Monday, June 30, 2014

This morn'n I don't give a care......I'm Grrrrrrrrr headed

Dang boy howdy, last night I was allll fire up bout get'n stuff done today. I mean I were excitis. A trip to Walmart, clean up all the mess lay'n on the floors.......stuff like that. Do the freak'n dishes. I got up this morn'n.....I don't give a shit. Sadie Mae can eat Spam for supper tonight.
"Come on coffee, do yer thing....".

Speak'n of coffee. I need to change brands for a bit. I drink Folgers Classic roast, but it just don't have that flavor no more. I tried all the Folgers blends, so don't even go there.....they suck. Damn, why did Maxwell House stop sell'n Rich French Roast??? Loved that stuff. Suggestions accepted. 

There won't be any photos today. Well just one in case ya might be interested.

See what I was tell'n ya....already messed up. But that stuff is just temporary. Stuff I picked up off the floor look'n for a place to put it.

Ok, was it the pills or was it something else? The last two nights, my right ankle has been swolled up. The left one just a little bit. This morn'n both are back to normal....like they was yesterday morn'n. This crap I been go'n through really sucks ya know. 

Being on my feet work'n on projects seem to have made a tiny bit of relief to my lower back. I ain't sit round with a 8 pound pain level like I was a couple weeks ago. Ain't say'n it don't get that high, but it's less offen. Hee hee....been stay'n off that couch too. Well, I ain't really been stay'n off'n it, but been limit'n my time on it. God I love my comfortable office chair.

Yo Mama come down this morn'n rais'n holy hell with the old Billy Bob. "Did ya order the flea medication for Sadie Mae"? "Did ya order your Advair"? "Did ya order the new foam rubber"? "Did ya take yer pills"? Damn woman, I just got up. Sheesh!!!

I spended bout 2 hours go'n through them Sterlite containers (7 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches). Sort'n an' toss'n stuff in the dumpster. "Oh wait, I'm gonna need this". "I cain't throw this away". I have bout 6 items lay'n on the floor next to the trash can. I was tend'n to throw out bout half what has been put back in the containers....want'n to end up with only bout 4 containers. There are 5 in the new cabinet an' 4 more to sort through. "Hey, look what I fount? Been look'n for that for years".

Speak'n of cabinets. I did me some 'spearmint'n with the clear plexiglass for the doors. Forget that crap....ugly ugly ugly. "Ya gotta go buy some at the glass sell'n place Billy Bob". *think'n here* How bout Home Depot, do they carry smoked plexiglass 1/4 inches thick? Now before ya jump on me an' say "I tole you so", I ain't never see any smoked plexiglass at Home Depot. They got the clear...yes.

Now I feel better. "Git off yer ass Billy Bob".

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Yeee haaa....lookie lookie here

First off this morn'n, I feel really really bad that I have a problem with the way I word things. I'm referring to them Gabapetin, or what ever they are, pills I took on three occasions. To set the record right.....
The first one was took with my usual medications at right bout 9:30pm. I was dizzy at 4am.
The second pill was taken the next morn'n at right bout 10:30am. A bit dizzy in the afternoon.
The third pill was taken, again with my usual meds, right bout 10:30pm. It was past midnight when Sadie Mae wanted outside to pee....an' I fell down.
I hope this clears up that I DID NOT overdose.

Ok, on the bright side, what I'm still look'n for this morn'n, the cabinet an' desk/tabletop is sit'n in "Sally da house".

   Yes, I like the difference.
"My god Billy Bob, you can pile all kind of stuff on there".
I will post another pic in a few days.....with stuff piled on there. See the before pic. That the way I pile stuff.

Speak'n of them plexiglass doors.....have ya ever installed dark winder tint on the backside of clear plexiglass? I'm think'n that might work.

This project is still not finished. There are some electrical issues to change. A double 115 volt receptacle under the table an' another single one above the table. The inverter receptacle will be moved also. A wiring tray mounted at the back underneath to hold all them damn wires out of view.
Now where my electrician son Robert???
Damn I'm all excitis......

Ok, I sleeped in way late this morn'n. I ain't quite awake yet. My coffee tastes super good. My back hurt like a sum-a-gun. I'm crookit like a mesquite tree. An' I got things to do. Ya think I'm kidd'n? Look at this....
I'll be 14 days clean'n this mess up. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

My "dizzy" pills suck

Ok, here's the deal. I was gonna try these damn pills for a couple weeks to see how they work on me.
That idea has been throwed in the dumpster after a third one.

Yesterday morn'n I took a second one them pills....one the night before. You seen the results of that first one. After take'n the second one, I feeled pretty good....not dizzy an' all that stuff....until later in the afternoon. When I would get up from a sit down, stuff began to move....round an' round. Frick, I was a tad on the dizzy side an' light headed. So I ate me up two "out the garden" mater sammichs. Damn they was good.

Then I took the third pill. A hour later....."what the hell"??? I could not read my computer screen. I could not walk straight. I was one dizzy sum-a-gun an' I couldn't see straight. Sadie Mae wanted outside to pee. I got up, opened the screen door, turn around to return to my office chair...but didn't make it. I went down. Upper body on the couch across the room, what is 8 feet from my intended destination....the office chair. It was right then an' there that I decided these pills ain't for me. 

An appointment has been made. My MRI will be on the 11th of July an' a follow up appointment with the "needle" doctor on the 16th. At that time I will request demand an appointment with a surgeon for his opinion. I need something done.

Now...back to the "project" project. "You da man Billy Bob". The cabinet is all put together an' ready for 3 coats of polyurethane (varnish for you old timers). I did receive some help from my wonderful son Robert. He's such a good boy. Not a cabinet maker, but a good boy.
Note: The screw up Robert made can NOT be fixed.

The small shelf opening, I'm think'n...a drawer in there would be cool as hell.
Here's something ya didn't know bout this cabinet. It will receive two 1/4 inches black tinted plexiglass doors up to the top of the small shelf thingy. It gonna be purty.

My task for today is to go out there an' put poly that sucker. It dries fast, so today it will make it's way into "Sally da house". But first, I got to move the existing table an' little cabinet. Disconnect a gazillion wires. Install a mount to the wall for one end of the new table/desktop. Man, I can hardly wait. So excitis.... 

Friday, June 27, 2014

I took a pill.....do I take another?

Again.....I want to thank each an' everone of you for the "makes me feel better" comments. I gain a lot of knowledge an' a bunch of uplift'n read'n stuff like that. I need that.

But I do need to apologize to one follower this morn'n. You know who you are. When I said I had no "real" information, I should have said what I was I was mean'n to say. I was think'n on the lines of "get'n repairs" as the "real" information, not the condition the x-rays showed. I probly still ain't word'n this right.....Grrrrrrr. But yes, you are right, the x-rays is "real" information. But.....to me, what the doctor said, ain't real.

Now, bout them pills. I done took me up one. I waked up at 4am with freak'n backards leg cramps....not caused by the pill. But, I was much light headed (a little dizzy) an' my right eye wouldn't open all the ways. I stumbled down the hall to that damn couch for the next 45 minutes. Twist an' turn till that cramp was gone.
Then, when I finally crawled out of bed this morning....that damn right eye was say'n to me..."if'n ya make it to the live'n room, I might open up". I was light headed again.  Things were go'n round an' round. I did all the things what needed done, pee, coffee an' smokes.....an' here I sit.
Feel'n all Ok all a sudden....with just a bit of "why is that stuff still moving"?

Now, do I take another one them pills? Will let ya know laters after I do some think'n bout it.

My project. The table/desk top is a completed project. Three coats of polyurethane. The table top will be covered with non skid something or another. ?????....don't know what yet.

The two side pieces for the "Billy Bob custom cabinet have been measured, trimmed to size an' all the mortises for the 4 shelves have been mortised. Note: Google mortise if'n ya don't know what one is. The two oak front trim pieces have been mortised an' installed. Monkey glued them suckers (Gorilla carpenters glue). I'm on a roll. Pics in a little bit.

