Friday, June 20, 2014

We got "stuff"

So what do ya do when Home Depot is across the street from the auto parts store? Well shoot, that's simple, ya go buy some wood. Holy cows, $120 for wood???
"Dang it Billy, be careful with that plywood....we're build'n a cabinet ya know, not a freak'n dog house".

When we returned to "da house", Billy installed the new spark plugs in the Onan generator. Replaced the air cleaner in "Sally da house". Retaped the insulation in the dog house engine cover. Unloaded the wood an' placed it in the garage. "Now how the hell am I gonna lift that heavy sheet of plywood up on the table saw"? So.....me an' Billy set that sucker on a couple saw horses an' rough cut some of the cabinet parts. Yeee haa to think'n ahead.

While I was sit'n outside sip'n up a cup, I got to think'n. "Ya need to finish the shelves in the hall closet". I installed on each shelf  front edge, a "don't let nuttin slide off" chunk of 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 wood. Painted it black. Project is almost finished. Now all I got to do is figger out how to keep the shelves from sliding all over the shelf brackets.

This morn'n I waked up with a sore back. An' I didn't even do nuttin to make it sore. Come on doctor what's yer name, do yer thing.

Speak'n of doctor, only 5 more days for my first appointment. An' boy howdy, let me tell ya, I got all kinds of stuff go'n through my mind. What if....you know what I'm talk'n bout, what if that sucker cuts the wrong thing? What if it's too late for surgery? What if, what if....? Anyhows, I'm raren't to go. Not a hunnert percent happy, but rare'n to go.

Ok, nuttin excit'n to talk bout this morn'n. Think I'll go out side an' find me a comfortable place to sit down, sip me up a cup an' do some think'n.


  1. Just try to keep yourself busy for the next five days, and still be rare'n to go! That's a good attitude.

  2. You sure gettin stuff done and keepin yourself busy, sounds like you having fun.

  3. hi BB , that is good that you are still rare'n to get that back fixed up for ever NO MORE PAIN IN YOUR BACK. i can hardly wait .
    did billy ever change your serpentine belt yesterday ?
    how many batteries is wonderful son robert bringing you ?
    can you take a *** picture of the edge you painted black and installed to your shelf project ?
    oh billy bob did you know that lowe's and home depot would cut your sheets of plywood to what ever sizes you want FOR FREE .just for the asking ?
    billy bob how has the weather been since you have been in georga ?

  4. Now is the time to write your questions down. Guaranteed you will forget everything when you get there. Good luck!