Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wayne is missing

Holy cows, Wayne is missing. Gone....pooof, just like that.

Carol just call me a while ago and Wayne has left the building to parts unknown. The hospital would give no information other than he left AMA (against medical advice). Now this is very strange since Wayne was sleeping, induced comatose by the hospital. How the hell could he just walk out? Had the hospital here removed the sedation for some unknown reason? Makes a person wonder what was happening.

We called the Mountain View hospital in Las Cruces, but he was not admitted there. The only other think'n I can come up with is that he was transferred to the VA hospital in either Las Cruces, NM or El Paso, Texas.  Carol has the phone numbers to both and she will be calling them shortly.

Shortly later.......
Ok, this Deming hospital is full of shit. We found Wayne, with no freak'n help from hospital staff. He is definately in Mountain View Hospital in Las Cruces. Even got a room number, although it is in ICU. He was never un-sedated and remains so in Las Cruces. There has been no change in his condition for better or worse.

The way I figger it, his last doctor in Deming is MY doctor, so he was probably listed as Wayne's primary doctor. If that is the case, he would have transferred Wayne to Mountain View where he would receive excellent care. Fingers crossed!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Latest news

There is a woman in Deming, Carol. She has been the one making all the phone calls and informing me the results. She has a "Mother Superior" nurse daughter or something like that back in Virginia. Carol, called her and ask some questions about Wayne's condition, induced comatose, pneumonia, being on a respirator (not breathing machine), his grayish skin color, the coldness of his upper body. "Mother Superior" asked her if she had ever seen a dead person. It appears that the hospital is keeping Wayne alive until his relatives arrive. 

So where does this leave old Billy Bob? I'll have no desire to return to Deming if Wayne doesn't come home. Even passing through on one of my "trips" will be hard. For quite some time I have been looking for a place. Somewhere where there was room for 2 R/V's, mine and Wayne's. He had agreed to go with me if I ever found a place....as long as there was a golf ball swak'n place near by.

This is a sad day for me.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old dreams

Why do the young think that dreams are only for them? Old folks dream also, with less hope, less anticipation, yet they dream.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wayne update

One more "pesky neighbor" update. He is still sedated and on a breathing machine.  The ICU nurse says there is more wrong than just the pneumonia.....what ever that means. Supposedly, there is a family member on the way to Deming. A niece....or something like that.

Boy howdy, what I gonna do if old "pesky" don't pull through. We been through a lot in the last 7 years. You know, swak'n golf balls, build'n stuff, sit'n on "da porch sip'n a cup and the endless BS sessions. Wayne is probably the only reason I am still in Deming. Ya just can't pull out on a friend that needs ya.

On another note, I will be here in Deming as long as Wayne needs me. This puts my Texas "fish'n" trip on hold till he can make it on his own. The VA has been trying to put him into a nursing home, but he won't do that....well maybe now he will.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Think'n bout my life

I have no news on old "pesky neighbor" Wayne. The hospital lady could not give out any information because I was not "family". And she had a very strong Mexican accent....what is hard for an old redneck to understand.
Ok, just talked to Mike, Wayne's medical contact. He says Wayne is still the same as two days ago, still sedated and on a breathing machine. That's all I know.

One thing disturbed me in the comments section. You know who you are. Please think before you hit the post button.

Now I'm gonna go out on "da porch", sip a cup and do some think'n bout my lifes situation. I know I need to make some changes if I want to stay around much longer. Speak'n of staying around a little longer, my doc said I would make it another year if I minded my ways. He opened my eyes to a few things. So I told him I would take his damn stress test when I come back from my "slabs" trip next year. Ya see, he was tell'n my bout them new bypasses can start to leak and they could put stints in....good for another few years. Wonder why they didn't put in stints in the first place.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"pesky neighbor" Wayne

Boy howdy, bad news.

I was sit'n here mind'n my own business and up drives an ambulance. I didn't call no ambulance. But apparently "pesky neighbor" Wayne did. When I looked over at him sit'n at his table, he look the same he do every morning. He had even let Sadie Mae in to eat up the cats food. Nothing seem out of the ordinary.