Today, as soon as I get that heavy ass garage door open, is to measure an' cut to size the shelves, test fit an' Monkey glue them suckers in place to the sides. Pics as I progress...for those interested.
Damn I'm excitis.

Just in case ya don't know what I'm replac'n, take a look see.
"What the hell Billy Bob, didn't you just post that a few days ago"??? Did I? I don't know.

If'n you are think'n the old Billy Bob is work'n his ass off, let me set ya straight right now.....no I ain't. I work a bit an' I sit a bit.

Ok, the old Billy Bob is feel'n feel'n pretty good right now....I got to get up off'n my ass an' do something. See ya laters.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It was good an' it was bad....

Thanks for all the comments wish'n me good luck........but.....

If ya remember, I'm go'n to the "auto repair" to get my carburetor fixed. The service guy (needle doctor) is a automotive painter an' he don't know nuttin bout carburetors. He asked me all kinds of questions.....like, "when ya step on the gas, do it go"? "What do ya feel when I do this"? Stuff like that.

Then I'm off to the x-ray department. I says "Oh boy, I gonna see some bones an' what they do'n". Two are sit'n on top each other. The disk just ain't there no more......gone, poooof, just like that. I'm think'n they can install a brand new disk in it's place. That ain't what the doctor says. He says....it cain't be fixed (just verified that with my son Robert). I was much let down with his analysis of fix'n carburetors.

Then the doc gave me some options. Ha, you won't believe it, but he suggested I get me some shots....paint over the injury. His second suggestion, after I tole him shots would be a "last result" remedy, was a medication to see what it would do. A Dr. Fronkinstine experiment in my book. I said what the hell, what damage could medications do. Then I read the side effects. My god, I could die. Swell up like a freak'n balloon. Gain a bunch of weight. Commit suicide....shit like that. For my internet nurse....Gabapentin, 300mg 2 times a day.

I Googled patient reviews on this medication. Bout 30 of 'em. Not one had good results an' most had facial and body swelling....one of the side effects. Further research of the side effects....33% do not have side effects, while the other 66% do. To me, that's not good odds.

An MRI is scheduled with in the next couple weeks. This will "show" what is wrong and what possibilities remain to "fix" it. This is when I want to talk with a surgeon.

Ok, Robert run me all over town yesterday. 5 freak'n stores look'n for shelf liner to put on top the new desk/table. Nope, nuttin was found that was acceptable. I was wored slap out, had to lay down.
When I waked up, I was pissed bout that damn doctor an' the whole affair. Head filled with all kind of stuff....again. How far is it back to Texas????

Ok, I'm gonna try to get my mind straight....go work on my project for a bit.    

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Appointment day......

Ok....it's time. My appointment is in 2 hours....an' I ain't ready.
But, I caused a problem. I take all the blame for the turnout. Robert is back from his job in Texas and will be here to pick me up for my appointment. My daughter Doris was also gonna be here to pick me up for my appointment.

My god, don't ever try to go to sleep when you are gonna be interrogated by a rookie. By now you should be aware I am not happy with the doctor that was chosen for me to talk to. Anyhows, I got a whopp'n 3 or 4 hours sleep last night. But I feel pretty good this morn'n. Wish me luck with the rookie.  

Here it is, the finished product before it is finished. By finished I mean polyurethaned.....or as the old folk would say....varnished.

Ok, so I took these earlier in the day. Some modification was made an' two coats of high dollar polyurethane has been applied. "Look'n good Billy Bob". Those pics laters.

Robert just showed up.....I need my hug. See you people laters.


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tabletop finished....almost

Every day is different ya know,  an' today is another day. Things change in the way ya feel an' in the way ya think.

Ok, let's get right down to business. The tabletop desk thingy is finished. Well, it could use bout 3 coats of polyurethane on it to make it look professional. The cabinet is next.

Speak'n of professional look'n, I took extra care in my measurements an' in my cuts with the table saw, miter saw, a hacksaw an' a high grade file. Everthing fitted perfect. That was until I measured the final product. "You're off by 1/8 inches Billy Bob....that is NOT perfect". Now if'n I don't tell nobody, they will never know.

The next imperfection was noticed after the glue had set an' holding devices removed (kind of like clamps). 1/16th inch, the freak'n front trim is off 1/16th inch. Again, if'n I don't tell nobody, they will never know.

My biggest failure in this project was assum'n that the saws were set up for "cabinet" work....not "house framing" work. To start with, the table saw blade was dull. It was also out of square with the saw table face by bout 2 degrees. One cut an' I says...."this sucker ain't right". Then the miter saw. Ya set it for a 45 degree cut an' ya get a 46 degree cut. The blade is dull. But Billy Bob know how to fix shit like that....file file file. Then....Robert owns one them long squares (T-square). It's out of square. I hang that sucker back on the wall an' use "old school" to make square cuts.

As long as my back still hurts, I may as well touch on that subject this morn'n. Have ya ever get up all bended over. Yeah I did....again this morn'n. "You work too hard Billy Bob, ya gotta take a break". (5 hours of project work is too much)
But listen here what I gonna tole ya. Last night I was sit'n over there on the couch. On top of a bedroom pillow an' a couch pillow behind my back for support. My back hurted. I said "why the hell not"...I pressure pointed two sore muscles. Pain level dropped by two points. Of course I had also taken me one them high powered aspirins. "Come on doctors, fix me up". 

I grab holt to that "fix it" list last night. Start check'n stuff off that is finished or approved. Shoot, ain't gonna be long now till there ain't nuttin left to do. Now where the hell are my two sons that just LOVE to help their daddy fix stuff?

Today we have a 70% chance of a down pour. Think'n "Mama Nature" is either pissed off or she wants me to take the day off. I don't work in the rain ya know. I don't even like rain at all. If it rains enough, you can drown. Your clothes get wet an' shrink. Then ya cain't get 'em off....ya catches pneumonia an die. Bet ya all didn't know that did ya???

Ok, I'm done. Yesterday was a success an' I'm happy bout that. What will I do today? 

Monday, June 23, 2014

I worked toooo hard

Oh boy, the old Billy Bob done did it again. In more ways than one.

Let's take the second item first an' then we can talk bout "work'n too hard".
In the last few months..."is it really that long?"...people have tried to beat me up 'cause I don't do the things they do. Or I say something that goes against their grain. Or I make a snide joke an' they think I'm serious. Or they suggest something that there is no way in hell I would ever do.
Does this bother me?? You damn right it bothers me. I don't have to live the way you do. I don't have to talk the way you do. I don't have to like the same things you do. I'm Billy Bob. The same guy you knowed 3 years ago. I just have "things" in my life in 2014 that I have no control over.

Boy howdy did I ever screw up yesterday. I was sit'n here in my easy chair figger'n out how to "do nuttin" for the entire day. I ate me up a cold hot dog. I looked at that bedroom closet. "I can do that".
So'n I go outside an' start cut'n stuff. Builded the 4 shelves to go in the closet. Sweat was runn'n off my face an' out from under my arm sockets. I smell like a goat.

Oh wait....speak'n of goat....just received notice that that "damn goat" died. RIP Costa.

Ok, by 4pm....or therebouts, the bedroom closet is finished.

 Now where the hell do I put all the stuff I took out the closet? I'm think'n "dumpster".

Then, as I was sit'n outside sip'n up a cup....I got to think'n...."the desktop Billy Bob, cut down the desktop". Ya see, the desktop will measure 22 3/4 inches by 73 1/2 inches.....before the oak trim is added to the edges (finished size 23 1/2 by 75). It's made out of a cheap interior hollow core door (24 x 80 inches). This task took over two hours....just to cut down the door an' reinstall wood in the hollows created in the cutting down. I know, that's not the proper way to 'splain something, but it works for me. My desktop now has the correct measurements an' is ready to install the trim pieces (front an' 2 sides).

So, what did my "do nuttin" day do to me? I'll tell ya what it did...."I think I'm gonna die". Not one but two 500mg back an' pain special formulated Bayer aspirins were taken to relieve some of the pains. No way I could sit on that couch for more than a couple minutes.

