Monday, July 4, 2011

Stuck in Deming

Boy howdy, time sure flies when ya start read'n the blogs. I just spent the last 3 hours get'n an "on the road again" booster shot this morn'n. There's people all over the US writ'n bout what they been do'n and what they gonna do....and where is old Billy Bob? Stuck in Deming, sit'n on "da porch", sip'n a cup and think'n.

I remember just a couple few year ago, I was all over the place travel'n, look'n at stuff and hav'n a grand ol' time. Wrote up some pretty good blog posts bout what I were do'n and what I was gonna do. But damn, I'm two and a few years older now, find it harder to get up in the morn'n, got to have a couple hours to get both eyes open, cricks and pains all over my body and just don't have the "git up and go" no more.

Had me a big ol' long talk with old "pesky neighbor" Wayne yesterday afternoon....a whole 3 minutes or so. He seemed to be in pretty good spirits considering his condition. The "jist" of our conversation was that he would see me in three months. When I tell him I would see him this week, he say..."NO"...."don't come see me at the rehab place". "Go fish'n....I want some fish when ya get back". "Why are you still in Deming"? "Lock up and go to Texas". This was not just idle talk, it was the same things he tole me last week. He don't want to be seen in the condition he's in. I would feel the same way if things were reversed. But then, everyone don't understand....but me and Wayne do.

Was look'n for some pics to post of Wayne and they all gone....poooof, just like that. Can't even find the pics of "bubba boat". Even the "shoot da clock" video is gone. What the hell happen to all my pics? Probably lost them all when this damn computer was act'n up a few months ago and had to "restore" a few times. I have two 150 gig hard drives in my laptop so a restore shouldn't affect the "D" data drive where I store my pics. Guess I'll have to find a better way to save my pic files. Any ideas???

I sure do like this cool weather we been get'n for the last few days. Anything under 100 degs is a godsend. Now all we need is a good downpour of rain to top it off.....make the weeds grow. Speak'n of weeds, I got three in the yard. They been there a while but they ain't get'n no bigger. Is the salt work'n???


  1. Get yourself an external hard drive
    & plug it into your usb port . Then drag all the stuff you want to keep on it. Like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136751.

    There are a lot out there just find one your happy with.

  2. Jim, I have one, but since my "D" drive is separate from my "C" drive and won't be affected by "restore", I just put photos and stuff on the "D" drive. It's just the way I do it that is not right. I usually save to a desktop folder and at some point move it to "D". It's the "some point" where I'm screw'n up.
    To remedy that problem, I'll put a short cut on the desktop from "D"....maybe label it 2011 Photos. That would work....right???

  3. Try doing a search on your D drive, I do that when I can't find some, type in *.jpg in the search box in windows explorer, I usually come up with thousands, makes for a long process but I find pictures I forgot I had.
    Also, I appreciate you're concern and respect for your friend, what the two of you do and how you do it is the important thing and not how others think you should act. That shows great respect for his desires,

  4. Gosh, good luck on finding ur pics!! Did u read my blog from a few days ago, where i lost all my ol film, being stolen out of my storage units? Horrible! Losing memories is the worst.
    Know how Pesky feels too. Have lots of respect for the both of u.

  5. I store my pictures on kodakgallery.com. Unlimited storage for just buying at least $5 of printouts a year! Safe from fire,theft,or accidents. Been reading your blog for a couple of years, first time to post.
    2000 winnebago Chieftain 36 ft 2000 Jeep Wrangler
    Austin, TX

  6. BB, windows propaganda says that restore will not affect any of your files, says if they was, then they is. Just doesn't say where it might have hid em, probably renamed em just to make it interesting. Oh well they is only a couple or three hundred thousand files on there, might give ya something to do.
    Howdy to Pesky.

  7. If ya get in the neighborhood of Sweetwater or Abilene, gimme a heads up and I'll buy ya lunch on your way through. Sorry to hear about Pesky Wayne. Maybe when ya get back, he'll be ready to swack a few.

  8. LOL....the pics are gone. Although I did find the ones of "bubba boat" still on the memory thingy in the camera.

    The way I got it figger out, any time before ya do a restore, ya better save any recent folders you may have on your desk top "cause when restore is finished, them folders ain't gonna be there no more.

    Farmboy, it just so happens that I'll be com'n right through Abilene on my way to Brownwood and Early. How bout them apples....I like my steak med. rare, baked tater, blue cheese dress'n and a big hunk of apple pie.... or a Double Whopper would do.

  9. BB when I went back in your blog, the pictures you published were still showing up there.

  10. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and have never left a comment. I don't know why.... Just wanted to tell ya just how much I enjoy it.
    Have A Super Day!