Now I got to think'n....that could be me they took away. Us older folks just don't get by like we used to do. Things happen to the body when ya least expect it, and had no idea that it could happen to you. We don't walk like we used to. Our bodies hurt. We mostly only exist. Dreams are shattered by "old age". We depend on no one. Our biggest hope is that tomorrow will be better than today.

I know this is distressing news for those that are acquainted with Wayne through my blog. It's distressing to me too. Makes my mind think. Who's gonna take care of the old fart while I'm off down the road in some God forsaken place? Who's gonna help him when he's in need? I can't take on the responsibility when I have issues of my own. I have my own dreams, aspirations, wants and needs. Boy howdy, what I gonna do now???

Latest news on Wayne......hospital looking for nearest relatives.

Latest news again.......Wayne has peemonia.....so I can't spell pneumonia the same as everyone else. So here's the deal. Wayne has COPD or something like that and peemonia can be fatal in his case. He is sedated at the hospital and will be there for a few days to a week. I'll attempt to visit him tomorrow.
Now for the rest of the story. There is a feller here at the park that thinks he can just go into Wayne's abode and snoop around. Says he gonna have someone come in and clean up the place. But old Billy Bob stepped right up and tole him that there weren't nobody gonna go snoop'n round Waynes house while I'm here. My God, the man just went to the hospital and the "snoops" are already com'n out the woodwork. I'll pad lock the door if I have to and bring his cat to my house with Sadie Mae.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Birds????

Where have all the birds gone?? Usually in the early morning like this, there are lots and lots of birds out at the feeder station. This morning there are none. Not one. Not even a rabbit.

It all started yesterday. I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and cleaning up my project "bubba boat" mess. There were no birds in the trees and the pesky doves were not scream'n at me. Mighty strange.

12 noon:
Ok....birds are coming back. But still not near as many as usual. So I guess we will all wake up tomorrow, have a big breakfast, then go out on "da porch" and sip a cup.

Me and "pesky" was out on "da porch" talk'n BS to each other. Somehows we got on the subject of snakes....the mean kind. Of course he told the old redneck story of the guy that shot a hole in the bottom of the boat with a shot gun when a snake fell out of a tree into the boat. That reminded me of my first swim'n adventure in the swim hole on the farm. I was 6 year old, knowed nuttin bout how to swim. As long as my feet was touch'n bottom, I was swim'n. There was 6 of us in that hole, but then there was only 1.....me, feet barely touch'n bottom. There was snakes in the water. That where I learn to swim...... really fast.

Ok, one more thing on the "bubba boat". I need to slow down that little 12 volt motor. Not that I don't mind go'n a hunert mile a hour, but have ya ever try to troll a fish lure go'n that fast??? I know there's someone on here that knows how to do this, so tell me.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Well ya can see old Billy Bob ain't been just lay'n round "do'n nuttin". Them numbers took almost half a day to finish.....with coffee breaks when needed.  First I had to make stencils out of the numbers I bought. Then I made another trip to town...Walmart of course, and bought me up a couple paint pens from the crafts department. It's acrylic paint, but who will ever know. So, I rekon the "bubba boat" project is finished.
Oh yeah....the only thing I found that would stick to the "bubba boat" was electrical tape...to hold stenciles in place.

Had'a get out of bed early this morning with a cramp in each leg. You talk bout cuss'n and stuff....boy howdy I mean to tell ya. Yeah I know, everybody gonna tell me what to do bout leg cramps. So bring it on.

Ok, while I was at Walmart yesterday buy'n paint pens, I also bought me a black printer cartridge for the old 10 year old printer. So now the printer is just like brand spank'n new. Don't know what I need it for since I don't make grocery lists on the computer....or "to do" lists. That's all hand written on them $.10 notebooks ya get every year at Walmart. Yes I've saved them all for the last 10 years 'cause they full on my drawings and stuff like that.

