Saturday, July 9, 2011

My God, what day is it?

What??? Ok, where did Friday go?

Every morning....after a big cup of coffee an' get'n both eyes open, I check the stock market to see if I'm a "thousandaire" yet. Well hell no I ain't. Think'n today was Friday, I went to my special stock market reports and they was the same as yesterday. Reloaded the page a couple times think'n "what the hell....where my stock reports"? Then I rebooted think'n something went haywire with this computer again. Well crap, today is Saturday....stock market is closed.

Had a long talk with old "pesky neighbor" Wayne the other day. Boy howdy he sure did sound good. Understood every word he spoke. But his speech is the only progress he has made in 2 weeks or so at the rehab center.

Got up early this morn'n 'cause of the damn cat. She wouldn't leave me alone all night long. Bump'n her head against me.....go'n "MOUW MOUW" every 5 minutes, walk'n all over the bed.....you know how cats are.
Anyhows, Wayne said to leave Kitty here when I leave and have Buddy feed and water her every day. If I took her with me, she would end up somewhere in Texas. This cat don't like to ride.

Tested that troll'n motor again yesterday just to make sure it would run long enough on that little battery long enough to get back to camp. Ran it 4 hours on a 80% charged battery and still had 50% charge left. Now in 4 hours I should be able to go all the way across the lake, catch me some fish and be back at camp in time for a cup of coffee and cook up them fish for supper.

Still work'n on "da porch". With only 3 weeks left, I may get it cleaned off in time to hook up and hit the road on August 1st.....or therebouts. I almost got excited yesterday, but that didn't last long. Between porch time, sip'n a cup, think'n, feed'n my face, defrost'n something for supper and a short nap, I just ain't got time for much other stuff. You would think a retired old feller like me would have nuttin but free time on his hands, but it ain't like that.