Saturday, June 7, 2014

Slow progress

Every day is not the same. The reason I say that is that I got up this morn'n all bended over like the old guy in the fairy tale..."crooked old man". But we ain't gonna be talk'n bout that this morn'n....it will get better after while.

I took the day off yesterday. Called into Google sick. Told 'em I'll be back to work come Monday morn'n....right on time.

You don't want to hear this do ya? Well, I'm gonna tell ya anyhows. I need this crap out of my mind an' what better place to do it...."Billy Bob's Place.

But....that didn't stop my mind from work'n. What if...? What if I showed up at one these back clinics an' start tell'n my side of the story? How I hurt my back an' how long I been in pain. How it's affected my life. I already have a pretty good idea what they gonna say....."that's not the way we do things". Ya see, before I do anything, I want to have a conference with a doctor. Preferably a free consolation.....insurance purposes ya know. I want to talk to a doctor that knows how to do back surgery. Not that I wouldn't sit there an' listen to him/them, or whoever, go on an' on bout physical therapy an' how it will fix anything. I want x-rays, MRI's, CT scans....what ever it take to look inside my back an' show what's go'n on.

I'm not for the physical therapy thing. I'm here to get my back fixed. In order to fix it, ya gotta look inside to see what damage there is. Lift'n weights an' walk'n 5 mile a day for the next 3 months ain't gonna do that. My activities in the last 14 years covers lift'n weights an' walk'n. I still hurt.

Ok, thank ya very much for listen'n....I'm done with that for today.

Son Robert will show up tomorrow. I'm all excitis bout that. "Yo Mama" is mak'n a great big ol' dinner up in the house, so there ain't gonna be any work done tomorrow. Eat.....Sit out on "da porch"....Shoot the breeze a bit an' relax. Sounds good to me. Then Monday, we gonna get down to business......maybe. There's a golf course close by ya know. A Georgia golf course with a gazillion trees......a freak'n forest where ya ain't never gonna find your ball. Ya hear that Barney? Bring plenty of balls.

Ok, I got me a mustache an' beard what needs some trim'n. * think'n, do I cut it off, shorten it, or just do the usual trim job? * Did ya ever grow a beard what quit grow'n? That what mine do. Get's just so long an' that's it.

Ha....fount the pic I was look'n for......


  1. My hair looks just like that picture. It has stopped growing as has my hair. Some peoples' hair never seems to stop growing. Look at Chrystal Gail whose hair drags on the floor. She usually carries it in her pocket.

    1. That's a old pic Dizzy. Now days I keep it trimmed up pretty short....not the hair, right bout close to 2 inches....or less...depend'n if'n I'm go'n danc'n with the young wimmins or not.

  2. I am too old and decrepit to play in the woods anymore so I just hit it in the fairways and onto the greens now. Of course my normal three putt does make it hard to break 80 any more.

  3. BB, I like the look of you in more recent pictures, with everything nicely trimmed.

    I don't know why they insist on all the ridiculous Physical Therapy and such before even considering surgery. It just delays your getting well. In the long run you almost have to have a regular doctor that you see from time to time, and convince them you need something done. The surgeons seem to do things by referrals, and they don't order the MRI's and scans themselves - it's how the MD's convince the surgeons that surgery might be needed. It sounds like those laser surgery places are more specialty oriented, and maybe you can just walk in and talk to someone who can listen to you, answer your questions, and get things rolling.

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  5. i know you can not think clearly about your future right now because of your painful back , so when your all fixed up and wonderful son robert fixes your motor home as good as new you will feel young and adventurous and you will be ready to escape the next hard freezing usa winters , so what you need is that passport ,it takes a few months so now would be the time to apply and send it in .
    can you send some new pictures of your big family reunion tomorrow more picture lots of pictures pls

  6. My back was in such bad shape that after the doctor saw the MRIs, he said to tell him when I wanted surgery. NO ONE has ever suggested physical therapy for my back. It is obvious it is past that stage.

  7. I know you will find a doctor to discuss things with and get the right thing done, soon be good as new!