Friday, June 27, 2014

I took a pill.....do I take another?

Again.....I want to thank each an' everone of you for the "makes me feel better" comments. I gain a lot of knowledge an' a bunch of uplift'n read'n stuff like that. I need that.

But I do need to apologize to one follower this morn'n. You know who you are. When I said I had no "real" information, I should have said what I was I was mean'n to say. I was think'n on the lines of "get'n repairs" as the "real" information, not the condition the x-rays showed. I probly still ain't word'n this right.....Grrrrrrr. But yes, you are right, the x-rays is "real" information. But.....to me, what the doctor said, ain't real.

Now, bout them pills. I done took me up one. I waked up at 4am with freak'n backards leg cramps....not caused by the pill. But, I was much light headed (a little dizzy) an' my right eye wouldn't open all the ways. I stumbled down the hall to that damn couch for the next 45 minutes. Twist an' turn till that cramp was gone.
Then, when I finally crawled out of bed this morning....that damn right eye was say'n to me..."if'n ya make it to the live'n room, I might open up". I was light headed again.  Things were go'n round an' round. I did all the things what needed done, pee, coffee an' smokes.....an' here I sit.
Feel'n all Ok all a sudden....with just a bit of "why is that stuff still moving"?

Now, do I take another one them pills? Will let ya know laters after I do some think'n bout it.

My project. The table/desk top is a completed project. Three coats of polyurethane. The table top will be covered with non skid something or another. ?????....don't know what yet.

The two side pieces for the "Billy Bob custom cabinet have been measured, trimmed to size an' all the mortises for the 4 shelves have been mortised. Note: Google mortise if'n ya don't know what one is. The two oak front trim pieces have been mortised an' installed. Monkey glued them suckers (Gorilla carpenters glue). I'm on a roll. Pics in a little bit.

Today, as soon as I get that heavy ass garage door open, is to measure an' cut to size the shelves, test fit an' Monkey glue them suckers in place to the sides. Pics as I progress...for those interested.
Damn I'm excitis.

Just in case ya don't know what I'm replac'n, take a look see.
"What the hell Billy Bob, didn't you just post that a few days ago"??? Did I? I don't know.

If'n you are think'n the old Billy Bob is work'n his ass off, let me set ya straight right now.....no I ain't. I work a bit an' I sit a bit.

Ok, the old Billy Bob is feel'n feel'n pretty good right now....I got to get up off'n my ass an' do something. See ya laters.


  1. Sounds like maybe them pills might be working. If you felling pretty good right now.
    Lets hope you keep feeling gooder in the process.
    That Table/desk is looking pretty good, you a master carpenter.

  2. The side effects might tone down or you might just get used to them. The important thing is, do they control the pain?

    That table/desk is going to look very nice once it is in place. Be sure to show us photos.

    1. Croft, I don't thing just 1 pill will control any pain. Don't tell nobody, but I just took another....test ya know.

    2. Ok no saws for a while till you are sure you are ok.

  3. dang Typed up a whole response and lost it all. The pills make me sleepy and slightly dizzy too. However i take them before going to bed. In the morning I'm fine. There are days when I do not get sleepy or dizzy. Ask the dr or the pharmacist about the dizziness. Maybe it does go away. I seem to be more sleepy and dizzy if I take the pills on an empty stomach. My effects do not take place till 4 hrs after taking the pills.

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  5. hi BB ,nice job so far on your hollow door / table desk top project you really look like a master carpenter , we all love to see all the progress pictures too ,so keep up the pictures .
    don't drink and drive -don't text and drive- and don't take a new pill that makes you dizzy and drowsy and drive.
    make sure you check out what ofm barney was telling you , every lead should be checked out.

  6. You do great wood work! Very nice.