. Yup, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is still kick'n dirt. The "bird condos" are do'n fine. Only bout 4 or 6 vacancies left. Now let me tell ya what I did. Georgia birds build their nests out of pine needles. So I place a few handfulls on the front porch of the condos. Blue birds builded nests out of them pine needles. Just yesterday I was watch'n a mama blue bird fly up to her apartment with a bug in her mouth. I'm think'n she done had her some bird puppies.

Mater plants are in bad shape. Think'n maybe too much afternoon sun in the mid 90 temps. I gonna move 'em for a bit of shade in the hottest part of the day. Mix me up some Miracle Gro. Gonna start feed'n an' watering them maters every day....see what happens.

Damn dog done eat my sunglasses. Busted one of the lenses. Now I cain't see nuttin. Stipit dog.

Ok, I'm gonna go sit on "da deck", sip me up a cup an' do me some think'n.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wild ass cat an' Sadie Mae is com'n round...kind of sorta

Ha ha.....you missed it. That "damn cat" was go a hunnert mile a hour last night. All Sadie Mae could do was shrug her shoulders an" roll her eyes. I went into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. This cat is wild.....ha ha, my kind of cat.

Then on my first "got to git up" out of bed due to a severe backards leg cramp, that cat go wild one more time. Sadie Mae is lay'n on the floor....eyes roll'n. The cat decides he's gonna go suck him some nipple an' dig fingernails into Sadie Mae's belly. With water gun in hand, I decide to see what happens. Sadie Mae just lay there....don't do a thing.

Then this morn'n, I'm brew'n me up a pot of fresh coffee....the cat comes slap alive...again. Mess'n with my wonderful travel companion Sadie Mae. Sadie Mae has a change of heart, she chases the cat with tail a wagg'n. This is a good first sign that I don't have to get rid of the "damn cat".

One of the things that is seldom mentioned on blogs is "the day I end up stiff as a board". It's a subject seldom spoken an' a subject of grim circumstances....not blogging material. The "grim reaper" stands in wait.
In the blogging world, I have seen 4 bloggers pass to another life....maybe a frog, a buttefly...or something like that. Two of those were in our own little blogging circle. So quickly forgotten an' never again spoken of. When my time comes, I will be no different. Something to think about.

For the last 2 days, not today, I have been sick like a dog. Something bout my stomach regurgitating (green puke) anything I put in there. Even a can of Campbells Chicken Noodle soup turn a nasty yeller green color. Think'n I may have lost bout 14 pounds in them 2 days.
Last night my wonderful son Robert jump in his truck an' head off to the store. Pick me up a box of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats an' some fresh "whole" milk. I don't drink that watered down 2% crap. One bowl an' in nuttin flat, I was feel'n sooo much better. This morn'n, I don't feel bad at all. Other than a dad gum hurt'n like hell right hip an' a 16 penny nail in my lower back.

I been try'n to not think too much bout Texas an' what to expect when I get there. But it's still there an' it ain't a pretty picture from my point of view. First thing I got to do is drive a freak'n thousand mile to get there. I'm not good at driv'n that far any more. Shoot, I don't even feel like climb'n in the "billy jeep" an' driv'n 10 mile to Walmart or Home Depot. Then when I get there, Texas, where am I gonna camp? There's always "El Rancho Abraham's", but that's stress city. I don't need no stress.
But all this is still a ways off....no need to talk bout it now.

Ok, that's it for now. Maybe something will happen today that I can write tomorrow morn'n. But don't bet a whole paycheck on it.

We try'n......   

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Been boring boring boring.....damn!!!

Ok.....after bout 3 days of back break'n work, "Sally da house" again has a working bedroom  slide out. Well, it's always worked, but not near as good as it does now that repairs have been made. In my book, engineers should pay more attention to designing a great piece of equipment instead of designing a POS piece of equipment. I mean like...how hard is it to build a slide out that slides in an' out? You git what you pay for.

Me an' that "damn cat" is get'n along pretty good. Sadie Mae ain't. She won't even have nuttin to do with all the other dogs run'n round here. I think she has accepted that she has to share "daddy", but she ain't like'n it. She gets extra lap time. Pet'n an' talk'n ya know.
"How would you like yer steak daddy"? 

Bout the name for the cat. We down to bout 15 possible names. I have a couple favs....Gato, Hooter, Huck, Butterbean (bean for short), Cheeto, Simba....just to name a few. No decision made yet. But, the damn thing answers to "kiddy kiddy". Just in case ya didn't know, "kitty" is a yankee name. In the south, it's spelled and pronounced "kiddy". Go head an' say it, see if'n I ain't right. Next!!!

The cat is definitely a boy cat. He has gnads. He even acts like a boy cat. Get's into everthing an' takes stuff apart just to see how it works. Like a roll of butt wipe all over the floor an' important papers on my desktop. His fav sleep place is on a pile of $1 bills neatly stacked in a letter thingy on the desktop.....no pic.

I've given this last test injection plenty time to work. It don't. My hip still hurts just like before the injection. To me, it feels like the sciatic nerve. But that's where the injection was made. Now what?
I'll have the lumbar nerve block done after my next follow up an' tell the doc to find the cause of the hip pain. More news on that as time passes by.

Holy crap, it's been freak'n hot in the afternoons. Mid 90's with high 90's forecast in the very near future. Looks like it gonna be a "HOT" summer. The heat is mak'n my mater plants lay down in the afternoons. One is grow'n like a sum-a-gun (big boy), while the other (better boy) is just hang'n in there. Think'n there ain't gonna be no maters on that one. Six more weeks an' I should be eat'n "big boy" mater samiches. Yum Yum boy howdy.

Here we go again....no updates.....Grrrrrrrr...

Third try.....work you POC...."C" = Crap

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Short update on pain....an' that "damn cat"

This is the wrong time of day to be writ'n a blog post, but it's probly gonna be here for a few days anyhows...everbody can read it. Ya see, I been hav'n me a very hard time.

After go'n to the doctor an' get'n that nerve block thingy a few days ago, an' the damn thing don't work, I been down in the dumps look'n for aluminum cans. I got me a camp'n chair with me so's I can sit down ever once in a while (5 minutes).

The first nerve block (three weeks ago) was in the lumbar area (L3, L4, L5 an' L5-S1. That was to relieve the pains in my lower back. I got bout 50 to 60% relief. Doc said that was good for a "test" blockage (lasts for 2 weeks then......pooof, it's gone).

This last nerve block, a few days ago, was in the sacral area of my back to relieve the pains in my hip.Sciatic nerve. Before I got to the doc office, I was all excitis, jump'n up an' down.....I'm gonna be pain free in my hip. Swak a golf'n ball three hunnert yards. Them ideas was busted 30 minutes after the injection while cruis'n down the road in the pick up truck. Pain in my freak'n hip. An' it only got worser as the day went by.

Now, with Medicare an' my secondary insurance, I have been Oked for only one procedure. Either the lumbar area nerve block or the sacral area nerve block. Not both. It's up to me which one I will get. Decisions decisions. Think'n probly the lumbar block since I been getn up ever morn'n all crookit an' get'n them backards leg cramps again. Damn them things hurt like the dickens. Next doc visit in two weeks, so I got plenty time to decide.

Ha, bout this damn cat. Boy howdy, he done took over "Sally da house", the porch deck an' all the yard where we camped in "Yo Mama's" driveway. Trys to nurse on Sadie Mae, but she ain't hav'n none that. Up out of bed she goes to the liv'n room. The damn cat right on her heels. But, in the last couple days, Sadie Mae is com'n round....ignores the cat an' then she goes an' sniffs the damn cat. Lets the cat chew on her leg an' says nuttin. Still has to be 2 feet between them in the bed at night.

I need help. I cain't come up with a good name for a orange cat. No Trouble, not "billy cat".

I bathed the cat in Dawn again yesterday. Hunnerts of fleas die instantly. Cat decide to crawl up my arm. Dig a claw into one my veins. Damn, I'm bleed'n bad. Thumb pressure fix it right up. Calm cat down an' give him a good rinse....then he run like hell. Later after he all dry, he come slap "orange cat" alive. This is one frisky cat.

No work news today. Everthing the same it was a few days ago. Robert is frustrated....I am frustrated.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Injection don't work.....damn!!!!

I rekon I need to telll ya all bout that injection I got yesterday. Ya want a long drawed out explaination, or do ya want a short an' to the point one? I'll think bout that for a minute.

Two very important items on my "Georgia fix it/ repair it" list is the two slide outs.
1. The front slide out has a piece of aluminum trim what was tore all to smithereens an' is got to be replaced. The wiper gasket is also got to be replaced. Six feet of the alum trim has been removed....an' throwed in the dumpster. Home Depot sells 1" alum. angle for replacement. The wiper gasket has been located on E-Bay.

