Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just another day

Well, things ain't been look'n too good on this end. One thing leads to another.

First and foremost, this damn computer is acting up again. Kind of reminds me of me. Got another blue screen yesterday....that's called the "blue screen of death". And on top of that, this thing just sits there....don't do nuttin. Locks up. This morning it took 30 minutes to fully boot up. What the hell???

Did I tell ya bout the wind we had a couple days ago? Boy howdy. Weather guy said it was only 35mph, but he don't live out here where old Billy Bob do. If I had swak'ed a golf ball into that wind it would have come right back and land on the same spot I hit it from. Like spit'n in the wind. This morning I had so much sand in my eyes I could hardly open them. Since I left the rear hatch open on "that jeep", it's full of sand....everything in it covered with dust.

Still have to attempt to make a follow up appointment with my doctor. The last time I called them, they told me I couldn't get any meds unless I see him in person. Isn't that some kind of a death sentence? I don't like this doctor, but I have no other choice.....only cardiologist in town. 

With the boat project finished, I ain't got a damn thing to do. Oh sure, I could break out the vacuum cleaner but what for? It gonna get all mess up again so no need to over exert myself. Work'n on my second load of trash to the dumpster. Found some can goods in my "cubby hole" what was 5 years past expiration date. Damn!!!! No wonder that stuff taste funny.

And then, I broke the end off one my fish poles. The good one. That was my salt water trout fish pole. Speak'n of salt water trout, I'm talk'n bout the "spotted sea trout". Some folks call them "specks".....what they are. Anyhows, I hook one on the Port Aransas jetties, right across the ship channel from the University of Texas.... my secret hole. It were a big 'un.....28 inch long. I were us'n a el cheapo Walmart fish pole, made in China no doubt, and that sucker broke slap in two. That were my one and only two piece fish pole.


  1. sounds like that puter is full of sand. bounce it around a little. upside down of course, lol.

  2. Yeah Barney.....ugly stick.
    You would think you could pick up a fish pole by the end....been do'n it for years and only broke bout 6.

    Trouble, don't what all would fall out this thing if'n I turn it upside down. I'm still miss'n a balony samich from a couple weeks ago.

  3. How far is the nearest town with a cardiologist? I wouldn't stay with a doctor I didn't like.

  4. Naw Billy Bob , you don't need no doctor specialist, you seem to already know all about that doctoring stuff. Just heal your own self.

    But redo your will petty quick, leave Sadie and the MH to me, that way she'll be happy and comfortable in a place she knows well.

  5. I see my first comment only got part of the comment into the post. The intended comment was UGLY STIK fishing rods by Shakespeare are very tough.