Started clean'n off "da porch" again. My God, how can one man make such a mess and use so many tools???
Projects for today is clean'n "da porch", find a place to stow my fish'n gear, find a place to put all my books....you notice I say "find a place"....didn't say a word about putting them there. That may be tomorrow.
Then I need to clean out my closet and get rid of all the shirts I haven't wore in the last 5 or 8 years. Normally I don't wear button up shirts and I have bout 30 of them. My God, I'm get'n wore slap out just think bout what I have planned for the day. Gonna head to "da porch", sip a cup and do some think'n bout this.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three trips to town

Holy Cows......Yesterday I was sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and got this thought.....put the registration numbers on "bubba boat". That sounds simple enough. Go to town, buy me some them stick on letters and numbers, come back home and install them. Right!!!

Well it didn't work out that way. On an unconspicuous spot I took a piece of that stick on number stuff, pressed it in place, turn around and the damn thing fall off on the ground. HUH??? Then I wash that same spot and stick on another piece......fall off. Well hell, go back to town and buy some that spray on glue stuff....what I did. That don't work either. Nothing will stick to a "bubba boat" made by Sevylor. Did you know that even duct tape won't stick??? So, here what I gonna do.....one of three things. First would be to stencil the numbers on with a Sharpie in contrasting color to the boat color. Does Sharpie come in white??? Another method would be to make detachable number brackets to hang on the boat. But, there is no place to tie them on.  The last method I won't even mention.....too complicated to explain, but probably the best method.

Me and "pesky neighbor" Wayne was gonna go off and swak some golf balls today, but damn, 30 to 35 mph wind???? No way Jose.

Broke out my old printer the other day. My God, look at all the dust, dirt and sand. Will it ever work again? Well it did. Then I take it to "da porch" for a good clean'n. Ok, now how the hell ya get this thing apart? Any dust, dirt and sand will have to remain on the inside 'cause it ain't com'n apart. Then I priced new cartridges for it. Holy crap, I can buy a new printer for what they cost. Almost a hunert dollar.

Have ya ever notice that when Billy Bob do something it always turns into something funny?? Ya see, let's take the "bubba boat" for instance. A simple task of installing numbers turned into funny. The wind was blow'n, "bubba" was blowed up on some sawhorses, a wind gust come up and away go "bubba". Blowed slap off them sawhorses, headed for the cactus garden. Quick action prevented a disaster of a gazillion little holes. Damn, that were close.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day at the MVD

I don't know how old Ben does it, get'n up before the chickens is got an eye open and then sits down writ'n on his blog.....before he got coffee. Well, that what I doing this morning....with sunshine staring me right in the face. Something bout this just don't seem right.

Got birds all over outside in the yard, on "da porch" and even on the hummer feeders do'n their thing...eat'n. Ya see, we got these yeller birds, three different brands, what get on the feeders and stick their beaks in them little holes.

 Boy howdy, let me tell ya bout a my trip to the MVD.....that be New Mexico department of motor vehicles. DMV in most other states. Oh, did ya know that in New Mexico, illegals have to make an appointment to get their driver licenses?? Yes, New Mexico gives illegals a driver license....and they don't have to speak no English neither. Anyhows, I took what papers I had for the "bubba boat" to get it registered in New Mexico....you know, the numbers thingys what go on the sides of the boat. I grabs a number for my turn at one the windows, I'm # 21 but the thingy says #79 is up. I gonna be here a while. After 2 hours of just sit'n there do'n nuttin, I'm up. The nice lady says "I ain't never done a boat before". Oh boy, here we go. She experienced now....after another hour. But old Billy Bob has numbers for the "bubba boat".

And besides that, it were windy yesterday. But nuttin like it gonna be today and tomorrow. And everybody knows old Billy Bob plays golf ball swak'n tomorrow. Forecast says 30 to 35 both days.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time I bought me a pig puppy??? I were gonna raise that pig puppy up to be pork chops and ham bone. While we was rais'n that pig puppy, the kids took a liking to him/her.....what ever it was. Named it Hector or something like that. Let it loose in the yard to play. Took it in the house....all kind of stuff ya don't do with a pig. Three months and a fist full of cash, somebody done stole my pig. Have ya ever tried to raise a pig inside City limits???

