Sunday, March 19, 2017

UPDATED....we got pics...Out of projects again.....damn!!!

Whoa, it's Sunday again. Time sure do flys when you're hav'n fun.

Well I ain't really been hav'n me no fun, it's been way to cold outside to have fun. But, guess what? I'm think'n maybe them cold days is finished. Yesterday it made it up to 65 degs...an' yes, I was outside do'n stuff.

Heart doctor appointment went fairly well the other day. Doctor remembered me from 2 1/2 year ago on a check up to have back surgery. What I didn't have. Think'n that may have been a good decision. Anyhows, the doctor ask me a whole bunch of questions. I answered best I could. He listen to my heart an' stuff an' says, it's work'n. It wasn't skip'n beats. EKG was took an' doctor say it was good. Tests are scheduled an' I'm gonna wear a monitor for a day so's the doctor can see my skip'n heart beats in black an' white instead of tak'n my word for it. Blood pressure is up a bit. He prescribed me some cholesterol meds. Probly Lipitor or something like that. He don't seem to be too concerned that my heart is skip'n like it is. But I sure as hell am. Will know more after the other test an' monitor. Ha, that won't be until next month.

With "yo mama" an' HIL Harry due to return home Monday, the mailbox was installed out by the street. Did I take a pic of it....hell no. But I'll head out that way today an' post a pic or two later.

The other project I was gonna do to the porch deck, my wonderful son did for me. He says...."daddy, you can't lift that heavy stuff....sit yer ass down". I watched him. It's almost complete. Leveling is bout all that's left to do. Pics to follow when it's finished. Soon as it warms up a few more degs I'll go out there and do that.
Well shoot, that didn't take long. Project is completed.

 It's all straight an' level. I hate crookit stuff. Hmmm, what ya think bout some step stones right in the fmiddle.....bout 4 feets wide??? Home Depot here I come. 4 - 12 x 12 an' a bag of sand.

I was sit'n here look'n out the winder. What the hell, there's a great big ol' squirrel out there on the bird feeder eat'n up all the bird seeds. In 15 years of camp'n at "yo mama's" house, this is the first squirrel I seen here. An' there's woods across the street an' trees all over the place. I skeered him off with screams an' wav'n arms. Next time he get's a firecracker throwed in the yard. Give the little bastard a heart attack.

Had me a nice campfire the other night. Burn'n up some the left over log cabin wood from 3 birdhouses, 1 bird feeder an' 1 mailbox. Still got 2 more containers of trash wood to burn. Yeee Ha, 2 more campfires.

Monday, March 13, 2017

It's been a miserable week in sooo many ways

Holy cows, when you fall down hill, expect a few aches an' pains when ya reach the bottom. That's what this last week or so has been all about.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout my heart start skip'n again? Well it still is. An' when it does I know bout it 'cause I get all light headed an' stuff. But lack of coffee does that too. Just 2 more days an' we head off to visit the heart doctor. I'm gonna rekon they gonna suck a bunch of blood out me with them great big ol' needle thingys an' put me on a bunch of tests for the next 6 months or so. But it's got to be done. You'll be the first to know the results.

Since my last lower back ablations (4 of 'em) I ain't had too many complaints bout pains an' stuff. That was until a couple weeks of...."aspirin, take some aspirin". So's I'm gonna rekon again that them dead nerves is regenerat'n and feel'n the pain. Note: Dead nerves come back to life after bout 8 months or so. I will gladly go back to the doctor an' get them suckers killed again. What's the Alka Seltzer say'n? "Oh what a relief it is".

Then there's the issue with my dad gum hernia. It's start'n to hurt an' that sucker has growed. Looks like we gonna be do'n some surgery in the near future.

I got me one other issue what I don't talk about. Another visit to another doctor in the very near future.

Ok, "that's all I got to say bout that",,,,Forrest Gump.

RunNRose received her birdhouse right on schedule. That's why I love UPS. She already got it mounted on a pole in her back yard by a professional birdhouse installer. That looks mighty good up there on that pole. Nice install.
 Here it is being installed by her wonderful other half.  Sorry I haven't answered your emails Rose, but it's been a rough week.

The log cabin mailbox is completed. But not installed on the pole by the street. It's too damn cold out there to be do'n projects. This whole week is gonna be cold. Upper 20's an' lower 30's ever night.

 That's one big ass mailbox.

 Back side completed.

An' here is the front side completed. Oh wait, I gotgit to take a pic with the flag thingy chimney installed. You'll see that once we got it mounted on the pole out by the street.

"Yo Mama" still doesn't know bout her special gifted mailbox. I've had to threaten all my kids to keep it mum.....don't say a word. When she an' HIL Harry gets back from Texas,,,,,boy howdy I can hardly wait.

My next project I don't think I mentioned....but maybe I have. Hell I don't know. My porch deck is gonna get some modifications. As it sits now, when ya walk on it, the floor sags a bit. Ya see, when I builded it, I put the joist on 2 foot centers. That will be changed to 16 inches centers.....be strong like bull. There will be a 2 x 4 added to the ends of the floor joist so's it will be straight. No more this up an' down stuff.
 Here is the new floor joist.
See how crookit that is? We gonna fix that. I'm gonna have me a brand spank'n new porch. But not today. It's too damn cold out there. HEY!!! There's 2 of my kids on the porch. Fat cat Leonard an' my old dawg Sadie Mae.

