Friday, July 1, 2011

Was that rain????

Holy crap, clouds, wind, thunder and lightning. Then here come the little droplets of moisture. In some parts of the country this is considered rain, but old Billy Bob call it a slight drizzle. Not enough to make the weeds grow....just barely wet the surface of the ground. But it was rain after bout 7 months. Oh, did I mention that it went from 102 degs to 80 degs in 10 minutes? That was nice....sit out there on "da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n watch'n rain drops.

Boy howdy what the hell??? What ya do'n up at 6am Billy Bob. Maybe it was 'cause I went to bed an hour early last night. Missed my nap yesterday so I rekon that why I slept so good last night. Normally I take an hour to close my eyes in the afternoon and go off into dream land. But I was so busy that I done forget what I'm do'n sometimes. Won't let that happen today.

Now old Billy Bob got a problem again. Ya see it's like this. My Texas inspection sticker is expired again and you remember how much I had to go through last year to get one. There's just not enough places you can take a big motorhome to get inspected once ya cross the border into Texas. Forget El Paso and I ain't gonna drive to Alpine for one this year. On top of that, the registration is about to expire also. Last year I was able to get registration online, so I may try that again this year.

One more month to hang around Deming before I head 'em up to Texas. Some things has changed in my plans, but never the less, I'm ready to hit the road again. No doubt the meet'n up with a fellow blogger is out of the question for obvious reasons. But I'll not let that spoil a perfectly planned Texas golf'n and fish'n trip. See ya on the course, the lakes and the gulf coast.

Did I mention the steak and baked tater I had the other night? Well boy howdy, it was perfect. I normally don't eat beef....all 'cause a doctor tell me I can't eat red meat. I says what about pork....he says "no". So what the hell do that leave....chicken and fish. A man can't survive on chicken and fish for the rest of his life....damn.

Oh, did I tell ya that I bought one them electronic cigarette thingy things? Well, when I bought it I thought that it would be a good way to stop puff'n these cheap little cigar thingys. It's supposed to taste like tobacco....yes it has nicotine, but damn, it tastes like....hell I don't know, but it ain't tobacco. It weighs bout 5 pound....well maybe not that much,  but it has cut down on my regular smok'n. Not a heel of a bunch, but some. Smok'n is nasty ya know, but so is a jug of wine.

More on that later.....


  1. Heyyy, u go, boy. And bring that rain with u. On the road again,,,,,

  2. yep BB, send some of that rain this away. Of course it may be too late by now.

  3. If you need to get your motor home inspected there are tractor trailer inspecters with the dmv that will come to your property and inspect your moterhome its called fleet truck inspection services dont know how much it costs in Texas but its $50.00 for the call and $25.00 for each truck here in good old New York.