Sunday, July 31, 2011

Out of here tomorrow????

Hot damn Billy Bob, all ya got left to do is hook up "that jeep", disconnect electric and water and head 'em up to Texas. Well, what about my chair and my camp table?? Gotta have them ya know.

Today was spent do'n little things, such as find'n places to put stuff so it don't fall on the floor and scare hell out me go'n down the road a hunnert mile a hour. Drained and flushed the black water tank (poop tank). Air ok in all the tires. Engine fluids all ok. Brung in the slide outs. "da porch" all secure. Yup, it's all done.
Got a hanker'n for some great big ol' tacos this morning. So I broke out the makins. Taco Bell ain't got nuttin on old Billy Bob. Got enough to last a couple days. Now that the way ya cook when ya cook for only one person....enough to last 2 days. Being on the road for the next couple months, there gonna be lots of 2 day meals. Eat 'em up.

I been try'n to find gas prices, but can't find what I'm look'n for. The closest I come is a map show'n little squares of different colors and a little chart.....oh hell, I don't know what I'm try'n to say. Why can't they just show prices and locations of gas stations. Any ideas???

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Change yer mind Billy Bob???

Camp'n at the County Park
Port Aransas, Texas 2009

Well here it is another day already. My God it was beautiful this morn'n. Something like 70 degs up till bout 9am. Then it start get'n way up there in the lower 80's......hee hee hee....love it. Expected high for the day to be in the mid to upper 80's to 92 at 3pm.

Got up early, but now quite early enough to see the sun come peek'n over the mountains. Just can't see no sense in gett'n up while it still dark outside. Was sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup by 8:30. And then....I got to think'n. "Damn, I gots to get out of Deming". See how I can change my mind bout simple things? If I feel like I do today, come Monday, old Billy Bob is out of here. Bout a hour mov'n stuff around in "da house" I'll be ready to hook up "that jeep", run down to the propane sell'n place and be on the road before noon. "Sounds good Billy Bob, just don't change yer mind again".

That damn cat has been miss'n for 4 days now. She just up and went off to live somewhere's else. Well, I check into that miss'n cat with all the neighbors an' find out she been visit'n a neighbor cat...move right in, just like that. The new neighbor, what ever his name is, has got a cat what loves company....and since "kitty" don't like Sadie Mae....you git the picture, right?

I been think'n someone has done "compromised" my blog and email accounts. For bout two three week, I been hav'n trouble mak'n posts on the blog. The email is something else. Been get'n emails from Ben, but from his old Yahoo account what he changed bout a year ago. I had my Yahoo mail account compromised a couple months back, but was able to fix it with a simple password change.   

Friday, July 29, 2011

Back pedal'n

 "Alice" 2001
Boy oh boy, what do I do now? Here I am all pack up and ready to pull out of the desert headed for new stomp'n grounds in Texas with trees an' grass and stuff. But holy crap, by the time I get to my first destination, come bout tuesday, it's gonna be 106 degs....in da shade. As ya get a mite older...70 here in a couple months, the heat takes it's toll. I remember back when I were just a kid in my late teens, we would be out in the blister'n 100 deg plus heat all day long and never give it a thought. But things change as ya grow older.....not for the better either.

So, it look like old Billy Bob gonna sit here in Deming for one more week and see what the weather gonna do. Maybe that tropical storm DON will push some the heat out of Texas. But I wouldn't bet over a quarter on that happen'n.

Well shoot, it's time to go outside, sit on "da porch", sip a cup an' do some think'n.

12:30pm.....holy crap Billy Bob, have you completely lost yer mind....gone crazt? Ya see it were like this. I were sit'n out there on "da porch". It weren't even 80 degs yet and I looks at the cactus garden......hmmmmm, how bout I trim up some stuff? What I did....for over 2 hours. Haul it off to the trash pile even. Now why the hell did I do that if I'm gonna be look'n for a new homebase over there in Texas?

In the mean time.....now what I gonna do? Take a nap......after a big ol' ham and mater samwich? Sounds good to me.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A lizard for a pet???

Remembering Lug Nut

Boy howdy, I were sit'n out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n, when here come my bestest lizard buddy friend what took up residence in the "Doghouse Bar an' Grill.
Now I ask...."how many flies can a lizard eat"? I takes out my trusty flyswapper, start awak'n, feed'n that lizard fly after fly. Big 'uns and little 'uns. Ok, here the tally.....3 big flies, 17 little flies and no less than 5 he caught his self. Strange thing though, I could swat a fly within one foots of that lizard and he never move....just sit there wait'n for more. After an hour, I got tired. Probably gonna have to take a nap now.

Ain't got much more to do for the road trip to Texas. Check the air in the tires, check fluids, fill water tank, etc. etc.....know what I mean??? Walmart list is almost complete for the better part of a day of shopp'n. Not many people like to go shopp'n with old Billy Bob. He look at "everything" from the garden section all the ways over there to the grocery section. Take bout 2 hour for a loaf of bread an' a gallon milk.
Since Walmart quit sell'n SolarShields sun glasses.....look out Kmart, here come Billy Bob.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I gonna do??

