Saturday, June 14, 2014

Almost a Onan

Ok, yesterday weren't so bad. Robert showed up way late an' bout all we did all day was sit around talk'n bout stuff. But....I went outside with a few tools, sit down in front that Onan generator an' start loosen screws. I'm gonna adjust the electric choke I betcha. I turn it in the right direction an' hit the start button. It won't start. I turn it to another position, hit the start button an' it fire right up. Come up to speed just like it suppose to. "Check it off the list Billy Bob, you fixed it". Well wait a minute. Let's try to start it with a small load on it before we check it off. That test yet to be done.

I got a few things picked up in "da house". Dang, I need to toss some stuff in the dumpster. A Fagor (made in Sweden if'n I recall) pressure cooker sits there on the floor look'n at me....."what ya gonna do with me"? I ain't used it in bout 7 years. Do I tote it around another 7 years or give it away? I may need it ya know. Dang I hate hard decisions like this.

The table an' cabinet project is still a go. "Look out Home Depot, here come the BIlly Bob". I came [this] close to throw'n my the project plans in the dumpster, but then I got to think'n....I need something to do. Robert will be gone start'n Monday for almost 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks, I can "build something".
From this drawing, I had made a few slight modifications. But this is close.

Me an' Yo Mama" was sit'n down one day talk'n bout all them fishes we catched. Sit'n there listen'n to her flap'n her jaws, her side the story turned into ...."I catched more fish than you". If'n you recall, this was the time we catched something like 87 pounds of fishes on 1 pound of shrimps. Me with a fish'n pole an' her with a hand string line an' hook. Now where she ever got the idea that she catched more fish than me, an' been tell'n the same story to everbody she knows, I'm think'n she needs to back up a couple blocks an' git her facks straight. Fish'n with "Yo Mama" was fun. But don't believe every thing she tells ya.

Ok, I think I'm feel'n good enough to get up an' do something now. Was a rough morn'n for me. But I need assistance. Robert is off do'n another project of his own. He's just like his daddy, likes projects an' to build stuff. 



  1. Maybe you should back out fishin with "Yo Mama" and set the story straight.

  2. When I read your title, I thought you were trying to make an Onan out of the remnants of your current generator. Bet you could do it!

  3. That's a lotta fish you two caught. Were they good eatin' fish?

  4. Why is it that I sense a fishing tournament in the makin'? That would lead to a big ol' Billy Bob style fish fry, right?