Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pooof....gone just like that

Holy crap....January 2012 is done for......gone, poooof....just like that. But, as many may suspect, it's money day at old Billy Bob's house. Can't rightly say that it's free money since I worked for so many years for this day to arrive, but it's money well deserved. One of my pet peeves is those the receive "free" money every month through SSI and other government programs. Now I ain't say'n that it's not deserved by "some", it's the freeloaders I'm talk'n bout. These are the ones that don't want to work and earn their own like the other 50%. These are the ones that get a headache and consider it a handicap.
Oh nevermind, this is go'n in the wrong direction.

Good morn'n to all ya. I could have said y'all, or ya'all or yoos guys, but I'm talk'n ALL ya. Funny how a simple statement like that can cause somebody to get their underdrawers all wad'ed up in a little bunch and cause a "north/south", "state/state" division. Ponder on that if you will.

Started up the motor on "da house" again this morn'n.....dash air cranked to super cold. Gonna find that leak I betcha. That is if'n that fluorescent yeller dye will make it's presence known. Went out there last night after dark and shined that little UV light all over the place. Didn't see a thing. The only place what showed up as a leak was on the front of "da house" wheres I blowed that crap all over the place.

Here in a bit, I gonna change that thermostat what is tell'n my front rooftop a/c to come on when it ain't supposed to. The one on the back a/c thermostat is the same as the front. After the change, if the back a/c comes on when it ain't supposed to, then I'll know for 100% sure the thermostat is "bit the dust". That's when I'll go to the high dollar RV parts store and buy me up a brand spank'n new one.

Ok....got things to do. Plans to make. Day dream a bit.

2:30pm....or something like that.

That's bout it for the day dream'n part. Didn't happen. Got all tangled up in the think'n part.
Changed....oh wait, put the back thermostat on the front a/c and walla....it' work fine. Other one lay'n on the counter. Wonder how long it gonna take me to put it on the back a/c? Procrastinate ya know.....or something like that.

Oh, before I forget, that AGM deep cycle wheelchair battery is comm'n along just fine. Gonna make that "bubba boat" run all day long a hunnert mile a hour. When I got up this morning the voltage was up to 12.23 volts. Rain done zapped my battery charger so I dried it out with the exhaust pipe of the "da house" motor. Haa, worked just fine. Now all I got to do is put the charger back together again.....probable today, but don't bet your whole paycheck on it.

Fount me a nice comfortable place to sit out on "da porch" with a cup of coffee and got to think'n.....adjust the driveshaft angle on "that jeep". Now I ain't talk'n no easy task here. Ya got to take a bunch of stuff apart and not move anything, nuttin....don't even breath on it, or "that jeep" gonna be go'n down the road sideways. Well, I sit's there think'n this thing out, just to be on the cautious side so the damn thing don't fall on me....go to the hospital and all that stuff. Got everything all blocked and did exactly what I say I was gonna do. Driveshaft is adjusted straight as a arrow. And no injuries.

Ok, now what the hell am I gonna do? That what I said when I got back to "da porch" for another break. I got me a list in my head, but most of it is nonsense. Change oil in "da house", change oil in the Onan generator, change the air filter for the hunnert horsepower motor in "da house" (actually I think it closer to 3 hunnert horsepower). Dang, I get all that done I can hit the road. Maybe go catch me up some fish.

For a decrepit 70 year old man, I figger I had me another pretty good day, climb'n up under "that jeep" an' fix'n stuff. What ya think???

Monday, January 30, 2012


I been want'n to touch on this subject for a long time. It can go a bunch of different ways 'cause I probably ain't gonna go in a straight line.

In fact, I'm gonna start way over here in the 'first impression' corner. What do ya see the first time ya look at somebody? This first impression can be deceiving ya know. So deceiving that you may have lost your only chance of a life long friendship.....or relationship.....or companionship.....or partner in crime. Open the cover. Take a close look. Read the person. Learn who he/she is before you make your judgement.

Back a few year ago, I operated under the 'three personality rule'. Some may call it schizophrenic (thank ya spell checker), but that ain't the case. Everything depended on circumstances and surroundings as to who I were gonna be at any given time. The first was just plain ol' "Bill". He was the sane one. This is the guy you could get a serious answer to any question you may ask. He's the guy what kept the bank account straight. Did the grocery shop'n, kept the car run'n with fresh gasoline and regular maintenance. He didn't talk like a scholar nor did he have a college education with high fluttin words. Just an every day easy to get along with feller.

And then there was Barnacle Bill, acquiring his name by the rudeness and crudeness of a seasoned hi seas boat captain/pirate. Billy Bob is the reincarnate of his predecessor Barnacle. In many ways, Barnacle was the ideal personality to get along with in all walks of life. He was the master of conversation at any level....other than "serious". When in doubt, he simply called on 'Bill' to ease the strains of think'n in a serious manner or an intellectual conversation with the upper class look down yer nose snobs. Barnacle Bill was a thinker, do'er, fix 'er upper....all around hands on kind a guy.   

Now we come to "the popster". This is the guy no one messed with unless they was hanker'n for a fight. The popster was the guy that just didn't give a fly'n flip bout nuttin. He spoke his peace....or piece, and when he was finished speak'n, ya knowed you met "the popster". Some considered him as a cranky old bastard. He was ornery, making outrageous observations ending with wav'n arms and babbling words flow'n from his lips. He was the number one in settl'n any disagreements, or any circumstances beyond control, that may arise at any given time.

In time, two of these wonderful personalities have withered away into a deep sleep. Bill just sits over there in a rock'n chair stare'n out the window. The popster is packed away back there in a closet somewheres, not to be seen or heard from in ages. But old Billy Bob is alive and carry'n on the tradition and responsibilities of the three, what was once a great team.

Ok, enough ramb'n and babbl'n bout past history. This is today. Now what the hell I gonna do? Got a couple projects started yesterday. One being that wheelchair battery for the "bubba boat". The damn thing ain't tak'n a charge like it should......what brings me to the question, is the two battery chargers on their last leg or is the battery already dead?  Then I got this dash air in "da house" to work on. Find'n a refrigerant leak ain't an easy task ya know. Takes time and the right equipment. I Got both.

Ok....off to see the wizard.

