Friday, January 20, 2012

What's a good day?

I been think'n bout that ya know. Ever since my heart surgery it's all been down hill. Kind of makes me dread when I finally reach bottom an' there ain't no more hills.

As you may recall, I was out in the mountains bout 60 mile from "da house" the day I had my heart attack. I were tak'n samples for my gold prospecting hobby. Can't call it anything other than hobby unless ya strike it rich ya know. Took 5 gallon of water with me for panning out the samples. That enough for bout 20 samples what consisted of bout 6 cups of sand, dirt, rocks and sticks. Panning out a good heap'n sample takes right at 15 minutes...if'n ya know what ya do'n. I fount some "color" (gold flakes), but not enough to break out the gold machine I designed and built. I build stuff ya know. After the surgery, I had to give up a hobby I dearly loved an' throw it all in the dumpster. And I was "this close" to strink'n it rich.

Then other things went all to heck an' gone after my surgery. Little chores what took only an hour to do now takes me all day....and sometimes into the next day. New health issues has done sneeked up on me and the old ones have multiplied in intensity. You talk bout hurt'n all over....boy howdy.

Yesterdays golf game with OFM Barney is an example. I refuse to comment on the outcome of the game at this point, but it weren't good. Throwed that score card in the trash can, right where it belong. I got up there to swak that ball plumb out of sight an' I almost go to the ground. My back done gave out. This has been a concern for the last couple three years. Don't wanna have to throw my clubs and bats in the dumpster like I did my gold prospecting equipment. Damn life is cruel.

So what's a good day? For me, it's not get'n up in the morn'n and have to sit all day long "do'n nuttin". Although I like do'n nuttin on rare occasions. 

And then what's to become of my travel plans? It used to be so easy to get an idea in my head to go somewheres, hook up and go. Now just hook'n up "that jeep" to the back of "da house" takes careful planning and uses every little bit of energy I have. Then when I get there, I got to unhook and set up a camp. Tomorrow will be better. That what I keep think'n anyhows. Maybe tomorrow.

Weather here in south Texas has been spectacular. Don't think I could be anywheres else this good.....weather wise. 


  1. You learn to live with what you got,,and i don't like it either. But,,i have to look at it as,,i'm still better off than a lot of others. I'm still thinking about doing that vacuuming,,that needed done weeks ago,,,lololol.

  2. I think you are doing good. So, it takes a long time to get ready to move the house and Jeep,Being able to do it by yourself is more then a lot of people can do. One of my highlighs of the day is going to the local casino for a senior discout breakfast, I can drive my cart right next to the table and enjoy a great breakfast. Also, because it is SENIOR day, I see a lot of people that are a lot worse then I but they also enjoy what they can do.
    Enjoy the travels, maybe you could invent a solar powered golf stick that doesn't require human energy to hit a ball.

  3. Dang, I would think it would take more effort to play golf than to prospect. The digg'n and shoveling are for younger people, swinging a metal detector is much easier and you don't have to bother with all that gold dust, just big ole nuggets (yea- right).

  4. I have an idea how you feel. I had a stent implant for a blocked artery in 2004, and I've never felt really good since then.

  5. Darn Billy Bob quit whining and feeling sorry for yourself. You are in GREAT shape and if you don't believe it try visiting a nursing home in any city and you will come out of there thanking the heavens and the stars that you are not in the shoes of the people that reside there.

    As far as hooking up that jeep to Sally, I have a Terlingua friend that is in her 50's and in great health and she can't even hook up her trailer to her truck without help.