Bed time finally arrived. I lay there, my mind go'n crazy, till 3am in the morn'n. My god, something ain't right. My hunnert dollar bed memory foam topper is worth a thousand dollars to me. Don't feel a thing when I lay on it. Was slightly bended over this morn'n. Coffee an' sit on my ass fix that right up. Pain level back to bout a slim 4 1/2. I can live with that.

Now, speak'n of pain. This is where my mind went crazy last night. It's gonna be a while before I am "pain free"....if ever. The doctor I'm gonna see this Wednesday is a automotive painter, where I'm go'n to get my carburetor fixed. Painters don't know nuttin bout fix'n carburetors. "I tole that nice lady I wanted to see a surgeon. not a physical therapy needle shoot'n doctor". "Paint'n over the pain don't "fix" nuttin.

So, that was yesterday. Water under the bridge. What we gonna do today?  

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Projects continue

We was sit'n over there on the couch, me an' Sadie Mae, an' she says to me...."Let's go to Home Depot an' spend some dollars". I pick up my Walmart special notebook an' started a list of stuff for the next project....the bedroom closet shelves. Then it started rain'n little cat puppies an' full size pit bulls. I mean, it was rain'n cats an' dogs.

Later that afternoon, we loaded up in the "billy jeep" an' headed to Home Depot.....a whole page of stuff to buy. All materials was purchased for the bedroom closet an' a few little items for the table/cabinet project.
I'm the type guy what don't go shop'n an' spend a measly $30. I go big time. Total purchases yesterday was over $200....but, a big part of that was for a dad gum battery an' charger for my Ryobi 4 1/2 inch skill saw. And a brand new saw blade for the table saw. And a high dollar handi square to replace the one I cain't find. And a "made of gold" mortise router bit. Dang that stuff is expensive.

Back pain. I ain't mentioned that in a couple days. No, it ain't healed if'n that's what you're think'n. I swear, I'm gonna put a stick of dynamite in that dad gum couch. I go sit an' lay in that thing feel'n pretty good, an' when I get up, I feel like I been run slap over with the neighbors bulldozer. I suppose I could order the new foam rubber an' try that before I blow that sucker to smithereens. By the way, I tried sit'n in a couple more of them recliners again. Nope, got to have my comfortable couch (the one what beats hell out me ever time I sit on it).

My intention for today was to just sit back an' "do nuttin". My mind says...."unload the stuff ya got from Home Depot an' build some shelves". Dang, don't I ever get to rest?
"But Billy Bob, ya need them shelves today, not tomorrow".
*think'n here....will let ya know laters*

 My mind again goes to "what ya gonna do with the rest of your life". Well, I been think'n a lot bout that for quite some time. At my age an' my condition, travel has gotten to be a real chore. Wouldn't it be nice to go outside, sit on "da (new) porch", an' sip up some fresh coffee? Walk out to the pond an' do a little fish'n? Pick a few fresh maters out the garden? Swak some golf'n balls into the woods? Oh wait, it snows in the winter time. Scratch that.
Let's wait an see what these doctors can do for my back before we ask that question again.  

Ok.....I got to do something....anything.
"Have ya ever builded shelves Billy Bob, we could do that". 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

One project down an' a hunnert to go

The many chores and projects the old Billy Bob an' company have been talk'n bout ain't nuttin like ya think. I was sit'n there look'n at the "fix it" list an' holy moley, I ain't did nuttin. But I very well know how to make excuses for what ain't done. You know, like....I stubbed my toe, headaches, mosquito bite, it's too hot....stuff like that.

But anyhows, yesterday I worked on the hall closet project. An' I worked too freak'n hard....my damn back hurted. It's done, finished, end of story. Next will be the bedroom closet. Shelves on the right side an' hang my 4 shirts on the left side. My 20 some pull over shirts will be folded an' shelved on the right side. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout. By this time next month, my bedroom may look like a bedroom an' not a redneck storage area. My god I have a bunch of crap to put in the dumpster.

For Louie.....

Yes Louie, some touch up is on the agenda.

All the little chores I been do'n don't amount to a whole lot when ya sit back an' look at what ya just did. "That took ya 4 days to do Billy Bob"??? Well, I gotta take a break ever once in a while ya know. For all ya that think I'm work'n my ass off....that ain't so. I just know how to word things to make ya think that way. "Got ya didn't I"?

So what's on the agenda for today? I was think'n bout go'n out there in the garage an' work on my other project.....table cabinet project. That would be a bad choice. Ya see, the blade on the table saw is kind of sorta dull. It needs replaced with a brand spank'n new cabinet quality blade. Little things like a sharp saw blade makes all the difference in the world towards a finished product. I want it to look nice ya know.

As far as excit'n stuff on my mind, the only thing I can come up with, is a great round of golf. One where I don't have to quit before the game is finished. There ain't nuttin worser in this world than "I quit".
"That's all I have to say bout that"....Gump.

It's been pretty damn hot here in Georgia. Not so much the temps (low to mid 90's), but this humidity sucks. And it ain't even July yet.

The way I'm think'n, I'm gonna be in Georgia for bout 3 or 4 more months. My first doctor appointment ain't gonna amount to more than..."I can give ya some shots....fix ya right up". He's one them "shot" doctors ya know. That's when me an' that doctor gonna go round an' round. I want me another doctor. One what know how to fix stuff, not hide it. I didn't make this trip for shots, I made it to get my back FIXED (surgery). Then there's the up to 6 weeks recovery time I got to go through. Don't like that one bit. Damn....I'll be glad when this crap is over.

Ok, other eye is wide open now.....I got things to do. Laters.  

Friday, June 20, 2014

We got "stuff"

So what do ya do when Home Depot is across the street from the auto parts store? Well shoot, that's simple, ya go buy some wood. Holy cows, $120 for wood???
"Dang it Billy, be careful with that plywood....we're build'n a cabinet ya know, not a freak'n dog house".

When we returned to "da house", Billy installed the new spark plugs in the Onan generator. Replaced the air cleaner in "Sally da house". Retaped the insulation in the dog house engine cover. Unloaded the wood an' placed it in the garage. "Now how the hell am I gonna lift that heavy sheet of plywood up on the table saw"? So.....me an' Billy set that sucker on a couple saw horses an' rough cut some of the cabinet parts. Yeee haa to think'n ahead.

While I was sit'n outside sip'n up a cup, I got to think'n. "Ya need to finish the shelves in the hall closet". I installed on each shelf  front edge, a "don't let nuttin slide off" chunk of 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 wood. Painted it black. Project is almost finished. Now all I got to do is figger out how to keep the shelves from sliding all over the shelf brackets.

This morn'n I waked up with a sore back. An' I didn't even do nuttin to make it sore. Come on doctor what's yer name, do yer thing.

Speak'n of doctor, only 5 more days for my first appointment. An' boy howdy, let me tell ya, I got all kinds of stuff go'n through my mind. What if....you know what I'm talk'n bout, what if that sucker cuts the wrong thing? What if it's too late for surgery? What if, what if....? Anyhows, I'm raren't to go. Not a hunnert percent happy, but rare'n to go.

Ok, nuttin excit'n to talk bout this morn'n. Think I'll go out side an' find me a comfortable place to sit down, sip me up a cup an' do some think'n.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My helper is here....you go Billy, fix something

Ok, yesterday is gone. It was a miserable day for the old Billy Bob. I slept all afternoon on an' off till 6pm. My dizzy spells are all gone....an' I ain't even gonna try to figger out where they come from.

Hot dog, Billy just showed up to work on stuff. He's a good boy.
The job he chose is to change the serpentine belt and spark plugs in "Sally da house". Hee hee hee, he don't know it, but that's a hard job. Ya see, when they built this thing, they put stuff anywheres they could find to mount them. Right in the way of changing the serpentine belt. Spark plugs are in their usual place....hidden behind chunks of metal an' out of sight. But that's the job he chose. Good luck Billy.
 What the hell, Billy is mow'n the freak'n yard.