Here's the deal. I have everything planned to pull out of Deming....that's in New Mexico ya know, in 5 more days, but then I got to think'n, how hot is it gonna be in Texas. Holy crap, it gonna be over 100degs. everywheres I go'n. If this cool weather we having here was to head off to the east, old Billy Bob would be a happy camper. But, extended forecasts for the next 10 days don't show that. Only swelter'n heat in the lower 100's.

Speak'n of the snowmobile I mentioned the other day, it's all fix up and run'n good. But it weren't really a snomobile, it were that tractor I been work'n on. What made me say snowmobile was I were watch'n some redneck videos on You Tube and see one of a snowmobile race across some guys yard....or something like that. Don't need no stink'n snow to race a snowmobile.

Poor old "pesky neighbor" Wayne was down in the dumps yesterday. Can't say I blame him though with what he is going through. Very little improvement in the use of his arm.....but, he did drive a wheelchair 20 feet....using his arms. Said he could go a hunnert mile a hour backwards with his feet. He attempted to feed his self, but that didn't work out too well. Missed his mouth first try. Really hurts to see him like that.

My son was tell'n me to make another dream. Now how the hell can I do that? I've used up all my dreams. Although, I do still have one dream that's been on my mind for the last 5 or 6 years. Build an RV shelter for "Sally da house". Now in order to do that, old Billy Bob gonna have to find a piece of property big enough for the shelter an' patio, some watermelons, maters, cucumbers....you know, stuff like that. I'll be look'n on my Texas golf'n and fish'n trip. Suggestions welcomed.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy, busy and too busy

Boy howdy let me tell ya, old Billy Bob been busy on that "to do" list what I started a month ago. Couple more days and I'll be ready to hook up "that jeep" and be out of here. Look out Texas, here I come.

Damn choke on the snowmobile wouldn't work this morn'n. Yank and pull on that thing and it do nuttin. Had to run off to town and buy a universal control cable (choke cable). Work like a charm now. When it come to fix stuff, old Billy Bob know what he do'n.

I been pay'n close attention to what's go'n on in Washington.....and let me tell ya, them people are plumb nuts. Won't get into politics, but damn, get off the pot an' do something, even if it's ain't right.

I were sit'n out there on "da porch sip'n a cup and got to think'n......I'm gonna miss "da porch" if  and when I change my homebase away from Deming. I'm all excitis bout look'n Brownwood, Texas over. That's in the hill country ya know. Big ol' lake only 15 mile from town. Couple golf courses close by. TREES.......yes trees, big ol' trees. The rv park I'm look'n at seems to be right down my alley as a place to set up camp. Wonder if they will let me build another "da porch"? If not, I'll have to find somewheres else.

Nuttin new to report on old "pesky" Wayne. Going to go visit him again tomorrow. Maybe we can hoist him into a wheelchair and go outside in the fresh air. That's what he want to do anyhows. Don't forget the camera again Billy Bob. Yes Sadie Mae will go'n to visit too.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pack'n up

Holy cows, here it is Saturday again. Where did this week go? Seem like every time I make a plan for "tomorrow", it ends up on the week end. Had I look at my "to do" list, this week would have not been wasted. Although, I spent most the week work'n on other peoples stuff....what don't get my stuff done. And, I only got a week to get it done.

Here what I gonna do. Not today though. I'm think'n I can get "Sally da house" ready to hit the road in just a couple days, so maybe wait'n till the middle of the week may be a good choice. Don't want to rush into stuff ya know. I think I tole ya bout the time I got in a hurry for a fish'n trip to the lake. When I got to there, I didn't have no fish poles.

Speak'n of fish poles, I got a brand new "bubba boat" paddle and a life jacket. Pic goes here....
 Now ain't them purty?? Hope OFM Barney will approve of my purchases.

This morn'n started out absolutely beautiful. Nice and cool after drizzl'n rain all night long. But, here come the heat and humidity. Weather thingy says it gonna only be 94 today, but you know how them weather thingys work.

Ok....got things to do.....maybe back laters

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's shocking

Today I'm gonna write a shocking story bout when I got the hell shock out me.

I used to have me this old aluminum skill saw.  As long as ya had shoes on an' it weren't rain'n, it worked just like any other Skill saw....you know, cut wood and stuff.  Well, I were barefoot and the ground were wet from a recent rain. I pick up that saw, put that blade right on the line an' squeezes that trigger. YEEE HAAAA.....turn it off....TURN IT OFF!!!! I were subjected to electrocution....or something like that.

Then another time, I had me one them old aluminum 1/4 drills. I were work'n under a house drill'n holes in duck work for the air conditioning. Well, I lay down cross a gas line, pick up that drill and squeezes the trigger. YEEE HAAAA....turn it off....TURN IT OFF!!! I were be'n electrified.

Then another time.....I were work'n on a walk in cooler at a fast food chicken place. I had that cool'n coil all took apart an' all I had to do was yank the defrost heater out....what was burn slap out. So's I reach up, grab holt to that defrost coil and give a yank. I were stand'n on a wet floor in bout a inch of water....YEEE HAAAA.....turn it off....TURN IT OFF!!!! This were 230 volt of mean ass alternat'n current electricity....boy howdy I mean to tell ya. Helper just stood there look'n at me....think'n I were play'n some kind of game. Turn it off damn it....turn it off.

