Monday, October 2, 2017

I'm not RIP, if fact not resting at all

Where do I start after being gone so long?

My last blog post I had made the decision that it would be my last. Before that I thought it would be cool to write about my dying days. But shit, I didn't die. I tried writing about a few projects I had taken on and that didn't work out either. I ran out of projects. Then I ran out of energy and the desire.

Most of my day is spent sit'n in my office chair in front of the computer read'n news, do'n the Facebook thing, watch'n videos an' look'n at pictures. Or sit'n in the same chair watch'n Alaska Bush People an' stuff like that on the TV. I take long naps most every day.

I went fish'n a couple times in Robert's new kayaks. Sheesh, I thought I was gonna die. But I did catched a couple little bass fishes. More like tiny little bass fishes. Of course I have to modify the kayaks and put trolling motors on 'em. I ain't paddl'n no freak'n boat.

Of course we had to have a trailer to carry the kayaks an' fish'n gear.

During the rains, heavy rains, my porch floor would flood, turn into a small lake. So's I fix that. Tore the plywood off'n it, leveled the joists and installed a bonefied treated deck'n boards floor.

Now when we get a downpour of rain, it runs down through the narrow cracks an' no more lake on my porch. I think this was my last project before be'n confined to a damn chair.

Had me a few doctor appointments. My heart doc told me not to worry bout the skip'n heart beat an' to double up on my tachycardia meds. What I did. An' I ain't had no my skip'n heart beats. Heart seems to be work'n just fine again.

Another trip to the lung doctor and my breath'n has improved to a 42.....what ever the hell that is. Think'n it's lung capacity %. The puffers are a godsend, I can breath. Well wait a minute. There are many times, mostly in the morn'n when I almost go into a panic 'cause I can't get enough breath. Two puff off'n the Pro Air puffer an' I'm all right again. My breathing issues are my biggest concern.

A while back I put Leonard on a diet. Bought him some expensive no grain high protein food an' cut him down to 3/4 cup a day. He losed bout 3 pounds so I started let'n him eat out of the bad. A few bites an' he was back out the door. He gained bout 3 pound. He's back on the diet.

Here's a pic of the new seat covers I installed some months back.

Don't 'member I I mentioned a camping trip. Well, we went on one. Took the 2 remote controlled boats an' put them in the pond. Ha, only pis of the tug boat.

Robert an' Mandi sit'n out in the cook'n an' sitn area....under a canopy....out of rain drops.

An' then it rained. Not a little rain, but a gully warsher. Campers look'n out their camper winders. But it was still a nice camp'n trip. Everbody had a great time.

I'm gonna cut this short. I hope I can get back into blogging but I'm not gonna promise anything. If I don't, it's been a wonderful excit'n 8 years....or something like that.