That's one big engine I betcha a dollar. 496 cubic inches of instant mind boggl'n horsepower at the twist of the key. Go a hunnert mile a hour.

Ok, I had to go crawl under "da house" to inspect the serpentine belt. That sucker looks brand spank'n new. No dry rot, no cracks.....no nuttin. Time for some think'n. By the way, there is no diagram show'n how to put the damn thing back on. 42,000 miles an' 10 years old. Yes it should be changed.....but, I'm think'n. "How the hell do ya change a serpentine belt on a freak'n motorhome"???
Ha...fount a pic of the routing for a brand spank'n new belt....Yeee Har!!!!

Here in a little bit, if'n I feel like it, I'm gonna go work on the "hall closet" project.

Dad gum it, got to go to the auto parts store....pick up parts.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tee hee hee.....hall closet project

Well, yesterday didn't turn out to be a adventure.....but....we got some stuff done.

Yesterday morn'n I was sit'n here say'n to myself, "there ain't no way I can do 2 stores in one day". I called in my prescriptions to Walmart an' made other plans. Home Depot was on the agenda.

That was fine an' dandy. I loaded up my coffee mug in the "billy jeep", turn the key an' I ain't got nuttin. The freak'n battery is slap 100% dead. Battery charger amperage is not correct for a car battery....40.7 amps. Now I'm think'n I'm gonna get stuck in some little town an' have to walk a hunnert miles back to "da house". So I went to the closer Home Depot. Both projects in mind.

I walked a hunnert miles in that damn Home Depot look'n for material. The table cabinet project was put on hold. But....boy howdy did I find me some neat shelving for the other project. Wire shelving. But I didn't buy it after the cost went over $200. But....at the check out counter, I paid $172 for what I bought...particle board shelving and hardware.....white.

Back at "da house", I had to take me some aspirin an' sit back. I can do this project tomorrow. "Right Billy Bob, like you gonna wait till tomorrow". I cleaned out the hall closet. Did some measures an' mounted the shelf hanger thingys. Put in the shelving an' boy howdy, I like it. Now all I got to do is figger a way to "mount" the shelves so's they don't slide around....fall down, stuff like that. Also, the front edges of the shelves will need a chunk of wood installed so's stuff don't slide off the "secured" shelves. *I'm think'n....I'm think'n"*

 See what I'm talk'n bout??? Look out bedroom closet, you're next.....just one side.

Cain't wait to go outside an' work on that Onan. Got to get me some Seafoam an' spark plugs first. "Billy, where the hell is Billy"???

This morn'n I am hav'n dizzy spells. I ain't talk'n things go'n round in circles, I'm talk'n almost fall'n down an' pass'n out. "Scramble eggs an' toast Billy Bob....ya gotta eat". Ok, go rattle pots an' pans, make me something to eat.
I did check blood pressure. Not too bad 134/90 78hr.

Oh wait a minute....remember that foam rubber in the couch what sags ever time ya sit on it. Well, google is your best friend. A search for the foam I bought revealed it's junk. Cheap shit ya use in cheap shit couches. The density is way too low (1.6 density) for a old fart that needs a firm couch. For me an' the back issues I have, I need a 2.2 density. That's like sit'n on a stump out in the pasture.


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A second project is planned

On the adventure side, I need to do a Walmart run an' a Home Depot run. Can I do two stores in one day? Hell, I don't know.

I'm get'n pretty turned on bout my new desk, table, cabinet project. Even if it is only on paper. And deeply embedded in my brain. I like projects an' build'n stuff.

This is a before pic. Had to do some clean up before I took it so's ya don't think I'm a slob or something like that. Some that stuff lay'n round is work in progress.

I was sit'n there last night an' I looked at all the stuff that needs to be stowed on shelves....not cabinet tops. I have no shelves. Oh wait a minute, in the hall way, I have this big ol' 4 foots wide closet....with no shelves. In the bed room is another. What if I was to install a bunch of shelves in these closets? *break out pencil an' paper* Yup, that what I'm gonna do. But hall closet first.

I gonna have me soooo much room I don't know what I gonna do. I betcha a dollar I ain't gonna be step'n over stuff no more.

This morn'n was the second morn'n in a row I waked up with a low (bout a 4) pain level. I can deal with that. 

"Yo Mama" has been clean'n house so's she will have enough $$$$$$$$$$$ to go on a sea cruise this fall. Not the way I wanted it done, but at least she's clean'n. She's too freak'n short to do a good job on the ceiling, so I tole her to let the ceiling go. I will do that job....or my son Billy next time he shows up.

Speak'n of clean'n.....who knows how to remove day an' night shades in a RV??? Mine are nasty....need a good warsh'n.

Ok, I need to get away from all this clean'n stuff an' make myself ready for the trip to Walmart an' Home Depot. Any energy wasted clean'n is much needed for shop'n an' pick'n up project stuff.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Morn'n dump run

Boy howdy, what a difference a day can make. Have ya ever load up the truck an' go to the dump? Don't go think'n I loaded a bunch of trash in the back of the "billy jeep", but I'm sit'n slap in the middle the dumps this morn'n. In other words, "I don't give a crap".

Ok, the Onan generator. The air filter is perfectly clean. I checked it so I know. The oil was changed less than 4 months ago. Speak'n of oil changes, I change oil and oil filter in the Onan once a year....rather it needs it or not. That's something like bout 75 to 100 hours between changes. The fuel filter was changed bout 5 years ago along with a new fuel pump. So, that only leaves a few itty bitty maintenance items. "Google your best friend" told me to decarb the engine and muffler. Replace spark plugs. Possible valve adjustment. Clean carburetor. But guess what....I ain't gonna do it today.

Oh god, it's Walmart day already. I run slap out of meds again an' I got me a half of a shop'n list done. And guess who lives across the street from Walmart? Home Depot. That's where they sell "project" parts ya know. Go back an' read first paragraph.....

Son Robert gifted me with a new chefs knife yesterday. My old one was 7 years old, handle is loose, won't sharpen. Now I can cut my hot dogs in half an' make me some hot dog sammiches.

I took Gypsy's advice last night an' sit in my office chair. I sleeped like a hunnert dollar bill. Speak'n of that couch, I contacted my best friend last night....Google. He tole me the foam rubber I bought was a cheap grade that will do just what it's do'n......make a big hole to sit my ass in. An' remain that way in case I want to sit down again in the next 2 hours. It's called "sag". Grrrrrrr...to sag.

Ok, Robert is off to Dallas Texas on a electric job. Be gone till the 28th. Now who the hell is gonna help their daddy fix stuff? A slim possibility Billy will show up Wednesday.....but I wouldn't bet over a quarter. Billy is a good worker, but ya gotta keep a constant eye on him. He breaks stuff. Remember many many years ago I bought the kids some Tonka toys? Billy was given the dump truck 'cause it had only 1 moving part. He broke it in less than an hour. Tonka toys don't break.  

Another day of nuttin excit'n to talk bout. But wait.....ya never know. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A rather rough night....

I don't have no adventures or excit'n stuff to write about do I? All I got is this damn back an' "fix'n" stuff. Well, I could mention this damn couch too. That's it, I ain't got nuttin.

Yesterday, we fixed something. Then I sat on that damn couch. Then my back hurted. See what I'm talk'n bout? I don't have no fun.

My water tank was get'n low. It's got to be filled. The dad gum fill hose has a hole in it. Water runs down on my inverter. The inverter is gonna blow fuses an' circuit breakers an' catch slap on fire.....burn down "da house". I know, change the fill hose. "Wear ya gonna git a fill hose Billy Bob"?

I/we walks all over Home Depot look'n at stuff. My feet are hurt'n an' I gotta sit down. In the lumber department where they got all my "project" stuff neatly stowed on shelves, I sit down. Off to the check out, out to the truck an' we go to Tractor Supply.....down the road a piece.

"Make it short Billy Bob, nobody wants to hear details". Anyhows, after Tractor Supply, we went back to Home Depot an' fount a hose that will work. I throwed it in the Weber grill to soften it to bend around corners (S shape) an' Robert did a wonderful installation.