Back in my Navy days I were shipboard electrician. In the kitchen we had a bunch of 440 volt electric ovens. Well first thing I do is turn off the breaker....right over there on the wall (bulkhead on a ship). Then I tag it with a pretty red "do not turn on" sign. So's, I climbs in that over an' start tak'n stuff apart. Bout that time.....YEEE HAAA.....turn it off....TURN IT OFF!!! One the cooks ignore the little red "do not turn on" sign an' turn on the breaker. I were electrified. I were rush to the ship hospital and come out there with bruises from head to foot.

The worstest time I ever get electrified was on a 230 volt DC pump motor. Well, maybe the oven was the worstest, but let me tell ya, when you get holt of DC voltage, ya gonna know it. Somehows I reach my fingers in there where them brushes lived and......YEEE HAAAA....I were knock flat on my ass....tooo late to "turn it off".

Ok, gotta go put Slime in the tractor tires......

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Daily grind

Ok, so I won't be post'n bout no lost toenals and "get'n drunk" no more. Sheesh!!!

 Holy crap, "that jeep" done sprung a radiator leak.....or something like that.

Have ya ever had a roadrunner on your porch? This is the only one left out of three what would come by and visit every day.  But this is the first time one ever come up on "da porch for a drink of water. Pretty neat huh?

I mean to tell ya, after the little rain we had yesterday, it sure has cooled off. But with the new humidity numbers, it probably gonna be unbearable by this afternoon.

Well, I weren't gonna mention that toenail, but.....a few hours after it was gone....I fall flat on my ass. Ya see it were like this....a couple days ago, I were remov'n some prickly pear cactus from my cactus garden, using a great big long handle cultivator thingy like what ya use in a garden dig'n out weeds an' stuff. When I was done, I chunked it down on the ground, right where I were work'n on a tractor an' where I walk. When I toss it down, I says...."ya gonna fall over that thing an' bust yer ass". Well, one them tine thingys gets all tangle up in my sandal right under that toe....poke a hole in my foot, make me to fall down, right into that tractor I were work'n on. Skint up my arm a bit, but no blood. Ya gotta think Billy Bob.
In case you're wonder'n, old folks bruise up like that very easy. In my case, since I'm not old yet, I gonna blame it on Plavix....a blood thinner.

Went off to visit old "pesky" yesterday. Only stayed a couple hours 'cause he was yawn'n and I were hungry. He's bout the same this week as he was last week. Not much improvement. Sadie Mae layed on his arm the whole time we were there....and I forgot to take the camera. Oh yeah, speak'n of Wayne's room mate....they don't get along ya know. Well friday, old "pesky" Wayne tole him...."I hope you die". Not a nice thing to say I know, but anyhows, the next day that guy was back in the hospital. So ya gotta watch some the stuff what ya say. It could come true.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh my toe....ouch

Woked up this morn'n feel'n like a brand spank'n new one dollar bill. Slept good last night with no breath'n problems to speak of. It's hell when you lose something as important as a set of lungs.  Ya don't think bout them kind of things when you're young and dumb, but when ya grow up an' lose 'em, ya start think'n bout things like that.

Ordered me up a kayak paddle and life vest yesterday for that "bubba" boat. Holy crap, there go another hunnert dollar bill.  

OUCH.....HURT....PAIN.....AGONY. Holy crap, I done tore a toenail slap off'n one my toes. Boy howdy let me tell ya, that hurts something fierce....blood and stuff. Now had I been wear'n shoes, this would have never happen. But as everyone here knows, old Billy Bob don't wear no regular shoes.

"Houston, we have a problem". Ya see, it's like this, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne has got grouchy. He been chew'n out all the nurs'n home peoples, refuses to do some of his therapy and is in an all out war with his room mate. Yup, that sounds like Wayne to a tee. Does the same crap at home.

I find that we all make mistakes in our lives and then refuse to "own up" even when we know we are wrong. I remember one time back in '58, I borried my neighbors car to go to the store....or somewheres like that. It were a brand spank'n new Volvo what the guy prided his life with. Well, old Billy Bob done put a big ol' whisky dent in one the fenders while out run'n the streets. But I didn't "own up" that I did it. To this day, 53 years later, I still feel the shame for what I did to this trust'n neighbors car. Think about it...."own up".

MsB requested I write up something bout my drink'n days. I'm not sure why she would want to see me "stagger'n round" silly ass drunk and talk'n like an idiot, but I guess I must appease her mind. When I was younger, much younger, I knowed how to drink beer....with the best of 'em. I know I told this story before, but here it is again....."tinker bell". It were way back in bout '68 I were sit'n in a bar mind'n my own business......get'n purty drunk from a spectators point of view. The bar was full of Galveston chapter "Banditos" motorcycle rid'n thugs....or whatever ya want to call 'em. One them 230 pound, 6 foots plus Bandito fellers come stroll'n past my table with a little bell on his "ass stomp'n" motorcycle rid'n boot. I look up at him and says..."well, if it ain't tinker bell his self". Boy howdy did that feller get all upset....fight'n mad. He were gonna whoop me a good 'un....right there in front everybody. Some fast talk'n and back'n up a few paces, I survived with nary a scratch. Next time I see this big burly Bandito guy, he were wear'n a fancy Bandito Club leather vest with "Tinker Bell" neatly embroidered across he back. I wonder if he still remembers how he got his "club" name.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rough night

Waked up this morn'n feel'n all wore slap out. Ya see it's like this, all night long I had a breath'n problem. Woke up don't know how many time fight'n for air and cough'n up "stuff". I'm spos'n it's from mov'n that shed the other day 'cause I had to take a break so many times from loss of breath. Won't be no more mov'n sheds for old Billy Bob.

