Monday, January 9, 2012

Harder by the day....

My blog writing seems to get harder with each passing day. It's ain't like I can't go back and repost something from a year or two ago. It's just gotten to be a chore when I have other things to do. By the comments section, I can see that people are get'n bored with "that jeep" postings, but this is my only record keep'n place of things I do on a daily basis. I can come back here in a year and say...."my God Billy Bob, look at what ya did to "that jeep"".

Todays post will be no different. I'm still work'n on "that jeep" and I'll keep my records straight....for future reference ya know.

One other thing that has made my blog postings harder is I seem to be losing my "candy bar" sense of humor. That being....a Snickers without "nuts" is just another candy bar. Things I found funny or humorous 6 months ago, just don't crack a smile any more. This causes me some worry when my entire life I have been the neighborhood clown with an unusual sense of humor. Even my writing has lost much of it's humorous charm.

Well as I type, I can look out in the yard and there lays a sway bar. What this modification has done is allow the body to bounce up and down on the springs, where before the removal of the sway bar, there was no down movement. Ok, so we did some good. But not finished yet. There is two brackets that will have to be removed that the body is now bottom outing on. Cutt'n torch time. But that is for another day and time.

This morning was beautiful and sunshiny with a few sprinkles of rain. Then all a sudden, it turned cloudy and the temps lowered to a jacket....62 degs. But ya ain't gonna hear old Billy Bob whinn'n bout the weather. Yesterday it was 82 degs out there.....perfect. But....thursday, friday and saturday is gonna be extremely cold with highs in the lower 50's day time and mid 40's night time. My God, I thought winter was over.

Ok...got things to do. See all ya good people laters.


  1. Realizing I had an audience was almost the death of my blog. Folks writing complaining that I didn't have pictures or wasn't doing interesting enough stuff. I read back a few years, and I posted a lot more,and longer posts back then. I realized then that I considered my audience just friends of mine in real life, folks who wanted to know the small stuff I would talk about in a phone conversation. So, I decided that's who I will start writing for again. It's difficult for me when I know it would be more interesting for folks if I posted more pictures and details of the trips, but that takes brain power that I don't always have. So, inbetween my 'entertaining' posts will be my day to day stuff. So, post about that Jeep. I have one that is the light of my life, sitting in storage. I'm excited that I'll get to drive it again for a week soon. And, that is probably what my posts will be about.

    Long way of saying that as far as I'm concerned, your posts are fine.

  2. Hey BB it is your blog to write any way you feel good about. The readers can sit back and enjoy what you write or get out there and write their own blogs they way they want one to be. As far as us old guys are concerned what you see is what you get. So kick back and relax until someone else starts paying you to blog a certain way. Then you still get to choose yes or no.

  3. Barney, some of us gals are "what you see is what you get" too. I have found that I can't always be "Up" for the blog writing. Many times I think I'll quit, but I want to keep a journal of what I'm doing and thinking, so that's what everyone gets.

    You just keep on writing, and we'll keep on reading, Billy Bob.

  4. For one I'm for more stories about your owl hooting days on the boat, or wait a minuet I want to hear about those good old days prospecting for gold.

    Where is some pictures of Fred and the duck puppies and how is ol' Fred.

    Now when it comes to "that jeep" well I just never get tired of hearing about what your fixing next.

    Wait, I need to go pick up a water jug because I'm loading up to head for Quartzsite Az this weekend. Wish you were at the Slabs I would stop by and buy you a cold one.

    BB you never cared what people thought about in the past so don't start noww.

  5. It dooo make it nice, to get comments. I can see the numbers of visitors, but, not the same.

    Besides, i can see what you're talking about, under "that jeep". Makes me kinda wonder,,,WTH did u buy that thang??? hahahahaha,,,Sure wasn't for a "toad" lmaoooo.

  6. The reason I started my blog is to document my daily activities and to serve as a sort of "cyber diary".

    I am as everyone has figured out by now "computer challenged" and I have lost a lot of valuable information when my computers have crashed, or gotten stolen and I have not known how to "back it up".

    So sometimes I write stuff that probably nobody cares about but it is something that I want to remember in a couple of years down the road, if I am fortunate enough to be alive.

    Go ahead and write about "that jeep" and if someone does not like it, they can skip to the next blog, it's that simple.....

  7. Blogs are reflections of the writer, reading blogs is like going to the mall and >people watching< it isn't a requirement, to me it's sort of entertainment and I enjoy the different styles. I also keep track of my activity,little as it may be, on a blog. Other information that is of a personal nature I keep in EVERNOTE, a great free program that is stored on all my computers and can be accessed by my cell phone, memory is sort of fading and this kind of kicks it in motion.
    Also as one gets older, hobbies co-mingle with necessities and are forefront to blog about. I enjoy getting to know you and realizing we are not that different,(we, meaning older generation)

  8. You just keep on writing... we enjoy all your ups and downs, and all your sittin in Da porch and sipping a cup!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard