Saturday, May 14, 2011

Boat name

Boy howdy, lots of suggestions for a name for the "little blow up bass fish'n boat". I did this once time for a camel, but he fell off the dock and drowned...... didn't need no name no more. Kind of like the name BB King, but not the King part. Let's work on this some more. BUBB....blow up bass boat??? BUBBA BOAT??? Hmmmmm, kind of like that.

Anyhows.....put that finished product of the trolling motor mount together. What ya think?

Remember I tole ya I might not go to Lake Meredith??? Well, I spent 3 hours researching lakes in west Texas. There ain't none. Well maybe a couple little puddles, but no lakes for fish'n. They all dead from Golden algae......or something like that. Anyhows, I found a couple more lakes what caught my eye. But guess what? They are both within 60 miles....or something like that... from Lake Meredith.  All three are up in the panhandle of Texas....north, south and east of Amarillo. I didn't know fish'n could be so hard.

A little more research on Google on registering "BUBBA"....yup, like that name....I found the best State to register in is New Mexico (with trolling motor, it has to have numbers). In NM. if the boat is under 10 foots, ya don't need to register, but ya got to have numbers. And it for 3 years, unlike Texas what is 2 years.

Old Billy Bob sure is get'n road fever. But have to wait till my doctor appointment on the 26th. Looks like the departure date of June 15th is bout wrote in stone. No matter when I leave, it gonna be hotter than hell. But, I been hot before. Probably gonna be too hot for Uncle Ben by the time I get to Dallas.


  1. Shoot BB you know dang good and well that my back yard has that big ole shade tree and there is the covered back porch , and if worst comes to worst, you can come inside here. I got this amazing invention called AIR CONDITIONING!!!
    Shoot I even got running water in my showers so's you can wash off the NM dust and the lake water smell , once you get here.

    And of course there's the nice quite covered Back Porch for Sadie with unlimited fresh water

  2. No matter what you name it, the name will change to something unprintable the first time it dumps you!

  3. LOL Bob, I think you may be right.....