Holy crap Billy Bob, you been one busy dude. Changed the serpentine belt and that hose thingy I was talk'n bout on "that jeep". Tops off the antifreeze and call "that jeep" a done deal. Then I breaks out my auto air cond. gauge set. Looks at it and says, "how the hell ya gonna get the UV dye into the system". Something is missing. I can pour it into one the hoses and use a new can of refrig to push it in the system. Nope, can't do that neither. Need a different kind of can tapper. Off to the parts house to spend more $$$$....dang. What I did. Ok, put the dye in the little container, hook the hoses to it and tap a can. Sounds simply huh. Took me 15 minutes, half a can of WD-40 and half a roll of paper towels to get that damn dye off the front of "da house". It was everywheres. Pretty florescent yeller dye with a white background. Now I have 2 cans of refrigerant in the system along with the dye. Engine run'n and set to super cold. Anywheres it leaks out is gonna show up under the UV black light....along with special UV goggles.

That's bout it folks. I can call this another good day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Work on Sunday????

Sunday, Sunday....what does a person do on Sunday? I know what I usually do, but what do you do?

It was a bit chilly again this morn'n and only up to 60 degs at 10:30. Does this mean old Billy Bob is gonna sit inside all day long and "do nuttin"? It could exactly mean that, but that ain't what I got planned. Ya see, nephew Joseph came in from the oil fields last night, so I gonna attempt to con him into work'n on "that jeep". That means I got to put on some shoes and go downtown for more parts. Yeah, it's a $5000 Jeep now with all the repairs I've had to do, and I don't think it's gonna end there.

I been think'n it's get'n time to hit the road again to another camp site. I ain't talk'n bout a long trip off to somewheres I ain't never been afore, but just up the road a piece.....bout 30 mile. Park'n "Sally da house" that close to the water is my only concern. What if the tide comes in and "da house" sink bout a foot or so? Then I really be in trouble. But first things first. Fix "that jeep", fix the dash air in "da house" and get my back feel'n better. Oh yeah, and fix that damn A/C what comes on when it's turn off. Ain't never see such a thing like that after 30 years of servicing air conditioners an' stuff like that. "Psssssst Billy Bob....replace the thermostat".

Ok.....off to town. See ya laters.....

I rekon I can call today another good day. Went off to town to the parts house.....they didn't have all my parts. Went to 2 more, 8 and 28 miles apart.....they was closed. Went to another one, got the seal. Went to another one, got the thermostat hose housing (????) thingy to fix the water leak. Installed the seal and drained an' refilled the transfer case. Went by "other" BIL and pick up the black light and dye to find the leak on the "da house" dash air. He gived me a wheelchair battery, 12 volts....35 amp hour for my "bubba boat". But the damn thing ain't tak'n no charge....Grrrrrrrrr.
Yes, it's been a good day....."Hey, I'm hungry....when supper gonna be ready".

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Short on time

Boy howdy, I do so much work in the morn'n that I run out of time in the afternoon. Drink'n coffee, read'n blogs and the news is hard work ya know.

I'm gonna consider today a good day. Crawl up under "that jeep" and change the U-joint. Didn't change the rear seal 'cause I ain't got one. And there is two different ones depending on which transfer case I have. So I took a pic of it. No silly, not a pic of  the transfer case, but the little tag thingy and the seal. It only takes 10 minutes to pull the drive shaft, so I ain't gonna worry bout wast'n time pull'n it again. 

Ok....now what ya want to do???

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hog wash....

Sometimes I get my days mixed up, but don't everybody? Here I was think'n today was Saturday, not that it matters what day it is, I ain't got to go to work nohows.

Holy crap!!! I got me some change invested in the stock market and yesterday my portfolio spranged a leak. Money was pour'n out it like water. Watch'n the news, I noticed there was another "speech" in Washington. Hmmmmmm, could this have something to do with the leak? Somebody needs to just "shut up". This is cost'n me money.

My new diet is working. I've been on this new diet for 3 weeks now and have gained a pound. Ya see, diets ain't just for los'n weight, but also for gain'n weight. Oh, did you know that chicharones are a good laxative?

"I tole you Billy Bob, don't go on the roof". I was up there for bout 10 minutes.....what can go wrong with climb'n on the roof? Well, you could fall off ya know, but apparently that didn't happen.....thank God for balance and a sound mind. "It's the ladder Billy Bob, stay off the damn ladder". Anyhows, before I changed my TV antenna I had 11 channels. Of which 3 were Mexican channels. Now I have 16 channels. Of which 6 are Mexican channels. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout. Yee Haa!!!

How bout some cajun music to start out the day?  Holy cows, turn that thing down. Sit'n here rock'n an' shak'n the winders with that big ol' bass speaker thingy. If'n I was sit'n in a rv park, I would have an irate neighbor that for sure. Some people just don't appreciate good music.

Speak'n of Cajun, when was the last time ya visited New Orleans? I ain't talk'n bout New Orleans proper, but the French Quarter. Been quite a while since I been there. Back in 2004 I think it was. Not that I lost anything there, but I sure would like to go back for another visit. Buy me one them Hover Round thingys so's I don't have to walk......"Git out the way, here come Billy Bob". Yeah, that would work. A hunnert mile a hour in a Hover Round. (Think bout it.....Billy Bob is dangerous on a bicycle)

Was a mite chilly this morn'n.....38 degs. Sun is out. Not a cloud in the sky. Be a good day to go somewheres, but damn, I still got to crawl up under "that jeep".....or not. Maybe I'll change clothes and go see if Barney the OFM is home.

LOL, funny thing just happen. I were talk'n bout my diet to gain weight and I just received a email (spam) for a weight loss diet. What the hell, is somebody read'n my posts before I post them???

Weren't 5 minutes after I made my blog post....the phone rang. It were Barney an' he was say'n "yeah I'm home.....hurry, I'm hungry.....fish is bite'n everywhere....we can go for a ride....do some walk'n....yeah come on.....I'm home, yeah I'm home....c..c..cooooome oooooon". We had a wonderful dinner at the Jalisco's Mexican Restaurant right there in Rockport. I ate too much as usual, like I always do when I sit down to Mexican food. Love the stuff....what ever it is. I'm wait'n for someone to open up a Chinese Mexican all you can eat buffet. Yum boy howdy I mean to tell ya. Then we went fish'n. Did I mention the wind was blow'n a hunnert mile a hour? Well, it were, I swear.....take my word for it. Then we went for a ride. Seem like half way to Galveston, but Barney assured me it was only 7 miles. Yeah, the wind was blow'n there too. I fount me a nice little bench to sit down on and watch seasoned fishermen try'n to catch fish in the wind. Remind me of the time me and Barney went fish'n in the wind....only an hour earlier. Like spit'n in da wind ya know.