That's it for today. Cain't think of anything else you might be interested in. Hope your weather, wherever you are, is better than here in Georgia.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mailboxes an' birdhouses....what a life. Gotta love it

This will be a short to the point post. Ya see, the old Billy Bob is a busy man an' he ain't got no time for lollygag'n with no blog post. Well really I do. But blog'n this early in the morn'n is hard. Especially with only one eye open an' your brain is still in "don't remember shit" mode. Man this get'n old stuff is get'n old.

I connected to UPS tracking yesterday morn'n to see where Rose's birdhouse was at. The tracking number was no good. I also sent Rose a couple emails with no return. Hope everthing is OK at Rose's house.
Update. Checked the tracking number again. The birdhouse in transit to Texas.

Instructions for putting a birdhouse mount together.

 This is what the base will look like

 Here are the 4 screws that hold it together. Base position is marked on that piece of "would". Standing it up like this is the easiest way to install the screws. By the way, do not install the bidhouse before installing the 2 x4 angle thingy to the base.

The cabin is screwed to the base. See that piece of wood under the cabin. I forgot to put it in the box. You should be able to see the screw holes in the bottom of the bottom logs.

See those screws? They hold the cabin to the base. Good luck finding screws (1 1/2" sheetrock screws).

UPS tracking number.



Ok, like I was tole you a while ago, I'm a busy man. I'm back up to 2 projects. A log cabin mailbox and adding 3 floor joist to my porch deck an' straighten'n it out a bit. You cain't see it from your house, But I can see it from mine. Crookit an' not level bugs the hell out me. I'm a LIBRA. I'm gonna fix that.

Oh wait....I forgit to tell ya. I builded a little roof to keep the pour'n down rains off'n my new BBQ grill....what I ain't used yet. It's very light....don't weigh much, made out of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic).

 I got me some logs sawed out an' I got a mailbox.

Laying out the door and winders for one side. 

Glue'n them together to install in 1 piece.

See, I tole you, glued together in 1 piece. Probly won't do the same on the other side. Takes way way too much time to set up an' glue into 1 piece. Ha Ha, but I probly will.
Mailbox is gonna fit perfect...with a little modification MsB. Them logs on the mailbox door are glued and brad nailed in place. Even builded a handle thingy so's the mail lady don't tear shit apart try'n to open it.

No new health issues. But that dad gum heart started skip'n beats again. Not as bad as before, but yup, it's skip'n. Appointment in bout a week.

Ok, that's it for today. Hope everbody is hav'n themselves a great day. I'm do'n the best I can for great days. Weather been nice,,,,50's at night an' upper 60's day time. Well wait a minute....a few days ago we had us some real winter weather. Got down to 28 deg's a couple nights. 

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A note for a wonderful lady, RunNRose....it's in da box

Hi folks. Even though I been down in the weather again, I ain't been sit'n on my ass do'n nuttin.

Speak'n of weather, I been check'n my heart rate bout a hunnert time a day. For the last 2 days, or is it 3, my heart has been beat'n just like it supposed to do. Ain't catched it skip'n a beat not once time. You ain't gonna believe how much that improves my outlook on life. But I'm still gonna keep my appointment with the heart doctor.

Also speak'n of the weather. Did you see that 15 minute storm what blowed through my yard yesterday night? Them winds was a blow'n close to a hunnert mile a hour. Rain was pour'n down by the bucket fulls from ever direction. Hail was a fall'n from the sky. Temps drop 10 degs in 10 minutes. And then all a sudden, it was all over. Sunshiny skys today....57 degs.

Did I mention I buyed me a brand spank'n new BBQ grill? As much as I hate retiring my Weber Q, I did.  Ya see, I was do'n me some research find'n a grill what would stand up to the torture an' abuse, the old Billy Bob gives to grills..... an' not blacken my chicken. I wanted a 2 burner so's I can do me some indirect grill'n. I fount what I was look'n for. It's not a travel grill, but it's also not a great big ol' YUGE grill. Home Depot had it in stock for a hunnert dollar.

I've already started modifications. See that temp thingy? That come out my Weber Q grill. And, since I like to sit in my chair while grill'n, it needs to be lowered bout 3 or 4 inches.
"Cut the frick'n legs off Billy Bob, modify it".
That WAS what I was gonna do, but shoot, why not just cut 3 or 4 inch off'n the wood platform legs? That what I gonna do.

Because of the damage the rains did to my Weber grill, this one will have a roof over it. I builded the roof yesterday afternoon. Yet to be installed....but it's sit'n out there on the da porch. It will be mounted to the sun shade and extend over the awning. Ain't no rain gonna eat up my new grill.

This is for RunNRose. I got your emails, so's don't be think'n I'm ignoring you. Today I been out in the shop modify'n a freak'n shipping box the log cabin won't fit in. That is done. I builded the mounting platform thingy....but YOU got to put it together. Will include instructions by email.
By the way Rose, you will have to find you someone to plant a 4 X 4 in your yard for the mounting of the Billy Bob log cabin birdhouse.

The log cabin birdhouse is sitting inside the modified box....minus puff balls/bubble wrap or something to protect it in shipping. I bet ya a dollar I gonna write FRAGILE all over the box. Shoot, I may even spell it wrong, just for fun ya know. How bout FRAILGE?

Once it is installed, I would love to see a couple photos by email. And with your permission, I will post them on my blog.

Ok, we done with that. Now what?

One more thing. I got me another project. Follower an' long time buddy Louie suggested I build a log cabin mailbox. Me an' Louie think along the same lines.