Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cabin cruiser

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....it was back in bout '67, I bought myself this 25 cabin cruiser, what I don't remember the brand name. It had a hunnert hp outboard motor hang'n off the back....probably as old as the boat. It was made out of wood, so old Billy Bob could make modifications without the aid of cut'n torches and welders. I never thought to check for wood rot and worms and that kind of stuff. I just put it in the water and went fish'n.

Well modifications were in order. Tore all the top cabin off that thing and design me a open cockpit. After I done burn that hunnert hp motor slap up, I made a decision to put a inboard motor in it. At a local boat salvage place, I fount a big ol' propeller, shaft and mounting hardware. All I need now is a motor. Hmmmmm....sit'n out there in the yard was my old Corvair what I got drunk and knock all the winders out of with a ball peen hammer. Never did tell ya what the sheriff had to say bout that did I??? Anyhows.....I install that ol' Corvair motor in that open cockpit cabin cruiser. Backed up with a 4 speed truck transmission....clutch an' all. I call that "billyrigg'n". To everyones surprise, I had me one boot scoot'n high powered 25 foot speed boat. Two cherry bomb mufflers stick'n straight up in the air. Yes sir, that was one snazzy look'n boat do'n a hunnert mile a hour cross the water.

Used it a whole season pull'n a 25 foots sportsman shrimp net. Didn't get much shrimp, but it sure sounded nice them cherry bombs sing'n in the air. Then here come a hurricane in 1970. I had the boat all tie up to a tree down at the end of the canal. It sinked right there.....plumb full of water. Never did replace the motor 'cause there weren't many Corvairs in the junk yards.

Holy cows, it were cold this morn'n. Something like 38 degs when I finally roll out of bed. Ain't got a thing to do today. Too cold and windy for fish'n. Too cold and windy to sit outside on "da porch" sip'n a cup. But.....old Billy Bob ain't gonna be do'n no whinn'n bout the weather.

XX wife is in the hospital over there in Atlanta. Got pneumonia an' something bout her blood. Do'n tests and stuff like that. She's a good old gal, so all of you think bout her in your prayers or what ever it is you do.

Speak'n of XX wife....did I ever tell ya bout the time she almost shoot me? Ya see, we was dove hunt'n. She had her own gun waht she was dragg'n through the brush....right behind me. KA-BOOOOM....that gun go off....weeds, brush and branches fly'n. Scare hell out me I mean to tell ya. I never walk in front her no more after that. Did we get any dove? Well hell no, she sound like a bull moose trampl'n through the brush. And talk....she never shut up.

Got them headlights ordered for "that jeep" last night. Now I gonna be able to see at night.

Ok....got things to do. Don't know what, but I got to do "something".


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  2. I remember back when I was a young fellow, a guy had a small wooden cabin boat and when the first 50 hp motors came out (really big suckers), he had one installed on his small cabin boat. He backed it very slowly off his trailer for the maiden voyage and it set awful low in the back. He took a spin up and around the bridge pilings and came back to the dock. When he cut back the throttle, the water came in over the stern and sunk his pride and joy.
    Hope your XXwife gets better.

  3. Wishing your XX wife a speedy recovery.