Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I gonna do??

Here's the deal. I have everything planned to pull out of Deming....that's in New Mexico ya know, in 5 more days, but then I got to think'n, how hot is it gonna be in Texas. Holy crap, it gonna be over 100degs. everywheres I go'n. If this cool weather we having here was to head off to the east, old Billy Bob would be a happy camper. But, extended forecasts for the next 10 days don't show that. Only swelter'n heat in the lower 100's.

Speak'n of the snowmobile I mentioned the other day, it's all fix up and run'n good. But it weren't really a snomobile, it were that tractor I been work'n on. What made me say snowmobile was I were watch'n some redneck videos on You Tube and see one of a snowmobile race across some guys yard....or something like that. Don't need no stink'n snow to race a snowmobile.

Poor old "pesky neighbor" Wayne was down in the dumps yesterday. Can't say I blame him though with what he is going through. Very little improvement in the use of his arm.....but, he did drive a wheelchair 20 feet....using his arms. Said he could go a hunnert mile a hour backwards with his feet. He attempted to feed his self, but that didn't work out too well. Missed his mouth first try. Really hurts to see him like that.

My son was tell'n me to make another dream. Now how the hell can I do that? I've used up all my dreams. Although, I do still have one dream that's been on my mind for the last 5 or 6 years. Build an RV shelter for "Sally da house". Now in order to do that, old Billy Bob gonna have to find a piece of property big enough for the shelter an' patio, some watermelons, maters, cucumbers....you know, stuff like that. I'll be look'n on my Texas golf'n and fish'n trip. Suggestions welcomed.


  1. Just came back from Sinton. 100 degrees but the golf course was decent shape. 91 degrees in Rockport. Look for me to stay here for a bit more. From the looks of the cleaning tables the fishing is still great.

  2. well as for the temp. i do believe that it is hot in Wisconsin and it is hot in hattes but as for putting off ur trip you'll say next time its to hot and then the next time its to cold or something like that. why put off tomorrow for things you can do today. or something like that. i dont know all the answers but you do need to install another dream. You said that this was your last dream. so its time for a new dream other than the rv castle.
    love your son
    billy the nice guy