Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pack'n up

Holy cows, here it is Saturday again. Where did this week go? Seem like every time I make a plan for "tomorrow", it ends up on the week end. Had I look at my "to do" list, this week would have not been wasted. Although, I spent most the week work'n on other peoples stuff....what don't get my stuff done. And, I only got a week to get it done.

Here what I gonna do. Not today though. I'm think'n I can get "Sally da house" ready to hit the road in just a couple days, so maybe wait'n till the middle of the week may be a good choice. Don't want to rush into stuff ya know. I think I tole ya bout the time I got in a hurry for a fish'n trip to the lake. When I got to there, I didn't have no fish poles.

Speak'n of fish poles, I got a brand new "bubba boat" paddle and a life jacket. Pic goes here....
 Now ain't them purty?? Hope OFM Barney will approve of my purchases.

This morn'n started out absolutely beautiful. Nice and cool after drizzl'n rain all night long. But, here come the heat and humidity. Weather thingy says it gonna only be 94 today, but you know how them weather thingys work.

Ok....got things to do.....maybe back laters


  1. One thing left to do if you choose. I take an old shoelace and attach it to the side of the vest and let it dangle so it can be wrapped around my belt a couple of times snuggly. I have not found it necessary to tie it to the belt, just a couple of wraps is plenty and yes that is experience talking. Do it on both sides, then when you fall in the jacket will stay lower on your body to keep your head above water better. The two times I have lost it in deeper water, this has been wonderful.

  2. Good idea Barney. I could just attach the vest to my hip waders. Get it....hip waders???

  3. Hope you get all your TO DO list done.

    BTW could you please remind me of the name of that hoe that you used to clear your yard?