Friday, July 15, 2011

Something to think on

Boy howdy, what have I done??? I were sit'n out on "da porch" sip'n a cup an' think'n last night...."Billy Bob, ya gotta do something bout your life". By that I mean, I gotta get back "on the road again", go swak some golf balls, go fish'n, float the "bubba boat".....get my life back together.

Most my life I been a "loner". You know, kind of a hermit type sorta guy. Didn't socialize. Not many friends. Did most things alone. Then I met old "pesky" Wayne. We hit it off right from the start 'cause we were so much alike in too many ways. A friendship grew and that's where we are today....friends. But, Billy Bob has a different lifestyle. I like to travel, go places, do things....you know what I'm talk'n bout. So I got a change to make.

I done over did it the other day mov'n that damn little shed thingy. Boy howdy let me tell ya, I hurts everywhere. Five minutes at a time was all I could handle before I had to take a 15 minute break. That what I been say'n for the last year or so...."I can't do it no more". That's something to think on.

Well crap, that shed is crooked. Here I thought I done a good job and the damn thing is not even close to level. So, that's todays project.....level the shed.
But that gonna be a job. Gotta unload a bunch of crap out it, take out some screws hold'n the pallets to the bottom, turn it over on it's side and make a new foundation out of 2x4's....or something like that. Anybody got a level????

Back laters......
Ok, I said I would and here I am. But not in as good a condition what I was this morn'n. Done pull something in my lower back while lift'n that shed back up on a level foundation.....pallets. It's not really that heavy, but a little more than old Billy Bob could handle. Took me up a 500mg. aspirin and laid on the couch for a spell. Feel'n better now. Can't wait for the leg cramps tonight.

Speak'n of weather, it only hit 98 degs. here again today. Been like that ever since the little rain we got last week...or when ever. If it keeps this up, I'll be travel'n in style in a month. Can I be ready in two weeks?? We'll see.


  1. You take it easy, you might need your back for something in the future, like sitting up. . .

  2. You take it easy, you might need your back for something in the future, like sitting up. . .

  3. Getting older is kinda the pits sometimes, when you wrote a while back kinda sad; was a lot all of us more senior individuals can relate to. We all feel it, think there is a purpose in all the seasons of our life, but know it is difficult for me to adjust to new limits. Any chance of you and old Ben reconciling hated to see yall feuding. Take care of that back, so happy about pesky, he will soon be his old pesky self again.