Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wild ass cat an' Sadie Mae is com'n round...kind of sorta

Ha ha.....you missed it. That "damn cat" was go a hunnert mile a hour last night. All Sadie Mae could do was shrug her shoulders an" roll her eyes. I went into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. This cat is wild.....ha ha, my kind of cat.

Then on my first "got to git up" out of bed due to a severe backards leg cramp, that cat go wild one more time. Sadie Mae is lay'n on the floor....eyes roll'n. The cat decides he's gonna go suck him some nipple an' dig fingernails into Sadie Mae's belly. With water gun in hand, I decide to see what happens. Sadie Mae just lay there....don't do a thing.

Then this morn'n, I'm brew'n me up a pot of fresh coffee....the cat comes slap alive...again. Mess'n with my wonderful travel companion Sadie Mae. Sadie Mae has a change of heart, she chases the cat with tail a wagg'n. This is a good first sign that I don't have to get rid of the "damn cat".

One of the things that is seldom mentioned on blogs is "the day I end up stiff as a board". It's a subject seldom spoken an' a subject of grim circumstances....not blogging material. The "grim reaper" stands in wait.
In the blogging world, I have seen 4 bloggers pass to another life....maybe a frog, a buttefly...or something like that. Two of those were in our own little blogging circle. So quickly forgotten an' never again spoken of. When my time comes, I will be no different. Something to think about.

For the last 2 days, not today, I have been sick like a dog. Something bout my stomach regurgitating (green puke) anything I put in there. Even a can of Campbells Chicken Noodle soup turn a nasty yeller green color. Think'n I may have lost bout 14 pounds in them 2 days.
Last night my wonderful son Robert jump in his truck an' head off to the store. Pick me up a box of Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats an' some fresh "whole" milk. I don't drink that watered down 2% crap. One bowl an' in nuttin flat, I was feel'n sooo much better. This morn'n, I don't feel bad at all. Other than a dad gum hurt'n like hell right hip an' a 16 penny nail in my lower back.

I been try'n to not think too much bout Texas an' what to expect when I get there. But it's still there an' it ain't a pretty picture from my point of view. First thing I got to do is drive a freak'n thousand mile to get there. I'm not good at driv'n that far any more. Shoot, I don't even feel like climb'n in the "billy jeep" an' driv'n 10 mile to Walmart or Home Depot. Then when I get there, Texas, where am I gonna camp? There's always "El Rancho Abraham's", but that's stress city. I don't need no stress.
But all this is still a ways off....no need to talk bout it now.

Ok, that's it for now. Maybe something will happen today that I can write tomorrow morn'n. But don't bet a whole paycheck on it.

We try'n......   


  1. Glad to ear that Sadie May and the cat are starting to figure out how to live together. Be a shame to have to get rid of the cat!.

  2. A couple of bloggers that have passed on come to mind. Ben (who I know both you and I have visited him in person) and The Old Fool. There have been a couple more that I know of. Four is way too many to loose. We all have to end sometime.

  3. I have been thinking really seriously about Falcon State Park, Zapata and Del Rio for the winter times. Now that I have a yak again, lakes are more interesting.

    1. Ran into a US Customs Officer at the fishing pier. He says the drug cartels will kill you before you can set up camp. Guess we better not be near the Rio Grande River again.

  4. Making us laugh until we hurt is one good reason to own a cat. Much better than other types of hurt.

  5. I guess Sadie Mae has learned the old adage about getting used to something is true. Hell, you can get used to hanging!

  6. hi BB. there is only one guarantee in life . no it is not taxes it , we all going to have our d-day . D = doomsday. BB. is old pesky neighbor wayne is alive ? has your bird condo all be rented out yet ? please send pictures . thxs BB.

  7. "So quickly forgotten an' never again spoken of"...

    Not so! How could any of us ever forget you?

    Pleased that Sadie Mae and Kiddy are coming along in their progress. I told you so, Billy Bob!

    I have my outbursts of happy laughter when seeing certain antics out of my puppers. Life is precious. My youngest, Sammy, a toy poodle, keeps me on my toes and straining to keep up with him. Yes, life is so valuable, even down to a tiny insect.

    To release some stress, why don't you just become a Georgian? Think about that little piece of land w/water some more. Sure hope you can find pain relief and unnecessary stress; yet I know where you are coming from.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog thanks for sharing