Now I'm back at "da house". Got to lay down....NOW!!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look'n up.....

Boy howdy, things are look'n up this morning. Woke up all bushy tail after my first good nights sleep in bout a week. Made it to the coffee pot straight as a board instead of all bend over an' stagger'n. Yup, my back is better today. That's good news.

Speak'n of good news, did any of ya see where Arizona Gov Jan sticked her finger in Mohammad Ali Obama's face. Now that was funny....from my prospective anyhows. But wait.....I don't talk no politics on my blog. Just stuff I find funny. Now had she stuck her finger in my face.....hmmmmm, broke finger? I'm think'n Obama had the same thoughts. I'm sure she's really on his poo poo list now.

Anyhows, the old Billy Bob is gonna try a new outlook on "the rest of my life". I've let myself be influenced by others and by what others think of me for too many years. That's not living your own life, it's living your life through the eyes of others. Just in this last year I let myself be influenced into do'n things I really didn't want to do. So maybe this year I'll be the old Billy Bob ya used to know from 2 years ago. I'll still be open to suggestions and welcome each and every one of 'em. But......"this is my life". If I feel like complain'n bout something, I'm gonna complain. If I feel like talk'n bout something what don't interest ya, I'm gonna talk bout it. If I decide to go to Alaska in the dead of winter, that what I gonna do. Of course you gonna hear me complain bout it.

Open my UPS delivery package. My God, why so much packaging? The empty boxes weigh as much as the merchandise.

Won't be no more dead batteries in "da house" no more.

Since it has warmed up a bit outside and my back feels better, I think I'll climb up on the roof and change my TV antenna. May even crawl up under "that jeep" to change out a U-joint what is vibrat'n. Although, first I need to go downtown and pick up a rear transfer case seal what is leak'n. Not a whole lot of sense of pull'n the drive shaft two times.

Ok....I'm off to the roof.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back'n down


Not that it matters, but I really feel like crap again today. Ya see, I went off to Walmart and HEB yesterday with my big ol' shop'n list. While I was in Walmart, my back gave slap out on me. And I weren't even half way through my shop'n list. There weren't no place to sit down, so I headed to the closest check out....us'n that shop'n cart like a walker. But I still had 2 more stops to make before go'n to "da house". The most important was the HEB grocery store for my donuts and chicherones. Then I had to carry fortyeleven bags in "da house". I was finished, done, kapoot for the rest of the day. So for supper last night I prepared a plate full of donuts and chicherones, topped off with a quart of milk. Damn I were thirsty. Belly rumbled all night long.

Well, today my back ain't no better. Although I have been able to move around a little better than yesterday. And then, after I put the trash bag out in the yard, here come that damn goat an' bite a big hole right in the side of it. Trash all over the ground.....damn goat.

UPS come by and visited for a minute this afternoon. Brung me a brand spank'n new TV antenna. Said tomorrow he would drop back by with a brand spank'n new battery charger for me. Nice guy huh???

Monday, January 23, 2012

A new day dawning....

It's been a while since I've sit back and actually relaxed with a closed mind to my surroundings and short comings. Well, I did that yesterday. Made for a wonderful day. Shut out the entire world. Although I did spend a couple hours sip'n a cup, read'n some handpicked blogs and do'n some think'n bout what I read.  This is a messed up world....according to the blogs. I'll include my own blog in that ever growing list.

I had planned on a trip to my favorite store, Walmart, but tossed that decision in the dumpster....along with any plans to do something productive. Made a couple trips to the floor with my favorite pillow in hopes of releiving the pain in my back. Just layed there and relaxed....with a cup of coffee in one hand and the "flipit" in the other.

Got some stuff com'n my way via UPS tomorrow and the next day. Ya see, my TV reception sucks, so I ordered and brand spank'n new antenna. I have no problem watch'n Mexican broadcasts, what is about the only ones that work, but I don't know what I'm watch'n 'cause they don't speak English.
The other item is a new replacement battery charger....Black and Decker 40 amp smart charger. The reason I chose this particular charger is that I can leave it plugged in to 115 volts and it will automatically come on when I start my generator to brew my morning coffee while boondocking. No go'n outside in the snow, wind and rain at 4 am to push a button.

Ok, it's a new day an' I got things to do......laters. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....I scared a cat. Ya see, there was this fish'n pier in Port Aransas what I frequented bout 3 or 4 times a week.....at night when the speckled trout was eat'n supper. That pier ain't there no more 'cause some millionaire developers tore it down and built a bunch of high dollar houses. But anyhows, people used to drop off their cats at the pier what they didn't want no more. The ones that survived the constant attacks of the coyotes were a rough bunch to deal with. They would sneak up on ya an' steal your bait right out your bait bucket. Or what ever else was considered a likely meal for a hungry cat. This one cat in particular, bruised and scared, was one mean dude. He attack me on more than one occasion when I trap him out on the end of the pier, bark'n an' growl'n at him like some kind fool. Well, one late evening while the sun was just descending beyond the horizon, I spy'ed that damn cat tak'n a nap out there on the pier. He were sound asleep, not a care in the world. Very quietly I sneeks up on that cat...with mischievous thoughts in my mind. This is gonna be cool and funny. What is that cat gonna do when he wake up? I starts growl'n an' bark'n like a vicious dog.....boy howdy, glad nobody see me do'n that. That cat cat come slap alive. He jump straight up in the air bout 2 foots....all puffed up and mak'n some god awful hiss'n sounds. Off the pier he go right into the water, 15 feets below and 50 feets from shore. He swimed in circles, not know'n what the hell is go'n on. Then he was full awake, and pissed. Got his bearings calculated in his mind an' head for shore. Damn, he swim pretty darn good for a cat. As he climbs to safety up on the rocks, he turns round and gives me one them looks....like "I gonna git you for this".

