Monday, January 2, 2012

Two old goats

Billy Bob, you make some of the smartest decisions I ever see. Boy howdy let me tell ya, it was cold this morning in Sinton, Texas.....42 degs when I finally roll out of bed. It's expected to reach a blister'n 63 degs by this afternoon. That's almost golf ball swak'n weather.

So far things ain't look'n too good in the used car and truck markets. Either all the Ford Ranger pick'em ups is been sent to Mexico or Obama's Cash for Clunkers has took them all off the streets. I've Craigslisted in most big cities in Texas, with in a reasonable travel distance, and there is a severe shortage of small trucks throughout the state. This should be easy in the truck capital of the world....Texas. Why didn't I keep my "little red bronco ll"???

For those that missed the goat pics yesterday, here they are again. 

Nephew Joe is a rigger for one the biggest crane operations in the State of Texas. Get's called out to all over the place. Well, today he didn't get called out. So later on today, we gonna go look'n at "toads". At least that's the plan. Once I get this frog business behind me, I can go on with my life as it's supposed to be for a retired person. You know what I'm talk'n bout....sit outside in the sunshine sip'n a cup an' do'n nuttin all day.

Speak'n of swak'n golf balls, I'm think'n wednesday morn'n bout 9 or 10am would be a perfect time for an exciting round of golf with the OFM Barney. It's been a long time since Barney stomped me in a round of golf, but I think I'm ready again. Last round I played was with old "pesky neighbor" Wayne back in June I think it was.

Oh yeah, speak'n of old "pesky", I talk to him night fore last. He going home today.....or that what he told me anyhows. It's been a rough row to hoe for him this last year. Hope he will continue to improve in 2012.

Ok....got things to do....


  1. OH My a freeze alert for Sinton for tonight.

  2. I am thinking that goatee on your face just let the poor thing think he was finding a soul mate!

    And with a name like yours, it's soooo appropriate!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard