Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tee hee hee.....hall closet project

Well, yesterday didn't turn out to be a adventure.....but....we got some stuff done.

Yesterday morn'n I was sit'n here say'n to myself, "there ain't no way I can do 2 stores in one day". I called in my prescriptions to Walmart an' made other plans. Home Depot was on the agenda.

That was fine an' dandy. I loaded up my coffee mug in the "billy jeep", turn the key an' I ain't got nuttin. The freak'n battery is slap 100% dead. Battery charger amperage is not correct for a car battery....40.7 amps. Now I'm think'n I'm gonna get stuck in some little town an' have to walk a hunnert miles back to "da house". So I went to the closer Home Depot. Both projects in mind.

I walked a hunnert miles in that damn Home Depot look'n for material. The table cabinet project was put on hold. But....boy howdy did I find me some neat shelving for the other project. Wire shelving. But I didn't buy it after the cost went over $200. But....at the check out counter, I paid $172 for what I bought...particle board shelving and hardware.....white.

Back at "da house", I had to take me some aspirin an' sit back. I can do this project tomorrow. "Right Billy Bob, like you gonna wait till tomorrow". I cleaned out the hall closet. Did some measures an' mounted the shelf hanger thingys. Put in the shelving an' boy howdy, I like it. Now all I got to do is figger a way to "mount" the shelves so's they don't slide around....fall down, stuff like that. Also, the front edges of the shelves will need a chunk of wood installed so's stuff don't slide off the "secured" shelves. *I'm think'n....I'm think'n"*

 See what I'm talk'n bout??? Look out bedroom closet, you're next.....just one side.

Cain't wait to go outside an' work on that Onan. Got to get me some Seafoam an' spark plugs first. "Billy, where the hell is Billy"???

This morn'n I am hav'n dizzy spells. I ain't talk'n things go'n round in circles, I'm talk'n almost fall'n down an' pass'n out. "Scramble eggs an' toast Billy Bob....ya gotta eat". Ok, go rattle pots an' pans, make me something to eat.
I did check blood pressure. Not too bad 134/90 78hr.

Oh wait a minute....remember that foam rubber in the couch what sags ever time ya sit on it. Well, google is your best friend. A search for the foam I bought revealed it's junk. Cheap shit ya use in cheap shit couches. The density is way too low (1.6 density) for a old fart that needs a firm couch. For me an' the back issues I have, I need a 2.2 density. That's like sit'n on a stump out in the pasture.



  1. If you are slap out of your meds, and haven't taken them in a few days, that could account for your dizziness. Get to walmart!

  2. Your 'Get up and go' has hit fast gear; hope your energy lasts ... forever. I'm doing more each day, killing myself, but pleased I can.

    Don't you just hate it buying a product, paying through the nose, then to find out its low quality? It happens too often, I fear. Ifn it were me, I'd march that foam right back for refund and complaint.
    ps, I like to bitch! I'm trying to save the world, doncha no? Ha, Ha, Ha.

    Have a good day, my friend, a very good day.

    It's 90 deg already; I'm suffocating seriously.

  3. hi BB , i can't hardly wait for what an other 8 days before you take your first steps towards getting your self fixed up ? now your not eating until your dizzy body tells you too ? billy bob ,is that what you call taking care of your self ? i think your are getting closer to needing a home care sexy nurse to take care of you and tell you when to eat when to take your meds when to go to bed when to do everything .

  4. hi BB ,billy bob you used to talk about the weather and temperature and forecast for the next week and now not a single word for a long time .
    i know how you can fix your new shelf project problems , so that the shelf boards will stay and not fall down and your stuff will not go over the edge-less boards.

  5. You gettin stuff done and thats a good thing, the closet's looking good too.

  6. That dizziness may be because you haven't eaten but the blood pressure reading that you claim are not bad are not helping. If I were to report those numbers my VA medical provider would be upset and I would be right back on a higher dosage of medication.