Many years ago I would laugh at just bout anything. Laugh so hard I would get a headache. Well, last night I watched a movie what brought back that laughter. It was a Chinese ju gitso, karate, kung fu, climb up walls, fly through the air kind of movie. It was broadcast on one the Mexican channels, so naturally I had no freak'n idea what the hell they were say'n.....what make it that much more funny. I stayed up till 2:30 am watch'n that damn movie....with a split'n headache. Felt good to laugh again.

Need to make that dreaded trip to Walmart to refill my meds and probably spend a hunnert dollars on useless junk I don't need. I am out of donuts and chicharones, so it won't be a wasted trip.   

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Yes I can.....


Yeasterdays weather caused me to do something what I knowed was gonna cause me a problem at a later time. And I was correct. I had  made a cash offer to "Bubba" a few days ago to wash and wax "that jeep" with some kind of "special" yellow stuff....or maybe it's orange. Well anyhows, two days later and "that jeep" was still dirty. So, the old Billy Bob go outside yesterday, since it were a beautiful day, an' do it his self. The $20 I had offered is nuttin compared to the pain and agony from a simple wash job.

The first time I hurt my back I was only a rambunctious teenager. Ya see, this was at a time when batteries was a precious commodity, much like gold is today. The battery in my 1946 Ford 2 door was one of the many batteries that would fail me in the worst of circumstances......like skeek'n the car back in the yard late at night. So ya push it....'cause the damn thing won't start. Up a little hill being as quiet as possible. This could possibly be my first experience into the art of cuss'n like a sailor. Fifty years later and four more self inflicted "I can pick that up" injuries, I now have two deteriorated discs an' a torn whatsamacallit....ligiment/tendon or something like that. Google sciatica to understand why I might "whine" from time to time.

Actually there ain't nuttin wrong with cuss'n if it's used in a constructive way. Some sentences in writings require a little cuss word here an' there for the sentence to have full impact and meaning to the reader. Fortunately there ain't many blogs that use hi octane profanity in their writings.

Today I will be mostly "do'n nuttin". It's wet outside...not from rain, but high humidity. But this is normal for this part of the world, being only a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico. If I was camped out on the island, I would be dealing with salt on the ground and in the air. Grrrrrrrr to salt.    

Friday, January 20, 2012

What's a good day?

I been think'n bout that ya know. Ever since my heart surgery it's all been down hill. Kind of makes me dread when I finally reach bottom an' there ain't no more hills.

As you may recall, I was out in the mountains bout 60 mile from "da house" the day I had my heart attack. I were tak'n samples for my gold prospecting hobby. Can't call it anything other than hobby unless ya strike it rich ya know. Took 5 gallon of water with me for panning out the samples. That enough for bout 20 samples what consisted of bout 6 cups of sand, dirt, rocks and sticks. Panning out a good heap'n sample takes right at 15 minutes...if'n ya know what ya do'n. I fount some "color" (gold flakes), but not enough to break out the gold machine I designed and built. I build stuff ya know. After the surgery, I had to give up a hobby I dearly loved an' throw it all in the dumpster. And I was "this close" to strink'n it rich.

Then other things went all to heck an' gone after my surgery. Little chores what took only an hour to do now takes me all day....and sometimes into the next day. New health issues has done sneeked up on me and the old ones have multiplied in intensity. You talk bout hurt'n all over....boy howdy.

Yesterdays golf game with OFM Barney is an example. I refuse to comment on the outcome of the game at this point, but it weren't good. Throwed that score card in the trash can, right where it belong. I got up there to swak that ball plumb out of sight an' I almost go to the ground. My back done gave out. This has been a concern for the last couple three years. Don't wanna have to throw my clubs and bats in the dumpster like I did my gold prospecting equipment. Damn life is cruel.

So what's a good day? For me, it's not get'n up in the morn'n and have to sit all day long "do'n nuttin". Although I like do'n nuttin on rare occasions. 

And then what's to become of my travel plans? It used to be so easy to get an idea in my head to go somewheres, hook up and go. Now just hook'n up "that jeep" to the back of "da house" takes careful planning and uses every little bit of energy I have. Then when I get there, I got to unhook and set up a camp. Tomorrow will be better. That what I keep think'n anyhows. Maybe tomorrow.

Weather here in south Texas has been spectacular. Don't think I could be anywheres else this good.....weather wise. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Busy schedule...

Gonna take a few minutes out of my busy schedule to update the go'ns ons of Billy Bob and Company.

Yesterday I did absolutely nuttin.

Today I intend to do absolutely nuttin. Well maybe I'll go meet OFM Barney at the golf ball swak'n place.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The beat goes on....

Boy howdy, is the old "Billy Bob get'n beat up or what? Retirement ain't supposed to be like this ya know.

I got so much stuff to do in the maintenance department that I may never got back on the road again. Work on "that jeep" is com'n along just fine....slow but just fine. Further inspections have found a couple more little items to repair, but other than that, "that jeep" is almost lile a brand spank'n new.....Ahh, dump truck???

I were sit'n here talk'n to nephew Joseph. He say...."what the hell is that click'n noise"? That what I say too. The front A/C is go'n nutso....clickity click, clickity click...with it turned off. With summer right around the corner, I gonna need that A/C. Ten minutes later....located source of the clickity click to be in the thermostat. Why I don't know. So's I swaks it a few times with my little thermostat swak'n hammer. It ain't how hard ya swak, but where ya swak. I guess I could replace it but if it ain't mak'n a clickity click no more, I rekon it's fixed.

Then there's the dash air in "da house" what lost it's charge again. Now dash air is a must have during the heat of summer as everybody knows. I remember one time I was com'n back to Texas from Ca., driv'n through some the hottest country I ever see in my life. The dash air did not work an' the fan only blowed hot air. Said I ain't never gonna do that again. Woooeee, it were hot. Maybe "other BIL" Martin has a leak detector for R-134a. I throwed mine in the dumpster back in Deming.

Work work work....that all I ever do. 

2:15 pm......well that took care of that. Got tired of wait'n round for free stuff and went off to the local muffler shop and had them brackets cut slap off. The drive back to "da house" was a splendid ride.....just like a Cadillac....or something like that. Not much left to do to "that jeep" other than a little water leak and replace the serpentine belt. Old Billy Bob that much closer to "on the road again".

