Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Typical Monday

Oh wait, today ain't Monday is it? So where did Monday go?

Yesterday was a complete drag as far as I'm concerned. Although I did get a delicious nap yesterday afternoon..... Boy howdy let me tell ya. Did up a few dishs what was lay'n round on the floor......hahahaha got ya didn't I?? I don't put dishes on the floor. Although, if I did I wouldn't have to do the damn things as often.

Have ya ever notice how some people just "bitch bitch bitch" about the simplest of things on their blogs? I myself have been guilty of a "bitch" here and there, but my god, every day it gets old. Ok....here's my bitch for the day.....my back hurts so bad I can hardly walk......and I burned the bottom my feets on the hot sand walk'n to Wayne's house.

Yeah it's hot again today, but still under 100 degs. Ya see it's like this....the humidity us up from all the rains we been get'n and when the humidity is up in the desert, you gonna suffer.

Have ya ever see a couple little birds whoop a roadrunner up one side and down the other? Well I did this morn'n. That poor roadrunner took refuge under Wayne's truck and didn't come out for 15 minutes. We only got one roadrunner left and he's a fat sum a gun. But the quail "puppy" population has gone down.

Well old "pesky neighbor" Wayne has decided to stay right where he's at until he's able to come home. The reason is that Amber, the lady doing all his medical assistance work, lives only 3 miles from the rehab center. If he were transferred  to T or C (Truth or Consequences) she would be close to a hunnert mile away. I can see his point in that decision.

As far as old Billy Bob's Texas trip, I ain't give it much thought in the last month. It's still a GO, but not really too excited yet. Still 3 weeks off before I hit the road and I never get excited before it's a couple days to leave. Hope to see some of my fellow bloggers and followers along the way.


  1. I get anxious and excited about a week before a trip, and I'm not good for anything the day before.

  2. Yep BB, it sure feels like Monday to me. But all the days seem to run together, the only reason I try to keep track of them is to know when my favorite TV shows are on.

    Glad Wayne is doing well and satisfied with where he is at.