Well, got the ol' Walmart list bout ready for a day of shop'n. Used to be I were all excited to go to Walmart, but lately I dread it like a hang over. What I ain't had one them in years. But I know for sure what they are. Why, I remember many times when I would call into work say'n I were sick. Then I would have to argue with the supervisor bout why I were sick. Found out it was easier to just tell him I was still drunk....end of story.

Ain't many people talk bout "get'n drunk". Most say they just had a couple drinks and went home sober as a kitten. Yeah right. I know all bout them kind. They was still at the bar when it closed at 2am. stagger'n round, bump'n into tables, spill'n beers on the floor, hit'n on the chicks....yeah, they just had a couple.

Boy howdy does old Billy Bob got a lot of work to do or what? I'm talk'n get'n ready to hit the road to Texas in a couple weeks. My God, where do all this stuff come from what's lay'n on the floor?

Speak'n of floor, I been debat'n on yank'n out the carpet and put'n in a wood floor...something like bamboo. Now that would be a project. But I don't think I could handle it on my own. Maybe I need to plan me another trip to Georgia and get the boys to help me....or me just supervise while they do the work'n part. I would also like to have some tinted winders in here to block out some the heat in the summer. Wonder if automotive tint would work. What ya think??? So much to think bout and so little time.

Ok...off to Walmart.....back laters

Yup, Walmart is behind me an' let me tell ya, it were an expensive trip. Now I know why old folks have to eat dog food bout the end of the month.

Dad burned refrigerator door broke a hinge pin.....everything fall on the floor. This happen one time before as I was pull'n out of El Paso headed for Terlingua. Well, I drill out that hinge pin hole and put me a big ol' bolt in there. It ain't gonna break no more....that for sure.

I got to wonder'n, do ya ever write something and not know what ya wrote? What I really mean to say is, have ya ever said something that others may take offense to but ya don't realize what ya said what would cause offense. Does that make sense???

Ok....groceries to put up....see ya laters.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clean'n house

Well shoot, here it's done and went another week gone. But it was a pretty good week consider'n. The weather has been perfect, if the upper 90's is perfect. Have a nice breeze every day. (Not the freeway closing 50 mile a hour winds.) Today I was able to work outside for a good 4 hours. Of course I had my 15 minute breaks on "da porch" every 30 minutes while I decided what I would do next. Been clean'n up around old "pesky neighbor" Waynes house. My God, he's a freak'n redneck....all that stuff he got lay'n round.

I remember one time my bro in law let me camp at his "el rancho Abraham" down in south Texas. He had to go to New Orleans for some VA crap for a week. I was slap bored, so I commenced to clean up the place. After bout 5 days of hard labor trim'n trees, mov'n scrap junk, burn'n weeds an' tree limbs, mow'n the grass, I had the place look'n like someone lived there. Then bro in law come home. Holy crap, you would'a thought all hell broke loose. Instead of being grateful for all the work I did, he accused me of steal'n his junk, kill'n his trees, grass cut to short and "can't find nuttin". So, ya gotta be careful about help'n out someone that don't appreciate it.

Wayne call me yesterday three times. Yes he dialed my number all by hisself. The day I was there to visit, last tuesday, he couldn't push a button if his life depended on it.

Have ya ever notice old folk talk mostly bout the past? Not much is said bout the future. I member not long ago, right after I build "da porch", most my thoughts were of what I'm gonna do tomorrow, next week and next year. I made plans. But lately plans just don't seem to enter my mind. What the hell is up with that? Am I about to give it all up???

Now that makes me think back a couple months ago, when I were all fire up bout my "bubba boat" and tak'n a golf'n an' fish'n trip through Texas. I ain't say'n it's still a go and I ain't say'n it ain't. All I need is someone to set a fire under my ass.

Ok, I'm all rested up and it's still nice outside....things to do

Friday, July 15, 2011

Something to think on

Boy howdy, what have I done??? I were sit'n out on "da porch" sip'n a cup an' think'n last night...."Billy Bob, ya gotta do something bout your life". By that I mean, I gotta get back "on the road again", go swak some golf balls, go fish'n, float the "bubba boat".....get my life back together.

Most my life I been a "loner". You know, kind of a hermit type sorta guy. Didn't socialize. Not many friends. Did most things alone. Then I met old "pesky" Wayne. We hit it off right from the start 'cause we were so much alike in too many ways. A friendship grew and that's where we are today....friends. But, Billy Bob has a different lifestyle. I like to travel, go places, do things....you know what I'm talk'n bout. So I got a change to make.

I done over did it the other day mov'n that damn little shed thingy. Boy howdy let me tell ya, I hurts everywhere. Five minutes at a time was all I could handle before I had to take a 15 minute break. That what I been say'n for the last year or so...."I can't do it no more". That's something to think on.

Well crap, that shed is crooked. Here I thought I done a good job and the damn thing is not even close to level. So, that's todays project.....level the shed.
But that gonna be a job. Gotta unload a bunch of crap out it, take out some screws hold'n the pallets to the bottom, turn it over on it's side and make a new foundation out of 2x4's....or something like that. Anybody got a level????

Back laters......
Ok, I said I would and here I am. But not in as good a condition what I was this morn'n. Done pull something in my lower back while lift'n that shed back up on a level foundation.....pallets. It's not really that heavy, but a little more than old Billy Bob could handle. Took me up a 500mg. aspirin and laid on the couch for a spell. Feel'n better now. Can't wait for the leg cramps tonight.

Speak'n of weather, it only hit 98 degs. here again today. Been like that ever since the little rain we got last week...or when ever. If it keeps this up, I'll be travel'n in style in a month. Can I be ready in two weeks?? We'll see.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More good'n news

Boy howdy,ain't nuttin but good news com'n this way. Since yesterday, Amber....you remember her right? She the one that is tak'n care business...with power of attorney in hand. Anyhows, she is filling out an application with Medicaid after she done talk her ass off to all them mean ol' government agents. The news is that they will go back 3 months and pick up bills. How bout that. AND.....she also talked to "them/they" what was gonna sell everything Wayne owns. On the paperwork, he answered YES to if he planned to return home after treatment. So, they can not touch his home. That were his biggest worry.

Now for all those want'n to donate to a fund. I don't think that will be necessary at this point. I'll take care of his needs as long as my funds hold true. I can't take it with me ya know and I have no need for it.....yet. Even  though he will lose his SS and VA checks while in treatment, he will get them back when he returns home. Hopefully in 3 months.

Now let me tell ya....MAN, you talk bout work. Old Billy Bob move that storage shed to his yard this morn'n. Hook up the golf cart and took off. Then I got stuck....tires spin'n, dig'n holes and that shed ain't move. Hook up "that jeep" and pull it in the yard. Now all gotta do is hand move it over 10 feets against the fence.....where it gonna stay till the day I die. That was a job. With the help of a neighbor on crutches, we did it in a couple hour.....sit'n nice 'n square and level. Did you know there are 6 sets of golf clubs in that shed? What the hell I gonna do with them.

Sadie Mae took off across the yard after that damn cat....again. Had a little talk with her since that damn cat gonna live with us for a while. Didn't come inside till bout 1 or 2 this morn'n. I leave the door open so her and a gazillion bugs can come in when ever they want. I love bugs and damn cats. No, I don't kill bugs....only pesky flies. Them I swak the hell out of.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Start of a wonderful day

Boy howdy, let me tell ya, we finally got some rain after over 7 months. Weren't a whole lot, but it were rain....heavy rain....for a whole 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe just enough to make the weeds sprout out the ground. This may be my test for all the salt I spread all over the yard. Will weeds come up....that's the question.

Was a wonderful 68 degs when I roll out of bed this morning. That's "da porch" time weather, so I went out there and done some think'n. Damn I spend a lot of time think'n. But in the long run, it pays off. Bout 10 am I says..."do I go visit Wayne today or wait till thursday?  Since it was such a nice cool day I head 'em up to Las Cruces. Not sure where I were go'n, but in a hour and a half, I were there.

Now you talk bout a guy what can smile, old "pesky neighbor" Wayne had one from ear to ear. Then he says...."lookie here" and he raise up his arm....then the other one. Just in the last few days, he is regain'n movement what he didn't have last week. I ain't say'n that it's a miracle, but hot damn, in another week he'll be comb'n his hair....and feed'n himself with his own two hands. Then he says, "did ya bring Sadie Mae"? Well I had left her at home 'cause I had a couple other places to go in Las Cruces......too hot in car. Check with the head nurse lady and she say I can bring dogs, cats, horses and mules to visit. Well, not too sure if I understood the horses and mules, but I knows I hear right bout dogs and cats.

Well, it seems that "they", who ever they is, is gonna take everything Wayne owns to pay for his rehab bill. You know, like they do in a nursing home. The VA is still refusing to help him with anything at all. Not only will his bank'n account be deflated, but his 5th wheel rv (his home), his truck and anything else they can get their hands on that may be worth a dollar or more. Don't know exactly how we gonna deal with this new set back, but old Billy Bob gonna do what he can. Done moved some of the stuff I just bought off'n Wayne, then tomorrow gotta move my brand spank'n new storage shed and start fill'n it up with all my new tools. Look like it gonna be quite an ordeal. If I miss my Texas trip, it's worth it to help out a friend.

Last thing Wayne say to me when I left....."when ya gonna come back...and bring Sadie Mae". Must remember to take my camera.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Piece work

Well shoot, here it is another day and I still ain't got nuttin done. Nuttin important anyhows. But then again, what could be so important to mess up a good nights sleep.....or an afternoon nap?