Just talk'n to myself here....."where ya gonna go Billy Bob"? Now that's a good question. Ain't really give it much thought. Been think'n of run'n on over to Falcon Lake an' catch me up some fish. Ain't very far from here....bout 3 or 4 days the way I drive. Slow and easy. And then there's Lake Amistad up Del Rio way. As the weather warms up, I'll head up north a ways. Lot's of lakes round Dallas ya know. Get too hot in Texas, there's always the north Georgia mountains....and fish. And a few grandkids of course. 

Today would have been a perfect day for golf ball swak'n, but they closed today. Who ever hear of such a deal as that? Maybe tomorrow or thursday. Hmmmmmm, wonder if the OFM Barney ever got over all his ailments?


Sunday, January 15, 2012

The old cabin

I been giv'n thought to chang'n a few things on the blog. You know what I'm talk'n bout, a little house clean'n, change the looks with a new background and header pic......stuff like that. If'n ya ain't never did it, it's a all day affair to get it look'n just like ya want.

I sure do hate to change the header pic though. It so much goes along with not only my "internet" name, but with the way I feel bout life. Take that old cabin. Why I would cut off a little toe to live in that or a facsimile of such. The outside I would leave just as it is, but the inside would be filled with modern day conveniences. An old antique cook stove complete with a working oven (propane powered). A  pot belly stove for heat, also converted to propane, with a couple old wooden chairs up next to it for sit'n, drink'n up coffee, think'n.....a place to spit if need be. Unfinished wood floor with a bunch of throw rugs here and there. I could go on and on, but damn it, I already have a "shack on wheels" that if I ain't careful, will look just like the one I want. Hillbilly redneck blood runs through my veins.

Talk to old "pesky neighbor" Wayne yesterday. He's back at home again from the rehab center. Says he weighs 197 pound, but I know "pesky" and his use of numbers....especially on a score card. His walk'n needs much improvement....got wheels on his walker. Says he feels good. That's good news. Kind of miss the old cuss.

Federal Express showed up right bout the time I were gonna eat my supper (Churches chicken, a couple donuts, chocolate chip cookies, a hand full of chicharomes and a glass of milk). Oh boy, new headlights for "that jeep". This means that my night time driv'n will be less hazardous for not only myself, but all approaching traffic. Of course they will both have to point in the general direction I am going. Weather permitting, I'll install and adjust said headlights today. Also have a couple other new parts to install, but not sure if I want to crawl up under "that jeep" or not. Guess I better do some think'n bout that.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sit'n round.....do'n nuttin

When I woke up this morn'n my first thought was..."do I really wanna do this"? I was nice an' warm under a pile of covers and it was cold everywhere else. It didn't take too long to think about it. It's time to get up. I had to go and Sadie Mae was wait'n at the front door to go outside to do her business too. It was cold and dark out there and she didn't stay very long before she was knock'n on the door. I train my dogs to knock ya know. But Sadie has the tendency to just jump up and down on the steps, shak'n "da house" till I open the door. Within the next 15 minutes, a fresh pot of coffee was brew'n and the ol' Mr. Buddy heater was do'n it's thing to warm up "da house". Ain't life good? Even in the dead of winter? Fresh coffee and a warm house.

Today I am playing the wait'n game with Federal Express. They are scheduled, according to tracking, to deliver the 2 new headlights for "that jeep" some time today. I don't mind sit'n around all day wait'n 'cause sit'n round is one of my favorite things to do. But it's get'n late in the day. Where is the Federal Express truck? Be my luck of the evil spirits that I'll have to go to town (Corpus Christi) to pick them up. That's not home delivery now is it?

Other than a lazy day of sit'n around wait'n, I'm still recuperating from last Wednesdays game of golf with   OFM Barney. I swear, if this happens every time I "swak a ball", I'm gonna have to give up golf along with every other thing I had to give up in the last 5 years. There ain't much left. 

Friday, January 13, 2012


A few of the blogs this morning are talk'n bout superstitions since today is Friday the 13th.

Ya see, superstitions were started when "mama" was look'n for way to keep her irresponsible children from do'n stupit stuff. Walk'n under a ladder don't really cause ya to have bad luck, it's just plain stupit when there's a guy up there work'n....ya know he gonna drop something. That ol' black cat is just go'n to the other side of the street....maybe to meet a friend for breakfast or just to hang out. Now if you break mama's mirror, that ain't superstition. Mama is gonna be pissed, that's all there is to it.

I remember the "bigger kids" on the farm used to tell me if I sleep on my left side, the devil will get under my bed and stab me right in the heart. I sleep on my right side to this day....but I'm not superstitious. I'm comfortable.
And then I have this ring I wear. Found it many years ago. It has been nothing less than good luck to me since the first day I put it on. But I ain't in the least superstitious.

Let me tell ya a little bout this ring and you draw your own conclusions. I were unemployed the day I found this ring. I put it on and the next day I had a job offering. Purty good job too. This went on for the next couple years. Good job and good times. We lived in West Virginia at the time and used coal for heat. I notice the set was missing from my ring. My son found it a few days later out on the porch amongst all the coal chips where I was bust'n up coal. Another time it was missing again. Fount it in a cast iron skillet just before I pour out the grease from breakfast. The next time it were missing, it was found on the computer keyboard. The set is a black star sapphire mounted in a white gold mounting....or what ever ya call it.

In 1987 I had all the cold and snow I could deal with in W.Va.. Hooked it up to Port Aransas, Texas with nary a dollar in my pocket, two VW busses and a ton of junk. Did a few odd jobs to make ends meet. We were out of money, low on food, so I hock my ring for $50. We ate that $50 in bout a week and I had no ring. Immediately after retrieving the ring from the hock shop, things began to look up again.  New job with the University of Texas (that where I retired from), food on the table and good times. Been up hill ever since. Well maybe 3 heart attacks can't be considered up hill, but I never had a worry in the world when I had my open heart surgery in 2008. That is until they told me to take off my ring and shave off my beard. I survived.

Now let me tell ya bout cold. I knowed last night from the weather forecast it were gonna be cold. But they didn't know just how cold it were gonna be. If my thermometer is right, I woke up to 25 degs this morning. It were 45 degs inside even with a little electric heater on full blast. With being this far south in Texas, my heart bleeds for all those poor souls that live north of here.....Brrrrrrrrrr.

