Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sanded boat bottom

Ok, I done something yesterday, so I'm gonna write bout it. The dishes are warshed. That right there was a chore at my house, but maybe you think warsh'n dishes is easy an' not a chore you would write about. In my book, any time I got a job what take over 2 hours to complete, I got something to write about. I probly do dishes different than other people. Ya see, what ya do is pile a bunch of dishes in a pan of super hot water. Then ya take a break while the water cools down a bit. Ya wash 'em up. Then ya reload the pan. It's break time again....let 'em soak. In bout a hour or so, you got all them dishes warshed up. Simple.

I broke out the Mississippi river boat yesterday. Remember I tole ya the bottom had cracks in it? I sanded all that old paint off down to the wood planking.  How much paint did I sand off? Ha, looks like bout 5 coats....one of which was epoxy. Two 80 grit sand'n disks an' my brand spank'n  new sander an' I was done in nuttin flat....bout 3 hours.

 Now, bout that bottom of the boat, we gonna add 1/2 inch to it. A shit load of frame members an' 1/8th inch planking. Ya see, when the boat is in the water, the water line is too high,,,,right up to that black piece of railing thingy. The added 1/2 inch should lower the water line close to 1/4 inches. I ain't no freak'n engineer, so's I don't know for sure. An' I never get no engineering help when I need it.

Then I gonna sand all that bottom back down slick as a babies butt. Paint on two thin coats of poly resin to seal the bottom super water tite. Be strong like bull.....no more cracks. Then repaint.

Ok, I'm think'n maybe I got me some kind of stomach virus or something like that. Yesterday morn'n I feel just fine. But then later in the day, I'm sick again. Ate me some Alka Seltzer an' heat up a can of Campbell's soup. This morn'n, I'm so so....not sure if'n I'm gonna die or not. Rekon in bout a year or so, I'll gain back all the weight I lost. This freak'n hip is kill'n me....damn!!!

I like your questions Louie. Yup, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne is still kick'n dirt. The "bird condos" are do'n fine. Only bout 4 or 6 vacancies left. Now let me tell ya what I did. Georgia birds build their nests out of pine needles. So I place a few handfulls on the front porch of the condos. Blue birds builded nests out of them pine needles. Just yesterday I was watch'n a mama blue bird fly up to her apartment with a bug in her mouth. I'm think'n she done had her some bird puppies.

Mater plants are in bad shape. Think'n maybe too much afternoon sun in the mid 90 temps. I gonna move 'em for a bit of shade in the hottest part of the day. Mix me up some Miracle Gro. Gonna start feed'n an' watering them maters every day....see what happens.

Damn dog done eat my sunglasses. Busted one of the lenses. Now I cain't see nuttin. Stipit dog.

Ok, I'm gonna go sit on "da deck", sip me up a cup an' do me some think'n.



  1. Sadie's payback for you getting psycho cat. ha ha

  2. It's Father's Day and you're a father so sit back and relax and have a great day.

  3. hi BB. happy father's day billy bob .
    i hope your father's day is made special by all your kids .do you ever check your e-mail ? i sent you an e-mail yesterday .

  4. Thats boat gonna look real good soon as ya get done.