While sit'n round outside jaw jack'n, I decided to test the Onan with a small load on it. It crank right up. Shoot some black smoke out the exhaust an' shut down. Just like before on the trip. "Well Billy Bob, looks like you don't know nuttin bout adjust'n chokes on a Onan". My Onan generator has almost 800 hours on it. It's never been serviced other than oil changes an' blow out the air filter a couple times. Hmmmmm, betcha a dollar them spark plugs could use a change.
Note: Air cooled Onan generators build up carbon inside the engine. This carbon is supposed to be removed every 500 hours of operation by a certified know how to do it Onan mechanic. "Google Billy Bob....Google". Ha....lookie here what I just found. Seafoam or Onan 4C to decarb. Betcha a dollar I buy me some Seafoam.
Note #2: If you full time in a RV, yes you need a perfectly operating generator.

Ok, I wasn't gonna tell ya, but I change my mind. Last night was a terrible pain filled night. After I crawled out that dad gum hole in my couch, I feeled a backards leg cramp com'n on. I fixed that. Then 2 am I come scream'n out of bed. I got me more backards leg cramps. Then again at 4:30am, I got me some more. The 4:30 one lasted 45 minutes before I could feel relief. Sleeped till almost 8am....got me another one. How do ya spell terrible?

Ok......that's it, I'm out of here. Ha ha....got things to do. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Almost a Onan

Ok, yesterday weren't so bad. Robert showed up way late an' bout all we did all day was sit around talk'n bout stuff. But....I went outside with a few tools, sit down in front that Onan generator an' start loosen screws. I'm gonna adjust the electric choke I betcha. I turn it in the right direction an' hit the start button. It won't start. I turn it to another position, hit the start button an' it fire right up. Come up to speed just like it suppose to. "Check it off the list Billy Bob, you fixed it". Well wait a minute. Let's try to start it with a small load on it before we check it off. That test yet to be done.

I got a few things picked up in "da house". Dang, I need to toss some stuff in the dumpster. A Fagor (made in Sweden if'n I recall) pressure cooker sits there on the floor look'n at me....."what ya gonna do with me"? I ain't used it in bout 7 years. Do I tote it around another 7 years or give it away? I may need it ya know. Dang I hate hard decisions like this.

The table an' cabinet project is still a go. "Look out Home Depot, here come the BIlly Bob". I came [this] close to throw'n my the project plans in the dumpster, but then I got to think'n....I need something to do. Robert will be gone start'n Monday for almost 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks, I can "build something".
From this drawing, I had made a few slight modifications. But this is close.

Me an' Yo Mama" was sit'n down one day talk'n bout all them fishes we catched. Sit'n there listen'n to her flap'n her jaws, her side the story turned into ...."I catched more fish than you". If'n you recall, this was the time we catched something like 87 pounds of fishes on 1 pound of shrimps. Me with a fish'n pole an' her with a hand string line an' hook. Now where she ever got the idea that she catched more fish than me, an' been tell'n the same story to everbody she knows, I'm think'n she needs to back up a couple blocks an' git her facks straight. Fish'n with "Yo Mama" was fun. But don't believe every thing she tells ya.

Ok, I think I'm feel'n good enough to get up an' do something now. Was a rough morn'n for me. But I need assistance. Robert is off do'n another project of his own. He's just like his daddy, likes projects an' to build stuff. 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Freak'n couch!!!!

Dang.....after all them comments, there won't be any mention of needles today. Sheesh!!!

I sitted, layed, slouched....all kinds of positions on that couch last night. I am not freak'n happy with the results. It's not back to square one, but it's close. I do sit a tiny bit better, with a bit less pain, but damn, it's almost just like before we "fixed" it. Something ain't right, an' I don't have the answer.
Do I take it apart again???

Speak'n of that couch, I've sat in recliners a while back. I didn't like them neither. But....
Gonna take a day an' go look again.

I'm bout ready to do a little house clean'n. I got stuff lay'n round on the floor I have to step over bout 14 times a day. The house clean'n lady my daughter was gonna hire, I told her to hold off till we get the "fix it" list worked down some. House clean'n lady's job is to "deeeep" clean an' detail. Who knows, the old Billy Bob may just jump in there an' get a start. Warsh the ceiling maybe. But Sissy, don't bet no money on it.

Today would be a perfect day for a round of golf ball swak'n. Gonna be nice an' cool all day, a few clouds in the sky, a tiny little bitty breeze (1.64mph).

Think'n bout golf ball swak'n, I sure do miss play'n with the OFM Barney. He's a much better player than I am an' that makes me "think" before I swak the ball. Where do I place my ball to have an advantage over Barneys 250 yard drive down the middle of the fairway? It's gonna be a while Barney, but when we do meet up again.....look out, Billy Bob is practicing.

Son Robert took off yesterday. He had a little contract job to take care of that didn't need my supervision. He has yet to show up this morn'n. Monday he is going on another out of town job, so I will be all alone fix'n stuff all by myself. There ain't gonna be much accomplished. I ain't crawl'n up under "Sally da house" for nuttin....period.

Ok, I'm done. Nuttin excit'n to talk bout. See ya laters. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Good may be bad

I get chewed out a lot ya know. That happens 'cause I know what I want, but what I want ain't always the best choice.

Let's take for instance this damn couch I wanted fixed. I wanted it "stiff" (very firm), an' stiff is what I got. But....."Houston, we have a problem". Ya see, I went up to a foam rubber sell'n place an' bought me some heavy duty high density 4 inches foam. We, Robert mostly with me sit'n back supervis'n, replaced the foam in that couch. Put it all back together an' I checked it off the "fix it" list. A test sit was performed an' it sitted good. But then....read on...

I went over there, sit down on my "fixed" couch, turn the TV on an' layed back. What the hell, I'm sink'n. I feel some pain in my back. I stand up an' take a look see. There's a damn hole where I was sit'n. The foam squished down (took 10 minutes or so) to bout 2 or 2 1/4 inches thick......right where my skinny ass was sit'n. I'm think'n it's either the wrong "kind" of foam or I'm not "politically correct" in the way I sit. I'm not very happy with the results. More on this after the next few days of "lay'n back".

Under the couch is where I store all my can goods. In them Walmart special plastic carry all thingys. Under the couch was a mess. Dirt, dust, sand, golf'n tees an' dead bugs....stuff like that. I get down on the floor an' vacuum all that stuff up. Wash the containers an' all the cans. Some date'n back to 2011. Well shoot, there ain't no holes in the cans, they should still be good. Anyhows, after bout 4 times get'n down, I couldn't get up. I need some help here......"Robert, come here quick, I cain't get up".

Don't....I repeat....don't eat Wolf Brand chili. Ya see, Robert set up my camp outside. Grill, camp table an' chairs. I'm gonna grill me up some hot dogs. I love hot dogs ya know. On two slices of bread I placed 3 perfectly grilled hot dogs. Covered them with half a can of Wolf Brand chile an' half a onion chopped up. Boy howdy did that ever taste good. Well kind of. My belly is full. But later, while sit'n in that hole in the couch, my stomach says to me...."what the hell did you just eat Billy Bob"?

On my back issue, I ain't been think'n too much bout it. But I have been read'n all the comments. You people are skeer'n hell out me talk'n bout get'n big ol' needles stuck in me. Ya see, when I was just a tot bout 5 year old, I went to a hospital for a rupture of some kind. Penicillin had just come out. Three nurses held me down an' injected that stuff in my butt every single day (whether I needed it or not) ....with a great big ol' dull rusty needle. Back then, a hospital stay was close to two weeks. My butt was some kind of sore when I finally went back to the farm. No, I don't like needles.