Yesterdays trip to Port Aransas turned out to be a success. Drove the "dump truck" down the road do'n a hunnert mile a hour. Took care of all my business an' head 'em back to "da house". Holy crap, it get'n dark....and look where them headlights are shining. One up in the air and the other over there in the ditch. But that's ok, the new headlights are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Also picked up a couple parts that need to be replaced. Will it ever end???

Thursday, January 12, 2012

After affects of golf ball swak'n

I suppose by now, the entire universe is aware of me and OFM Barney out there on the golf course mak'n fools of our selves. Why is it that that ball just won't go where ya intend it to go? I was aim'n over there, right along the edge that tree an' where it go....the other side. During the entire brutal challange of "golf ball swak'n", I was fortunate to make one spectacular shot. Ya see, we had to go round a corner to get to the green. I swak my ball an' it go in the trees...a hard right turn before the intersection. I grabs holt my trusty 9 wood, gonna go right over them trees. I rares back all my mite an' swak that ball hard I can. That ball go a hunnert mile a hour, inches off the ground, right under them trees....old Barney scratch'n his head. Can't tell ya bout the next shot....it were a disaster 'cause I were up under another tree on the other side. Never play golf in a National Forrest.

By the time me an' Barney filled our bellies at the local eat'em up, I were hurt'n something awful. I had one foot hurt like I drop a hunnert pound rock on it. Should a took my shoe off but my socks was dirty and probably stink a little. My back and hip hurt more than usual. Back at "da house" I took me up two 500mg Bayer aspirins.....an' took that shoe off.

Bout bed time I got the bright idea to put some air in my bed....pump it up a little. I lays there for a while think'n....I done put too much air....it were hard as the floor. An' I went off to sleep. And I slept. Slept until Sadie Mae come scream'n down the hall and jump slap in the middle my back. Holy crap, it's 9:30 oclock....ain't had not one leg cramp all night long an' feel'n purty good this morning. Miracles never cease.

It seems that Google is mak'n some kind of changes to the blogs.....that don't work. Ya see, I click on someones blog and it come up. But before I get to read any of it, it redirects to a blank page what don't load. I were think'n it could be my computer since some blogger posted some HTML code stuff yesterday morning and maybe it cause me to get a virus. That happens ya know. I remember back bout 15 year ago I used to go to chat rooms of different sorts. Well I knowed a code what I could shut down another persons computer...lock it up or something like that. Don't know if there's still such a thing as a chat room. Don't do that kind of nonsense no more. But it was harmless fun back then.

Ok, need to get my self in gear. Got things to do.....like a trip to Port Aransas.....maybe.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cabin cruiser

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....it was back in bout '67, I bought myself this 25 cabin cruiser, what I don't remember the brand name. It had a hunnert hp outboard motor hang'n off the back....probably as old as the boat. It was made out of wood, so old Billy Bob could make modifications without the aid of cut'n torches and welders. I never thought to check for wood rot and worms and that kind of stuff. I just put it in the water and went fish'n.

Well modifications were in order. Tore all the top cabin off that thing and design me a open cockpit. After I done burn that hunnert hp motor slap up, I made a decision to put a inboard motor in it. At a local boat salvage place, I fount a big ol' propeller, shaft and mounting hardware. All I need now is a motor. Hmmmmm....sit'n out there in the yard was my old Corvair what I got drunk and knock all the winders out of with a ball peen hammer. Never did tell ya what the sheriff had to say bout that did I??? Anyhows.....I install that ol' Corvair motor in that open cockpit cabin cruiser. Backed up with a 4 speed truck transmission....clutch an' all. I call that "billyrigg'n". To everyones surprise, I had me one boot scoot'n high powered 25 foot speed boat. Two cherry bomb mufflers stick'n straight up in the air. Yes sir, that was one snazzy look'n boat do'n a hunnert mile a hour cross the water.

Used it a whole season pull'n a 25 foots sportsman shrimp net. Didn't get much shrimp, but it sure sounded nice them cherry bombs sing'n in the air. Then here come a hurricane in 1970. I had the boat all tie up to a tree down at the end of the canal. It sinked right there.....plumb full of water. Never did replace the motor 'cause there weren't many Corvairs in the junk yards.

Holy cows, it were cold this morn'n. Something like 38 degs when I finally roll out of bed. Ain't got a thing to do today. Too cold and windy for fish'n. Too cold and windy to sit outside on "da porch" sip'n a cup. But.....old Billy Bob ain't gonna be do'n no whinn'n bout the weather.

XX wife is in the hospital over there in Atlanta. Got pneumonia an' something bout her blood. Do'n tests and stuff like that. She's a good old gal, so all of you think bout her in your prayers or what ever it is you do.

Speak'n of XX wife....did I ever tell ya bout the time she almost shoot me? Ya see, we was dove hunt'n. She had her own gun waht she was dragg'n through the brush....right behind me. KA-BOOOOM....that gun go off....weeds, brush and branches fly'n. Scare hell out me I mean to tell ya. I never walk in front her no more after that. Did we get any dove? Well hell no, she sound like a bull moose trampl'n through the brush. And talk....she never shut up.

Got them headlights ordered for "that jeep" last night. Now I gonna be able to see at night.

Ok....got things to do. Don't know what, but I got to do "something".

Monday, January 9, 2012

Harder by the day....

My blog writing seems to get harder with each passing day. It's ain't like I can't go back and repost something from a year or two ago. It's just gotten to be a chore when I have other things to do. By the comments section, I can see that people are get'n bored with "that jeep" postings, but this is my only record keep'n place of things I do on a daily basis. I can come back here in a year and say...."my God Billy Bob, look at what ya did to "that jeep"".

Todays post will be no different. I'm still work'n on "that jeep" and I'll keep my records straight....for future reference ya know.

One other thing that has made my blog postings harder is I seem to be losing my "candy bar" sense of humor. That being....a Snickers without "nuts" is just another candy bar. Things I found funny or humorous 6 months ago, just don't crack a smile any more. This causes me some worry when my entire life I have been the neighborhood clown with an unusual sense of humor. Even my writing has lost much of it's humorous charm.

