Monday, June 23, 2014

I worked toooo hard

Oh boy, the old Billy Bob done did it again. In more ways than one.

Let's take the second item first an' then we can talk bout "work'n too hard".
In the last few months..."is it really that long?"...people have tried to beat me up 'cause I don't do the things they do. Or I say something that goes against their grain. Or I make a snide joke an' they think I'm serious. Or they suggest something that there is no way in hell I would ever do.
Does this bother me?? You damn right it bothers me. I don't have to live the way you do. I don't have to talk the way you do. I don't have to like the same things you do. I'm Billy Bob. The same guy you knowed 3 years ago. I just have "things" in my life in 2014 that I have no control over.

Boy howdy did I ever screw up yesterday. I was sit'n here in my easy chair figger'n out how to "do nuttin" for the entire day. I ate me up a cold hot dog. I looked at that bedroom closet. "I can do that".
So'n I go outside an' start cut'n stuff. Builded the 4 shelves to go in the closet. Sweat was runn'n off my face an' out from under my arm sockets. I smell like a goat.

Oh wait....speak'n of goat....just received notice that that "damn goat" died. RIP Costa.

Ok, by 4pm....or therebouts, the bedroom closet is finished.

 Now where the hell do I put all the stuff I took out the closet? I'm think'n "dumpster".

Then, as I was sit'n outside sip'n up a cup....I got to think'n...."the desktop Billy Bob, cut down the desktop". Ya see, the desktop will measure 22 3/4 inches by 73 1/2 inches.....before the oak trim is added to the edges (finished size 23 1/2 by 75). It's made out of a cheap interior hollow core door (24 x 80 inches). This task took over two hours....just to cut down the door an' reinstall wood in the hollows created in the cutting down. I know, that's not the proper way to 'splain something, but it works for me. My desktop now has the correct measurements an' is ready to install the trim pieces (front an' 2 sides).

So, what did my "do nuttin" day do to me? I'll tell ya what it did...."I think I'm gonna die". Not one but two 500mg back an' pain special formulated Bayer aspirins were taken to relieve some of the pains. No way I could sit on that couch for more than a couple minutes.

Bed time finally arrived. I lay there, my mind go'n crazy, till 3am in the morn'n. My god, something ain't right. My hunnert dollar bed memory foam topper is worth a thousand dollars to me. Don't feel a thing when I lay on it. Was slightly bended over this morn'n. Coffee an' sit on my ass fix that right up. Pain level back to bout a slim 4 1/2. I can live with that.

Now, speak'n of pain. This is where my mind went crazy last night. It's gonna be a while before I am "pain free"....if ever. The doctor I'm gonna see this Wednesday is a automotive painter, where I'm go'n to get my carburetor fixed. Painters don't know nuttin bout fix'n carburetors. "I tole that nice lady I wanted to see a surgeon. not a physical therapy needle shoot'n doctor". "Paint'n over the pain don't "fix" nuttin.

So, that was yesterday. Water under the bridge. What we gonna do today?  


  1. You didn't feed that goat some of your famous chili did you? Just kidding, I am not blaming you for the goat dying.

  2. Died? Never heard of a goat just up and dying; lessen it hung itself which is what happened to my kid. Ere ya posilutely sure somebody didn't do him in, then roast him? Tsk, tsk Oh, my Suspicious Mind. I like Elvis.

    Good to hear your shelves are now in existence/alive and well done; desk next; then whatcha gonna do? Golfin' sounds good. Just be Billy Bob.

    In regard to your first paragraph: maybe 'whoever' (blog readers?) it is giving advice cares about you and your problems....neer mind, Ise just thinkin' out loud.

  3. Billy Bob, I just read your stuff because it is honest and open, I don't find it offensive at all. Please don't stop being yourself, that is why I keep reading it.

    I also understand the thought process of fixing your back instead of masking the pain.

  4. I'm gonna miss hearing about that goat!

    It's hard for anyone to tell whether the pain will be gone or not. I'm finding out that pain after hernia repair can last the rest of your life, which is probably what will happen to me. It isn't bad pain though, like back pain. Is your appointment coming up soon?

  5. Daddy, Daddy, who pissed in your corn flakes... first paragraph ... well the shelves look great. Sorry it took so long to read and respond... working nights SUCK!!!! Anyhow... Are you ready to go and see the Doc? I might be home to take you? hope anyway? We need to take the couch out and get you a new one, so order it today. can't wait to HOME... miss my family... Ok, Love you later...

  6. hi BB , billy bob ,one more time i have to tell you that you did an other wonderful shelving gob.
    i am pretty depressed about that goat elvis . i think like sissy , goats just do NOT all of a sudden die.
    this is very suspicious , that goat was like part of the billy bob blog family , if one of a member of your family should all of a sudden die what would you do ? i think a deep investigation is in order . was any pictures taken ? did elvis get at least a decent burial ? is there going to have a head stone for elvis ?
    it sure sounds like murder to me .
    i see you have a friend named Canadian Redneck , can i asked you where is he from ? because i never knew that canada harbored those kind of peoples.
    billy bob ,have you checked out the ,it's like a great big love seat recliner it's usually approx 6 feet wide like your present couch is . have you ever checked out big lots for recliners?
    2 more days til the first step to a pain free life ,i can hardly wait .

    1. Louie, the goat's name was not Elvis; mainly referred to as that 'damned goat'. Ha, ha, a tombstone, eh? With the epitaph: Here lies Damned Goat, died of a broken heart pining for his Billy Bob. Just joshing you; nothing jokey about death, especially one of our animal buddies. I'm going to miss his presence too.

      "Suspicious Mind" - a top song of Elvis'. Pay not too much attention to what comes out of my mind; I'm just a 'rambling redneck' native of Tennessee. By the way what does 'those kind of peoples' mean to you? I'm really just a normal person. No PhD, of course but far from illiterate and love the feel of stepping out in my bare feet! Yep, some think that TOO is a sign of being redneck. Baloney, don't cha think? We all are one and the same; human beings, each in different circumstances.

  7. Great job on them shelves.
    Should be nobody piss you off. If we don't like what you say we don't have to read it.
    I do enjoy you ramblings, hope all works out good, maybe even be pain free soon to.

  8. Sorry to hear of the Goats passing, I enjoyed hearing you tell of his antics. We had one goat just up and die on the farm one winter. Dad got her at the sale barn because she had the cutest twin baby goats with her. They turned into little varmints as the grew adults. One of them learned how to turn on the barn light and Dad kept blaming us boys until he caught her in the act.
    Hope you get your back fixed masking pain with needle pushers helps but it sure isn't a fix. I am sure you will see the ortho doctor after your visit with the needle pusher.

  9. “People should seriously stop expecting normal from me...
    We all know it is never going to happen”
    Billy Bob