But back to what I was talk'n bout.....injections to kill the pain. Kill'n the pain don't fix the injury that is causing the pain. Leg cramps, backards leg cramps, numbness, calf muscles jump'n for no reason....tingles in my feet. Sciatica to the right leg an' scoliosis in my spine. Ya see, that's what I want fixed, not just hide the pain. But don't get me wrong. I'm skeered as much with surgery as I am with needles. Needles suck. But.....I have been knowed to change my mind on a few occasions. More on this after I get me some xrays an' a MRI....an' talk to a real doctor (orthopedic surgeon).

Speak'n bout MRI. I did some research to see if I can have a MRI with the baling wire in my chest. In 2007 they started using MRI compatible wire to close up your chest after open heart surgery. I may be good to go. 

Being Medicare is government sponsored, I am no longer contributing to the IRS an' I'm an old fart, will they limit what medical procedures can be done? I did tell ya bout my insurance company no longer covers Advair didn't I? They said it was too expensive for them to pay for. Without Advair, my breathing is greatly affected. I freak'n need it. It also improves my golf game.

I need to do something. I'm tired of sit' on my ass do'n nuttin. 




Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good Update....Good news an' good news

I was gonna tell ya yesterday, but Robert kept say'n...."come on daddy, we got work to do". We got busy an' I plumb forgot to tell ya...

After our terrible golf game two days ago, Robert got on the phone an' call the back fix'n place I been do'n research on. After 20 minutes of back an' forth bla bla bla, I have me a appointment on the 26th with a doctor for a conference/consultation.....or what ever. ***the umpire has throwed the ball to the pitcher and the game begins****

Then, the old Billy Bob researches the doctor they picked out for me. What the hell, I told that nice lady I wanted to see a "surgeon" doctor, not a needle push'n doctor. I don't do needles.

I was all for call'n that nice lady back an' get an' appointment with a real doctor, but I let Robert talk me into "shut up Billy Bob" an' go with the flow.

Well poop, I had me a whole bunch of stuff I was gonna tell ya this morn'n bout that couch fix it project.....but guess what? Robert has put me to work.....manual labor....lift'n big ol' sacks of concrete....stuff like that. "Don't believe everthing the old Billy Bob tells ya.....he ain't do'n nuttin". Well, cut'n some foam rubber an' glue'n it together....maybe.

I sat on them new cushions last night. Man boy howdy, I feeled much better than the old ones. Couple weeks sit'n on my new couch, I won't have to go see the doctors. Yeeeee Haaaaw!!!! Just kidd'n.

Ok, Robert needs some supervision before he gets in too big a hurry an' don't think. That would mean another trip to Home Depot an' the foam rubber sell'n place. "No Robert, look what ya did".

Important afternoon update....

Couch project is completed. But....let me back up a bit...."ROBERT!!! See what I was tole you....THINK". But anyhows, the old Billy Bob could see from 30 feets away, it was wrong. Luckily the glue had not dried yet. He fixed that.

Then we installed the old ugly upholstery on the brand new foam cushions, pull 'er tight an' hog nose ringed that sucker back together. Job complete. Sit just like I was want'n.
Scratch that one off'n the "fix it" list. Hmmmm....only 13 to go.  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Check'n off one more item....an' start'n another

Yesterday I was "YeeeeHaaaaw"!!! But then it broke.
Tell ya bout that in a minute.

Me an' Robert hit the golf course (St. Andrews Country Club) right at 11:30. I was rare'n to go....swak me up some golf'n balls. Bogied the first hole (one stroke over par) an' pared the second hole. Had a good score go'n up to the eigth.....an' all hell broke loose. I was hit'n trees, rocks, high humidity areas (lakes, creeks an' ponds)......deep into the woods. I did not have a good score when I had to stop on the 17th hole. I was hurt'n.

We returned to "da house". I sit down an' take me up a aspirin. I was need'n it bad.

****"It's way later Billy Bob, where the hell ya been"?****

Well ya see, it's like this....when ya get busy, ya forget what time it is an' what ya was do'n. And that's what I did.

The circuit board has been installed. "Does it work Billy Bob, huh? does it work"?? Well, I suppose it does. Do'n the same thing the other one was do'n. Didn't help with the "start'n up "da house" not nary a bit. But that's another item in the "fix it" list. Circuit board....check....done...pooof, just like that.

Robert was sit'n over there on the couch. The couch.....yeah, lets tear apart the couch. An' that's exactly what we do. Did some of "daddy's" engeneer'n on the structure an' decided to install 1/4 inch plywood under the foam rubber for a very firm sit down. Yes, we test different materials till I felt good. Off to the foam rubber sell'n place we went. Fount some high density 4 inches foam rubber an' some pad'n material. What that stuff is for I don't know, but we bought it anyhows.

Off to Home Depot for more materials. Damn, they ain't got everthing I had on my list. Where ya buy the correct size hog rings??? These are way slap too big.

As I sit here type'n away, eat'n up some stuff "yo mama" made, Robert is outside do'n his thing on that piece of plywood. Hot damn, it fits perfect. Now comes the hard part....cut'n, glue'n an' fit'n the foam rubber. Since I will be supervis'n, it should fir perfect.
That's all I have to say bout that.


Monday, June 9, 2014

Golf ball swak'n in style

Three hours sleep last night. Will that affect my golf game???


Golf Update:.......Grrrrrrrrr......

Don't rekon I got to say any more than that. My golf game sucked to high heavens.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Two freak'n weeks down the drain

Well, every day cain't be a good one. Today is one.

But now yesterday, that was a pretty good one.....but it's gone.....pooof, just like that. Was it the Billy Bob chicken vegetable soup? Last night I had me one them cases of severe "stomach rumbles". Man boy howdy, I was one sick little feller.

I trim my mustache an' beard yesterday. Ha....it needs it some more. Dang it's hell get'n old an' cain't see what you're do'n. The damn thing is crookit.  Whisker hairs stick'n out everwheres.

Then I attack Sadie Mae with the clippers. I ain't pay'n no $45 for a damn haircut. Her pretty, but it's a long ways from a professional job. Dad gum cheap China (Walmart special) hair clippers......Grrrrrrr.

But I cain't blame it all on the clippers. They work just fine. It's Sadie Mae's hair that is the problem. She grows two kinds. The lower "silky" hair an' the upper "wire" hair. Combine them two hair types entering a set of clippers an' you got a problem. It all just lays down an' won't enter the clipper blades.
But anyhows, Sadie Mae is happy. She don't look in a mirror anyhows.

Well, the little "Yo Mama" Mexican dinner what was planned for the day, has turned into a "fiasco" of a hunnert family members meet'n up for free food. I'm sure it will be a great get together, holler'n an' scream'n....that kind of stuff, but damn, I'm not up to that kind of crowd this morn'n.

Today it's been 2 weeks since I rolled into Georgia. Ain't been but one thing accomplished....that radiator fan motor. And a little of MY research on find'n a perfect back fix'n place. That means I am the only one look'n. At this rate, I will be in Georgia for the next 6 months. I ain't gonna do that. I'll fix all that stuff on my "fix it" list all by myself an' hit the road afore I stay that long. Help or no help......!!!  "You ain't in a good mood this morn'n are ya Billy Bob"? Not really, hand me the Pepto an' some aspirins.

NOTICE: I am NOT go'n to Mexico. Git it out your mind Louie. I know of 3 places right here in the US that is perfect for winter. Well maybe not perfect, but if'n I want to, I can wear shorts an' a tee.
Now this reminds me the time Louie......we drove across the border into Juarez.....just to have a good time an' look around. The tourist thing. Some the alleys we drove down skeered the hell out me with all them strange people stand'n behind trees, in the shadows an' behind fences watch'n us with evil eyes. People look'n out winders. Big shiny black SUV's follow'n us up an' down the streets. City buses push'n each other up the street 30 mile a hour.....people scream'n "Git out the way gringo". But....the food was extra special good.

These are for you Louie....enjoy them.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Slow progress

Every day is not the same. The reason I say that is that I got up this morn'n all bended over like the old guy in the fairy tale..."crooked old man". But we ain't gonna be talk'n bout that this morn'n....it will get better after while.

I took the day off yesterday. Called into Google sick. Told 'em I'll be back to work come Monday morn'n....right on time.