Monday, May 16, 2011

Boy howdy is Billy Bob got lot's of stuff to do or what.

Started off this morning get'n up way too late....smack dab on 9am. If I had slept all night, I would have got up at 6:30, but it was another hard night. Read the news for an hour....same ol' same 'ol stuff to ruin my day. Sit'n on
da porch" talk'n with "pesky"....Wayne that is....I got to think'n, "ya only got a month to get something done".

Took me up a load of old scroungy clothes to the wash'n place so I would have some clean "scrufties" to wear the rest of the month. Then I come back to "da house" and call my insurance guy to change to 'full time' rv insurance in New Mexico. Of course I have to fill out some kind a form and fax it back to them before they can do the change. Sure do wish my printer would work.

Speak'n of computers, old Billy Bob don't need no stink'n brand spank'n new computer. That Billy Bob operating system is work'n just fine.....now. Maybe get me one more year out this thing. And....Verizon is scream'n this morning. Talked to the Verizon feller here and he say they are installing 4G in Deming. That must be why it was so slow yesterday. I had thought about changing to 4G, but he tells me I would have to BUY a new device. ME buy a new device when this one is work'n fine??? Nope, not yet.

Took the "blow up bass fish'n boat" motor mount apart so I can paint the name on the back of it. Yup...."BUBBA".

Since I put Sadie Mae on a strict diet, I swear, she has lost some weight. But she's very hungry all the time, just lays around with sad eyes watch'n me eat T-bone steaks and stuff. Poor baby!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's almost dead

Boy howdy....what the hell did I do now??? Last night my Verizon internet card slow down like dial-up. So this morning I was think'n it would be ok. But it weren't. Then on top of that, Yahoo wouldn't let me log on. Well, I figgered it was Firefox. What it weren't. So.....I just restored to an earlier date. Yeah right.....now Firefox don't work at all. That left Windows Internet Explorer. You can guess the luck I had with that. After 4 restores, Firefox still won't boot up.....nuttin. And then, my virus protection ain't work'n right either. By the way, I'm making this post on my "other" laptop. What is really outdated and sloooow.

So, if ya don't hear from me in a couple days, you'll know I'm set'n up a brand spank'n new computer.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boat name

Boy howdy, lots of suggestions for a name for the "little blow up bass fish'n boat". I did this once time for a camel, but he fell off the dock and drowned...... didn't need no name no more. Kind of like the name BB King, but not the King part. Let's work on this some more. BUBB....blow up bass boat??? BUBBA BOAT??? Hmmmmm, kind of like that.

Anyhows.....put that finished product of the trolling motor mount together. What ya think?

Remember I tole ya I might not go to Lake Meredith??? Well, I spent 3 hours researching lakes in west Texas. There ain't none. Well maybe a couple little puddles, but no lakes for fish'n. They all dead from Golden algae......or something like that. Anyhows, I found a couple more lakes what caught my eye. But guess what? They are both within 60 miles....or something like that... from Lake Meredith.  All three are up in the panhandle of Texas....north, south and east of Amarillo. I didn't know fish'n could be so hard.

A little more research on Google on registering "BUBBA"....yup, like that name....I found the best State to register in is New Mexico (with trolling motor, it has to have numbers). In NM. if the boat is under 10 foots, ya don't need to register, but ya got to have numbers. And it for 3 years, unlike Texas what is 2 years.

Old Billy Bob sure is get'n road fever. But have to wait till my doctor appointment on the 26th. Looks like the departure date of June 15th is bout wrote in stone. No matter when I leave, it gonna be hotter than hell. But, I been hot before. Probably gonna be too hot for Uncle Ben by the time I get to Dallas.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Warped board

Well boy howdy, blogger is work'n again. Everything I had writ yesterday is gone.....poooof, just like that. And I had a very important question to ask my followers. But naturally, I have no idea today what it was.

