Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More good'n news

Boy howdy,ain't nuttin but good news com'n this way. Since yesterday, Amber....you remember her right? She the one that is tak'n care business...with power of attorney in hand. Anyhows, she is filling out an application with Medicaid after she done talk her ass off to all them mean ol' government agents. The news is that they will go back 3 months and pick up bills. How bout that. AND.....she also talked to "them/they" what was gonna sell everything Wayne owns. On the paperwork, he answered YES to if he planned to return home after treatment. So, they can not touch his home. That were his biggest worry.

Now for all those want'n to donate to a fund. I don't think that will be necessary at this point. I'll take care of his needs as long as my funds hold true. I can't take it with me ya know and I have no need for it.....yet. Even  though he will lose his SS and VA checks while in treatment, he will get them back when he returns home. Hopefully in 3 months.

Now let me tell ya....MAN, you talk bout work. Old Billy Bob move that storage shed to his yard this morn'n. Hook up the golf cart and took off. Then I got stuck....tires spin'n, dig'n holes and that shed ain't move. Hook up "that jeep" and pull it in the yard. Now all gotta do is hand move it over 10 feets against the fence.....where it gonna stay till the day I die. That was a job. With the help of a neighbor on crutches, we did it in a couple hour.....sit'n nice 'n square and level. Did you know there are 6 sets of golf clubs in that shed? What the hell I gonna do with them.

Sadie Mae took off across the yard after that damn cat....again. Had a little talk with her since that damn cat gonna live with us for a while. Didn't come inside till bout 1 or 2 this morn'n. I leave the door open so her and a gazillion bugs can come in when ever they want. I love bugs and damn cats. No, I don't kill bugs....only pesky flies. Them I swak the hell out of.


  1. hey this is not ur oldest son. but bring me some them clubs. you said mine wre junk so now you can send me some not so junk.


  2. If I ever get in the position that Wayne is in, I hope that I have a friend like you around to take care of me and my stuff.

    Howdy to Wayne.

  3. Of all the things you can do for old blue eyes, I think taking care of his cat is the one that he will really appreciate the most.