Saturday, July 16, 2011

Clean'n house

Well shoot, here it's done and went another week gone. But it was a pretty good week consider'n. The weather has been perfect, if the upper 90's is perfect. Have a nice breeze every day. (Not the freeway closing 50 mile a hour winds.) Today I was able to work outside for a good 4 hours. Of course I had my 15 minute breaks on "da porch" every 30 minutes while I decided what I would do next. Been clean'n up around old "pesky neighbor" Waynes house. My God, he's a freak'n redneck....all that stuff he got lay'n round.

I remember one time my bro in law let me camp at his "el rancho Abraham" down in south Texas. He had to go to New Orleans for some VA crap for a week. I was slap bored, so I commenced to clean up the place. After bout 5 days of hard labor trim'n trees, mov'n scrap junk, burn'n weeds an' tree limbs, mow'n the grass, I had the place look'n like someone lived there. Then bro in law come home. Holy crap, you would'a thought all hell broke loose. Instead of being grateful for all the work I did, he accused me of steal'n his junk, kill'n his trees, grass cut to short and "can't find nuttin". So, ya gotta be careful about help'n out someone that don't appreciate it.

Wayne call me yesterday three times. Yes he dialed my number all by hisself. The day I was there to visit, last tuesday, he couldn't push a button if his life depended on it.

Have ya ever notice old folk talk mostly bout the past? Not much is said bout the future. I member not long ago, right after I build "da porch", most my thoughts were of what I'm gonna do tomorrow, next week and next year. I made plans. But lately plans just don't seem to enter my mind. What the hell is up with that? Am I about to give it all up???

Now that makes me think back a couple months ago, when I were all fire up bout my "bubba boat" and tak'n a golf'n an' fish'n trip through Texas. I ain't say'n it's still a go and I ain't say'n it ain't. All I need is someone to set a fire under my ass.

Ok, I'm all rested up and it's still nice outside....things to do


  1. Some people just dont appreciate when you do them a favor. If you get bored you can come to my mom's house and help me clean up the yard and pour salt on all the darn mesquite trees.