You don't want to hear this do ya? Well, I'm gonna tell ya anyhows. I need this crap out of my mind an' what better place to do it...."Billy Bob's Place.

But....that didn't stop my mind from work'n. What if...? What if I showed up at one these back clinics an' start tell'n my side of the story? How I hurt my back an' how long I been in pain. How it's affected my life. I already have a pretty good idea what they gonna say....."that's not the way we do things". Ya see, before I do anything, I want to have a conference with a doctor. Preferably a free consolation.....insurance purposes ya know. I want to talk to a doctor that knows how to do back surgery. Not that I wouldn't sit there an' listen to him/them, or whoever, go on an' on bout physical therapy an' how it will fix anything. I want x-rays, MRI's, CT scans....what ever it take to look inside my back an' show what's go'n on.

I'm not for the physical therapy thing. I'm here to get my back fixed. In order to fix it, ya gotta look inside to see what damage there is. Lift'n weights an' walk'n 5 mile a day for the next 3 months ain't gonna do that. My activities in the last 14 years covers lift'n weights an' walk'n. I still hurt.

Ok, thank ya very much for listen'n....I'm done with that for today.

Son Robert will show up tomorrow. I'm all excitis bout that. "Yo Mama" is mak'n a great big ol' dinner up in the house, so there ain't gonna be any work done tomorrow. Eat.....Sit out on "da porch"....Shoot the breeze a bit an' relax. Sounds good to me. Then Monday, we gonna get down to business......maybe. There's a golf course close by ya know. A Georgia golf course with a gazillion trees......a freak'n forest where ya ain't never gonna find your ball. Ya hear that Barney? Bring plenty of balls.

Ok, I got me a mustache an' beard what needs some trim'n. * think'n, do I cut it off, shorten it, or just do the usual trim job? * Did ya ever grow a beard what quit grow'n? That what mine do. Get's just so long an' that's it.

Ha....fount the pic I was look'n for......

Friday, June 6, 2014

Tons of doctor research.....I'm wore slap out

Holy cows, it's time for me to take a break. No I ain't been work'n on stuff. That's for the boys to do.
But....I have been sit'n here at this computer day in an' day out research'n "back surgery" and the doctors that perform the surgerys. Yesterday was no exception with bout 8 full hours of eyeballs glued to the laptop monitor.

Why ain't nobody help'n me do this research???

The back fix'n clinic I mentioned just down the road a piece in Carrollton has a wonderful web site. Their ratings are 5 star facility....accord'n to their web site. They have two doctors that perform back surgery. Both are highly rated...accord'n to their web site. I says..."woohooo, that's the place to go".

Wrong. Further hours of research changed all those figures from 5 stars to a measly 2.5 for both doctors. Four reviews by patients revealed 3 negative and 1 positive reply. What I learnt in school, that's a 25% success rate. I'm think'n that's a long ways from pain free.

Further research of the Atlanta area and surrounding area, I come up with two more possibilities. Through some personal conversations, 1 has been highly recommended. Emery University Spine Hospital. Yet to be researched.

Now, the other one, I did me some research on it. One location is just "up the road a piece" with the main surgery facility located in Atlanta....just "down the road a piece". I spent a good 3 hours or so yesterday read'n procedures an' all that stuff. A slim possibility I may be excluded from a MRI or CT scan from the baling wire in my chest. Depending on the damage to my spine...or what ever, I fount one procedure I would go for in a heartbeat. Through a piece of tubing inserted on my back. Go home the same day. More research is needed.

Recovery time for most surgeries will be up to 6 weeks before I can swak golf'n balls. Ha...that's what they said when I had open heart surgery. Try two weeks an' I was out there on the golf course.

Since I mentioned my back this morn'n, let me tell ya.....I've sit'n on bout a 3.5 pain level for the last 3 days. Not a 24 hour day, but close. Ha....that's back to almost normal. Man boy howdy, what does it feel like to be pain free? 

One of these days, an' I hope it's soon, you ain't gonna hear me talk'n bout pains an' stuff like that. I miss the old Billy Bob we used to know. Oh wait a minute, that old Billy Bob has always whined bout something hurt'n. Like the time he fell slap out of bed an thought he broke his big toe. Damn that hurted something terrible for a dad gum week.

My mind is still messed up from all the "down" stuff in the last couple three months. Road trip troubles have been forgotten. I don't believe in "karma" or nuttin like that, but I have been knowed to "git even" from time to time....depend'n on the severity of treatment I've received. Treat me like shit, I ain't gonna forget.

Ok, I brewed me up a big pot of Billy Bob chicken vegetable soup yesterday. Weren't no room for the noodles the pot was so full. An' I like my noodles. Anyhows, it don't taste like it supposed to taste. Ya see, I decided to try some Asian stir fry vegetables. I've used them before in my beef stew soup with great results, but in the chicken soup....not so good. Where's that damn goat?

Let's take a break an' reflect on things. In my book, that means "do some think'n".....out on "da porch" sip'n up a cup. Dang I miss my "da porch". 


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Google research.....doctor who???

Whoa is me...it's another day. Supposed to rain ya know, but shoot, let 'er rain. I watch them weather thingys on TV an' the day the storms are gonna hit, I sit outside in the sunshine sip'n up a cup an' do'n some think'n.

Does anybody remember back a few years when that "black cloud" followed me around everwhere I traveled. I would pull into a nice camp site, in the sunshine, set up camp an' by next morn'n I was in a torrential rain pour. Mud everwhere....big ol' lakes in the front yard. Lightning slam'n down right outside my door. Didn't matter where I went, it was gonna rain. No, I don't like rain. I'm not a farmer ya know.

Did a bit of research yesterday on a couple back repair places. I mentioned one the other day in Carrollton, just down the road a piece (25 mile). What I read sounds pretty good, but....when I tried to research the doctor that does surgery, I didn't find much. No customer reviews were found. Not yet anyhows. Although the Clinic website says he is the best back doctor on the east coast.

I've eased back some on my requirements for a doctor, but not on his qualifications. He gotta be a good'un. Google is your best friend.

Ok, cut'n it short. Son Billy showed up with ants in his pants....wants to help daddy. Sadie Mae is [this] close to a nice Dawn warsh job. Hope she don't bite him.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wait'n out my time....

Have ya ever been to Atlanta? I used to live there many years ago ya know. Instead of get'n a job with the city sanitation department, I went into business for myself. Government contract work for the VA an' FHA housing. The government would kick the property owners out to the street. My company would refurbish, renovate and repair....whole house painting, fist holes in the walls, gun shots in the ceilings, removal of junk cars in the yards, gouges in hardwood floors from dragging whole V-8 motors across them, blood stains......stuff like that. You know what I'm talk'n bout.....homes destroyed.

I don't want to talk bout that stuff. Let's talk bout Walmart. Now I been in many Walmarts around the country and most have a set distribution of product on the shelves. But not this one. My god, I was all over that store look'n for stuff. I spent my usual 2 hours push'n a cart up an' down aisles, fill'n it up with stuff an' more stuff. "You don't need that Billy Bob". Yes I do. If'n I was to build a remote control helicopter, I need it. I buy stuff like that ya know......some day I may need it.
Anyhows, I had almost fill my shop'n list. My right foot begins to hurt....walk'n with a limp now. Gotta find a place to sit down. No, let's just leave. I don't need no frozen TV dinners anyhows.

That's it, that's what I did yesterday. Oh wait. Did I tell ya that Sadie Mae needs a warsh job an' a haircut? I stop at the pet groom'n place up the street. "You gonna charge me HOW much"? My god....$55. Nobody pays $55 for a bath an' a haircut. Anyhows, if'n I had made a appointment, Sadie Mae would be a new dog in two weeks. Two weeks??? There weren't nobody (customers) in the store, no cars in the park'n lot, people was stand'n round do'n nuttin....two weeks for a appointment?