Just out of curiosity, I decided I were gonna wash and wax "Sally". Boy howdy where did that stupit move come from? Went down to the local Walmart and bought me up a jug of wash and wax stuff in the RV section. Well I'm gonna tell ya right now, that stuff don't work. So...all ya rv'ers out there give me a hint how you keep your rigs so sparkling new look'n. Damn, I think I paid something like $8 for that crap.

Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne finally broke down and says I can come visit him. He sure is sound'n good on the phone, so I rekon I'll wait to visit him before I give another update.

Ok...."now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well, I guess I'll go back outside and finish clean'n off "da porch" and try to fix that flat tire on the golf cart.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My God, what day is it?

What??? Ok, where did Friday go?

Every morning....after a big cup of coffee an' get'n both eyes open, I check the stock market to see if I'm a "thousandaire" yet. Well hell no I ain't. Think'n today was Friday, I went to my special stock market reports and they was the same as yesterday. Reloaded the page a couple times think'n "what the hell....where my stock reports"? Then I rebooted think'n something went haywire with this computer again. Well crap, today is Saturday....stock market is closed.

Had a long talk with old "pesky neighbor" Wayne the other day. Boy howdy he sure did sound good. Understood every word he spoke. But his speech is the only progress he has made in 2 weeks or so at the rehab center.

Got up early this morn'n 'cause of the damn cat. She wouldn't leave me alone all night long. Bump'n her head against me.....go'n "MOUW MOUW" every 5 minutes, walk'n all over the bed.....you know how cats are.
Anyhows, Wayne said to leave Kitty here when I leave and have Buddy feed and water her every day. If I took her with me, she would end up somewhere in Texas. This cat don't like to ride.

Tested that troll'n motor again yesterday just to make sure it would run long enough on that little battery long enough to get back to camp. Ran it 4 hours on a 80% charged battery and still had 50% charge left. Now in 4 hours I should be able to go all the way across the lake, catch me some fish and be back at camp in time for a cup of coffee and cook up them fish for supper.

Still work'n on "da porch". With only 3 weeks left, I may get it cleaned off in time to hook up and hit the road on August 1st.....or therebouts. I almost got excited yesterday, but that didn't last long. Between porch time, sip'n a cup, think'n, feed'n my face, defrost'n something for supper and a short nap, I just ain't got time for much other stuff. You would think a retired old feller like me would have nuttin but free time on his hands, but it ain't like that.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is it winter yet?

Boy howdy, I ain't even started my Texas "summer" trip and I already think'n bout "winter". That what happen when ya spend too much time sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup an' think'n. But......with winter right around the corner, what could be a more pleasant thought than winter to get your mind off the heat of summer?

Look like I gonna spend another winter at "the slabs" out in southern Ca. again this year. Met a lot of nice folks out there and it's always good to see familiar faces. Camp fires. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Jump in the canal on New Years day.....naked if'n ya want. A few rounds of Texas Hold'em. Golf ball swak'n. Oh, by the way, there is fishes in the canals. And there's always the "pond" in Yuma on the way back home.

Well, I didn't get "da porch" cleaned off yesterday.....but you already knew that. Ya see, it were like this. I was headed to the door and fell down....on the couch....went out like a light. Yeah, you're right...nap time.

Fount that damn cat of Waynes. Brung her in "da house" two night in a row. Now what the hell am I gonna do with her? Her and Sadie Mae get along fine...if ya consider dagger stares at each other get'n along. Have ya ever been head bang by a cat? Well Kitty wake me up bang'n her head against mine while I were dream'n sweet dreams. Then she wouldn't go outside. Just sit there look'n at me.

I were think'n what would make my life easier. All I come up with was a maid, dish washer, laundress, trash hauler and cook all roll up in one little neat package. Now that what I'm talk'n bout. Yeah it get's lonely out here on the road with nuttin but a useless dog to talk to what just look at ya as to say.....HUH???

I been gear'n up for my Texas trip in mind and body.....mostly mind. Gotta go out there and rearrange "that jeep" to carry all the junk I gonna be need'n. Of course, half it ain't never gonna be used....as usual.

Now that reminds me of my first trip in "Alice", my first motorhome. Not know'n nuttin bout motorhomes and what ya gonna need, I bought everything. Dishes, pots and pans, 500 pound of can goods, enough clothes to last a life time, 50 pound of dog food for one scrawny rat terrier dog....you know what I'm talk'n bout. Oh by the way, that trip was only 400 mile for a 7 day week end. Ya know that once ya retire, all week ends are 7 days long.

Ok, I got things to do.....maybe.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Writers glitch...or what ever

Boy howdy, what we gonna write about today? It ain't easy ya know when ya done use up all your old memories and BS tales. Seems like I wrack my brain try'n to find something interesting and come up with nuttin. So today, we'll just go with nuttin again.

I was sit'n out there on the "da porch" sip'n a cup and got to think'n.....that's unusual. I got to think'n bout "sad". No I ain't talk'n bout tears and stuff like that, although some sad things can make ya beller like a baby. The sad I'm talk'n bout comes from not being able to do what I once did without a thought. Some I done mentioned on here before, but damn it, it's sad when ya can't do that stuff no more.

Take for instance....that sail car I built when I were 60 year old.

There was no doubt in my mind that I would ride that thing, do'n a hunnert mile a hour....and survive in case of a crash. Well, I survived but the car didn't. But that not what I'm talk'n bout. I would never in my right mind ever build another one.