Anyhows, yesterdays golf game was a smash hit. Not that every ball I swaked was a smash hit, but had a decent score. Yeah I beat "pesky neighbors" arse....as always. Sadie Mae found an old dead rabbit foot what she was chew'n on.....think'n I wouldn't see her. What the hell is wrong with this dog???

Did I mention Sadie Mae is on a strict diet? Ya see, my loving neighbors are in the habit of giving her treats all day long. You know, slices of balony, chunks of pizza crust, pork chops, cat food and anything else they would normally toss in the trash. On top of that, Sadie always gets a side dish from her daddy....old Billy Bob. I laid down the law.....no people food at all. Just to note of the kind of neighbors I have....one said to the other, "what if I give her balony and not tell Bill".

Last night old pesky come close to a fatal mistake. Ya see, I was sit'n there read'n one my books when Wayne sneaks up outside my winder and shoots off a .38....what scared hell out me. My .357 was within reach, but by the time I touched it, I realized what was go'n on. Tricks like that can be very dangerous. Especially to the trickster.

Oh yeah....about the warped board. You remember the motor mount I fabricated out of an old weathered 1x4....right? Well I was gonna paint it, but to paint it would have looked no better than the old weathered 1x4. So....Wayne bring me over a nice pretty warped 1x4 from under his porch. The warp will never be seen from your house so I gonna use it instead. With 2 coats of polyurathan....or something like that, it look like factory made. Oh....speak'n of names....I need a name for the "little blow up bass fish'n boat". Any ideas???

I think I mentioned yesterday that I may not go to Lake Meredith....but of course I don't think it got posted. The reason I may not go to that particular lake is that it is 95 feets low on water....only bout a hurert gallon left. I would rekon that all boat ramps would be 1/4 mile from the water. Besides that, it's bout 600 mile out my way where I were gonna end up in Port Aransas, Texas. May stop off and take Uncle Ben for a camping trip on one the lakes around Dallas. Only a couple days ya know.

Speak'n of a Texas trip, this will be the first time ever that I went through Texas backards. Gonna be like a brand spank'n new Texas.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just another day

Well, things ain't been look'n too good on this end. One thing leads to another.

First and foremost, this damn computer is acting up again. Kind of reminds me of me. Got another blue screen yesterday....that's called the "blue screen of death". And on top of that, this thing just sits there....don't do nuttin. Locks up. This morning it took 30 minutes to fully boot up. What the hell???

Did I tell ya bout the wind we had a couple days ago? Boy howdy. Weather guy said it was only 35mph, but he don't live out here where old Billy Bob do. If I had swak'ed a golf ball into that wind it would have come right back and land on the same spot I hit it from. Like spit'n in the wind. This morning I had so much sand in my eyes I could hardly open them. Since I left the rear hatch open on "that jeep", it's full of sand....everything in it covered with dust.

Still have to attempt to make a follow up appointment with my doctor. The last time I called them, they told me I couldn't get any meds unless I see him in person. Isn't that some kind of a death sentence? I don't like this doctor, but I have no other choice.....only cardiologist in town. 

With the boat project finished, I ain't got a damn thing to do. Oh sure, I could break out the vacuum cleaner but what for? It gonna get all mess up again so no need to over exert myself. Work'n on my second load of trash to the dumpster. Found some can goods in my "cubby hole" what was 5 years past expiration date. Damn!!!! No wonder that stuff taste funny.

And then, I broke the end off one my fish poles. The good one. That was my salt water trout fish pole. Speak'n of salt water trout, I'm talk'n bout the "spotted sea trout". Some folks call them "specks".....what they are. Anyhows, I hook one on the Port Aransas jetties, right across the ship channel from the University of Texas.... my secret hole. It were a big 'un.....28 inch long. I were us'n a el cheapo Walmart fish pole, made in China no doubt, and that sucker broke slap in two. That were my one and only two piece fish pole.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back to bored

Boy howdy, it sure is boring in Deming. Now that the "little blow up bass fish'n boat" is finished and stowed in the back of "that jeep", I don't have nuttin to do. But there have been some questions about this little boat, what I will attempt to answer to the best of my knowledge.

