Monday, March 13, 2017

It's been a miserable week in sooo many ways

Holy cows, when you fall down hill, expect a few aches an' pains when ya reach the bottom. That's what this last week or so has been all about.

Remember I was tell'n ya bout my heart start skip'n again? Well it still is. An' when it does I know bout it 'cause I get all light headed an' stuff. But lack of coffee does that too. Just 2 more days an' we head off to visit the heart doctor. I'm gonna rekon they gonna suck a bunch of blood out me with them great big ol' needle thingys an' put me on a bunch of tests for the next 6 months or so. But it's got to be done. You'll be the first to know the results.

Since my last lower back ablations (4 of 'em) I ain't had too many complaints bout pains an' stuff. That was until a couple weeks of...."aspirin, take some aspirin". So's I'm gonna rekon again that them dead nerves is regenerat'n and feel'n the pain. Note: Dead nerves come back to life after bout 8 months or so. I will gladly go back to the doctor an' get them suckers killed again. What's the Alka Seltzer say'n? "Oh what a relief it is".

Then there's the issue with my dad gum hernia. It's start'n to hurt an' that sucker has growed. Looks like we gonna be do'n some surgery in the near future.

I got me one other issue what I don't talk about. Another visit to another doctor in the very near future.

Ok, "that's all I got to say bout that",,,,Forrest Gump.

RunNRose received her birdhouse right on schedule. That's why I love UPS. She already got it mounted on a pole in her back yard by a professional birdhouse installer. That looks mighty good up there on that pole. Nice install.
 Here it is being installed by her wonderful other half.  Sorry I haven't answered your emails Rose, but it's been a rough week.

The log cabin mailbox is completed. But not installed on the pole by the street. It's too damn cold out there to be do'n projects. This whole week is gonna be cold. Upper 20's an' lower 30's ever night.

 That's one big ass mailbox.

 Back side completed.

An' here is the front side completed. Oh wait, I gotgit to take a pic with the flag thingy chimney installed. You'll see that once we got it mounted on the pole out by the street.

"Yo Mama" still doesn't know bout her special gifted mailbox. I've had to threaten all my kids to keep it mum.....don't say a word. When she an' HIL Harry gets back from Texas,,,,,boy howdy I can hardly wait.

My next project I don't think I mentioned....but maybe I have. Hell I don't know. My porch deck is gonna get some modifications. As it sits now, when ya walk on it, the floor sags a bit. Ya see, when I builded it, I put the joist on 2 foot centers. That will be changed to 16 inches centers.....be strong like bull. There will be a 2 x 4 added to the ends of the floor joist so's it will be straight. No more this up an' down stuff.
 Here is the new floor joist.
See how crookit that is? We gonna fix that. I'm gonna have me a brand spank'n new porch. But not today. It's too damn cold out there. HEY!!! There's 2 of my kids on the porch. Fat cat Leonard an' my old dawg Sadie Mae.

That's it for today. Cain't think of anything else you might be interested in. Hope your weather, wherever you are, is better than here in Georgia.


  1. You keeping busy thats for sure, hope things work out for ya. Love that mailbox !

  2. hi BB. my patience is getting harder and harder to control . i can't hardly wait to see the look on yo mama's and harry hil's and the mail lady's faces when they first see the new improved one of a kind BB. art work / mail box . just don't forget to get your camera ready to snap there faces at the second the realize the mail box looks defferent than usual . ps great work BB. i still say that you should spray or apply with a brush some weather protection liquid like thompson's wood weather seal protection so that it can have a chance to fight all the assaults that the weather will throw at it . great work should be protected !

  3. hi BB. so all the wood materials for building your log cabin bird houses / mail box is all old recycled wood pallets ? and under the new log cabin mail box are you going to make and install a wood shingle a ( wood plaque ) that is engraved on it with your router the names and address ?

  4. hi BB. i was cruzin = ( getting my exercise ) the great big flee markets they have around here in the rio grande valley again this week-end and they = ( many vendors ) are making a financial killing just customizing and personalizing by engraving wood boards , they have no talent , no imagination like you do and there paid like as if they are wood gods .

  5. About the weather, I'm in Minnesota where it snowed yesterday. Wanna trade? :)

  6. hi BB. hey maybe you could paint on your works of art some polyurethane varathane to protect them from the enemy the georgia weather .

  7. hi BB. it depends on what part of minnesota . and are you still going to put your signature chimney on yo mama's and harry hil's log cabin / mail box ? after all what is a log cabin with out your chimney ?

  8. Such nice creations, Billy Bob. Can I put in an order for one, too? Just kidding, for you are a busy man, no doubt and health issues galore. Sure hope your docs can fix you up good. I'd love to see yo Mama's first expression when she lays eyes on that 'way fancy' mailbox.

  9. Love the mail box BB another fantastic build

  10. I am some sorry to hear about the health issues, Billy Bob. Hope all the doctors you deal with k ow what they are doing, and treat you like family. Please keep us posted. Oh. That reminds me. Robert is such a good boy. Could you please show him how to talk to us? If he cannot make a post, he can put info in as a comment. I was really worried here awhile back. Wished he would talk if you had a problem. We do care, you know.

    Our granddaughter said, "Nan, that 's not a birdhouse. That's a hotel!" Looks pretty good, but will look better when I get some greenery around that pole. We are working on that. The best part of all is that every time I see it, I will think, "a special friend, Billy Bob, built that just for me!" ❤️❤️
    Thank you very much!
    And, yes, that is some fantastic mailbox. Yo Mama is going to LOVE it!! Rose

  11. About the weather, I'm in Minnesota where it snowed yesterday. Wanna trade? :)
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