And there was my prospect'n days......remember them?

Now I can't even pick up a shovel much less dig dirt with one.

I can still swak a golf ball, but even that has it's drawbacks when I try to go to sleep at night. Them old aches, pains and leg cramps can sure mess up a good nights sleep.

Speak'n of aches and pains, holy crap, I got sciatica....better knowed by the old timers as lumbago. Don't know what happen, but for the last 2 days I've had sciatica of the right leg. I sure as hell didn't lift anything what would cause back pains and that radiating pain all the way down to my toes.

Did I tell ya bout the blackened chicken I cooked up the other night? Well, ya see, it's like this. I got me one them "autoflame" BBQ grills. It automatically bursts into flame in the last 5 minutes of cook'n time. I remember one time I put some chicken on there...and forgot about it. Old "pesky neighbor" Wayne come run'n over, wav'n his arms an' holler'n and says...."your porch is on fire". Holy crap, thick smoke and flames was shoot'n out every little air hole in my "autoflame" BBQ grill. Grab up the water hose real quick like and let 'er have it.. Now let me tell ya, that were some blackened chicken.

Weather here today is bearable at 97 degs. Feels like autumn is just around the corner....but then we don't have autumn in Deming. It's goes from hot to cold....over night. There was one time a couple three year ago that it went from  90 degs in the afternoon to the upper 20's that night. And stayed there. Same with spring.....there ain't one.

Ok, I been busy do'n stuff this mor'n and need to get back to my back break'n work...clean'n off "da porch".

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Typical Monday

Oh wait, today ain't Monday is it? So where did Monday go?

Yesterday was a complete drag as far as I'm concerned. Although I did get a delicious nap yesterday afternoon..... Boy howdy let me tell ya. Did up a few dishs what was lay'n round on the floor......hahahaha got ya didn't I?? I don't put dishes on the floor. Although, if I did I wouldn't have to do the damn things as often.

Have ya ever notice how some people just "bitch bitch bitch" about the simplest of things on their blogs? I myself have been guilty of a "bitch" here and there, but my god, every day it gets old. Ok....here's my bitch for the day.....my back hurts so bad I can hardly walk......and I burned the bottom my feets on the hot sand walk'n to Wayne's house.

Yeah it's hot again today, but still under 100 degs. Ya see it's like this....the humidity us up from all the rains we been get'n and when the humidity is up in the desert, you gonna suffer.

Have ya ever see a couple little birds whoop a roadrunner up one side and down the other? Well I did this morn'n. That poor roadrunner took refuge under Wayne's truck and didn't come out for 15 minutes. We only got one roadrunner left and he's a fat sum a gun. But the quail "puppy" population has gone down.

Well old "pesky neighbor" Wayne has decided to stay right where he's at until he's able to come home. The reason is that Amber, the lady doing all his medical assistance work, lives only 3 miles from the rehab center. If he were transferred  to T or C (Truth or Consequences) she would be close to a hunnert mile away. I can see his point in that decision.

As far as old Billy Bob's Texas trip, I ain't give it much thought in the last month. It's still a GO, but not really too excited yet. Still 3 weeks off before I hit the road and I never get excited before it's a couple days to leave. Hope to see some of my fellow bloggers and followers along the way.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stuck in Deming

Boy howdy, time sure flies when ya start read'n the blogs. I just spent the last 3 hours get'n an "on the road again" booster shot this morn'n. There's people all over the US writ'n bout what they been do'n and what they gonna do....and where is old Billy Bob? Stuck in Deming, sit'n on "da porch", sip'n a cup and think'n.

I remember just a couple few year ago, I was all over the place travel'n, look'n at stuff and hav'n a grand ol' time. Wrote up some pretty good blog posts bout what I were do'n and what I was gonna do. But damn, I'm two and a few years older now, find it harder to get up in the morn'n, got to have a couple hours to get both eyes open, cricks and pains all over my body and just don't have the "git up and go" no more.

Had me a big ol' long talk with old "pesky neighbor" Wayne yesterday afternoon....a whole 3 minutes or so. He seemed to be in pretty good spirits considering his condition. The "jist" of our conversation was that he would see me in three months. When I tell him I would see him this week, he say..."NO"...."don't come see me at the rehab place". "Go fish'n....I want some fish when ya get back". "Why are you still in Deming"? "Lock up and go to Texas". This was not just idle talk, it was the same things he tole me last week. He don't want to be seen in the condition he's in. I would feel the same way if things were reversed. But then, everyone don't understand....but me and Wayne do.

Was look'n for some pics to post of Wayne and they all gone....poooof, just like that. Can't even find the pics of "bubba boat". Even the "shoot da clock" video is gone. What the hell happen to all my pics? Probably lost them all when this damn computer was act'n up a few months ago and had to "restore" a few times. I have two 150 gig hard drives in my laptop so a restore shouldn't affect the "D" data drive where I store my pics. Guess I'll have to find a better way to save my pic files. Any ideas???

I sure do like this cool weather we been get'n for the last few days. Anything under 100 degs is a godsend. Now all we need is a good downpour of rain to top it off.....make the weeds grow. Speak'n of weeds, I got three in the yard. They been there a while but they ain't get'n no bigger. Is the salt work'n???