Well as I type, I can look out in the yard and there lays a sway bar. What this modification has done is allow the body to bounce up and down on the springs, where before the removal of the sway bar, there was no down movement. Ok, so we did some good. But not finished yet. There is two brackets that will have to be removed that the body is now bottom outing on. Cutt'n torch time. But that is for another day and time.

This morning was beautiful and sunshiny with a few sprinkles of rain. Then all a sudden, it turned cloudy and the temps lowered to a jacket....62 degs. But ya ain't gonna hear old Billy Bob whinn'n bout the weather. Yesterday it was 82 degs out there.....perfect. But....thursday, friday and saturday is gonna be extremely cold with highs in the lower 50's day time and mid 40's night time. My God, I thought winter was over.

Ok...got things to do. See all ya good people laters.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nuttin but "that jeep" post

An attempt to make a morning post proved unsuccessful due to an overload of the cerebral controzines...or something like that. Ya see, I been think'n again an' that can be dangerous. Not like the every day dream thinker would do, but deep black thoughts into the unknown layers of my soul. "Boy howdy Billy Bob, you has done lost it".

Went for a ride in "that jeep" yesterday. Took it over to "other" bro in laws and look see what the deal is. Ya see, the drive line and rear end yoke is at the wrong angle. It got to be adjusted.

As you recall, some youngster installed a long arm suspension in place of the stock suspension for extreme offroading. You know....rock climb'n an' stuff like that.
  Along with a 4 inch lift kit and great big ol' tires....what I done took off last year. It rides like a truck. Not a little family street truck, but more like a 9 yard dump truck. I can run over a dime an' tell ya if it's heads up or tails up. Took a couple wimmins for a ride back in Deming an' they says...."My God Billy Bob".

Ok, now you know what I'm up against with "that jeep". And why I hate it so. Got online and find out how to remove them headlights what ya gotta use a flashlight to see if'n they on or not. Shoot, there weren't nuttin to it. Then I had to fabricate a "Billy Bob" adjusting screw so's that one headlight won't be pointed at the ground like it been do'n. When I get new headlights, I'll know how to replace them. Damn....$59 for each one. Check air in the tires.....what the hell, 20 to 25 pound in all four. Maybe that why my gas mileage sucks and it go all over the road all by it self. I don't have to do nuttin....it just goes all over the place, cross the centerline, go off in a ditch, ....just like that.

Ok....I climbs under "that jeep"...gonna take some pics ya know. What the hell, the sway bar is sit'n on top the suspension arm. That won't work 'cause the sway bar is mounted on the frame. Every bump I hit will be amplified right to the frame....what would make for a "dump truck" ride. So, old Billy Bob gonna yank that sway bar slap out and throw it in the dumpster. Yes I did the research....it's ok.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh no, he changed his mind

Ok, I done it again. It's been suggested that my doom and gloom an' not feel'n good may be caused by hour after hour of online "toad" hunt'n for the last 4 days. Well, I agree. Soooo, here what I decided I'm gonna do. Keep "that jeep" and do some repairs on it until the time comes that I find what I'm look'n for in my travels. You know, "the perfect toad" sit'n in someones yard with a for sale sign in the windshield. But, in the mean time, this don't mean that a "toad" won't jump out of the bushes and say..."here I are"

I already have a buyer for "that jeep". But the loss I would take, would add $2000 to the cost of a replacement.

I used to climb trees. Big trees, little trees, it didn't matter to me, I was gonna climb a tree. I used to ride bareback, no saddle, on pigs and cow puppies. Did you know pigs will bite hell out you? And mama cows will horn ya while ya runn'n fast ya can?  Old mean "tom cats" not only scratch hell out ya, but they will also bite ya. Old ugly dogs come alive when ya jump on them from out a tree (see above) while they sleep'n. My job on the farm was tak'n care of  the chickens.... feed'n an' collecting eggs an' stuff like that. I weren't skeered of no stink'n chickens. They was skeered of me. I were hell on wheels ya know. Oh, did ya know a big red rooster will attack you in a heartbeat? Flog hell out ya, just like a big ol' turkey. Milk'n cows is best be tended by one of the bigger boys. Cows ain't dumb as you may think. They will kick hell out ya when ya least expect it. Just like that crazy mule. Tractors are cool. Ya crank 'em to life by spin'n that wheel on the side. Seven year old boys should never start a tractor without adult supervision. Strange things can happen....like plow'n down a barn yard fence. Did ya know that "crank'n" wheel can break your arm.  On the farm, ya learn stuff like that. Ya even learn how to smoke corn silk roll up in a page from the Sears catalog in the out house. Oh yeah, outhouses catch fire too.

In 1948 we left the farm to go live in the city, right on the banks of the Missouri river. I were 7 year old or thereabouts. A big husky boy....bout 65 pound or something like that. City life was boring. Weren't no animals to torment, no tractors to start up, no swim holes....no throw'n rocks or shoot'n homemade sling shots at stuff. The neighbor kids didn't live "down the road a piece". They was right next door.....bout 20 feets or so. We picked up soda water bottles for pocket change. Sometimes we had enough change for us to go to the movies just up the street. Costed just a nickle back then for the Saturday matinee.

Life has been good to old Billy Bob, but hard.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Feel'n like crap...

Weather has been absolutely beautiful. Couldn't ask for anything better.

The old Billy Bob is wore slap out from all the research on the internet look'n for a reliable vehicle to tow behind "da house". I were think'n it was gonna be easy. Whoa, was I ever wrong. The search has been narrowed down to either a standard shift Ford Ranger or a Jeep Cherokee. Not a Grand Cherokee...just Cherokee.

Here what I found so far. Just outside of Austin is a beautiful 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport,

and then up by Dizzy Dicks house in Conroe is this 1999 Ford Ranger XLT.
 Since nephew Joseph is out of town on a job, I ain't got no way to go inspect them.

News flash....just in. 2000 Mazda single cab 4cyl 5 speed standard shift pick'em up in Corpus Christi.
May just have to go take a look see this one.

On the other side of the coin, old Billy Bob been feel'n like crap.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Toad hun't...part 3

1.The continuing saga of the "toad hunt" goes on. To my surprise, after much more research, the Ford Ranger 4x4 pickup transfer case can't not be shifted into neutral with out a special kit and reprogramming to the computer. So this new found information narrows my search down to "more friendly" 2WD standard shift Rangers. Of course I have other choices....such as Isuzu Troopers and Rodeos.

