Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rough night

Waked up this morn'n feel'n all wore slap out. Ya see it's like this, all night long I had a breath'n problem. Woke up don't know how many time fight'n for air and cough'n up "stuff". I'm spos'n it's from mov'n that shed the other day 'cause I had to take a break so many times from loss of breath. Won't be no more mov'n sheds for old Billy Bob.

Well, got the ol' Walmart list bout ready for a day of shop'n. Used to be I were all excited to go to Walmart, but lately I dread it like a hang over. What I ain't had one them in years. But I know for sure what they are. Why, I remember many times when I would call into work say'n I were sick. Then I would have to argue with the supervisor bout why I were sick. Found out it was easier to just tell him I was still drunk....end of story.

Ain't many people talk bout "get'n drunk". Most say they just had a couple drinks and went home sober as a kitten. Yeah right. I know all bout them kind. They was still at the bar when it closed at 2am. stagger'n round, bump'n into tables, spill'n beers on the floor, hit'n on the chicks....yeah, they just had a couple.

Boy howdy does old Billy Bob got a lot of work to do or what? I'm talk'n get'n ready to hit the road to Texas in a couple weeks. My God, where do all this stuff come from what's lay'n on the floor?

Speak'n of floor, I been debat'n on yank'n out the carpet and put'n in a wood floor...something like bamboo. Now that would be a project. But I don't think I could handle it on my own. Maybe I need to plan me another trip to Georgia and get the boys to help me....or me just supervise while they do the work'n part. I would also like to have some tinted winders in here to block out some the heat in the summer. Wonder if automotive tint would work. What ya think??? So much to think bout and so little time.

Ok...off to Walmart.....back laters

Yup, Walmart is behind me an' let me tell ya, it were an expensive trip. Now I know why old folks have to eat dog food bout the end of the month.

Dad burned refrigerator door broke a hinge pin.....everything fall on the floor. This happen one time before as I was pull'n out of El Paso headed for Terlingua. Well, I drill out that hinge pin hole and put me a big ol' bolt in there. It ain't gonna break no more....that for sure.

I got to wonder'n, do ya ever write something and not know what ya wrote? What I really mean to say is, have ya ever said something that others may take offense to but ya don't realize what ya said what would cause offense. Does that make sense???

Ok....groceries to put up....see ya laters.


  1. On flooring, I used allure and like it. Here is a link to pictures of an upgrade, not mine, using allure.
    Mine had been done with wood but I had to remove some to pull the furnace out when it had problems, and always spilling stuff I wanted something that water wouldn't damage so I chose the allure.
    Simple and easy to install using just a utility knife.

  2. forgot the link.

  3. BB,now I anin't no Doctor, however my Mom's Doc got her started on Mucinex for her coughing and it seems to be working very well. She is 87, been smoking for at least 70 of them. She is just as stubborn as any old fart around, ain't about to give up them stinking cigarettes even with COPD and one bout of cured lung cancer, and about 20 pills per day of other stuff. Says that if'n it kills her, then at her age it's about time anyway.

  4. Search'n....thank ya for the info on Allure. I put down a oak floor in the kitchen from Home Depot....looks good, but as you said, it's not water proof.

    Dizzy, my doctor has me on Advair 500/50 twice a day. It's supposed to open the airways but won't do nuttin for the lungs. I learned how to pace myself so I don't get in a situation where I can't breath, but I over did it the other day.

  5. what did u buy us. i want u to head out to georgia lets put in some flooring

  6. Yes, I have said or written things that have been misconstrued by others. Seems about a week ago every time I opened my mouth, someone gave me a strange look.
    I'm pretty sure I was speaking English, but I was somehow missing the mark.
    Might have something to do with the pills my Doc has me on for a while, might be I'm just speakin' from another plane of existence...who knows?
    I figure if people are going to take me wrong, well, they just don't know me well enough, or don't want to know me well enough to put up with me being human, once in a while.
    Go easy on yourself.

  7. Nice Guy, there could be a slim possibility that I may just do that. Of course you would have to feed me and find me a place to stay warm.

    Thanks Doyle, I needed that. Sometimes I go too hard on myself too quickly.

  8. Hey BB, do what I have been doing for the last few years or so. Get you an oxygen generator and use it at night. I bought me two rebuild ones and have one at home and one in the RV. Works for me.

  9. Hey BB, do what I have been doing for the last few years or so for night time breathing problems. Get you an oxygen generator and use it at night. I bought me two rebuilt ones and have one at home and one in the RV. Works for me.

  10. I think we all have at one time or another said or written things that have been misconstrued.

    I bet you have a lot of "getting drunk" stories...need to tell us a couple :-)

  11. LOL MsB, you surely ain't serious are ya? Although....some of my "drunk" stories would put ya in tears. I used to be a funny guy, especially when I was "stumb'n" drunk.