Thursday, June 19, 2014

My helper is here....you go Billy, fix something

Ok, yesterday is gone. It was a miserable day for the old Billy Bob. I slept all afternoon on an' off till 6pm. My dizzy spells are all gone....an' I ain't even gonna try to figger out where they come from.

Hot dog, Billy just showed up to work on stuff. He's a good boy.
The job he chose is to change the serpentine belt and spark plugs in "Sally da house". Hee hee hee, he don't know it, but that's a hard job. Ya see, when they built this thing, they put stuff anywheres they could find to mount them. Right in the way of changing the serpentine belt. Spark plugs are in their usual place....hidden behind chunks of metal an' out of sight. But that's the job he chose. Good luck Billy.
 What the hell, Billy is mow'n the freak'n yard.

That's one big engine I betcha a dollar. 496 cubic inches of instant mind boggl'n horsepower at the twist of the key. Go a hunnert mile a hour.

Ok, I had to go crawl under "da house" to inspect the serpentine belt. That sucker looks brand spank'n new. No dry rot, no cracks.....no nuttin. Time for some think'n. By the way, there is no diagram show'n how to put the damn thing back on. 42,000 miles an' 10 years old. Yes it should be changed.....but, I'm think'n. "How the hell do ya change a serpentine belt on a freak'n motorhome"???
Ha...fount a pic of the routing for a brand spank'n new belt....Yeee Har!!!!

Here in a little bit, if'n I feel like it, I'm gonna go work on the "hall closet" project.

Dad gum it, got to go to the auto parts store....pick up parts.  


  1. Them spark plugs and belt are not and easy job, but he will get it done.

  2. omg, what a complicated looking piece of machinery! ! I thought I might replace my alternator, all by myself (Ha, what a joke!) since it appeared fairly easy. The G F brought Don. Now I have my little "RunsLikeARaceHorse" S10 ready to roll. Up the mountain to the spring for good water first thing. Real thirsty.

    I like the closet shelves.

  3. Hi there Daddy,
    the closet looks good, now you can put more stuff (junk) in there.lol... Did Billy get you fixed up?
    hope he did !!! But if he didn't, well I guess I'll do it. Sissy, changing alternator is easy, if the motor is out like the pic that Billy bob put out. lol... In the vehicle hard, everything in the way, have to remove this and that. good luck.
    well I been changing out UPS batteries, So far 280 out of 720. Daddy are you sure you don't need any of these batteries? I'll get the spec later. Ok later love you

  4. I would take one look at that serpentine belt and think "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Billy's got it right - go mow the grass.

  5. hi BB , billy bob your shelf project looks very nice and practical ,good job BB .
    tell wonderful son robert you want all the batteries , every single one 720 . you can recondition them to like brand knew 13.79 volts then you can make lots of $$$$$$$$$'s your best friend google or 2cd best friend you tube will show and teach you . have you ever heard of epson salt, aluminum sulfate, distilled water , baking soda , a regular battery charger and voi-la you have 720 like new reconditioned batteries to sell and make tons of moneys.
    oh ya gypsy , when in comes to stuff like radiator hoses , fan belts , serpentine belts , tires ,anything made of rubber that has been outside in extreme heat for ten years or more like mr. BB's big old motor-home has, the rubber on his motor-home has for sure dried out and has cracks and when the motor-home is going up a big old mountain it puts much more pressure on all those cracked up rubbers so it is much more wiser, safer to pre-view any breakage before on a big heavy traffic freeway , i agree with you, that lots of things can wait "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." but mr.BB's belts are not one of them , if his serpentine belt broke of the mountain pass between puepla to mex and mexico city at 13,000 feet above sea level he would of wish that he let billy or wounderful son robert change it .

  6. i sure wish i had a wonderful son like robert