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Drag racing

I had me an old 1946 Plymouth business coupe.....that mean no back seat. It had a little 6 banger motor in it, but old Billy Bob don't do little 6 banger motors. So me and Gerry, an old high school buddy, yank the little 6 banger out and put in a fully "hop up" 1952 Ford flat head V-8 power plant out a wrecked drag car.....3 Stromburg carburetors, full race cam, Hurst shifter, modified exhaust system with 2 1/2 inch cutouts, cherry bomb mufflers....burnd out of course and the biggest back tires we could find at the local junk yards. Now let me tell ya, that sucker would turn some rpm's, burn some rubber....beautiful white smoke, eat up a 1/4 mile in nuttin flat.

Up on Trona hill is where we used to drag race. It was in a different county so we had no law enforcement to mess with us. "Corky" had a 1957 Chevy Bel Aire what he was sooo proud of....nobody could beat him in the quarter....that is until Billy Bob pull up to the line. We come off the line, tires a smok'n, gears grind'n...we was fly'n when we cross that finish line....Billy Bob with his old 1946 Plymouth coupe 2 car lengths in the lead.

Then come the day before the Nationals drag races in Inyokern, that old 1952 Ford flat head developed a knock. "What the hell was that"? So that night, with the help of bout 4 other of the guys, we tore that engine slap down to bare block....look'n for that knock. Weren't nuttin in there but big ol' high compression pistons star'n us in the face. So's we yank them out too. Got the local parts man out of bed and bought up all new bearings, wrist pins, head gaskets and a gasket set. By 4am we had completely rebuild that Ford flat head motor and crank 'er up. No knock.....yee haa.....we in business.

We tow that old 1946 Plymouth business coupe to the drag races.....12 mile down the road. If it had a paint job on it we would have not got so many laughs. It were an ugly green with grease all over the fenders and doors where we placed our nasty greasy hands the night before. Since it was a Nationals drag event, all cars had to be weighed and classed. I was classed 'D' gas. All was well until an inspection was made of the transmission. I had no scatter shield over the clutch and flywheel. Disqualified.....poooof, just like that. Damn!!!
Anyone remember the AA dragsters??? WOW....two 1500hp engines side by side in a dragster. That was a sight.

Got just a tiny bit of rain again last night. Not enough to notice unless ya was stand'n out in it. Brrrrrr....it was cold. Won't be long till the monsoon season starts, but I'll probably be in Texas somewhere's where there ain't no rain. Remember a couple year back when I had that "black cloud" over my head? Everywhere's I went, it rained. Wonder where that black cloud is when ya need it.

Speak'n of rain....ya recall last year bout this time, I salted my yard to kill the ground. Some of ya are still wonder'n if the salt killed the weed growth. Well, I don't know neither. With no rain, nuttin grows. Not even weeds.

Ok....more on "that" later.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Was that rain????

Holy crap, clouds, wind, thunder and lightning. Then here come the little droplets of moisture. In some parts of the country this is considered rain, but old Billy Bob call it a slight drizzle. Not enough to make the weeds grow....just barely wet the surface of the ground. But it was rain after bout 7 months. Oh, did I mention that it went from 102 degs to 80 degs in 10 minutes? That was nice....sit out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n watch'n rain drops.

Boy howdy what the hell??? What ya do'n up at 6am Billy Bob. Maybe it was 'cause I went to bed an hour early last night. Missed my nap yesterday so I rekon that why I slept so good last night. Normally I take an hour to close my eyes in the afternoon and go off into dream land. But I was so busy that I done forget what I'm do'n sometimes. Won't let that happen today.

Now old Billy Bob got a problem again. Ya see it's like this. My Texas inspection sticker is expired again and you remember how much I had to go through last year to get one. There's just not enough places you can take a big motorhome to get inspected once ya cross the border into Texas. Forget El Paso and I ain't gonna drive to Alpine for one this year. On top of that, the registration is about to expire also. Last year I was able to get registration online, so I may try that again this year.

One more month to hang around Deming before I head 'em up to Texas. Some things has changed in my plans, but never the less, I'm ready to hit the road again. No doubt the meet'n up with a fellow blogger is out of the question for obvious reasons. But I'll not let that spoil a perfectly planned Texas golf'n and fish'n trip. See ya on the course, the lakes and the gulf coast.

Did I mention the steak and baked tater I had the other night? Well boy howdy, it was perfect. I normally don't eat beef....all 'cause a doctor tell me I can't eat red meat. I says what about pork....he says "no". So what the hell do that leave....chicken and fish. A man can't survive on chicken and fish for the rest of his life....damn.

Oh, did I tell ya that I bought one them electronic cigarette thingy things? Well, when I bought it I thought that it would be a good way to stop puff'n these cheap little cigar thingys. It's supposed to taste like tobacco....yes it has nicotine, but damn, it tastes like....hell I don't know, but it ain't tobacco. It weighs bout 5 pound....well maybe not that much,  but it has cut down on my regular smok'n. Not a heel of a bunch, but some. Smok'n is nasty ya know, but so is a jug of wine.

More on that later.....