2. The bedroom slide out has a much bigger problem. The bottom floor of the slide out has a rotted area....what I'll talk bout in a minute....or it is a very poorly designed floor. The floor warps up at the two rollers when the slide out is in the out position. There is no signs anywheres that water has got into the slide out. With out water, there is no rot. This gives me the impression that the slide out floor is NOT a solid wood floor, but a aluminum frame constructed floor covered with plywood. Has it always been like this.....maybe. I've always had problems with the bottom gasket at the two ends.....tore slap up.
Anyhows, the old Billy Bob has come up with a cure. Ain't even gonna tell ya what it is until I tear some stuff apart.....the bed....all the ways down to the bed floor.

Me an' Robert arrive at the doctor office right on time. People are sit'n in the wait'n room. The nice cute little girl tell me "it's gonna be bout 3 hours". Ha ha, then she tell me she was just mess'n with me. In 5 minutes, my name is called. The nice girl sticks a freak'n needle in my arm (hand). Another girl says "come with me". I'm injected with a "go to sleep" solution an' I'm wide awake when the doc jabs me in the back. *they use X-ray to position the needle in the correct place* Doc says, "you can go home now". A total of less than maybe 15-20 minutes.

In the truck, my hip hurts. Eat'n a lunch at I-Hop, my hip hurts. It continues to hurt for the next 7 or 11 hours. My hopes of a "pain free" hip are down the drain. Now what I gonna do?

Me an' Robert sit at a campfire up till 12:30am. Just talk'n an' stuff. Maybe by morn'n, my hip will be pain free. I take me up a couple aspirins.
Fast forward to 7:30am....I got me two blamed backards leg cramps. Coffee brewed, bathroom chores completed, I sit down to sip up a cup. My freak'n hip is begin'n to hurt. It gets worser as the hours pass by.
This is where I stand this morn'n. Where is the pain com'n from that the injection didn't fix it?

Speak'n of the cat....he done decided "Sally da house" is his/her/it's lifetime home. Knows ever nik an' cranny. Sadie Mae is still in the "git the hell away from me" mode. But, she is better than a couple days ago. Time will tell. Oh, cat will receive another Dawn bath today. Them fleas has go to go.    

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Injection day...relief....maybe

Howdy, how ya been...ain't see ya in a while.

What I write this morn'n ain't interest'n neither, but just so's I'll remember the day of my second "test" injection of stuff in my back, here I are.

I been in pain before, much worse than the last few days, let me tell ya right now.....I thought I was gonna die. Just to get up out of a chair to go pee was bout the hardest project I worked on since the other day. All personal projects have been put on hold.

"Houston, we have a problem". Ya see, this damn cat an' my Sadie Mae ain't get'n long too good. Sadie Mae don't want nuttin to do with this cat. An' let me tell ya, the cat is try'n much harder than Sadie Mae is. Sadie Mae lays in her favorite spot, where ever my feet are, an' the cat has just got to mess with her. Wake her ass up....stuff like that. Sadie Mae looks at me with her sad eyes an' says...."do we have to have a freak'n cat"? Other than that, bout all I can say is....."this damn cat is wild".

The cat fount the Onan generator up under "da house". A safety thing, the dogs cain't get him/her/it under there. Not that they are try'n to "git it", they just want to play with a "damn cat". Then he/she/it decides to check out a open compartment (under "da house"). Checked out the 3 slid'n drawers full of heavy construction equipment, climb to the other side an' check out the "bubba boat" an' a pile of boating/fish'n gear.....stay in there for 2 hours. I cain't find my "damn cat".

Anyhows, even though me an' the cat are get'n long just fine, it's Sadie Mae what I'm worried bout. But it's still early in the game, she may come around. I've had Sadie Mae for 10 plus years, so it's her that matters most.

Fleas....have ya ever had fleas? How the hell do ya get rid of 'em? I did the Dawn dishwarsh'n soap. That kill bout a thousand fleas. I did the Frontline spray stuff. That kill bout a thousand fleas. "Yo Mama" give me a special desingned flea comb. That get rid of another thousand fleas. The cat still has fleas an' it's too early to give it the real flea stuff. Think'n it may be time for another "Dawn" bath.

Ok, here in a bit....5 hours, I got to head off to town for that injection. As much as I hate needles, I'm all excitis. The nice nurse lady tole me....no eats or drinks before show'n up. I tole her..."I will drink my morn'n coffee". So's I got up way early this morn'n.....man boy howdy, "this is a great pot of coffee". I'll not be tell'n her I had coffee this morn'n. If'n she asks, I'll flat out lie. I want somebody explain to me how a couple cups of coffee can affect some non English speak'n doctor to inject some stuff in my back with a 20 penny nail. A 10 minute procedure. Ha....I may find out here in a bit.