The question I like best is from Bob in Athens. Yeah I know all bout them blow up boats do'n a flip flop if ya don't get in the right way. My first experience was way back in 19 bout 72. Had me a little one man raft. Put all my stuff in it for a couple hours of bass fish'n on Lake Lanier in Georgia. I put one foot in the boat and the other in dry land. You know what happen....I got wet. Then I tried the ol' "jump aboard" trick. Again, ya know what happen. After I done almost drown myself right there at the bank, I learn how to get in that thing. I suppose get'n into a blow up canoe is bout the same as get'n into a blow up raft.

Then old Ben is concerned with wrinkles. Well hell, all old folks get wrinkles. But the wrinkles in the boat are normal. No need to worry Ben, it gonna float wrinkles and all.

Then my concern is pressure. The people what designed this thing designed it for 1.5 pounds of pressure. Well, after a few hours of research try'n to figger out how much pressure my little 12 volt Coleman Quick Pump will pump.....I'm safe to say I don't need no stink'n pressure gauge. The pump only pumps 39 mbar ..... (.59 pound of pressure when converted).

Spent the last two days put'n up tools and clean'n off "da porch". Now there room for sip'n a cup and think'n. Now I'm not say'n that it's a perfect job of clean'n and put'n up stuff, but I can walk from one end to the other without step'n over stuff. I call that progress.

Oh, did I tell ya that a couple hours on the phone to my two insurance companies will save me over $1,000 a year??? I already saved $500 a year on "that jeep" by changing coverage from Texas to New Mexico. But, when I did that, the insurance on "da house" went up $400 a year.  So....I tole them to figger me up a quote on "full time r/v'er" coverage on "da house" in New Mexico. What they did. $1000 cheaper than my current coverage in Texas. So, what you think old Billy Bob gonna do???

I have a very strange neighbor. Ya see, it's like this. He's 77 year old and has more money than anybody, all his stuff is better than anybody, he knows everything, been everywhere in the world, wears cowboy boots and he walks funny. He even says "that jeep" was made by Suzuki. Damn'ed old fart piss old Billy Bob off.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell ya...Sadie Mae is on a diet. No more people food. Now all I got to do is hope that pesky neighbor Wayne will abide by the rules.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boat questions

Boy Howdy, is everyone think'b old Billy Bob gonna go in circles. Well, I been think'n the same thing.

On the bottom of the "little blow up bass fish'n boat" is a little rubber keel thingy. That supposed to help keep a boat on a straight course to where the fish is. But the more I look at the finished product, I'm think'n long the lines of go'n in little round circles. But.....old Billy Bob ain't no stupit person. He knows all bout steer'n a boat with a oar or paddle. Ya see, here what ya do.....ya set the trolling motor straight forward and use the paddle to steer the boat. So no, old Billy Bob ain't gonna go in circles. I hope!!!

Went off to the golf ball swak'n place this morn'n with "pesky neighbor" Wayne. Weren't supposed to be any wind, but there it was.....15 20 mile a hour. Then after we returned to "da house", the wind quit. Ain't narry a breeze out there.

Got me in another box of western books yesterday. Bout 65 of 'em I think. That should last me for a couple three months. Sure need to get rid of some that I already read. Bout 150 of 'em I think. But then, I could always start read'n them over again. That way, they last me for years. With the memory I got, that is the best solution to an ever grow'n problem of tot'n books all over the country.

Speak'n of go'n all over the country, one my sons want to know when I'm gonna make it to Georgia. I really hadn't planned of going to Georgia, but I bet if I was promised someone to wash and wax "da house", bring me breakfast every morn'n, go to the lake a couple five times, golf'n every week and wash my dungarees, you bet I would go.

Ok....gotta take me a nap......see ya laters.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Redneck motor mount

Well, after all that think'n, scroung'n parts, a little cuss'n, I done change my mind.

Ya see, it was like this. I mounted that 100 hp troll'n motor on the back of the "little blow up bass fish'n boat" but there weren't no way to steer it....cain't reach that far. So here what I done went and did. Mounted it on the side right next to the seat. Gonna work like a champ....I mean to tell ya.

Took Sadie Mae off to the hair cut'n place this morn'n for a bath and clip job. Boy Howdy, is that girl dog happy as a lark. She even smell good. But.....as soon as I got her home, she went to roll'n in the dirt and sand. Turn her slap gray instead of black like God intended. Little "fat dog".....eat too much chocolate and balony.....and stuff like that.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mess'n with stuff

Dagnab it Billy Bob, why do you mess with stuff that's work'n perfectly?

Well ya see it's like this.....this damn computer ain't do'n what it's designed to do. Locks up for no reason other than to piss me off. And then....I got this little pop up thingy to upgrade Firefox to 4.0...or something like that. Like a fool, I click the button. Oh my god....look at Firefox 4.0. It's ruined. Where's all the stuff....bookmarks, options, little buttons....damn. So, to fix it back the way it was, I restored back to March some time. LOLOLOL....let me tell ya what that did. Now I have no browser other than Windows. So I fire up Windows browser and all hell break loose. A hunert windows pop up and don't stop pop'n. Can't turn 'em off...what the hell???
So I restore again to a different point....a couple days ago. Firefox still don't work. So I reinstall Firefox 3.6 version. Now it work. "Leave stuff alone Billy Bob".

Did I tell ya that Sadie Mae is go'n to the hair cut'n place tomorrow morning? Ya see, I tried to cut her hair bout a week or so ago but her hair is full of dirt, sand, coffee grounds and static electricity. My poor clippers won't handle that kind of stuff. Pesky neighbor Wayne call a lady friend that cuts hair and made an appointment....for 8:30 tomorrow morning. Damn, I'm gonna be still half asleep.

Sure had my heart set on a game of golf ball swak'n today, but the wind is blow'n again....or I should say still blow'n.

Old Uncle Ben was ask'n bout the "jigger rig" I built for the blow up bass fish'n boat. Them rods on the side of the boat is what hold up the motor mount from fall'n in the water. Just like the one what is designed to do that I could have bought for $50....or so. But I had to have a project. Now bout them little wrinkles. The air tubes or balloon thingys fit inside an outside liner made of "man" materials. The bottom is some tuff stuff. To properly blow up the boat, I need a pressure guage....what I don't have. Hope this clears up his questions.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Jigger Rig

Remember old Billy Bob tole ya he could build anything? Well that exactly what he did.

Now I got to take myself to Texas to get a title, registration and numbers. I cain't beleive ya got to have numbers on a little blow up bass fish'n boat with a 22# thrust trolling motor. And a life jacket too. What the hell ya need a life jacket for....the boat cain't sink. Ya just grab hold and go where the wind takes ya.
Did ya see my little battery cooler sit'n behind the seat? It can't turn over 'cause the handle is hooked to the seat. Clever Billy Bob...... clever indeed. And....if ya look real close, you don't have to open the lit to hook up the trolling motor clips.

Have ya ever dealed with two insurance companies at the same time? Well I did. Here's what I did. When I was gonna title the "little red bronco" in New Mexico, I purchased insurance. Not my usual insurance company, but Geico...cause it was cheaper. So today I calls up Geico and took the insurance off the "little red bronco" and transferred it to "that jeep". Then I called GMAC insurance to cancel coverage on "that jeep". That call raised my insurance through GMAC by $500 a year on "Sally da house". Why???? They said I no longer have multi vehicle coverage. So....they gonna penalize me $500 for canceling? It's a rip off I tell ya....a rip off.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

BOOOOOM!!!!! Clock dead

Well, finally I "shot that clock" after a few weeks of careful plan'n. But plans don't always work out as expected. Ya see....I shot that sucker with a .357 magnun with a bag of flour sit'n behind it for a spectacular explosion of white dust. Where the hell was that spectacular explosion??? And how the hell can a man miss the center of a great big clock at that distance. Good thing I wasn't quick draw'n against some gunsling'n hombre.