Do I dare talk'n bout "fix'n stuff" on "Sally da house". I think not. Just gonna sit back an' wait for my wonderful son Robert to show up. He's still work'n in Florida ya know. But he will be home this Saturday evening. Sunday we will visit family style.....big ol' dinner an' lay back flap'n jaws. Come Monday.....Ha, we might go play a round of golf ball swak'n.

Ok, I got two things need done immediately....fill the fresh water tank so's I can do up some dirty dishes.

 Take this pot of Billy Bob beef stew soup to the woods along with some stale bread, oatmeal, green grilled chicken, half a pancake, baked taters....stuff like that. Critters eat that kind of stuff ya know. I need the pot to brew me up a big help'n of Billy Bob chicken noodle vegetable soup. Dang I wished I had me a loaf of french bread to go with that soup.

A little bit later update.....
Ok, I got them two chores behind me....now what I gonna do? "Dishes Billy Bob, do the dishes". "Oh, an' you could put the awning out if'n it ain't too much work for ya".

I was [this] close to installing the circuit board while I was outside in the blister'n swelter'n heat (91 degs). But, Robert is a electrician an' he would be highly pissed if I was too take electrical work away from him. Maybe I'll just sit back in my easy chair, sip up a cup an' just think bout it. 


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

That couch....it's broke

I like to talk bout fix'n stuff, so that's what we gonna talk bout this morn'n. Well I could mention this damn crookit back I waked up with.....but later.

I was sit'n here think'n bout that damn uncomfortable couch over there. I did me up a bunch of Google and come to the conclusion....I'm in trouble. Fount me a upholstery sell'n place over in Mississippi that will cut to size an' ship me the foam pieces I need. We talk'n $200 here. I can handle that if'n it makes me sit comfortable. *think'n me an' one the boys can fix that in no time* I ain't never did no upholstery work ya know. What could possibly go wrong?

Further Google searches did not find a couch I would be happy with. Nor the costs. Can you believe $400 for ship'n? Camping World. I see in my very near future, a trip to town to look at "household" couches and do'n what modifications necessary to fit in "da house". I can deal with that as long as it's comfortable.

Anyhows....I git up out my chair, go over there to the couch an' attempt to open it up. It's a sofa bed ya know. Half way....that's it, hung up on something. Holy crap, who broke all them support thingys under there???  This couch needs to make a trip to the nearest dumpster.....burried  underground with that dad gum bulldozer.

 Oh wait....I can fix that. *think'n...."how the hell can you fix that Billy Bob"?* Well, I was borned at night, but it weren't last night....hardware cloth an' a piece of 1/4 inches plywood. That would make for one firm solid sit'n couch, an' maybe even be comfortable. I'll keep this in mind as I look through a hunnert furniture stores. Sure would be nice to have a brand spank'n new couch sit'n over there....sigh. But then again, it would be nice to have this one all fixed up. It fits in the opening ya know. An' it's purdy when ya wash it up with a good degreaser detergent an' a couple gallons of water. Dang, that sounds like a bunch of work. 

I ran slap out of water. Just enough to brew me up a pot this morn'n. This means a trip to Walmart to buy up a couple water hoses. I'm bout 70 feet from the water spigot an' I only got 25 feet of hose. In case ya didn't know, RV'ers use drink'n water safe hoses. They ain't got no contamination or that nasty taste ya get from a regular watering hose.

As far as think'n bout adventures an' all that good stuff, it's on hold. I said that yesterday didn't I? I mention it again today 'cause it pisses me off. This depression crap is kill'n me. That's all I think bout.
There's a back fix'n place just up the road a piece, not far from "Yo Mama's". They do micro surgery. I'm at a point that I may even do that. *more Google research* I mean like...."my god, I got to do something".
Excuses....look'n for excuses. I'm skeered to death.....pick'n up a set of knit'n needles.

On the positive side, I cain't wait to go outside an' run a mile. Feel no pain. Go out west an' dig me some dirt (prospecting). Play a round of tackle football. Go danc'n with the young wimmins.  Paddle the "bubba boat" plumb across a lake. "Dream on Billy Bob, ain't never gonna happen". Damn, old age sucks.

I'm think'n that's bout it for today. "Look out Walmart, here come the old Billy Bob".  

Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday??? If you say so......

Today I think I am gonna just lay back an' watch what other people do. You know, read a bunch of blogs.

I rekon all ya gotta do to see who cares bout you, is to get sick. Friendships dwindle. Ya don't hear from them no more. People are like that ya know. Had a guy drop by the boat (S/V Coyote) one day for a chat....he says, "how ya do'n"? Well, since he asked, I commenced to explain to him why I had them cuts an' bruises on me.....why I was hurt'n. I fell from the mast into a pile of "fix it" stuff lay'n on deck. In just a couple minutes he says to me...."well I gotta go, Margaret is wait'n in the car". He jumped on his bicycle an' went fish'n....never see him again. 

Is Billy Bob's Adventures come to a end? I cain't answer that this morn'n. The only things I have to talk bout lately is "pain" an' "fix'n stuff". Lay'n back there in the back my head, cling'n on to my feeble mind, is a few adventures I would like to once again perform. But that's what they are do'n, just lay'n there....."do'n nuttin". It's a sad day.

No progress with the doctors was made last week. It was more of family get together. Laugh'n, sip'n up a cup, talk'n an' a few much needed hugs. It's been a while ya know. "Where the hell is my camera"???

Now, bout that couch. That sucker is in dire need of attention. Remember a while back when I said I wanted comfort? Well that couch ain't got no comfort at all. To replace it with a top of the line, comfortable RV couch, is gonna cost me right at $1400....includ'n shipping (Google ya know). A regular household couch will require modification an' still not maybe fit right. To replace with a recliner, as suggested, I thought bout that too. I went to a furniture store an' sit in some them recliners. I was NOT at all comfortable sit'n in that blamed thing. So.....couch repair is top of the list of things to do.

Ok....that's all folks. Have ya a nice day.  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nuttin is get'n done....just look'n

Whoa there horse....Whoa, back up!!!

Two explanations are in order this morn'n. The "fix it" list an' back surgery. Due to my poor selection of words, people think I am work'n too hard. In all actuality, only one job is completed out of 12 fix it's on the list. An' I didn't do nuttin. That was my wonderful son Billy that did the work  on that radiator fan, not me. I was sit'n on my ass tell'n him what to do an' how to do it.

 That Billy do a good job.....new motor an' fan blade.

The Onan generator....I jumped on that job the other day all by myself. I mean, how much work is involved to remove a snap on cover an' push a start button? While sit'n in a chair. A cup of coffee in yer hand. No work has been performed on the generator. Just look'n ya know.  No replacement is needed as once it reaches operating speed, it runs just like a brand spank'n new one.

About my two boys that HAD back surgery a few years ago.....like bout 10 years. They are fine. But.....onest or twicest a year, they have scar tissue issues from the surgeries. Pain for a few days an' back to whatever they like to do. That's what I'm look'n for. Or something close to that.

There will be no golf ball swak'n today. Last night I was rudely awakened by them damn backards leg cramp thingys. Each one keep'n me up for a hour before I was able to return to bed. This morn'n, when I got out of bed, I was a crookit old man hurt'n like hell look'n for the aspirin bottle.

That freak'n couch over there. Either stay to hell off'n it or get the damn thing fixed. It hurts my lower back to sit on my couch....or lay back on my couch. Ya see...when I had it reupholstered a couple years ago, the upholstery guy said..."ya wanna change the foam rubber"? Think'n $$$$$, I said no. Now I pay the price in severe back pain every time I sit on it. It's on the list to either fix or replace.
* sit'n here think'n, me an' Robert can change that foam rubber *

The circuit board replacement......

This is the old one....notice all the freak'n fuses. I'm think'n bout 30 minutes an' then some. Test'n operations ya know.

It rained yesterday. But before it did, another one of my sons, Ronny, came by for a visit. In his mind, he was gonna change the circuit board for his daddy. I said "not today 'cause it's gonna rain". It did an' Ronny left the hood wide open. Everthing got soak'n wet. Nuttin shorted out last night. No smoke, no fire.