The bedroom slide out has a problem. A major problem.....rotted floor. Me an' Robert tackle that project yesterday. Spend a few hours work'n on it. It ain't fixed. Temporary repairs have been made. I was in tears. In a RV repair shop, it would cost bout $5000 to replace the rotted floor. The temporary repair costed $17 for a piece of 1/4 inches 2' by 4' masonite for the rollers to roll on.

Ok, that's bout all I got this morn'n. Will let ya know how my injection works out....I know one person that will want to know. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

That "damn cat" is alive.....yikes

Ok, the name "Damn cat" will not be the name of this damn cat. Although, there will be many times I'll be call'n it "damn cat" in certain instances, another name will be chosen according to it's personality. Speak'n of personality, it's got one...a typical orange cat. It wouldn't take much for me to name it "Rambo" or something like that.

Yesterday, the "damn cat" was defleaed in the kitchen sink using Dawn dish warsh'n soap. You ain't never see so many dead fleas in yer life float'n round in the rinse water.....poor thing. Then I fount my Frontline flea spray under the sink. In bout 2 days, the cat gonna get a good spray'n. Yes it's for kittens before ya say something.  

Tried to take some pics last night when this "damn cat" come full fledge "orange cat". By the time the flash go off, the cat is on the other side the room get'n into something else. Walk all over my laptop keyboard....screens pop'n up, had to reboot. Eat'n important papers lay'n on the desktop. Climb my leg a hunnert time....got little bitty holes to prove it. Knock stuff off'n the countertop, knock stuff off'n the table...climbs up under the dashboard. My kind of cat.

Anything I had planned for yesterday was put on hold until possibly tomorrow. Shoot, I thought I was gonna die. Not at all a good day.
Ya see, the night before, I took one them pills what make me dizzy an' high. In the morn'n, I was still dizzy an' a bit tipsy. I guess I'll be put'n up with the pains in my feet....I swear, they were help'n my feet. Today, I am hurt'n so bad in my hip I just want to cry....."Oh shit, I got dust in my eyes". Hope the hell my doc knows what he was talk'n bout when I get my next "test" shot (test shot is very short lived....bout 10 days).

Edit edit edit....maybe it will update this time.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Meow meow......you didn't

Ok, so what have I been do'n? Holy cows, I ain't been do'n a damn thing.
I got dishes stack up wait'n to be warshed, Stuff lay'n all over the place what needs to be dumpstered. "Sally da house" is a total disaster. I cain't even find my dad gum shoes.

Yesterday afternoon, grandson Nick pulls up in the yard. He come to see his papaw. He's got a orange cat in his arms. Before I go into detail bout the cat, it was give to him, but he decided he weren't ready for the responsibility of rais'n a "feisty" cat.

I picks up the cat puppy an' give it a quick once over. This orange cat is different from most orange cats, it's got little spots all over it's sides like a spotted leopard or something like that. One hind leg don't work right. Maybe somebody step on it or something. Hell I don't know, but he ain't right. Nick suggested he was gonna take him to the animal control place. Then I got to think'n, there ain't nobody gonna take a crippled cat home an' they gonna kill this cat. Not at my house they ain't.....I tells Nick to leave the cat here.

This is when I do me some think'n. Is it possible I could take care of a feisty orange cat an' not get all stressed out ever time the cat tell me...."wait a minute, I ain't ready yet". "I'll be home when I'M ready". Ha, cats do that ya know. 
"Oh no Billy Bob, you didn't". Oh but yes I did. Ya see, the cat, a little bout 8 week old puppy, took to me right off the bat. Climb right up my leg, leav'n claw marks, an' go to slap sleep in my lap. Sadie Mae says..."we ain't keep'n no cat daddy". Then Sadie Mae check out the cat..."I'll just ignore the little bastard....an' keep that damn cat out of my Kibbles an' Bits". (Last night they both slept in my bed)

 Last night an' most of yesterday was health issues. Mostly from my lower back pains, hip feel like 16 penny nails. Breathing was a issue, couldn't get a full breath. That shit skeers hell out me. Three of them sorrysome backards leg cramps made for very little sleep. I feel it today. Today, I would love to be back in Texas. Just me, Sadie Mae an' this damn cat.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

I got it made

Ya know what???.....I was sit'n here an' got to think'n, "you got it made Billy Bob".