Ok....got appointment with another bro in law to look at "that jeep". Get his professional analysis.

3:30pm.....or there abouts

Well there went that appointment. Now it get'n too late in the day to be check'n stuff. Wanted to play a round of golf ball swak'n tomorrow, but priorities are priorities.

For those that don't know how much "stuff I carry with me.
1. A whole boat (folded up)
2. Portable air compressor (to blow up boat)
3. A boat motor (100 HP trolling motor)
4. A propane tank and related hose
5. A trolling motor battery
6. Fish'n stuff....poles, tackle boxes
7. Folding camp chairs
8. Gas can
9. Water transfer pump
10. A great big ol' spare tire
This is why I need something bigger than a Suzuki Samari....or something like that

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stuck in a rut....

Yep, it were definitely cold last night. My thermometer thingy says the low last night was 26 degs. And I trust my thermometer thingy. Maybe this is the last day of winter for south Texas. Let's hope so.

Don't suppose any of ya want to hear bout "toad" hunt'n no more. Well, I gonna tell ya anyhows. Yesterday afternoon was spent in it's entirety of cruis'n car lots look'n for the perfect towable vehicle. Light curb weight and enough carry'n capacity for my "junk" and collectables. Well, it weren't a successful day. Although I did find 3 possibilities, but guess what, they all weigh bout the same as "that jeep".
Isuzu Trooper

Isuzu Rodeo

2005 Dodge Dakota 4x4
Of the 3, I like the Trooper the best, but still not exactly what I'm look'n for. More look'n on the horizon.
Then I got to think'n. "Oh boy, here we go with the think'n again". What if I just keep the "that jeep" and spend some more $$$$$ on it? Got to do some serious think'n on that.

I were sit'n here think'n last night. Where I gonna go to next and what I'm gonna do in 2012. It didn't take me very long to figger out that I have no freak'n idea for my future. This is one of the drawbacks of get'n older and run'n out of dreams.
Got to do some serious think'n on that. "Take yer time Billy Bob, it all gonna be fine".

Monday, January 2, 2012

Two old goats

Billy Bob, you make some of the smartest decisions I ever see. Boy howdy let me tell ya, it was cold this morning in Sinton, Texas.....42 degs when I finally roll out of bed. It's expected to reach a blister'n 63 degs by this afternoon. That's almost golf ball swak'n weather.

So far things ain't look'n too good in the used car and truck markets. Either all the Ford Ranger pick'em ups is been sent to Mexico or Obama's Cash for Clunkers has took them all off the streets. I've Craigslisted in most big cities in Texas, with in a reasonable travel distance, and there is a severe shortage of small trucks throughout the state. This should be easy in the truck capital of the world....Texas. Why didn't I keep my "little red bronco ll"???

For those that missed the goat pics yesterday, here they are again. 

Nephew Joe is a rigger for one the biggest crane operations in the State of Texas. Get's called out to all over the place. Well, today he didn't get called out. So later on today, we gonna go look'n at "toads". At least that's the plan. Once I get this frog business behind me, I can go on with my life as it's supposed to be for a retired person. You know what I'm talk'n bout....sit outside in the sunshine sip'n a cup an' do'n nuttin all day.

Speak'n of swak'n golf balls, I'm think'n wednesday morn'n bout 9 or 10am would be a perfect time for an exciting round of golf with the OFM Barney. It's been a long time since Barney stomped me in a round of golf, but I think I'm ready again. Last round I played was with old "pesky neighbor" Wayne back in June I think it was.

Oh yeah, speak'n of old "pesky", I talk to him night fore last. He going home today.....or that what he told me anyhows. It's been a rough row to hoe for him this last year. Hope he will continue to improve in 2012.

Ok....got things to do....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Break'n wind.....

Billy Bob, you make some of the dumbest decisions I ever see. Had you looked at the weather forecast for today, Sunday January 1st 2012, you would have known the winds were 25 to 30 mile a hour out of the north and will progress throughout the rest of the day.

Let me tell ya a little bout driv'n a big motorhome against high winds. First off, it ain't nuttin like driv'n a little red pick up or a big ol' high dollar SUV into the wind. It's more like tak'n a 20 foot sailboat out to sea during a raging hurricane with 20 foot swells. I was headed down the road, just east of Roswell, NM back in 2003. There was road construction with only one lane of traffic each way. The winds were kick'n up in the 40's and 50's mile a hour. No place to pull off the road. Traffic was heavy. By the time I got to Roswell, my hands had to be pried off the steer wheel. Just a slight gust of wind in the 40 mile a hour range will change the direction of a class A motorhome into interesting territory....usually into an occupied travel lane. So you see, old Billy Bob don't like driv'n "Sally da house" in the wind.

After OFM Barneys surprise visit yesterday, I proceeded to the laundrymat. Loaded up 3 huge washers with a months supply of clothes that was in need of a good wash'n. That was the important stuff. The sheets and blankets will have to wait for another day.

Andrea asked if I were gonna be bored in Sinton. Well yeah I'm gonna be bored. There ain't nuttin there but a golf course. It's a hunnert mile drive to Corpus Christi there and back. I'll have no water other than what I bring with me. Electricity will be from an old 100 foots extension cord. But I'm not go'n there for pleasure. I got things to do. Mainly find a replacement for "that jeep". Nephew Joseph call me yesterday evening an' say he done fount me two to look at. Ya see, Joe knows lots of used car dealers and stuff like that. He gets around. And he's a wheeler dealer unlike his uncle Billy Bob who will buy anything for any price.

Ok...got to get stuff ready to roll. Things to do ya know.

4pm update...
Well that didn't take long. Pull out of my campsite right at 11:45 and head to the dump station. After a good dump, I pull straight onto the awaiting ferry for an exciting ride across the ship channel. No wait'n in line like I had expected. At 1:30pm I had backed "Sally da house" into her space and hook up 20 amp electric service. That mean if'n it gets cold, I gonna be using my propane heater.
"Hello,..... can I come in to visit"?
"Well sure, make your self to home". Just don't pee or poop on the carpet.....OK???