Saturday, July 30, 2011

Change yer mind Billy Bob???

Camp'n at the County Park
Port Aransas, Texas 2009

Well here it is another day already. My God it was beautiful this morn'n. Something like 70 degs up till bout 9am. Then it start get'n way up there in the lower 80's......hee hee hee....love it. Expected high for the day to be in the mid to upper 80's to 92 at 3pm.

Got up early, but now quite early enough to see the sun come peek'n over the mountains. Just can't see no sense in gett'n up while it still dark outside. Was sit'n on "da porch" sip'n a cup by 8:30. And then....I got to think'n. "Damn, I gots to get out of Deming". See how I can change my mind bout simple things? If I feel like I do today, come Monday, old Billy Bob is out of here. Bout a hour mov'n stuff around in "da house" I'll be ready to hook up "that jeep", run down to the propane sell'n place and be on the road before noon. "Sounds good Billy Bob, just don't change yer mind again".

That damn cat has been miss'n for 4 days now. She just up and went off to live somewhere's else. Well, I check into that miss'n cat with all the neighbors an' find out she been visit'n a neighbor cat...move right in, just like that. The new neighbor, what ever his name is, has got a cat what loves company....and since "kitty" don't like Sadie Mae....you git the picture, right?

I been think'n someone has done "compromised" my blog and email accounts. For bout two three week, I been hav'n trouble mak'n posts on the blog. The email is something else. Been get'n emails from Ben, but from his old Yahoo account what he changed bout a year ago. I had my Yahoo mail account compromised a couple months back, but was able to fix it with a simple password change.   

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  1. Mind changing is the privilege of the "wheeled". Enjoy whatever and wherever your next location turns out ot be.