Let me give ya a idea what I'm talk'n bout. Ya see, when ya get up in age an' ya ain't quite as spry as ya used to be, it's time to make that big change in your life what ya ain't been want'n to make. It's that time....ya got to settle down. In the case of a travel'n RV'er, that means your travel'n days, as you knew 'em, are over. Hang up the keys, brew up a pot an' go sit on "da porch" all day long an' watch the world pass ya by. Most people in the above situation, they ain't got nowheres to go an' they ain't got nobody to take care of 'em. In simple terms, they slap alone. Are ya with me so far???
Well, the old Billy Bob been think'n bout that situation. The only travels I been think'n bout is a trip to Texas an' a trip to Georgia. Any stops along the way, they don't even cross my mind. At each destination, I don't only have a convenient camp'n site (close to Walmart), I also got somebody that can/will take care of me if needed. Like this trip to Georgia......my son Robert won't let me do nuttin work related. He handles all my doctor appointments....an' he take me. He does all that without question.

In Sinton, Texas, I have nephew Joseph. Now this boy is much different than Robert in many ways, but bottom line, he will do what's necessary for my comfort. But I gotta ask. I have a permanent camp site, Walmart just up the street a couple 15 mile. I'm checked on daily to see if'n I'm still kick'n an' stuff like that. If'n I need something, I get it.
I'm think'n I pretty much got it made.

Man boy howdy, me an' that doctor go round an' round yesterday. I'm tell'n him where I hurt an' he's tell'n me where I don't hurt. I'm not concerned where I don't hurt. Poor doc, he look over at Robert an' ask...."can you help me out here"? After bout a hour of back an' forth stuff, next Wednesday I get me another "test" injection in a different place. It's for the hip pains, what I tole him in the first place, was my main concern. We'll see how this works out.

Because I hurt today, what makes me "don't give a shit", I'm think'n I'll cut today's post short.   

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I ain't do'n nuttin....

Ok, I'm gonna 'splain to ya a few things this morn'n.....I think I over-did it. Yesterday I said I weren't gonna do nuttin....what I didn't, an' this morn'n I'm gonna say the same thing all over again.

Now let me tell ya bout last night. I decided I would sit here at the computer look'n (research) at stuff an' I tune the TV to a "oldie" movie. I'm sit'n there sip'n up a cup, a smoke hang'n out my lips, swaller'n a few pain pills an', in general, I don't feel worth a crap from the top my head (headache) all the ways down to my toes. This old body was wored slap out.....an' hurt like hell. I'm rekon I did a few too many projects....think'n I could.

A call was made to the doctor this morn'n. They was gonna (next Wednesday) inject that stuff in me at the same place they injected the "test" stuff. Robert tell the nice lady, "that's the wrong place"....I'm still hav'n pains. This brings us up to the subject of insurance. The first, test, injection was Ok'ed by the insurance. I need to get another Ok to have the injection installed in the right place.....way down in the L4-5 an' the L5-S1. Now why the hell didn't they get a Ok to fix ALL my pain in the first place instead of a Ok to inject me with a "hit an' miss" deal? Be kind of like need'n a new set of spark plugs an' they check yer tire pressure.
Anyhows, ths afternoon we have a appointment. Know'n the old Billy Bob, he probly gonna tell that doc a thing or two. Then a Ok from insurance an' another "down the road a piece" injection procedure. Think'n it will be another two week test thingy like this first one. Ha, it's gonna be cold here in Georgia before long an' I don't do cold. Let's get this stuff done.

Decide I would trim my beard again. I'm tired of look'n in the mirrer an' see some drunk look'n back at me. A well trimmed beard should make me look bout 20 year younger. Hair will not be cut.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Need'n a new project

If you was a bird, whould you move in here......????

If you're a bluebird, you might. Now, I could leave the bird thing with just this photo an' go on to something else.....but, have ya ever see 3 macho men sit round for a couple hour an' git all excitis bout watch'n a dad gum birdhouse?.......an' talk'n to birds.

Anyhows, the gate is finished also.

I carry lots of tools. I got so many tools, I could construct a house if'n I wanted to. Under "da house" I have a compartment to hold all these tools.....in a nice 3 drawer stowage thingy I built many years ago.

  With all them years of service, things start to not operate right. The cabinet part was rebuilt an' new drawer guides were installed. Walla....a brand spank'n new holder for all the hand tools, nuts an' bolts, screws, duck tape an' stuff like that.

I said the other day I was bout to run slap out of projects. I was serious, I got to find me something to do.